Cable & Deadpool #29

Issue Date: 
August 2006
Story Title: 
“The Politics of Fear” part 2 of The Domino Principle

Fabian Nicieza (writer), Ron Lim (penciler) Pat Davidson (Inker), Gotham (Colourist), V.C.’s Cory Petit (Letterer), Barber & Macchio (Consulting Editors), Nicole Boose (editor), Joe Quesada (Editor in Chief), Dan Buckley (Publisher)

Cable created by Rob Liefeld and Louise Simonson

Deadpool created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza

Brief Description: 

Cable has been appointed president of the country Rumekistan just after Domino has killed the former president, the terrorist Flag-Smasher. Cable convinces the Flag-Smasher’s soldiers, Ultimatum, to lower their weapons and work with him, but Domino is not convinced that Cable is an improvement over Flag-Smasher. Cable, Ultimatum and the Rumeki Resistance Movement start rebuilding Rumekistan, but after Ultimatum and the Rumeki Resistance leaves, Cable asks Deadpool to follow Petrovic, the leader of the Rumeki Resistance, because the real Petrovic died 9 weeks ago. Deadpool does so and confronts Petrovic, who turns out to be Citizen V. Citizen V and Deadpool fight. On Providence, Irene and Black Box try to find out how the rest of the world feels about Cable taking over Rumekistan. Back in Rumekistan, Cable tries to talk to Domino, but she refuses to say anything, incapable of trusting Cable after all the mistakes he made over the years. Cable gets angry, but calms down and leaves for a press conference. Citizen V explains to Deadpool that he put Flag-Smasher in power, but that it was a flawed solution to a big problem and he returned to correct that mistake. Deadpool and Citizen V continue to fight, even when Citizen V points out that they are on the same side. When he stops to make peace, Deadpool uses the opportunity to knock him out. Deadpool delivers Citizen V to Domino, who wakes him up. Domino and Citizen V discuss their faith and lack of faith in Cable. Citizen V decides to trust Cable for now, but will return should he have made a mistake. Domino decides that she will act first. Domino faces Cable and her former friend, Michael Straka, captain of Ultimatum. Despite Deadpool and Michael, Domino manages to get close to Cable and point her gun at his head, but in the end she is just making a point. She wants to trust Cable, but her experience with him makes her incapable to do so and leaves. Deadpool jokes that he’s better off without her, but Cable is hurt deeply.

Full Summary: 

In Bârjňőv, the capital of Rumekistan, Cable has just been named the new President of Rumekistan. While Domino contemplates whether to kill Cable, Cable tells the soldiers of Ultimatum, who point their weapons at Cable and Domino, to drop their weapons and that they won’t be harmed. Deadpool and the citizens of Rumekistan watch the scene.

Cable tells Ultimatum that they want a world without nationalities, languages and borders and that is exactly what Cable will give them. The Ultimatum soldiers think about it and drop their weapons, causing the Rumeki people to cheer. Meanwhile, while Deadpool makes his way towards the stage where Cable is (while copping a feel in the crowd here and there).

Cable tells the people that he didn’t want Flag-Smasher killed – that was not done by the Rumeki resistance, but by outside agitators. He promises them a peaceful transition of power. Listening to this, Domino still considers shooting Cable, knowing that his new mechanical-derived powers won’t stop her mutant ability to have things falling into place for her.

Though still speaking to the assembled Rumeki people, Cable actually looks up at Domino on the scaffolding. He tells the Rumeki people that the assassin only killed Flag-Smasher, because they wanted to spare Cable the guilt, and he calls her a very good friend. Domino is thunderstruck and can only stare back at him. By the time Deadpool has reached the stage, Cable, the Ultimate troops and even the crowd itself are staring at Domino.

Approaching Cable, Domino explains that he didn’t shoot Flag-Smasher, to which. Cable replies that he knows. Deadpool tells Cable that he really didn’t kill Flag-Smasher and that he was just going to wound him, like they had planned. Cable repeats that he knows. Deadpool tells Cable that he just wanted Cable to know that he didn’t kill Flag-Smasher. Cable repeats for the third time that he knows, more caring than annoyed. Domino continues to crouch on the scaffolding, unmoving.

Half an hour later, Cable, Domino, Deadpool, Weasel and the leaders of the Rumeki Resistance and Ultimatum have gathered inside a room and are planning the restoration of Rumekistan. Michael, the captain of Ultimatum, points out that they didn’t have the equipment to restore power to a district, but Cable tells them that he has two cargo freighters with equipment coming in. Deadpool, however, looks around, bored, asking if anybody else is going to fight.

Standing among the group, Domino thinks how she sometimes has a dream where she isn’t fighting, where the world is a place without war and killing. However, she always wakes up to return to her mercenary job. Now she feels like she’s living that dream.

Petrovic, the leader of the Resistance, questions the motives of Captain Straka and his Ultimatum troops. Michael ensures him that he wants Rumekistan at peace as much as Petrovic, but Petrovic points out that Ultimatum doesn’t even want Rumekistan to be a country. Cable tells Petrovic that he’s not going to dismantle the Ultimatum security forces, because a vacuum like they would leave has turned out to be costly to many new governments in similar situations. He tries to reassure Petrovic by telling him that Ultimatum only wants the same thing as they want: peace, security, a home and hearth. Petrovic relents, but tells Cable that the Resistance will have a military presence as well.

The talks go on for several hours: Weasel gives the priority list of problems, Cable decides how the problems are going to be solved and Petrovic and Michael decide who of them is going to solve them. Domino can’t believe how easy it is and wonders why they couldn’t do it without Cable.

When everybody leaves, Cable turns to Domino and Deadpool. He tells Domino that they should talk and asks Deadpool to shadow Petrovic, because he doesn’t trust him. Deadpool wonders why and Cable tells him that the real Petrovic was killed nine weeks ago by Flag-Smasher’s soldiers.

“Petrovic” and his fellow Resistance-members return home, while they discuss the events of the day. One of the members asks if Petrovic has a problem. Another guesses that Petrovic just is concerned that the fight may not be over. The first man tells them that they all decided that Cable would put them on a proper path, but the other man is concerned where the path may lead. The Resistance members say goodbye to Petrovic, who enters his home. Inside, Petrovic activates a communication device and tells a person called Vradec that he’s reporting in and that his mistake has been rectified, but that he worries that the solution may be worse than the problem.

Deadpool appears behind and notes that Petrovic lost his accent and that his English is good enough to be “English English” Petrovic jokes that he downloaded a Merchant Ivory film marathon to his iPod this morning. Deadpool concludes that Petrovic is a masochist and that this proves he’s British. Petrovic assumes that Cable “outted” him and reaches for his side, where electric sparks appear. Deadpool doesn’t reply, but wonders what Petrovic is reaching for. Petrovic draws a sabre from his side and his holographic disguise disappears to reveal Citizen V.

Deadpool makes a “Holy holographic disguise, old chum! It’s… It’s… uhm, dude, I got NO idea who you are.” Citizen V introduces himself and tells Deadpool that Citizen V has proudly carried the “banner of international subterfuge, wetwork and dirty tricks since World War II.” With a single swipe from his blade, Citizen V cuts Deadpool’s katana in half. Deadpool is impressed and asks what the sabre is made of, because he wants one of those. Citizen V replies that the sword has a titanium core with an adamantium sheath and asks him if he really thinks the escrima sticks that Deadpool now grabs are going to do anything against it. Deadpool bets a thousand to one that he is in real trouble. Citizen V agrees that it is a smart bet.

On Providence, Irene and Black Box are following the events. She asks Gareb to don the Black Box armor to find out everything about Citizen V. She reminds him that, in disguise, Citizen V organized the Rumeki Resistance and they need to know his motives.

Black Box tells her that they both heard Citizen V tell somebody that his “mistake had been rectified.” He then taps into information and sums Citizen V’s history up for Irene: a British operative in World War II, Baron Helmut Zemo took his identity when he started up the Thunderbolts team of super villains posing as heroes, but that there is no real information on his present-day activity. Irene determines that this makes Citizen V a complete anomaly and that they can’t afford somebody like him around right now. She asks Black Box to monitor the reactions to Cable now having a second country, one composed equally of Muslims and Christians, and how it will affect the Superhuman Registration that they are working on right now.

Domino thinks to herself that it is insane to be looking at Cable as the president of a country. Cable thinks that the people seem happy and that they deserve this opportunity, but Domino worries what that “opportunity” might be: his Askani religion, a military crackdown or just a dictatorship? She thinks to herself that she can’t trust Cable.

Cable is worried at Domino’s silence and asks her if she doesn’t trust him. Domino just looks sad, but remains silent. Cable then asks her why she took upon her the burden of killing Flag-Smasher when she doesn’t trust him. Domino remains silent. Cable explodes in rage and destroys his desk with a single punch, yelling at her to speak, but then collects himself and apologizes, telling her that she doesn’t have to believe in him. He wishes she did. As Domino still remains silent, Cable leaves for a press conference. He tells her that he hopes she has an answer when he returns. Domino thinks she has; she’s just hoping for a reason to change her answer.

Deadpool and Citizen V continue their fight out on the streets of Rumekistan. Citizen V tells Deadpool that this fight is unnecessary. The wrong thing to say to Deadpool, who yells that all fights are necessary. Citizen V expositions that he was the one who put Flag-Smasher in charge and that that was a mistake and that he knew Deadpool was working for Cable. Citizen V wanted Cable to take control of Rumekistan. Deadpool disarms Citizen V and tells him that he talks more than even Deadpool does.

Citizen V isn’t out of the fight and kicks in Deadpool’s direction, asking him if he’s listening. Deadpool punches Citizen V and replies that he isn’t; Cable asked him to flush out Citizen V and he did. Now he just wants to flush Citizen V. Citizen V calls Deadpool an idiot: he wants Cable in power, so why are they still fighting? Deadpool is silent and kicks Citizen V, who blocks the attack. Citizen V pushes the point and Deadpool admits that he doesn’t know why and that he hoped that Citizen V would forget the question.

V steps back and sticks up his hand, telling him that they are done fighting then. Deadpool sucker punches him in the face, laughing. Citizen V falls down, unconscious and Deadpool declares that he wins, and then wonders what he exactly just won.

Cable holds his speech, telling the people that they are restoring the infrastructure, so that new jobs will be created. Domino watches the speech and thinks that it sounds good and reasonable and wonders if Cable turned politician or if he is actually sincere, but all in all, Domino can’t get over the fact that he’s still Cable.

Deadpool enters and delivers Citizen V to Domino, calling him a regular Rich Little for impersonating Petrovic. Deadpool is shocked to see Domino being surprised and believes that she was mooning over Cable on TV. He admits that Cable looks pretty rugged. Domino remains silent and Deadpool walks away, but then she calls out to him. She asks Deadpool why he hasn’t left Cable yet. Does he really believe in Cable? Does he really think that Cable can change the world? Deadpool replies that what he thinks shouldn’t matter to her. What should matter is what she thinks. Deadpool leaves and Domino continues watching Cable, thinking that he’s still Cable.

Domino points her gun at Citizen V and wakes him up, calling him Watkins. Citizen V is impressed that Domino knows who he is. Domino sums up Citizen V’s résumé and notes that the V-Battalion suffered some recent setbacks. Citizen V admits that they have, but that they muddle on and asks why Domino is pointing a gun at him, when it is obvious she wants to point that gun at Cable. Domino tells V to get out before Cable returns.

V replies that he supported Cable and has nothing to fear from him. Domino explains that she meant get out before Cable sucks you into his madness. Citizen V considers this and quotes Aristotle: “No excellent soul is exempt from a mixture of madness” Domino retorts with Nietzsche’s “Insanity in individuals is rare, but in groups, parties, nations and epochs it is the rule.” Citizen V thinks that Domino’s point of view is rather unoptimistic. Domino sarcastically says that Nietzsche was just all sunshine.

Citizen V tells her that he was talking about her. He asks her to tell Cable that he hopes everything works out. Domino asks what if it doesn’t. Citizen V steps on his V-wing and flies off, while telling her that he was willing to correct one of his mistakes there. He has no problems with fixing a second. Domino thinks to herself that she will fix it first.

Cable returns from his speech with Captain Straka and thinks it went well. Straka admits that, if he had known leaders like Cable in his youth, he might not have grown up to detest governments and borders. Cable jokes that Straka just wants a promotion.

Deadpool and Weasel are eating, while Deadpool tells Weasel how he beat Citizen V, because V just lowered his arms. Cable enters and tells them to leave some food for the masses. When he asks Deadpool about the Petrovic problem, Deadpool replies that it has been taken care of. Cable then asks if it was Citizen V in holographic disguise, to which Deadpool replies him that it was Colonel Mustard with the candlestick. When Cable wants to know where Citizen V is now, Deadpool replies “Sleeping with Domino.” Digesting this, Cable tells him that he won’t ask.

He goes to Domino and asks her if she let him go. When Dom replies to him that Citizen V wished him luck, Cable concludes that V left with a clear conscience and wants to know if her conscience is clear too. To this, Domino points her gun at Cable, which he realizes is his answer.

Flanking Cable, Michael pulls out his gun and asks Domino what she’s doing. He then addresses Cable as “Mr. President” and tells him to get behind him. However, Cable tells Michael that Domino is not going to fire. Michael lowers his gun, but is shocked when Domino shoots at Cable. However, the bullet bounces off Cable’s forcefield, who explains it to Michael.

Deadpool heard the shot and enters through the window. He and Michael both point their weapons at Domino, who then aims her guns back at them. Cable tells them all to calm down; Domino was only making a point. Confused, Deadpool wants to know what the point was then.

Suddenly, Domino leaps forward and shoots both men in their legs. In pain and shock, they fire their guns at the ceiling and hit the chandelier. Cable fires his forcefield at Domino, but she dodges. He then raises his shield to block the chandelier from falling on him, but at the same time Domino approaches him from behind. A moment later, she is standing behind him, within the forcefield, gun aimed at his head.

Cable tells the others that the point was that Domino can kill him whenever she wants: the first shot was just to test the radius of his new forcefield. Michael points his gun at Domino and begs her not to make him choose between Cable and her. Dom thinks that Michael made his choice. When Michael asks her why she can’t accept that choice then, Cable answers for her: Domino is afraid that he’s going to mess it up, just like he messed up everything else for as long as she’s known him.

Domino puts her weapon away. Cable turns to her and gently asks her what if he doesn’t fail this time. Domino replies what if he does. She thinks to herself how she hates Cable, for making her hope that he could succeed, while she knows that he’s going to fail... or even worse what is going to happen if he succeeds. Domino leaves and Deadpool starts joking that Cable is better off without women, how he doesn’t need a Hilary Clinton nagging in his ear and how Domino is pretty creepy with that completely white skin.

Michael suggests that maybe they should leave Cable alone. Deadpool ignores him: he knows Cable; he’s never bothered by these kinds of things and how Cable has more confidence than anybody and doesn’t care what others think about him. He doesn’t notice Cable’s tears.

Characters Involved: 

Cable/Nathan Dayspring

Deadpool/Wade Wilson



Citizen V/John Watkins III, using the guise of Nenad Petrovic, leader of the Rumekistan Resistance Movement.
Captain Michael Straka, friend of Domino and a member of Ultimatum.

Soldiers of Ultimatum

Members of the Rumeki Resistance Movement

Rumeki citizens

Black Box

Irene Merryweather

Two inhabitants of Providence

Story Notes: 

Merchant Ivory Productions is a small film studio with a British/Indian background.

Deadpool’s “Holy holographic disguise” is a joke based on the 1960s Batman TV-series, where Robin would often exclaim “Holy [insert], Batman” when surprised.

To complete Black Box’s information on Citizen V: after Helmut Zemo was unmasked as Citizen V, the V-battalion, a secret organisation of World War II heroes working together to better the world showed up to clear the original Citizen V’s name, whose son, John Watkins junior, had been a secret operative under that name for them. Dallas Riordan, granddaughter of the original Citizen V, took the identity of Citizen V for a while, but when she was crippled, John Watkins III, grandson of the original Citizen V, took the mantle.

The Superhuman Registration Act is the subject of the Marvel crossover “Civil War.”

Deadpool repeatedly refers to Domino as “Petey the Dog”, a reference to her white tone and black spot over her left eye resembling Pete the Dog from the Little Rascal movies, who had a black circle around one of his eyes.

Rich Little is a Canadian comedian and impersonator of celebrities.

The “setbacks” the V-Battalion suffered include the destruction of the ship that was their base of operations and the death of their leader, Jim Hammond, also known as the original Human Torch.

Aristotle is a famous Greek philosopher, student of Plato, teacher of Alexander the Great. Friedrich Nietzsche was a German philosopher, most famous for his “God is death”- quote and his ubermensch theories.

Colonel Mustard with the candlestick refers to the game Clue, where the players have to find out who killed Dr. Black (Mr. Boddy in the American version), in which room and with what weapon. Colonel Mustard is one of the player characters and possible murderers. The candlestick is one of the possible murder weapons.

Hilary Clinton is the wife of former president Bill Clinton. Because of her active role in Clinton’s presidency, she was joking referred to by some as his “co-president.”

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