Cable & Deadpool #34

Issue Date: 
January 2007
Story Title: 
Falling Into Place

Fabian Nicieza (Writer), Reilly Brown (Penciler), Jeremy Freeman (Inker) Gotham (Colorist), Dave Sharpe (Letterer), Nicole Boose (Editor), Joe Quesada (Editor in Chief), Dan Buckley (Publisher)

Cable created by Rob Liefeld and Louise Simonson

Deadpool created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza

Brief Description: 

With Cable unconscious and at the feet of the Six Pack, Domino questions if what they are doing is right, a thought which prompts a memory more than a decade before in Afghanistan, when she asked Cable the same thing. Then, Cable had hinted at knowledge of the future, but now lacking such assurance Domino is livid with Deadpool for shooting him in the back. After Bridge calms everyone down, they abandon Cable in the street and then activate the emitters that they set up, cutting off all power and plunging the capital into darkness. Almost immediately, some citizens find Cable and carry him to a hospital. To their surprise, the still unconscious Cable’s gravimetric sheath acts on its own, bypassing the damage to the electrical grid and restoring power. Now conscious and striking a messianic pose, he assures his people that everything will be fine. He then suddenly appears in front of Six Pack as they are attempting to flee the capital and chastises them for trying to surprise a man that knows the future. Everything has gone according to his plan of reaffirming the people's faith in him. He then literally throws Deadpool out of the country and has the rest of Six Pack arrested, the exception being Domino as she felt guilty about the mission and joins his cause. Later, back in his apartment, an unrepentant Deadpool watches as the media clears Cable and blames the U.S. Government. In Providence, Irene happens to witness Cable thanking Domino for her support, followed by a passionate kiss between the two.

Full Summary: 

(Afghanistan. Night. Years ago)

Cable and Domino have just finished taking out an encampment of insurgents. Their bodies lay all around the gun toting pair, as smoke rises from the burning vehicles. Domino remarks that these Mujahedeen are real fighters and questions if they are on the wrong side. Cable replies that it gets complicated and that in 15 years she'll wish the Soviets had won.

(Sewers of Rumekistan. Now)

Thinking back to that night, Domino recalls how Cable would always play this kind of mystery man role, always hinting that he knew the future since it was his distant past. She wonders aloud why she;s suddenly recalled this memory of them securing that pass that had given the Spetsnaz all that trouble.

In reply, G.W. Bridge, the leader of Six Pack, tells Domino that the reason she's recalling that memory is because then, like now, she doesn't know if she's on the right side. Domino passionately argues that Cable eliminated a terrorist regime running this country, took over with the approval of the resistance and in turn the people, and was only going to stay in power until they could hold free elections in six months. He has motivated the people, organized the government, set up freedom of religion and made trade alliances with other countries. Why were they in a sewer disrupting the lives of a people finally given hope? All just to make Cable look bad because he made the U.S. look bad, she concludes.

Domino furiously points her gun at Deadpool, spouting that this idiot went against the operation breakdown and shot Nate from behind. Was wondering when this would be my fault, Wade states. Whoa take it easy, shouts Bridge jumping between Domino and a now weapons-drawn Deadpool. Deadpool may have gone overboard but Nate is only stunned with a little blunt force head trauma. Not like he hasn't had some blunt force head trauma before says Wade. “Shut up!” they yell back. Oh, I've tried to, says Wade, you can ask Nate since you'll be joining him soon if you don't drop the load. Domino, emotionally drained, lowers her weapon claiming she doesn't care enough to play this game. Let's just finish what we started and get out, she concedes.

With the situation diffused, Bridge takes command, ordering Domino back topside with Hammer; they're rolling in three. He then orders Anaconda and Solo to set the timer; they are sending this city back to the Stone Age. At the hummer, Hammer informs Domino that they are all linked in; Bridge just wanted her away from Wade. Just following orders so she can cash her check, she replies. That's how they rationalize their actions right? Pretty much, Hammer grunts. Back below, Six Pack is finished and Deadpool asks about Nate. Leaving him in a puddle of poop is lousy even by his standards.

As the hummer peels away, three men begin to emerge from the buildings and slowly approach the unconscious Cable, lying in the street. “It is him,” they say, a bit disbelieving as they come to help. Call for an ambulance, call for a mechanic. Suddenly, a rumbling and loud sound shakes the city. What was that? An explosion but from below. Next, the entire street goes pitch black. What now, they ask. I don't think an ambulance is an option anymore, another offers. I was serious about the mechanic, he's like half machine you know. Who knows what's going on inside him?

Unseen by the three, Cable’s eye flashes.

(Afghanistan. Night. Years ago)

Smiling, at his reference to events 15 years in the future, Domino asks if he knows that because he can predict the future, right? Or I can recall the past, he replies. The others make fun of you for your mystery man from the future B.S., Domino says playfully. The joke will be on them when it turns out, he tells a now contemplative Domino, that he’s been telling the truth.

(Providence. Now)

While crews are repairing the damage from the waste facility explosion, inside the infonet chamber Irene Merryweather asks Black Box what is happening. Gareb replies that he was trying to locate Cable when this image of Domino suddenly overwhelmed the flow of worldwide electronic data. She is his little...Friend, right? Yes, Gareb answers, but this footage is from ten years ago in Khyber Pass. What is he trying to tell them, Irene wonders. What has happened to him?

In Rumekistan, as the citizens attempt to carry Cable to the hospital they argue at the futility, considering there is no power. They can't abandon a man like, this another counters with just a bit of reverence.

Meanwhile, as he and the Six Pack drive away from the city, Hammer confirms that the chain reaction charges have caused a power outage cascade across the city. We're so professional, Domino mutters. What do we say when it tastes like crap, asks Bridge. Cash the check and buy some mints, she recites as she looks thoroughly disturbed out the window. “When they find out I've been telling the truth,” she remembers, as her expression turns to confusion and worry.

In the infonet chamber, Irene asks yet again what is happening. The capital of Rumekistan has had a major power failure, Black Box answers. He thinks that Cable is unconscious and his dreams are bleeding into the infonet. Irene reasons that someone must have infiltrated Rumekistan while Cable was distracted by the Providence explosion set by Deadpool. No one has been killed, so it wasn't quite a terrorist attack. The White House was probably behind the attack due to Nate's stunt in the Oval Office awhile back. As for what they get out of it, Cable will be humiliated on an international scale. They come to this conclusion as a TV reporter highlights the disasters in Providence and Rumekistan. Black Box comes up with the idea of deciphering how to override the damage to the electrical systems and implanting the information into Cable's mind. Irene asks what this will accomplish if Cable is unconscious, to which Gareb replies he has no idea.

As the citizens of Rumekistan finally arrive at the hospital with Cable, a doctor comes out and confirms he is still alive. In fact, he appears to be mending himself as the fluid metal is part of his body. The doctor pulls back, startled by the sudden blue light emanating from Cable's body. Tendrils of blue energy sprout from his body and start draining the power from a nearby generator, while other shoots of blue light starts to form four spider-like legs, lifting him up. Still unconscious, the floating form of Cable continues to pull energy from nearby power sources, leaving the citizens confused.

Black Box confirms that, though he is not awake, he is accessing the power grid and manipulating his gravimetric sheath and infonet in unison. He is using the electrical system schematics to locate and bypass the points of damage with his g-field. As long as his physical body can withstand the strain, it should work to restore the power.

A confused Six Pack wonders how they can be hearing chatter from the city. A smiling Domino quietly whispers, “Nate...”

As Cable awakes, he strikes a messianic pose, blue energy surging around his body and shooting upward from his eye as he hovers in the air. He assures his people that everything will be alright and that the people who have attempted to disrupt all of their good deeds will be attended to.

As Six Pack still speeds away, they struggle to understand how Nate can be restoring power with all the relays crippled. Domino says, “You'd almost think he did it on purpose.” A surprised Six Pack immediately receives an answer from Cable, who suddenly appears in the path. As he floats there, glowing in blue energy with a smug look on his face, he reasons that it would be practically unbelievable that he would allow all this to happen. That he could predict the attack on Providence and Rumekistan, even being shot by Wade, all so that he could solidify his stature with his people and the world. To think he could have such a manipulative plan, he'd have to be a mind reader or “be able to predict the future.”

With Six Pack now surrounding him, Bridge angrily opens fire. Cable states he's glad Bridge started, so that he has the moral high ground. Using his gravimetric sheath like telekinesis, he throws Anaconda into Bridge, stops Solo mid-teleport and dismantles the hummer. He also strips Deadpool of all of his weaponry as he lifts Wade up toward him.

Here comes the lecture right? Deadpool asks. Cable merely replies that he understands he can be a difficult person to maintain a friendship with and he can't be mad at Wade for simply being who he is. He hopes that Wade's recent actions will force him to reflect on why he is this way. Cable then promptly hurls a screaming Wade across and out of his country, telling him to never come back.

Cable informs the rest of Six Pack he will not go as gently on them. Unless of course, someone might feel particularly guilty and would be willing to help make things easier for the others. An annoyed Domino frowns at this.

On television, reporters explain that Cable has accused the U.S. Government of trying to destabilize his authority in Rumekistan and Providence. With the capture of Six Pack and the restored footage of Deadpool sabotaging the waste facility, there can be little doubt. Even more condemning is the personal confession and apology from Domino, who supports the progress Cable has made.

As Deadpool watches the reports in his rundown apartment, he shines his badge as he laments what these reports will do to his résumé. He thinks this is all punishment for joining “the other side.” He then reassures himself that he doesn't feel guilty at all. He can still sleep like a baby at night.

As Irene watches the report wrap up in Providence, it claims that Domino will remain at Cable's side to make amends and support his vision. She surmises that Cable had set it all up, gave a nice little push, and watched it all fall into place. As she reasons this out, she witnesses on the monitors Cable approaching Domino. He thanks her for helping and believing in him. “Nate...” she says, back turned, followed up by her turning and passionately kissing him. Irene turns the monitor off as tears fall down her face.

Characters Involved: 

Anaconda, G.W. Bridge, Deadpool, Domino, Hammer, Solo (all Six Pack)

Gareb/Black Box, Irene Merryweather (Providence Staff)

Citizens of Rumekistan

Reporters (on TV)

Story Notes: 

Though technically mujahedeen can refer to any Muslim fighters waging jihad, in this case it refers to the Afghani guerilla fighters who opposed the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan between 1979 & 1989. The event “in 15 years” almost certainly refers to 9/11 and the resulting US invasion of Afghanistan.

The Spetnaz refer to the special military forces of Russia.

The Khyber Pass is a mountain pass connecting Afghanistan & Pakistan. It is also the location where Cable first learned that Stryfe had followed him into the 20th century. [Cable: Blood & Metal #1-2]

Some of the hostility between Cable and Deadpool can be traced to the fact that they recently fought on opposite sides of the Superhuman Civil War in issues #30-32. Deadpool thinks Cable is punishing him for standing against him. This is also the time that Cable confronted and humiliated the president and Deadpool received his shiny new badge.

Deadpool appears in the recap page as a late night talk show host explaining the events of last issue and offending his guest, Domino, by implying she is Cable's girl-toy.

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