Captain Marvel (8th series) #125

Issue Date: 
December 2017
Story Title: 
Dark Origins, part 1

Margaret Stohl (writer), Michele Bandini (artist), Erick Arciniega (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Caramagna (letterer), Phil Noto (cover artist), Dan Mora & Jesus Aburtov (based on Incredible Hulk (1962) #1 by Jack Kirby), Mike McKone & Rachelle Rosenberg (headshot variant), Chip Zdarsky (How to Draw variant) (variant cover artists), Anthony Gambino (designer), Sana Amanat, Mark Basso, Charles Beacham (editors), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

Captain Marvel, Sasquatch, Puck, Brand, Wendy Kawasaki, Hopper, Dante, A'Di and Glory meet with the Black Panther following the destruction of Alpha Flight Space Station, and learn that it will be some time until the Alpha Flight Program is reinstated. The Black Panther suggests to Carol and her crew that they think of this as a vacation. The heroes plan what they are going to do with themselves, and laugh when Brand tells them she is going to a spa, while Carol decides that she is going to find out what has happened to Bean. Meanwhile, at Project Pegasus, the shapeshifting Mim makes her way into a laboratory and steals something. Carol is crashing at Jessica Drew's apartment, when an apparition of a teenage Bean appears before her. Carol is confused by the change in Bean's appearance, and wonders how she can be communicating with her – especially in full sentences. Bean informs Carol that there is a dimensional darkness surrounding her, and warns Carol that she is in danger, before she vanishes. Carol is determined to rescue Bean, and gathers her crew, where they take up temporary residence at the NASA Space Center in Columbia University. Carol informs them about the visit from Bean, and the heroes set about putting together a plan, as Sasquatch, Hopper, Wendy, Glory and A'Di work on the scientific aspects, Carol takes Puck, Brand and Dante to an old spacecraft, which she wants to get operational so the team can get back into space. That night, Mim breaks into the lab that the crew are using and steals a vial with Carol's DNA. The heroes fight her, but she escapes and reunites with Dr Eve. They head out in a space ship, which Carol follows – and so do Puck, Brand and Dante inside the old shuttle which they have got working. Dr Eve and Mim open fire on Carol's crew, when suddenly, Carol, Der Eve and Mim all vanish.

Full Summary: 

Columbia University, the temporary home of Alpha Flight, where in a cafeteria, Carol Danvers a.k.a. Captain Marvel has gathered with the remaining members of her core crew – Dr Walter Langkowski a.k.a. Sasquatch, Eugene Milton Judd a.k.a. Puck, Lt Commander Abigail Brand, Lieutenant Wendy Kawasaki, Hopper, and the Alpha Cadets – Dante Cruz, A'Di and Glory. They sit on chairs or lean against the tables as the observe a projection of the Black Panther, who tells Carol 'As you may agree, recent events have reaffirmed the need for a planetary defense force... though the destruction of AFSS clearly creates a new obstacle...'. 'I take it rogers couldn't make it to this little Board meeting?' Carol snaps. The Black Panther tells Carol that he understands she is upset, to which Carol asks 'Why wouldn't I be upset? Why would any of us be upset? We just need to change our name from Alpha Flight to Earth -' she begins.

'Earth Fright? Beta Blight? Zeta...' Brand begins, but Judd tells her that she has to give up on the jokes thing. 'They just come out' Brand claims. Wendy tells Judd to leave her alone, that she is PTSD-ing. 'We all are' Hopper remarks. 'At least you guys got to really be Alpha Flight. We were Alpha Cadets for like -' A'di begins, with Chewie the Flerken cat perched on her shoulder. 'Give minutes' Dante exclaims, and Glory sighs. The Black Panther tells A'di that he knows she is disappointed. A'Di addresses him as her uncle and tells him that she still has so much to learn, but the Black Panther assures her that her path is yet ahead, that she is still Alpha Flight – perhaps she always will be. 'We were good, Uncle. I was good. You would have been proud' A'Di tells him, to which he tells her that he is.

'However, given that the space station was completely obliterated...' Black Panther begins. 'I'd go with pulverized' Dante suggests, and Glory adds that they like to say “space granola”. The Black Panther reports that it will be some time before they are in a position to reinstate the Alpha Flight program. Carol folds her arms and remembers the promise she made to Bean – to find her. She knows that she can't let her down, and asks T'Challa what that means – are they fired? She tells him that she has to get back up there. Everyone looks at Carol as the Black Panther tells her that she is not fired, and to think of this as a furlough, or a vacation even. 'Okaaaay' Carol replies. The Black Panther reminds everyone that there are still debriefs and after action assessments, so he expects them to all remain available.

The heroes leave and walk down some steps as Carol tells her team 'You realize they basically just sacked us, right?' to which Brand asks her what she expected – no ship, no station, no Alpha Flight. Carol tells her that she didn't know, and tells everyone that she is sorry. 'Sorry?' Sasquatch asks. Puck asks Cap if she wasn't listening back there, and points out that they just got a paid vacation after that rough Chitauri run – so some R&R doesn't sound half bad. Brand remarks that their station has been more or less eviscerated twice, and that she, for one, is looking forward to a month at the spa. Carol, Sasquatch and Puck burst into laughter. 'What? I enjoy a spa day just as much as the next alien girl' Brand exclaims. 'Now that one's actually funny, Lieutenant' Puck tells her.

Brand folds her arms as Hopper and the Cadets burst into laughter as well, and Carol tells her to have fun at her spa. 'I will. When I'm not letting fish eat the dead skin off my feet...' Brand adds. Carol starts to fly up above her team. 'If you need Hop and me, we'll be -' Wendy begins, but Hopper tells Carol just to not need them. Puck and Sasquatch start to walk away, and Puck tells Cap that if she needs them, they will be in the all-you-can-eat bleachers above right field. 'Copy that. You guys take a break and... do whatever civilians do' Carol calls back as she flies higher, Chewie clinging to her shoulder. She thinks to herself that she is going to sleep for a week, but then wonders who she is kidding, as she has never had a vacation, unless you count hospital stays, and deep-space travel, so she is not going to start now. Carol decides that there has to be a reason Bean's energy form appeared to her, and knows that she has to find her.

Later that night at Project Pegasus, 'Jonesy!' a female security guard calls out as a male officer approaches her. 'Hello, that's me...' Jonesy replies before passing through some doors, and as he does, he takes on the appearance of that female officer. '...and now I'm you' she smiles to herself. A handsome guard waves at the female guard who approaches him and calls her Espinosa. 'Evening, fellow guard' “Espinosa” replies, before taking the handsome guard's appearance and continuing on past him into a restricted area. 'That's better' the shapeshifter remarks, stretching. The shapeshifter, still posing as the handsome guard, goes into a large room, and places a box on a podium in the center of the room. He opens the box and a pink light flows from it. 'Look at that. Just what the doctor ordered...' the shapeshifter grins.

At Jessica Drew's apartment, Carol is still sleeping on the floor of Jessica's kid's room. Chewie is wrapped around Carol's face, snoring. 'Carol!' a voice calls out. 'carol! Wake up, Carol!' the voice utters. 'Huh?' Carol responds as she opens her eyes. 'CAAAARRRROOOOLLLL!' the voice screams, and a blue light fills the room, and Carol looks up, to see a blue-skinned, glowing girl, roughly in her teens, hovering over her. 'Bean? Is that you?' Carol asks. 'Yes, Carol. Bean energy form' the Hala child responds. Carol tells Bean that she looks different, and Bean replies that she feels different, and believes that she is different. 'But I just saw you days ago. This makes no sense' Carol points out. 'The sense that it makes is in fact nonsensical' Bean points out. Bean sits on Carol's mattress on the floor and Carol asks her why her energy form changed, and what is happening. Bean tells her that she doesn't know, but that she believes something is quite wrong. 'hold up. What's with speaking in complete sentences?' Carol asks.

'That isn't the strangest thing' Bean replies. Carol frowns and tells Bean that she is an energy imprint from another planet with a transmuted form visiting her in a spider-baby's bedroom, so “strangest” is kind of a high bar. Bean informs Carol that something is speaking to her, she believes across space and time. 'What?' Carol asks. 'Not what. Who' Bean replies. 'That was gonna be my next question' Carol remarks. Bean explains that she believes it is someone not Kree. Carol asks her if she could be a little more specific. 'Something wrong...and something dark but familiar' Bean replies, hanging her head and closing her eyes. Bean suddenly begins to fade away, but tells Carol that there is a dimensional darkness surrounding her, and she thinks it is growing. 'WHAT?' Carol calls out, reaching up to Bean, who tells Carol that she is in danger, she feels it. 'BEAN!' Carol shouts. 'I don't believe this' Carol mutters as Bean vanishes. Carol tells Bean to hang tight, and that she is coming for her.

The next day, within the NASA space center at Columbia University, Carol thanks her team for coming back in, and tells them that she hopes she wasn’t interrupting. 'My chakras will now never be aligned, but whatever' Brand remarks. Puck and Sasquatch are wearing baseball caps, as Puck reports that stadium security was going to kick them out anyway. 'Forty-seven hot dogs...forty-eight?' Sasquatch asks, soda in hand. Puck adds that they didn't even make it to the seventh inning stretch. 'Look at you two cute little lovebirds' A'Di smiles at Wendy and Hopper, who are holding hands as Wendy asks Carol what they are doing here. Carol informs everyone that she had a visitor last night – a blue one. 'Bean?' Wendy asks. 'Still in her energy state?' Hopper enquires. Carol reports that it was the same energy, but a new form and that something was affecting her, and she said that she wasn't alone. 'The kid was pretty freaked out' Carol adds. 'A Kree energy being? Here?' Glory asks. Carol explains that she vanished as quickly as she came.

Carol tells her team that she is thinking that it is time thry brought their Jellybean home. 'No argument here' Puck agrees, before the team gets to work within the NASA facility. Sasquatch announces that he will scan for energy signatures, and Hopper tells him that they need to look for HLA signatures, as Bean is a Hala child. Carol declares that the heat those kids throw off isn't like anything else in the galaxy, before asking the Cadets if thy can  rig some of this NASA hardware to do just that. 'I can' A'Di and Glory announce in unison. 'Great' Carol tells them, before informing Wendy that the NASA folks will make sure the Alpha Flight geniuses get everything they need. She then turns to Brand, Dante and Puck and tells them that they are going to work on getting the team off the ground.

Soon, Carol pushes open a large set of doors to a hangar bay. 'Cap, I know I'm a good engineer, but you can't be serious!' Judd exclaims. 'As a heart attack, Puck. And I need this thing airborn yesterday...' Carol tells him as they all look up at a large space shuttle. 'She doesn't have to take us to a galaxy far, far away, but she's gonna get us where we need to go' Carol declares. 'No problem... as long as you're a Jedi who can make things fly with your mind' Puck points out. 'Puck' Carol exclaims. Puck assures Carol that he will give it a shot, before asking Dante if he is ready to get his hands dirty. Dante tells him that this is much better than getting stuck back in some class again. Brand tells Carol that she hates her for pulling her out of the spa to make her play grease monkey. 'You gotta realize there's some part of me that can't believe we're having this conversation' Carol replies. 'But I know how much that kid means to you, so... we'll get this thing running' Brand assures Carol, who calls her Abigail and thanks her.

That night, a strange space ship lands on a rooftop at Columbia University, 'Yes, Doctor. I've just won't be long now' the shapeshifter announces, emerging from the craft and making her way to a rooftop access door, she quickly switches her form into that of the handsome guard from Project Pegasus, now wearing a lab coat, marches down a corridor and announces 'I will not fail you'. He enters the room where Alpha Flight are working, 'Good evening' he smiles at Wendy, who asks if she can help him, adding that this is lab is restricted to Alpha Flight personnel only. 'It was. Now it's even more restricted than that the shapeshifter declares as he pushes past Wendy, announcing that he is here to shut them down and confiscate all ongoing projects. 'Huh? Just yesterday we were given anything we need to conduct our research!' Wendy protects. 'We're in the middle of -' Hopper begins, to which the shapeshifter interrupts: '- walking out the door? Good, because you can leave... or you can be made to leave!' he exclaims.

Hopper, Wendy, Glory and A'Di move towards the shapeshifter, and Hopper tells him that he can't just barge in here and shut them down. Wendy adds that they are not turning over their work. 'Not with no explanation' A'Di adds, and Glory declares that they know their rights. 'Have it your way, then' the shapeshifter remarks, before leaping towards the group and kicking Hopper across the room, sending him crashing into a table. 'HOP!' Wendy calls out to her boyfriend, rushing over to him. The shapeshifter reports that this lab is on lockdown until he gets what he came for. Glory protests that they haven't done anything wrong, and Sasquatch suggests to the shapeshifter that he calm down. 'Calm down? I don't think how about I take what I need and be on my way?' he replies, shifting to his earlier armored form and looking at a series of small vials on a table, one of them labeled “C. Danvers”. 'Uh, Cap? Crap!' Wendy exclaims.

'We've got a situation here, Captain!' Wendy's voice is heard over the communicator that all of the team uses. 'What's the deal, Wen?' Carol asks, touching her earpiece. 'Well...that shapeshifter?' Wendy responds. 'Mim?' Carol asks. 'Yes, Sir. Only note quite as dead as we thought. kinda found us' Wendy explains as she holds onto Hopper, while Glory fires blasts from her cybernetic legs at Mim, who blocks them. Carol flies out of the hangar without saying anything to Brand or Judd, who watch her go. 'Puck, you heard Wendy on the radio. If Mim is back, it's no coincidence' Carol radios back to Puck, who agrees. Carol instructs him to focus on getting that ship in the air ASAP, as she has a feeling they are going to need it. 'I hate that feeling' Judd replies.

Sasquatch takes a swipe at Mim, but she dodges him, and another, but he misses again. 'OOOFFFF!' Sasquatch moans as Mim slams a fist into Sasquatch's stomach, causing him to keel over, and enabling her to leap onto a table, sliding across it, she grabs the vial labelled “C. Danvers” then leaps through a window, the glass shatters around her, and with that, Mim vanishes. 'Nothing about this is good' Hopper points out as Wendy helps him stand up. 'Not for the Captain. Not for anyone' Hopper adds.

Up on the rooftop, Mim runs back to the space ship, and entering, Dr Eve is waiting for her. 'Did you get it?' Dr Eve asks. 'Did you think I wouldn’t, Dr Eve?' Mim replies, handing the madwoman the vial. Dr Eve smirks and tells Mim that she did excellent work, before instructing her to get them out of here, as they have to hurry before the singularity ends. Carol arrives outside the space ship and hovers nearby, informing Wendy that she is here, and asks if everyone is okay. Wendy reports that Hop and Sasquatch took the worst of it, but that she thinks they will be okay. Wendy then informs Carol that it looks like the shapeshifter took her blood. 'My blood? Why? What is she up to?' Carol wonders. 'Copy that' Carol tells Wendy. 'No worries' she adds, before she takes off after the spacecraft and reports that she is in pursuit.

Carol fires a blast of energy at the spacecraft, which fires back at her. Carol tells herself that she doesn't know how Mim survived that explosion, but vows that she is not getting away this time. Dr Eve looks at a computer and exclaims 'There, Mim. There it is' and tells her thst she has to get them closer before she can activate the generator. 'I understand, Dr Eve' Mim replies as she stands in a doorway. Carol continues her pursuit, and contacts Puck, asking him how that shuttle is looking, as she could use some backup here. An instant later, the shuttle blasts up behind Carol. 'I told you we'd get her airborn, Danvers' Brand smiles. Judd adds that it wasn't easy as this thing is ancient. Carol glances back at the shuttle and tells her team that she doesn't care how old she is as long as she came to the party. Judd adds that she may not be fast, but that she has still got a few tricks, and the shuttle opens fire, blasting at the spacecraft.

Inside the craft, Dr Eve tells Mim to hold steady, and announces that it is time. The spacecraft begins to glow, and energy radiates from it. 'Puck! Get out of there!' Carol shouts, wide-eyed. The energy radiates further and displays spectacularly in the deepness of space. When the glow subsides, Judd, Brand and Dante look out the window of the space shuttle. Judd asks if everyone is all right, while Brand remarks that she was sure they were charging some kind of weapon. 'Uh...guys...' Dante begins to ask as he looks out into the empty space before him. '...where's Captain Marvel?'

Characters Involved: 

Captain Marvel VI
Puck, Sasquatch (both Alpha Flight)
Lt Cmdr Abigail Brand
Lt Wendy Kawasaki

Dante Cruz, A'Di, Glory (all Alpha Flight Cadets)

Black Panther

Dr Eve

Espinosa, Jonesy and other Project Pegasus security guards

Story Notes: 

This series follows Mighty Captain Marvel #9, and is part of the “Marvel Legacy” theme.

The re-numbering of this title takes into account the following series led by Carol Danvers:
Ms. Marvel (1st series, 1977) #1-23
Ms. Marvel (2nd series, 2006) #1-50
Captain Marvel (7th series, 2012) #1-17
Captain Marvel (8h series, 2014) #1-15
Captain Marvel (9th series, 2016) #1-10
Mighty Captain Marvel (2016) #1-9

Alpha Flight Space Station was destroyed in Mighty Captain Marvel #9

Bean appeared before Carol in Mighty Captain Marvel #9.

Error: when Wendy is describing to Carol that they are fighting Mim, the word balloons come from Glory.

Written By: