Cable & Deadpool #33

Issue Date: 
December 2006
Story Title: 
Six Packs and Powder Kegs

Fabian Nicieza (Writer), Reilly Brown (Penciler), Rob Liefeld (Cover), Jeremy Freeman (Inker) Gotham (Colourist), Dave Sharpe (Letterer), Nicole Boose (Editor), Joe Quesada (Editor in Chief), Dan Buckley (Publisher)

Cable created by Rob Liefeld and Louise Simonson

Deadpool created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza

Brief Description: 

An explosion occurs on Providence in the middle of the night, prompting Irene Merryweather and the fire department into action. They are concerned that the fires will reach the Tachyon Propulsion Chamber, a concern Black Box tries to solve by pulling up the reactor specs. Unfortunately, they are too late, as the whole facility explodes dramatically. However, as the dust clears, Cable and Deadpool appear overhead, Cable having just used his gravimetric sheath to funnel the explosion upward, saving everyone. Having saved the day, both Cable and Deadpool collapse from the strain. Meanwhile, S.H.I.E.L.D. and the White House are giving the new version of Six Pack (comprising of G.W. Bridge, Domino, Solo, Anaconda and Hammer) the go-ahead on a mission in Rumekistan. After arrival by aircraft, they travel by Hummer to the capital and begin to set up emitters in the sewer for the purpose of disrupting the power grids. Meanwhile, after speaking with Irene and Black Box, a recovered Cable determines that the explosion was not an accident and that evidence leads to a cloaked vehicle in Rumekistan. Deciding to investigate, he forces Deadpool to accompany him to watch his back. Bodysliding to the source, they discover the Six Pack’s plan to destabilize the country’s electrical infrastructure, simply to make Cable look bad. Just as Cable remarks it odd that there are only five members, Deadpool betrays Cable by shooting him in the back of the head.

Full Summary: 

Cable's South Pacific futuristic utopian-like city of Providence has become a haven for intellectuals and refugees. The peace they thought they had found broken tonight by a sudden giant explosion.

Irene Merryweather, a former Daily Bugle reporter, abruptly awakes to witness smoke curling up in the distance. Almost immediately the phone rings to inform her that the waste fusion facility has exploded. “Crap” she mumbles, groggily reaching for her glasses.

On the scene of the explosion, firefighters are scrambling to put out the fires. Prester John, coordinator of religious activities, and Johann Kriek, head of security, are there. John explains to Irene that there was a fusion chamber breach. One explosion changed into a chain reaction of explosions. Miraculously, no one was even injured, and the main concern is preventing the fires from reaching the Tachyon Propulsion Chamber. No one being experts in Cable's future technology, they can only assume this will cause something really bad to happen. Unfortunately, with Cable’s been spending so much time in Rumekistan, they need answers.

Irene contacts Black Box at the infonet chamber as he is being suited up by technicians. His mutant power is the ability to access and isolate all global transmissions, which he uses to pull up the reactor schematics. Gareb complains that the blueprints are centuries ahead of their time, so he might as well be translating Aramaic. Irene, face full of terror, prompts him to hurry, as the firefighters can't stop the fire in time. Gareb begins to explain that they need to shut down the primary core units, but before he can finish, the facility suddenly explodes in a giant fireball, blasting fire engines from the ground.

As Black Box asks if anyone is there, the smoke starts to clear and the amazed firefighters and staff wonder how they're still alive. Irene and John, covered in a blue aura, gaze upward to witness Cable and Deadpool hovering in the air. Cable emits blue energy from his hands, protecting everyone as Deadpool complains about Cable teleporting him into “the middle of a freakin' nuclear explosion!” Cable focuses on dissipating the blast and fallout by funneling it upward using his gravimetric sheath, a mechanical substitute for his lost telekinetic powers. Cable apologizes to Wade, joking that his and Wade's genetic link makes divorce tough. Cable then passes out from the strain. “Wuss.” Deadpool proclaims before promptly passing out on top of him.

Irene and John rush over to check on them, and Deadpool's healing factor is already starting his recovery. “No G.I. Joe don't do that to Barbie...” he mutters. His eyes opening for a moment, he then asks, “I wasn't dreaming anything too embarrassing was I?” Irene just replies “Not by your standards, no.”

On the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, Agent Stihl is communicating with the White House about the growing list of concerns over Cable and Rumekistan. He is concerned that they are taking too long executing the plan in Rumekistan, as it has been several hours since the Providence explosion. The White House staff and generals are gathered around a conference table. They explain that the long delay was due to coordinating with foreign allies over air space, a process made difficult by Cable's many trade pacts with neighboring countries. However, the European Union, though loath to act rashly, is concerned enough about Cable’s increased activities that they have agreed to open their airspace, allowing their operatives quick passage.

So informed, Agent Stihl tells the assembly to consider the first salvo in the Utopia War ready for launch. With that, he contacts his team of operates, the Six Pack (composed of G.W. Bridge, Domino, Solo, Anaconda, and Hammer) and informs their leader, G.W. Bridge that they are cleared for insertion. Though grimacing that the delay has made this a daylight drop, Bridge promptly parachutes from the plane with the rest of his team.

The rest of the team lands first, but is joined soon after by Hammer, the paralyzed inventor/engineer, who lands in his modified Hummer “Shaniqua.” Domino eagerly volunteers to drive, but Hammer answers simply “My sweat. My keys. I’ll drive.” Settling with a “fine,” Domino remarks that he had better have iPod ports in every seat, because she refused to listen to Anaconda’s show tunes. As they drive off into the desert, Anaconda asks what’s wrong with show tunes then challenging her to name one thing wrong with Thoroughly Modern Millie.”

Back on Providence, Black Box observes the rising dust cloud from the hummer on his infonet screen, remarking that once is happenstance, twice is coincidence… this is a pattern. He then attempts to contact Cable, telling him that they need to talk.

Irene checks in on Cable in his hospital room, remarking about his yet another state of half dress. “You're lucky you're alive,” she says. Cable, unfazed by the tachyon burns on his skin, inquires about Wade. “He wants to leave, but I wouldn't let him” states Irene. “I'll talk to him,” says Cable. Interrupting the two, Gareb enters and claims he believes they have been sabotaged.

Back at the infonet chamber, Gareb has three screens up. The first proves that S.H.I.E.L.D. and the White House were having a silent chatter communication, the second shows a vehicle invisible to their satellites in Rumekistan, and the final shows a blurry silhouette of the supposed bomber of the waste facility. When Prester John wonders how did he get in and leave the island, Cable replies that, while he doesn’t know the answer to the former, he asks who ever said he left. He then notes that the image is being masked, not deleted, so he orders Gareb to work with Johann to clean the transmission signal. Someone is making a coordinated attack against him. Against them. He wants to know who… and then he’s going to make them pay.

Back in the capital of Rumekistan, Six Pack places emitters throughout the sewers. Bridge assures Domino there will be no civilian casualties. These emitters purpose are to screw up the power grid and communications, creating organized random chaos. Domino wants to know why they are making life more annoying for a country that has had decades of hardship. All to tarnish the “Gold Halo” Cable has been sporting, Bridge replies.

In Providence, Deadpool relaxes on the couch watching TV and attempting futilely to eat popcorn through his mask. As the popcorn bounces away from his covered mouth, he remarks the radioactivity must be affecting his taste buds. Cable walks in the room, telling Wade “I'm glad you're okay.” Immediately, Deadpool explains says that he needs to leave, as he’s got work to do. Cable replies that he thought he lost his “shiny new badge,. But Wade explains that he has a new gig, one almost close to being moral. As Cable listens he starts stocking up on weapons from his cabinet arsenal, including his spear and a big gun. He tells Wade the explosion was no accident and he is going to Rumekistan. Someone wants to taint his reputation as a force for change and Cable is bringing Wade along for the ride.

As they bodyslide into the sewers of Rumekistan, Wade is annoyed that he has to be in this stinky country in a freakin' sewer. Cable explains that he needs him to be his backup until his gravimetric field kicks in. Better be worth slogging through this sludge, Deadpool complains. Cable's reputation is that he makes the trains run on time, so to make him look bad they have to make sure they run late. His first order of business was restoring safe clean power to the capital city of Barjnov, so the insurgents will look to disrupt the electrical grid.

As Wild Pack finishes installing the final emitter, Bridge confronts Domino, asking if she has a problem with the mission. Reluctantly replying yes, she explains that she doesn't think Cable's necessarily doing the wrong thing. Bridge rejoins that Cable isn't the kind of guy who can make something without breaking something else, to which Domino retorts seems a lot like what they're doing.

To both of their surprise, from around the corner Cable remarks, “Now that was almost a compliment.” Cable and Deadpool step into view and confront Six Pack with Cable implying that they no longer seem to have principles. Bridge explains that since Cable started the group, he should know they were always work for hire. Cable simply replies by marking it odd that there are only five and not six members in “Six Pack.” “Good point,” says Bridge.

Back in Providence, Johann is cleaning up the resolution of the bomber image. Irene and a fully armored Prester John walk in just in time to begin recognizing the blurry silhouette. “Call Cable QUICKLY!” Irene exclaims.

Back in the sewers of Barjnov, Bridge states “Allow me to introduce our sixth member...” Deadpool, standing behind Cable, suddenly shoots him in the back of the head.

Characters Involved: 


Anaconda, G.W. Bridge, Deadpool, Domino, Hammer, Solo (all Six Pack)

Irene Merryweather, Gareb/Black Box, Prester John, Johann Kriek (All Providence Staff)

Providence firefighters

Agent Stihl of S.H.I.E.L.D.

White House Staff Members

Story Notes: 

“Thoroughly Modern Millie” is a 1960s musical. Taking place in the 1920s, it is about a small town girl named Millie, who goes to New York City to marry for money.
Black Box paraphrases a famous line from the Bond film, Goldfinger: “Once is Happenstance. Twice is Coincidence. The third time is Enemy action.”

Some of the hostility between Cable and Deadpool can be traced to the fact that they recently fought on opposite sides of the Superhuman Civil War in issues #30-32. The shiny new badge refers to Deadpool working for S.H.I.E.L.D. during these events.
Cable did found the original Six Pack which consisted of himself, Domino, Hammer, G.W. Bridge, Kane and Grizzly. Kane died in Weapon X (2nd Series) #12 and Grizzly died in Cable (1st Series) #24. Solo is a teleporting mutant mercenary for hire and Anaconda is usually working with the Serpent Society.
Deadpool appears in the recap page as a late night talk show host joking about how the previous Civil War issues boosted sales and hinting that his new employer “Uncle Sam” might want him to mess with Cable's plans.

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