Captain Marvel (8th series) #2

Issue Date: 
April 2016
Story Title: 
Rise of the Alpha Flight, part two

Michele Fazekas & Tara Butters (writers), Kris Anka (artist), Matthew Wilson (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Caramagna (letterer), Kris Anka (cover artist), Phil Jimenez & Marte Gracia; Michael Cho (variant cover artists), Chrarles Beacham (assistant editor), Sana Amanat (editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

Carol Danvers, Puck, Aurora, Sasquatch and Wendy Kawasaki explore the ancient alien warship which has the Kree starburst symbol throughout it, and appears to be made of some sort of organic material. They are attacked by strange jelly creatures that fall from above, while aboard the Alpha Flight Space Station, Brand studies the bloodied starburst panel from the alien vessel, before she is informed that the Eridani delegation are demanding to be released and appointed counsel. Brand agrees to talk to them, and appoints the Ensign as their counsel. Brand accuses the Eridani of attempting to destroy the AFSS, but the Eridani explain how it could not have been their ship on the asteroid, and warn her that the enemy comes from within the AFSS. Carol and her team clean themselves up after the jelly creature attack, before they come to a room which houses countless stasis pods, which the team discovers have malfunctioned, and the aliens inside them have all died. Aurora uses her scanning equipment to determine that they have been dead for at least fifty years. Carol instructs Puck and Sasquatch to find the engine room, and they do, locating what Sasquatch believes is essentially the vessel's heart and brain. Carol, Aurora and Wendy come to the control room, where the ship starts to scan them. Sasquatch and Puck become trapped in the engine room, and Aurora is separated from Carol and Wendy as the ship starts to attack them all. Wendy successfully downloads information from the ship's core, but in the process is trapped, then gassed, and Carol is unable to get through a door to rescue her. Sasquatch is eventually able to shut down the engine, after Carol briefly battles some strange scorpion-like aliens. The team regroups, and Wendy appears to be okay. But back aboard the AFSS, Carol examines her own wounds, of which there appears to be many, before Brand arrives with security personnel to arrest Wendy. Carol and Brand start to argue about it, while the cargo bay, the equipment the team retrieved from the alien vessel starts to glow. Carol suddenly collapses, then part of the Alpha Flight Space Station explodes!

Full Summary: 

'I've seen this movie before' Carol Danvers a.k.a. Captain Marvel thinks to herself as she stands in a darkened area within an unknown alien vessel. She stares at a starburst, similar to that on her costume, on a panel before her – with claw marks scratched across it. 'If anybody's afraid of the dark, now's the time to say it' Carol tells her team who stand behind her – Eugene “Puck” Judd, Jeanne-Marie Beaubier a.k.a. Aurora and Dr Walter “Sasquatch” Langkowski – Alpha Flight. 'It's weird. I never used to be' Puck remarks as he shines a light into the darkness. 'Me neither' a worried Carol replies, before asking Aurora what joys await. Aurora looks at a hand-held device and reports that the atmosphere is breathable, radiation is within acceptable levels, but beyond that she cannot say. Aurora adds that whatever the vessel is made of it, it is interfering with her readings.

'I'm here – I'm here!' Lieutenant Wendy Kawasaki cries out, grinning as she runs towards the others. She extends her wrist, and the torch attached to it shines a path for her. She apologizes for being late, explaining that she had to grab a couple more toys. 'Wouldn't dream of leaving you behind, Wendy' Carol smiles. Wendy declares that this is so great, and that she feels like an explorer. 'Let's go!' she tells everyone.

'Crew of misfits searching a ship...' Carol thinks to herself, while Wendy examines her surroundings and exclaims 'This material – it's not metal'. Carol asks her what it is, to which Wendy replies that it feels organic, at least partially. 'Amazing' she utters, before reporting that she is taking a sample. She crouches down at a wall and starts to dig into the ship. 'If this ship's alive, maybe you don't wanna stab it like that' Puck suggests to her. 'Organic, not living' Sasquatch declares, adding that it is very advanced technology, and in theory, it can heal itself, store petabytes of data. 'How advanced? This ship looks ancient' Carol points out as she shines a light in front of her. Aurora continues to look at the device in her hands and reports that it is at least 200 years old, and that the ship survived longer than its inhabitants. 'If we're lucky' Puck mutters, before looking at another starburst symbol, he asks Carol what she makes of it. 'The symbol is Kree, right?' he enquires. 'I don't know' Carol replies, pointing out that the Kree had a lot of enemies.  Looking at some writings on the wall, Puck announces that he doesn't recognize the language, while Carol thinks '...bad things happen. I used to like that movie'. Aurora turns to a door and informs the others that there is movement on the other side of it. 'Something is in there'.

'You first, Kawasaki' Puck declares as they all gather in front of the large doors. 'No thanks' Wendy responds, while Aurora asks Sasquatch to knock. Sasquatch responds by shoving the door open, and instantly, everyone covers their mouths, 'Gagh! What died in here?' Puck exclaims. 'Wendy, light it up' Carol instructs the lieutenant, who reaches into her bag for something, and asks if sshe can throw up first. 'Alpha Flight don't puke' Puck tells her. Wendy throws a pink orb into the air and it lights up the room, which has the appearance of the inside of a body, with bone-like fragments sticking out and vein-like cables running above them. 'Heads up. There's water all over the place' Carol warns the others, while a constant dripping noise can be heard. 'And Sasquatch said I didn't need my Mukluks. Thanks a lot, buddy. Ugh' Puck mutters as he trudges through the swampy ground beneath them. 'It's a greenhouse...look at all this' Wendy smiles as she examines her new set of surroundings. Carol touches something and asks Aurora if this explains her readings. Carefully examining her hand-held device, Aurora replies that she is still detecting movement, but can't get a read on it.

Puck suddenly falls into a murky substance, 'I'm gonna go ahead and take back that “Alpha Flight don't puke” thing' he calls out. Carol flies over and pulls Puck out of the muck, while Aurora tells everyone that it seems tro be all around them. 'I don't understand' she adds. 'I suggest we regoup elsewhere before finding out -' Sasquatch begins, when suddenly, Carol sees something small fall onto Sasquatch. 'What is that?' she asks. Worried, Carol tells Sasquatch, then everyone, to move. 'Yup. Hate this kind of movie' Carol thinks to herself, while Wendy gasps 'What is – oh my God!' as strange creatures fall from above. They have a jellyfish-like substance, and cling to the heroes. 'Is this what you were reading, Aurora?' Carol asks. 'It would appear so, Captain' Aurora replies, with one of the creatures covering her face. 'This is unbelievable. How did they survive so long?' Wendy wonders, grabbing one of the creatures, she announces that she is keeping some for research. 'Kawasaki got a pet out gthe deal, so I's say this mission was a success' Puck remarks, as the quintet start to make their way out of the chamber. Carol tells them to clean up and move out, and instructs Puck to quarantine this place later. 'On it' Puck responds.

Meanwhile, in Cargo Hold 1 on the Alpha Flight Space Station (AFSS), Commander Abigail Brand stands before the panel with the strarburst that has been clawed and splattered with blood. 'Uh, Commander Brand...did you hear me?' someone calls out. 'Yep. But tell me again just to be sure' Brand replies without turning to the Ensign who stands behind her. The short-haired female Ensign reports that the Eridani delegation is demanding to be released, to to be appointed counsel. 'And...they don't like our food' she adds. Brand refers to the panel and declares 'This shows up on our doorstep. On a station in the shape of a Hala Star. Under the command of a woman with a Hala Star on her chest. Don't tell me that's a coincidence'. The Ensign informs Brand that the Eridani Ambassador is demanding a meeting, and adds that they are convening an emergency session of the Intergalactic Council. 'And the President called. Twice'. 'Take a message' Brand instructs the Ensign as she reaches out and touches the bloodied starburst. The Ensign frowns and explains to Brand that with Captain Marvel on a mission, they are demanding to talk to her. 'We can't afford to hold them off forever' she adds. Brand smirks and tells the Ensign that she supposes she is right. 'Congratulations. You've been appointed Acting Counsel to the Eridani' Brand tells the Enisign, adding 'Let's see if they can give us some answers'.

Another pink orb hovers above Captain Marvel, Alpha Flight and Wendy as they have gathered together. 'You are pulling to hard!' Sasquatch exclaims. 'Stay still. The mucus is adhering to your fur' Aurora tells her former partner as she pulls the gunk from his fur. 'Uh...I don't think I'm the one to groom this particular area' Wendy remarks as she points at Sasquatch's rear. 'I feel like the only solution is to shave him bald' Puck jokes. 'Why do you think I cut my hair?' Carol asks the others, before telling them 'Check this out'. She looks at a diagram on a wall and tells the others that there are ten decks. 'This looks like the bridge. Engine room is over here' she adds, before asking Aurora if there is any luck deciphering the language. Aurora replies that there is nothing in their database and adds thast it seems logo-graphic, like heiroglyphs. Pulling some mucus from Sasquatch's fur, Aurora tells him that she thinks he is clean. 'Thank you' Sasquatch smiles. 'You can let go of my hand' Aurora replies, before Puck tells everyone 'Look at this. There's light down there' he points out to a green sliver that shines through the darkness around them.

The team approaches the light, 'If this is another greenhouse, I'm going home' Puck declares. 'Aurora?' Carol asks. Checking her device, Aurora reports that there is no movement as far as dhe can tell, and adds that the room appears to have its own energy source. Carol looks concerned as she hears a KRUNCH. 'That's a bad omen' Puck remarks as he and Carol look down at the skeleton that Carol just stood on. The others hold their weapons ready, while Carol stands in the green light which seeps through a slightly open set of sliding doors. 'It's dead, Eugene. Seems like a good omen to me' Carol declares as she uses her strength to push the large set of doors open. 'Whoa' Carol utters as the quintet pass through the doors and enter a chamber that has four bridges that are connected by a walkway on the outside of the room, and a platform in the center, where a yellow globe glows. Around the outside of the room, up and down along the walls are pods, while empty space fills the rest of the sprawling chamber. Carol looks at the pods that line the walls and points out that the good news is they have found the crew, before asking if the stasis pods are functioning. 'I don't think so' Wendy reports as she opens one, where a carcass of a humanoid alien can be seen. 'They appear to have all malfunctioned' Wendy announces.

Aurora's hand-held device scans one of the remains and she tells the others that she would guess they have been dead at least fifty years. Sasquatch looks at another of the pods, while Puck points out that means the ship has been piloting itself for at least that long. Wendy Kawasaki examines the glowing globe in the center of the platform and explains that it is some type of fusion reactor. She adds that this race must have been incredibly advanced, and remarks that she is sorry they are all dead. 'Something tells me we're luck they are' Carol declares, before instructing Puck and Sasquatch to find the engine room, to get the systems up, while Aurora and Wendy are to accompany her to the bridge. 'Gather any information you can. Because when we're done...we're destroying this ship' Carol declares.

Back aboard the AFSS, inside the detention module, the Eridani delegation sits across from the Ensign, while Brand stands at her side. 'You have no standing to keep us in custody! We have diplomatic immunity!' one of the Eridani exclaims. 'Immunity doesn't extend to attacking a space station' Brand points out. One of the Eridani tells Brand that she seems to be a reasonable person, and that surely she can see Captain Marvel acted rashly. 'She acted on the evidence. I would have done the same thing' Brand replies. The Eridani asks 'What evidence?' and demands that they are shown it immediately. Brand tells the delegation that she doesn't have to show them anything, to which the Ensign reports that, pursuant to Article XIV-B of the Intergalactic Treaty of Amity and Commercie, they have the right to see any evidence against them. 'M-Ma'am' she adds nervously. 'Thank you, Counselor' Brand replies. 'This is impossible!' one of the Eridani delegation exclaims as the delegation look at images on a hand held device. 'No, it's an Eridani ship blowing up an asteroid, which is absolutely possible' Brand declares. 'You're a fool, commander!' the tall member of the delegation declares, adding that the energy signature comes from a short-range vessel, and that it could never reach that distance from their home planet. 'Which means it launched from Earth... or from this station'. The Eridani suggests to Brand 'Your enemy is within. And plotting against you still'.

The ancient ship, where Puck and Sasquatch examine the engine room. 'What do we do? Just start pressing buttons?' Puck asks. 'There are no buttons' Sasquatch points out. He looks at the panels before him and explains that it is some sort of biological interface, evidently only compatible with the alien physiology. 'Guess we're gonna have to hot-wire it' Puck suggests as he touches a panel, then pulls it closer towards him, with cables pulling out, 'Well, I got nothing' Puck remarks. Sasquatch points out that a biological system would theoretically have a heart and a brain, and if they can find those, they may be able to resuscitate it. He pulls another panel out and announces that it may be the heart, and that he sees some damage to it. 'Poetic' Puck replies, before pointing out that it must be weird for Sasquatch working with his ex, and asks him how it is going with Aurora. Sasquatch frowns at Puck, who smirks and tells him to forget it. 'I'm just gonna look for my brain' Puck adds.

On the bridge, Wendy tells Captain Marvel and Aurora that she doesn't even know where to begin. 'How do you pilot this thing?' she asks. Aurora shines her device over the panels in front of her, it scans them, and she announces that all the circuits terminate in that area, which means it may be the best way to access the central database. Carol smiles as the lights in the bridge suddenly switch on. 'Nice job, guys' she calls out over the communicator. 'All Walter. He gave the ship mouth-to-mouth. Kind of gross, actually' comes Puck's response. Wendy's device appears to be plugged into the console in front of her and Aurora, and she reports that she thinks she has linked up to the ship's computer. She adds that there is a ton of information, but she doesn't know if she has got enough memory for it all. Suddenly, a green light is released from the console, and it passes through Aurora, Wendy and Captain Marvel. 'Whoa! What is that?' Wendy exclaims. Captain Marvel reports that they are being scanned, and instructs Wendy to shut down the link. 'Trying to!' Wendy exclaims. 'Uh, Cap? We just got violated by a green light beam' Puck announces over the communicator. 'Everybody off the ship, now!' Carol orders everyone.

But before Puck and Sasquatch can escape, the door to the engine room slams closed. Pincers suddenly emerge from the walls above Sasquatch and Puck, 'Hit the deck!' Carol calls out before the pincers release green laser beams, Sasq    uatch and Puck leap for safety behind some columns. 'Puck, what's happening?' Captain Marvel asks. Puck responds that they are under heavy fire, so Carol tells him that they are on their way. 'Wendy, disconnect!' Carol urges the lieutenant, who looks at her device and replies that she has almost got it. 'That's an order, Kawasaki!' Carol exclaims. Aurora is ahead of Carol, and suddenly, a door slides closed between them. 'Captain!' Aurora calls out through a small gap. 'Aurora, go!' Carol instructs the Alphan. 'Got it!' Wendy smiles as she disconnects her device to the alien console. But her smile quickly fades, '!' she utters as a loud noise signals the slamming of a door between Carol and Wendy. 'WENDY!' Carol shouts, before she flies ahead and slams into the door – but she just falls backwards to the floor. 'Carol... can't breathe... some kind of gas...' Wendy utters as she covers her mouth, and drops to her knees. Via the communicator, Carol instructs Wendy to activate her EMU helmet, but gets no response.

Back in the engine room: 'Any time you wanna get us outta here, would be great, Sasquatch!' Puck exclaims as he darts about, dodging the weapons fire. 'Cut the power!' Sasquatch calls out. 'But you worked so hard restoring it!' Puck replies as he grabs the “heart”, which suddenly shocks him and blasts him across the chamber. In another part of the vessel, Aurora has become tangled in vine-like parts of the ship that have wrapped around her. 'If anybody is in this corridor, close your eyes' Aurora declares as she releases a brilliant light, which causes the vines to retract. Carol once again tries to break down the door separating her from Wendy. 'Hang on!' she calls out to the lieutenant, who falls to the floor as the gas continues to billow around her. Carol hears a strange clicking noise and glances sideways, where she discovers scorpion-like creatures scuttling towards her. 'Wendy...I'll be right with you' Carol calls out, before the creatures lunge at her. She tries to knock them away from herself, but there are too many of them. 'Well I've had about enough of this' Carol declares, as she shoves her hand into a panel, which sends a current through her body and extends into the scorpion-creatures, shocking them all.

Carol then gives one final slam into the door, which busts open. She picks up Wendy, 'Come on, you've gotta see these weird spider things. Wendy?' Carol calls out. Wendy coughs, and looks up at Carol, telling her that she doesn't like this ship anymore. Sasquatch's voice is heard over the communicator, asking Carol what her status is. 'Whatever you did killed the power, Sasquatch. We're okay' Carol responds. Sasquatch and Puck have found Aurora, and Sssquatch informs Captain Marvel that Aurora gets the credit for that. 'And for blinding me, so that's cool' Puck adds. 'We're getting the hell out of here' Captain Marvel tells the Alphans. 'Nah, let's stay forever' Puck replies.

Soon, Captain Marvel, Sasquatch, Puck, Aurora and Wendy have arrived back on AFSS. 'What the heck happened?' an alien member of the crew asks. 'The ship tried to eat us' Captain Marvel replies, before instructing the crew member  to take the samples they gathered down to the lab. 'I can do it...' Wendy starts to reply, but as Carol has an arm around Wendy, she reminds her that she can barely walk, and that she needs to go to the infirmary. 'The science can wait' Carol declares, while Puck hands the samples to the alien crew member. 'What about you?' Wendy asks Carol, who replies 'I heal quickly. Usually' Carol adds as she looks at her wounds which are still bleeding. Suddenly, 'Lieutenant Kawasaki' Agent Brand calls out as she trides down a corridor, two large crew members at her side. Brand announces that they are taking Lieutenant Kawasaki into custody. 'WHAT?' Carol exclaims, before pushing the large security officers back and warns them that if either of them touch Wendy, they are dead. Brand informs Captain Marvel that the satellite imagery of the Eridani ship was fabricated, so they are taking Wendy into the detention module for questioning. As the security officers take hold of Wendy, she declares that she doesn't understand.

'Are you out of your mind? Do you know what she just went through on that ship?' Carol asks Brand, while Puck declares 'Sir, Wendy's squared away. She didn't fabricate anything'. Carol then tells Brand that this isn't her call, and that she is overriding her order. 'This is my call -' Brand begins, before telling Danvers that she is bleeding. 'Are you all right?' she asks her. 'What the hell did you find on that ship?' Brand enquires. In a dark science lab, the pack Puck handed over starts to glow, while Carol suddenly falls to the ground. Puck, Aurora and Sasquatch rush over to her, while Brand shouts 'Get a medic! Now!' - and then, part of the Alpha Flight Space Station explodes!

Characters Involved: 

Captain Marvel VI
Aurora, Puck, Sasquatch (all Alpha Flight)
Lt Cmdr Abigail Brand
Lt Wendy Kawasaki
Alpha Flight Space Station crew

Eridani delegation

Written By: