Cable: Blood & Metal #1

Issue Date: 
October 1992
Story Title: 
Blood & Metal - part 1

Fabian Nicieza (writer), John Romita JR (penciler), Dan Green (inker), Bill Oakley (letterer), Brad Vancata (colorist), Lisa Patrick (assistant editor), Bob Harras (editor), Tom DeFalco (editor-in-chief)

Cable created by Rob Liefeld & Louise Simonson

Brief Description: 

On his continuing mission to track down and defeat Stryfe, Cable arrives at a museum in France, where several members of the Mutant Liberation Front have arrived to steal an object. Cable fights them, and in the process kills Sumo, while retrieving the strange sword from the rest of the MLF who escape. At the mysterious Department K compound in Canada, G.W. Bridge meets with General Clarke, who reunites Bridge with Garrison Kane - the new Weapon X. Bridge shows Kane security footage of Cable attacking the MLF at the museum, and Kane is confused, as he believes Cable and Stryfe to be one and the same. Kane goes to visit Hammer, another member of the ex-Wild Pack, injured on a mission years ago, while Cable meets with a museum curator, who links the sword to several other artifacts. This causes Cable to seek out the other artifacts, believing that Stryfe will be after them, too. He is correct, as more members of the Mutant Liberation Front attack another museum. He manages to injure several of them before they retreat, without the artifact. At his safe house in Switzerland, Cable contemplates Stryfe’s actions, before he is attacked by Kane. They battle for some time, with Kane still holding a grudge against Cable for a previous mission. Their struggle leads them to the edge of a cliff, in which Kane shows Cable a recording of Stryfe, in which Stryfe removes his helmet, revealing his identical face, as if Cable was looking in a mirror. During these events, Cable recalls many of his previous adventures and encounters with Stryfe. In one such adventure, a decade ago, he and the Wild Pack took down terrorists in Teheran, on a mission paid for by a man named Tolliver. After another mission, seven years ago, the Wild Pack meet with an aide who works for their mysterious benefactor, Tolliver, during which trademarks to the name “Wild Pack” comes up. A new name is chosen - “Six Pack”, and the team goes to Afghanistan, which leads them to a mysterious underground complex - and to an encounter with Stryfe.

Full Summary: 

An article has been torn out of a newspaper. Its headline reads "15 killed in armed attack", and states that on Jan 14, in Kuala Lumpur, fifteen soldiers of the People's Rebellion forces were killed in an armed assault on General Mondavi's training camps. The article adds that no current warrants exist for the apprehension of the reputed mercenary outfit, the Six Pack. In the classified section of a paper, an advertisement has been posted: "Missing in Action" with the text 'Hey Nate - The Pack has a keg on ice - where've you been? Contact G.W. c/o PO Box 3422 Halkind Hills AK 32156. A news report shows the Trade Center in Manhattan, as terrorist activity involving the mysterious mutant rebel leader, Cable and convicted soldier-for-hire, Black Tom Cassidy resulted in the building sustaining damage.

A memo lies around. It is from G.W. Bridge, of SHIELD Central Command, and it is to Henry Peter Gyrich, regarding the Cable Task Force. The memo states that after the events in Manhattan, the evaluation of the lab boys is that Cable is equipped with advanceds technology, including a teleport device. Bridge tells Gyrich that why this should come as a big surprisee to him, considering the fact that he sent Gyrich a memo about the machinery at Cable's command on 7/14/89 is beyond him. Another news report announces that thje Adirondack Mountain explosion registered 3.5 on the richter scale and that seismologists have attributed the blast to a natural gas tap. Another report states that speculation runs deep in this area that the military was testing a new weapon.

Ten years ago:

Teheran, Iran, where a mass gathering of armed men has erupted. They parade a blindfolded Westerner down the street, while raising their weapons into the air. They burn the flag of the United States of America, and raise a photo of their leader high into the air. The streets are engulfed in black smoke, and cars have been set on fire. 'Run it by me again - why are we here?' a voice calls out. 'Because we're on a mission' someone replies. 'But when you come down to it, why is anyone anywhere?' another voice calls out. 'To make a buck?' someone suggests. 'To right a wrong?' another offers. 'Because they lost?' someone asks. 'You people talk too much' someone else states, to which one of the group mutters 'Hugh-hummm', and the other adds 'Except for you, Griz', before addressing the others as the Wild Pack, and telling them that it is party time, and they know their jobs - so do them. With that, the heavily armed group called the Wild Pack, consisting of Cable, Domino, G.W. Bridge, Kane, Grizzly and Hammer leap down towards the mass gathering. 'But don't forget to have some fun, too!' Cable tells his comrades as they unleash weapons fire.

Kane and Hammer land near each other, and Kane asks 'We're in Iran, right?' They were not hired to free some hostages, and Hammer agrees. 'But we want the Iranians to think that's what we're after, right?' Kane inquires. 'Right', Hammer declares. 'To divert them from what we were hired to do, right?' Kane asks. 'Right' Hammer states again, to which Kane declares 'So, I'm not the complete idiot you think I am, right?' and Hammer tells Kane that he is his straight man and he loves him for it. Nearby, Grizzly slams a foot down on the ground, sending a seismic shockwave which knocks several of the armed men backwards.

'Feh' Grizzly mutters. G.W. Bridge tells Domino that he cannot get Grizzly to shut up. 'So I noticed' Domino replies as she fires a blast of energy from a staff. Cable tells Domino to take the point and scout ahead. Cable orders Bridge to flank with him, but when he calls out to Grizzly, to give him his orders, Grizzly simply lifts several of the armed men out of the way and mutters 'I know. Clear a path for target practice'. 'Yup' Cable replies as he fires his massive weapon, which takes down dozens of the men. 'Ghost town all the way to Dakhbar Building' Domino states as she and the others walk over the bodies, while G.W states that this diversion had better work, as he will need at least five minutes.

Soon, the Wild Pack enters a building, and Kane declares that he would hate to think he has wasted all this ammo for nothing. Bridge asks Kane if he wants to be the one to set the explosives, but Kane replies that he doesn’t, and asks Bridge if he remembers what happened in Buenos Aires. 'Then stay out here and keep an eye out' Bridge tells him. 'For you, Bridge, I'll keep two out' Kane mutters.
Inside the room, Hammer remarks 'Nice lobby, marble. Nice table, cherrywood', to which someone adds that it is a shame they are going to blow it all up. Hammer then tells Cable that leaking info of their arrival was smooth, and Cable states that it made the Iranians think a Pentagon operation was underway. 'And all we're here for is cheesy corporate payback' Bridge points out as he begins unloading the explosives from a bag. Cable states that hostage saving would grease the ego, while this pays the bills. 'Thank Heaven for capitalism' Bridge mutters, adding that even in the heart of a religious revolution, their god is still green. He begins placing the explosives throughout the room and suggests to his teammates that they should all pray for fleet feet, because the explosives are set to go off in a minute.

The Wild Pack exit the room and join up with Kane, while Cable orders they maintain a tight formation, with no straying. 'You handled that perimeter patrol like a pro, Kane' Bridge tells him. 'You're being sarcastic, right?' Kane enquires. Bridge just tells him that every merc group should have someone like Kane, as he makes the rest of them look good. 'Heeey - Cable -' Kane begins to complain, asking Cable to tell Bridge to back off, just as the building begins to rumble, then collapses - or rather folds down - onto itself. Cable tells Kane to stop whining, and calls out to his computer, asking it to show him what is behind curtain number one. A helicopter then appears, and the Wild Pack pile into it. 'Ah, Nate, my crackerjack. Always a surprise inside' Domino calls out. 'Love you, too, Dom' Cable tells her. Someone then asks G.W. who hired them for this milk-run, to which Bridge replies that itr was a European businessman, by the name of Tolliver. 'Well, if he has any more jobs like this one, I say we take 'em!' someone exclaims.


L'Museum D'Orsay, Paris, France, in the dead of the night. a portal opens, and four young mutants emerge through it. 'Zero, my hero - we're through!' exclaims the eccentric Wildside, while the brainwashed former New Mutant, Sally "Skids" Blevins, tells her Mutant Liberation Front teammates to get their bearings and look for rent-a-cops. The massive Sumo says nothing as he drops to the ground, and nor does the sultry Dragoness. 'Skids, m'honey-bunny, let lover-boy send the froggie guards tripping to Woodstock!' Wildside shouts as he releases a psionic distortion wave at the museum guards, causing them to convulse - but only moments after they fired their bullets.

'Stupid move, Wildside. Your distortion wave only panicked them!' Sumo points up. Skids throws up her force field, and checks that everyone is behind it as the bullets slam against the field. 'Like cozy in flannel sheets' Dragoness states, while Wildside calls Sumo "tubby" and mocks him. 'Let's see how they like some of this flak returned their way' Dragoness declares as she fires a bio-electrical beam of energy at the guards, before flying above her teammates as they race up a flight of stairs. 'Good work, Dragoness. You even left them breathing. For a change' Skids points out. 'She did? Bummer' Wildside mutters.

The young mutants reach a series of artifacts displayed in glass cases. Skids reminds everyone that they know what they have come for, so they should grab it and get out of here. 'There it is' Sumo announces as he punches his hand through one of the displays and grabs an ancient sword. Wildside declares that he still does not understand, and remarks that this is the fourth museum that they have hit. 'What the heck could the head enchilada want with a crusty, broken old sword?' he asks. 'Since when has raising questions about our assignments ever gotten us any answers?' Sumo points out, adding that, as usual, they are simply expected to follow orders. 'What master Stryfe wants, master Stryfe -' Sumo begins, but he does not complete his sentence, as a beam of orange energy surrounds him - and a bullet lands in his forehead. The massive mutant falls to the ground, causing alarm amongst his teammates. 'Great goobers! Did you see what happened?' Wildside asks. 'Sumo's been shot!' Dragoness points out. 'He's dead!' Skids announces, before looking up and seeing someone very familiar to her overhead.

It is none other than Cable. It is right about now that Sally, Dragoness and Wildside, the young terrorists part of the Mutant Liberation Front, realize that their mission has been cancelled. Then it goes beyond the success or failure of the job, and becomes a matter of life and death. Cable's life means their deaths. 'It's Cable!' Skids exclaims as she raises a force field to protect herself and the others from the spray of bullets that Cable fires at them. Dragoness asks where the rest of X-Force is, to which Wildside asks 'Who cares?' and announces that Zero's teleport has arrived. Dragoness flies into the portal, with Wildside running behind her. Skids covers them with her force field, and calls out 'But Sumo's body - and the sword' to which Wildside points out that both are history. 'We are outta here!' he exclaims.

'Gone. @#$*!! At least I got one of them' Cable thinks to himself, as he drops down beside Sumo, realizing that he also got whatever it is they were after. 'Now if only i could get to whatever it is they were after' Cable tells himself as he tries to roll Sumo, who had fallen on the sword, over. Cable decides that lifting Sumo will require a little extra help, and uses his enhanced strength, courtesy of his bionic arm. "X-tra powers" Cable thinks to himself, deciding that makes him an X-Man. 'What a comedian I am' he thinks to himself, using a little telekinetic boost to his bionic arm, 'And I can lift the lard juuuust enough - to get a broken sword?' Cable thinks to himself, looking at the sword. He puts it into his pack and wonders why - as Stryfe has always been about tomorrow, not yesterday. 'Why the recent fixation with artifacts?' Cable wonders, before calling out 'Professor - bodyslide by one', Cable vanishes.

Three days later, five miles north of St John's, in Newfoundland, Canada, two uniformed men meet at a rundown warehouse. 'Commander Bridge' the bald man calls out. 'General Clarke' replies G.W. as he steps towards the high-ranking Canadian official. General Clarke tells Bridge that it is good to see he has recovered, to which G.W. calls General Clarke by his rarely used first name - Jeremy - and tells him that beneath the starched uniform and stiff upper lip he is a walking gauze pad, to which General Clark remarks that he was sorry to hear about Weapon PRIME. 'Not as sorry as I was seeing Cable slip through our fingers again' G.W. adds as both men enter the warehouse, and stand on a platform.

'Down' General Clarke orders, and the two men are shunted through the ground, to an underground facility. It is Department K, and Bridge tells Clarke 'Not bad', to which Clarke explains that Department K has developed nicely since Bridge's last visit. Bridge replies that he can see that, and asks how Kane is going. 'You'll see in a second' Jeremy replies as he directs Bridge to the observations deck, where he will find in action once again, the new and improved Weapon X.

At that moment, the new Weapon X - Garrison Kane - is engaged in a combat situation with several men in armor. He blocks their weapons fire with a shield, while releasing blasts of energy down at them. His shield is replaced by a razor-sharp weapon, before he disengages his fists - releasing them and aiming them at two of the armored opponents, knocking one in the face and punching the other in the stomach. From his handless arms, Kane releases plasma beams, which blast into two of the remaining opponents. Kane's hands return to him and a computer states that the operation is complete with an efficiency rating of 96.3%. 'Nobody's perfect' Kane remarks when suddenly, 'Kane - catch!' G.W. calls out as he throws his former teammate a towel. Kane is surprised to see G.W. and asks 'What is this - Night of the Living Dead?’ Bridge mutters 'Thrilled to see you too, kid'. Kane wipes the sweat from his face and Bridge tells him to hit the shower and get to the command center in ten minutes, as he has something he thinks Kane should see.

A short time later 'This isn't right...!' Kane gasps as he looks at several monitors. Bridge replies that the museum security cameras don't lie, to which Kane declares that Cable is Stryfe, as he saw Cable leading the MLF. Kane wonders why Cable would abandon his X-Force unit to hunt down his remaining foot-soldiers. 'That's what we want you to find out' Bridge announces. Kane replies that the only way to figure out Cable's game is to start at the beginning - and that means picking up the pieces of the Six Pack.

Seven years ago:

Inside the Live Bait and Bar Grill in Manhattan, Garrison Kane leans against a bar and watches a baseball game, where the announcer reports that the Dodgers are up two runs in the sixth game. 'Tsst' a voice mutters as someone else enters the run-down bar. He approaches the counter and points at Kane, asking the barkeeper if he carded the young man. 'Hammer! @#*%, man - shut up!' Kane exclaims. 'How old're you, punk?' the barkeeper asks. Ýou jerk!' Kane tells Hammer as he is dragged from the bar. 'Saving you a beer-belly by twenty-five' Hammer tells Kane, before informing him that they have a job. 'During the World Series?' Kane asks.

Hammer announces they need to be out of Kennedy to Stockholm in two hours. Kane asks who the bankroll is, Hammer picks Kane up and pushes him towards a cab, revealing that it was the guy who deposited the Tehran job a while back. 'What was his name again?' Kane enquires. Hammer mutters that Kane has a memory like a sieve and declares that his name was Tolliver. Inside the cab, Hammer tells Kane never to forget a place, a name or a paycheck, before telling the cab driver to go to 1625 East 83rd Street.


On South Stickney, outside of Chicago, 'Thirteen seventy-five' the cab driver tells his customer. 'Keep the change' comes the reply, before a handsome young man exits the cab and approaches a well-kept house. He knocks on the door and an elderly woman opens it. 'Garrison? It's been so long!' she tells Kane, smiling as she sees him. 'Mrs Canty, ma'am' Kane replies as the elderly woman lets him into her home. Mrs Canty asks Kane how he has been, to which Kane replies 'Day to day, ma'am. And you?' Mrs Canty replies that she has no complaints, and adds that taking care of Ike is a full-time job. Kane asks if he is here, to which Mrs Canty asks 'Child, where else would he be?'', she then shouts out to her son: 'Eisenhower, someone here to see you'!

A high-tech wheelchair rolls into the room. 'Kane. Long time' Eisenhower Canty a.k.a. Hammer states. 'How you been?' Kane asks his former teammate. With various medical wires plugged into him, Hammer replies 'How d'you think?' before asking Kane what he is working on now. 'Believe it or not, I'm after Cable. And I need your help' Kane reveals, asking Hammer if he remembers the list of safe-houses that he thought Cable had. 'Every one of them' Hammer replies, to which Kane exclaims 'I need that elephant memory to call them up'. Bandages cover much of Hammer's head, but he peers out from under them and tells Kane to get a pencil and a long piece of paper. 'And Kane - when you do find the old man - put a bullet through his spine for me' Hammer declares.

Meantime, at the Museum off Antiquities in Cairo, Egypt. 'Interesting item, Nathan' the museum curator remarks as he examines the sword Cable liberated from the Mutant Liberation Front. The curator declares that the sword is of the Clan Branagha, circa 1050 Scottish Highlands. Wearing a suit, Cable - Nathan - asks 'But not a priceless piece, Benehl?', to which the currator replies 'By no means', so Nathan asks him why someone would try to steal it. 'To complete a collection, perhaps?' Benehl suggests. 'What kind of collection?' Cable asks, adjusting his glasses. Benehl announces that he has seen the styling’s of the figure work on the hilt before, on other artifacts. He gets up and examines some text books. 'Here. And here. Here, too', and hands Nathan the books, showing him images of other artifacts.

They depict a Buddhist wall scroll, circa 1014 AD, a Shogun mask of 1550 or so, a Mayan necklace from the 1700's and an Egyptian hieroglyph of 1200 BC. Nathan asks what the connection is, and whether any of these pieces match the short list of museum hits. Benehl checks the Interpol print-out, and announces that two of them do - the necklace and the scroll. Nathan declares that leaves the hieroglyph and the Shogun mask, and asks where those pieces are now. Benehl reveals that the mask is part of a private family connection - Yashida, he thinks, while the hieroglyph is right here in this museum. Cable smiles, and his left eye glows with energy.

Cable cases the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities out for three days and waits. For someone who has always had time on his side, he has never been the patient type. Suddenly, as night has fallen, a portal opens, and from it emerges Dragoness, flying over three of her male teammates - Rusty Collins, another brainwashed former New Mutant, as well as Reaper and Samurai, while Zero stands behind them all. Lucky for Cable, patience is not too much of a prerequisite when dealing with the Mutant Liberation Front. Sooner or later, they are going to do the predictable. Dragoness calls out to Samurai and tells him to start recon, as last time they ran into some guards. Cable watches them, he is particularly interested in Rusty, one of the New Mutants who got away from him. But really, Cable knows that is a delusional lie, as they all got away from him. 'We know our assignment, people!' Dragoness orders. 'Fine, but why Cairo? I hate deserts! I hate head!' Reaper complains. 'Doesn't the idiot realize it's air-conditioned in here?' Rusty asks as they stride through the museum, Zero stalking behind them.

All Cable can do now is make sure none of them slip through his fingers again, and the only way to do that, is by clenching his hand into a fist. Cable drops down and lands in front of the young mutants, where he fires a blast along the ground, knocking the MLF off their feet. Cable takes out the most dangerous first, firing a blast at Dragoness, clipping her wings so she cannot fly, the blast smacks her backwards, although she does manage to fire her bio-electric sting at Cable, although she misses him. 'He is only one man! Get him!' Samurai calls out. Cable turns and takes out Rusty next, firing a plasma tracer that cuts through Rusty's pyrokinetic attack, and lands in Rusty's shoulder.

'He's trying to kill us all!' Samurai exclaims, while Reaper shouts '%*#@ the hieroglyph - let's bug out of -' he does not get to finish his sentence as Cable's blast hits Reaper's left wrist, slicing his hand off. Reaper screams while Zero steps forward and picks up Dragoness, while Cable decides that it is time to show Samurai (although he calls him Kamikaze) what one man can do. Zero's portal opens, and the MLF manage to escape, but Cable does fire some shots at Samurai, once again calling him Kamikaze. Cable decides that neither Samurai nor Rusty will be arm-wrestling for a while. 'But I still didn't get Stryfe!' Cable declares. 'Stab his eyes! I need answers!' but as he stares down at Reaper's bionic hand lying in a pool of blood, Cable realizes that maybe, finally, he has a way of getting the answers he needs.

Seven years ago:

Outside of Juttenberg, Austria, inside a sprawling castle, 'Nice spread, Foley. Champagne, huh?' Garrison asks. 'Don't chug it, kid' someone tells him, while Foley addresses the Wild Pack, all dressed in suits, or in Domino's case a dress, and he welcomes them to Mr Tolliver's house. 'To a successful venture' Foley declares as he and Bridge clink their champagne glasses together. 'So where is this Tolliver guy?' Kane enquires. Hammer frowns, while Foley explains that Mr Tolliver prefers not to interact bwith his employees on a personal basis. 'He ugly or something?' Kane asks, causing Hammer to frown even more. Foley laughs it off and declares that Mr Tolliver is a caring man, and tells the Wild Pack that he is greatly conflicted when hiring them to do what they all do. 'As long as he compensaates us in other ways' Domino declares. 'Yes, yes' Tolliver exclaims, as he looks at some documents, while adding 'One more thing...', but Hammer is browsing the wine cellar, while Kane is searching for some beer.

Examining the documents, Mr Foley informs the Wild Pack that their sobriquet must change. G.W. asks what is wrong with the Wild Pack, to which Foley reveals that representatives of the Symkarian government have made none-too-subtle inquiries regarding the trademark rights to the name. Suddenly, 'I got it!' Kane shouts. 'A new name?' Hammer asks. 'Huh? No. Some beer!' Kane smiles, holding up a six pack of beer. 'And a new name...' Hammer remarks.

Later, at the Khyber Pass in Afghanistan 'Six Pack - let's do some shots!' Hammer calls out as the re-named Wild Pack leap down the Pass and fire their weapons at some soldiers down below. Cable tells his team that there is not much in the way of opposition, to which Grizzly remarks that life is full of little disappointments. As two large robot-like tanks enter the Pass and begin firing at the Six Pack, Domino tells Grizzly that here comes something to cheer him up, while finding it strange that SPAC units would be guarding an opium route. 'Weird' Cable agrees as he opens fire on the units, adding that all the Soviet's armored carriers were supposed to be deployed in Kabul. Cable shouts orders at the team: 'Grizzly - swing low - trip down. Pack - high ground! Bridge - C-4 till they plop!' The Six Pack follow Cable's orders, and Grizzly tells Bridge to wait until he clears the area - but too late, as the SPAC unit explodes before them.

A short time later, the Six Pack trudge through the Pass still, and Bridge declares 'I said I was sorry, all right?', but Grizzly just mutters 'Sure', and 'I said okay'. But Bridge points out that Grizzly is still miffed, to which Grizzly remarks that Bridge never worries about burning his butt. 'Because your butt can take it' someone else exclaims, before Domino finds something against the wall of the Pass. 'Boys - check this out' she tells them. The men gather around and ask her what it is, but Domino tells them to stand back, as it is haul. 'Wait - what is -' someone asks, before there is an explosion, clearing some of the wall of the Pass, and revealing a metal structure. Domino suggests that this might be the reason why the Soviets had their heavy hitters up at bat - to protect a secret installation. 'Or maybe to find a secret location' Domino adds, while one of Cable's fingers becomes a laser, 'Let's find out which' he announces as he begins to slice open a panel on the metal structure. 'A finger torch, Nathan? Will wonders never cease' Bridge asks. As the panel falls down into the chamber below, Cable replies 'Never', before announcing that they are in.

Walking through the high-tech complex, Cable tells the team to 'Pop lights and stick tight', while Bridge points out that it is dark and air conditioned. Cable decides that this facility is very new, and Hammer declares that it is 'Too new', while Domino asks Cable if he is bugging. 'It's not right...' Cable utters, before telling Domino that it is nothing, just some of the equipment. Suddenly, a dozen or so men in armor drop down in front of the Six Pack. 'Fourteen' one of the Pack remarks. 'Give or take a lug or two' another points out. 'Thank you' someone mutters, before declaring that the corridors are dark and the opponents have glazed helmet visors. 'People, they're in N-R scopes - they're infra-red - flash your brights on them!' someone orders. Brilliant light shines at the armored men, causing them to stumble back and drop their weapons. 'This is kind like a Bugs Bunny cartoon' Grizzly exclaims as he smacks his two powerful hammers down on the armored men. Domino fires her blast-staff at them, knocking them back, and tells Grizzly not to sound too excited, while quietly calling him a 'hyper-thyroid ingrate'.

Cable tells everyone to move on, and hurries along the corridor. 'Move on?' Domino asks, while Bridge asks Cable where in their contract he read the clause which says "Six Pack explore secret-specter base for no monetary compensation?'' to which Cable declares that this one goes beyond the contract. 'Just trust me - we have to go deeper into this complex' Cable announces. 'You did say, "Trust you", right? I heard that right, didn't I?' Domino exclaims as she and the others continue to follow Cable. The corridor ahead opens up, and Kane mutters that he feels an Excedrin headache coming on. Suddenly, a look of shock spreads across everyone's face. 'No - it can't be!' Cable gasps, as a powerful figure clad in silver chrome armor, adorned with various spikes, a large headpiece and a read cloak stands before them. 'Good afternoon, Nathan. I honestly didn't expect to see you here - and now - so soon' the mysterious figure remarks, flanked by dozens of armored warriors in a large room. He adds that when put into proper perspective, today is as good a time as any to die. 'STRYFE!' Cable shouts as he grits his teeth, and his left eye glows with power.


Today, after the altercation in Cairo, Cable holes up in his Switzerland chalet. He likes this safe-house the best, because it is the quietest and most secluded, like him, the most isolated. In order to understand Stryfe's game plan, Cable does what he has done so much of for so long - immersing himself in yesterdays. 'Coffee, sir?' a robot asks as it appears beside Cable, who leans back in a comfortable chair and looks up at various computer screens. He tells the Professor to continue, so the computer voice states that cultural icons sought by Stryfe contain no identifiable similarities. 'Then what does he want with them?' Cable wonders. Professor suggests that the items maintain some kind of personal significance. 'To Stryfe - or to whom he's stealing them from?' Cable asks. The Professor replies that there is insufficient data for analysis or conjecture.

Cable decides that the line of thought is on-target, but the problem is these museum pieces are spread throughout centuries of history, and from different parts of the planet. Cable asks Professor too provide a list of everyone and anyone who could be considered a time-traveller, including all known Externals. The Professor begins processing the request, before announcing 'Program delayed. Perimeter alert. Intruder identified'. Cable spins around and mutters 'Lousy timing', before telling the Professor to run the concealment program to find out who their uninvited guest is. Suddenly, Kane appears above a skylight window and shouts 'Cable - time's up!' as he leaps through the window, sending glass shattering everywhere. Kane releases his left fist, straight at Cable at full-force - only it passes through him. 'What the -?' Kane wonders, when suddenly, Cable appears behind him and punches him in the back, 'Hologram' Cable explains as Kane lands against a wall.

Cable strides over to Kane and asks him what he wants now. 'Didn't the job done on you Weapon: PRIME unit put an end to this ridiculous vendetta?' Cable asks. 'No' Kane simply replies as he grabs Cable, and tosses him out a window. 'Impressive. Kid has some new tricks' Cable thinks to himself as he lands in the snow. Kane drops down on the snow and calls out to Cable, asking him where he is. Kane engages his heat-imaging sensor, but discovers that Cable is buried so deep that the snow is masking his presence. 'Where is he?' Kane calls out, when, once again, Cable appears behind the young man, carrying a large tree trunk, he smacks it into Kane's back, knocking Kane into the snow. 'You still talk too much, kid' Cable declares. 'Give you some lip -' Kane mutters as he struggles to get to his feet, only Cable tackles him, forcing both men into the snow, they tumble down the slope.

'No more! I'm tired of it all!' Cable declares as he punches Kane in the face, drawing blood. 'Tired?' Kane asks as he whacks Cable in the back. 'You're tired? Kiss my shiny, metal butt - I'm exhausted!' Kane exclaims as he forces Cable down, smacking Cable hard in the back. Cable realizes he made a stupid move, for getting Kane riled, the kid could break his spine in two. If Cable had a spine, that is. Kane pulls Cable up and declares that it is time he came clean. 'You're right, kid. You've helped me see the light!' Cable replies as he casts blinding light from his fingertips in Kane's face. Kane falls to his knees thanks to the illumination overload, forcing his ocular sensors to shut down. Cable calls Kane by his first name, Garrison, and states that he has nothing to come clean about and adds that what has happened has happened. Cable remarks that you cannot change the past, only mess with the present to protect the future. Cable then punches Kane, smacking him back, he falls further down the slope - and straight off the edge of a cliffside.

'That's it, then. He wants the truth - and of all the people I know, save for Sam and Domino - he deserves to know it. And I play semantics with him. I want to shake his hand, pop a beer with him, tell a dirty joke or two. Instead, we're trying to kill each other' Cable thinks to himself as he approaches the ledge, to see what has become of Kane. Suddenly, a metal hand reaches up and grabs Cable by the ankle. Cable takes hold of a nearby tree, with snow falling around him as a result of Kane trying to pull Cable down. Cable reaches into his boot and declares 'That's enough...' as he holds the ion blade towards Kane's metal arm. 'You going to cut me loose...again?' Kane asks. 'Give me one reason why I shouldn't' Cable tells him, before asking Kane what this is about and why he is here. 'Why are we anywhere, old man? To make a buck. To right a wrong. Because I got lost. All of the above?' Kane replies, before declaring 'Because you lied to us all along - and the rest of the Pack paid for it!'

Kane accesses his holographic projector, and pink energy streams from his right eye - a projection of Stryfe! Cable is confused, 'What the @#*% is this?' he asks, while the hologram of Stryfe states 'So very very blind...' and then shows Stryfe removing his helmet - revealing Cable's face underneath! 'Even with a crystal ball you couldn't predict the obvious, could you?' the hologram states. Cable looks on in shock, and now knows how Kane must have felt all these years, like someone who has been lied to, and is as afraid of finding out the truth as he is off having lived a life of lies. Cable knows that only one thing feels real to him right now - one thing he can reach out and grab hold of - the lifeline he has always had. His anger.

Characters Involved: 

Weapon X / Garrison Kane

G.W. Bridge


General Clarke

Dragoness, Reaper, Rusty, Samurai, Skids, Sumo, Wildside, Zero (all Mutant Liberation Front)

Mrs Canty, Hammer’s mother

Benehl, a museum curator

Museum guards

In Flashbacks:

G.W. Bridge, Cable, Domino, Grizzly, Hammer, Garrison Kane (all Wild Pack / Six Pack)






Story Notes: 

Confusingly, a character wearing Kamikaze’s costume is called Samurai in one panel, but Kamikaze in others. While it was assumed this was merely an error, years later, in the Marvel Handbooks, this was retconned into making the character Samurai separate to Kamikaze, twin brothers, in fact.

Kane believes Stryfe and Cable to be one and the same as he saw Stryfe take his helmet off in X-Force (1st series) #10.

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini is seen on posters and propaganda material.

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