Captain Marvel (8th series) #6

Issue Date: 
August 2016

Ruth Fletcher Gage & Christos Gage (writers), Kris Anka (artist), Matt Wilson (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Caramagna (letterer), Kris Anka (cover artist), Pasqual Ferry & Frank D'armata (variant cover artists), Anthony Gambino (title page design), Charles Beacham (assistant editor), Sana Amanat (editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

Captain Marvel thinks about how her life is now, being in charge of the Alpha Flight Space Station. She is surprised to be greeted by Aurora, Puck, Sasquatch and her other crew members who have thrown a celebration for her, in honor of her first six months as Commander of the AFSS. To Carol's delight, War Machine arrives at the party, and they go off to spend some time together. Their  alone-time is interrupted when Aurora informs Carol that the Board have arrived. War Machine asks Carol if she thinks this is about that new Inhuman kid, but Carol doesn't think the Board are aware of him, and decides that she probably shouldn't tell them about him yet. Carol's meeting with the Board is to discuss the recent attack on the Alpha Flight Space Station, and as usual, Henry Gyrich is rude and dismissive, but Carol finds an ally in the Alpha Flight Ambassador from Canada. Gyrich mentions a recent extra-dimensional battle in Manhattan, and Carol is forced to explain that they were warned about this by the Inhumans. She explains that they have some sort of technology that is untested but allows them to predict upcoming events. Carol tells them that Iron Man tried to look into the technology, worried about the “Butterfly Effect”. The Canadian Ambassador encourages Carol to look into the technology, and others on the Board agree. As the Board depart, Gyrich tells Carol that she isn't catching bank robbers anymore, the fate of the universe hangs in the balance now. The Kree liaison, Bar-Konn meets with Carol regarding Dr. Minerva. Carol. It comes to light that Minerva is on Earth somewhere, and is working on a biological weapon. Carol and Alpha Flight head to California where Minerva was last spotted by Kree spies. Carol is confronted by Minerva, and a battle ensues. But the biological weapon is already detonated. Civilians are transformed into mutated creatures, and Minerva escapes. Carol finds the weapon and throws a cement truck at it, to stop it working. But when she flies back to the civilians, she finds them all mutated and lying motionless on the ground. Afterwards, Sasquatch reports that the town is clear, and that none of them have been affected by the radiation from the weapon. Carol is upset, and when Aurora reports that there is no sign of Minerva, she decides that they can't wait around – she needs to talk to Ulysses!

Full Summary: 

Carol Danvers a.k.a. Captain Marvel concentrates hard as glimmers of light spark up around her. 'I never wanted to be the boss' she thinks to herself. 'Too much busywork, directing traffic... pushing paper...other people's messes'. She is repairing something with her powers, and decides that it isn't that she wanted to keep house, either, it is important, but not to her. 'I was going to control my own destiny. Go as far as I could take myself. Stand or fall on my own. That was my dream'. In fact, Carol is repairing the hull of the Alpha Flight Space Station. 'Now here I am. I'm the boss... and I'm doing housework. And the really sad part is... I kinda love it'.

Carol smiles as she streaks backwards through space, and looks down at the Alpha Flight Space Station, Earth's first line of defense, as the sun shines over it.

Carol flies into the station, where she finds Eugene Milton Judd a.k.a. Puck waiting for her. 'How's she looking?' Puck asks. 'Good as new. Better, actually. New sensors, new security... she took some damage, but she'll come back stronger' Carol tells him. They walk down a corridor and come to a stop outside a door, as Carol reminds Puck that one of the drones could have repaired that piece, so she needs Puck to clarify why he pulled her away from the mountain on her desk for this. 'If I'm being honest, I needed you out for a bit' Puck admits. 'Why?' Carol asks, as Puck opens the door and they step into a room, filled with balloons and streamers and a sign that reads HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. Crew members are enjoying the party, and turn as Carol steps into the room. 'You guys...!' Carol exclaims. 'Happy anniversary, Commander' smiles Aurora a.k.a. Jeanne-Marie Beaubier. Walter Langkowski a.k.a. Sasquatch carries several plates of food on one arm, while, Lt. Commander Abigail Brand smirks ar Carol, and Lt. Wendy Kawasaki smiles, mouthful of cake.

'Thank you. This is so... um... anniversary of what?' Carol asks as her core crew members gather around her. 'Six months as commander of Alpha Flight Station' Sasquatch explains. He adds that they faced their first big crisis, Earth is still here, and they are all alive. 'Cause for celebration' Sasquatch declares. 'Do I really set the bar that low?' Carol asks. Puck points out that the troops needed a break. 'Consider it a morale booster' he suggests to Carol, adding that they got her a present.

'I warned you I just might visit' Col James Rhodes a.k.a. War Machine reminds Carol as he appears in a doorway. Carol grins: 'Colonel Rhodes. What brings you -' she begins, but Aurora leans into her and quietly tells Carol that she is embarrassing herself. 'Everyone knows he's your boyfriend' Aurora declares. 'He's not my... I mean, it's evolving -' Carol begins as she walks over to War Machine, whose faceplate lifts up. 'Boss. He has to be back on Earth in two hours. You really wanna spend 'em fraternizing with us...?' Puck asks. 'Good point' Carol agrees, before asking Colonel Rhodes if she can have a moment of time. 'I hope for their sake it's more than a moment' Puck remarks as he and Aurora watch them leave the party.

Two hours later, a glorious view of space can be seen from Carol's quarters, where she and James are in bed, kissing. 'Okay, I admit it... I was wrong. I wasn't sure you'd like being the boss. But you do... and they like it, too' James points out. 'You think so?' Carol asks. James tells her that it is obvious. 'And... how do you feel about it?' Carol asks. James points out that they probably see more of each other now than if they both lived on Earth. 'When you want to make time, you make time' James explains, adding that neither of them is the white picket fence type. 'I don't need to define this. I just need for us both to be happy'. He leans into Carol and asks her if she is happy. 'Give me a minute' Carol smiles back, when suddenly, 'Commander!' Aurora exclaims via holographic projection. 'There'd better be a giant asteroid headed our way' Carol replies as she and James pull away from each other. 'Close. The Board are here' Aurora announces. 'The brass, huh? You think this is about that new Inhuman kid?' James asks, kissing Carol's cheek. 'Ulysses? I don't think they know about him. And I'm not sure I should tell them yet' Carol replies. James tells her that in his experience, her gut instinct is usually right. 'Either way, good luck in there...'

Shortly: 'Did I say I liked being the boss? Maybe I spoke to soon...' Carol thinks to herself as she stands in a room where several pods line the outside of the room, on each pod stands a member of Alpha Flight's Board of Governors, appearing either in person or via a holographic projection. The Board of Governors are representatives of nations and worlds supporting Alpha Flight, or with shared security interests. Among them are Henry Peter Gyrich, US Alpha Flight Ambassador, Philippe Beaulieu, Alpha Flight Ambassador, Canada, Mentor of the Shi'ar Imperium, the Black Panther, King of Wakanda, and Captain Bar-Konn of the Kree Empire. Other members include a woman with pink hair, a woman with a red jacket, two large aliens, and other unidentified members. 'Your performance in the Satori incident was totally unacceptable!' Gyrich exclaims. 'With all due respect, sir, our mandate is to keep interstellar threats from reaching Earth. We did that' Carol replies. 'At the last possible moment' Gyrich mutters. Carol tells him that the Satori weren't attacking Earth anyway, they were after her. 'Y’know what, let's forget I said that' Carol remarks.

Appearing via holographic projection, Mentor announces that his concerns lie with the cost to the Shi'ar Empire, having just contributed to the construction of the Alpha Flight command module, their Majestor was not pleased to be asked to help finance a new one. 'There are pressing matters on our own worlds' he declares. Philippe Beaulieu smiles and announces 'If I may... I think my distinguished colleagues were remiss in not first commending you, Commander Danvers, on your team's bravery'. He adds that they are here tyo discuss how to improve Alpha Flight's effectiveness next time. 'If you've got good ideas, I'd love to hear them' Carol replies, adding that they reacted with all deliberate speed at the first sign of a threat. Beaulieu smiles again as he tells Carol that no one is suggesting otherwise, but still, they are struck by the difference between the attack on this station and another recent incident. 'The one we had in Manhattan. Not extraterrestrial, but extra-dimensional' Gyrich snaps. Carol announces that in that situation, the Avengers had advance warning. 'We were able to coordinate efforts between various powered organizations to evacuate the area and prepare a counter-attack'.

'Okay. So explain this to me like I'm an idiot. How is it you didn't notice an alien battle cruiser until it was almost on top of us... but you knew an extinction-level threat – one that literally appeared out of thin air – was coming in time to turn it back? With, I might add, no loss of life, and damaged contained to a few city blocks?' Gyrich asks, as Carol recalls the battle against the Celestial Destructor. Sipping a cup of coffee, Carol explains that they were warned about a pending attack on Manhattan by the Inhumans.

“Inhumans”? One of the alien members of the Board asks. 'A genetic offshoot of humanity, possessed of varied powers. They function as a sovereign nation' the Black Panther explains. Carol reports that they did not have the Inhumans' help with the extra-terrestrial assault. 'We should have. Their capital city sits on American soil. They should share this tech of theirs, so we can predict all future attacks!' Gyrich shouts down from the pod he stands on. 'It's not tech. It's a college kid who gets visions of the future' Carol reminds herself, before informing Gyrich that it is not clear how reliable this method is, but that she agrees with him – it could be useful once they are sure how it works. 'That involves some delicate discussions with the Inhuman Royal Family' Carol points out.

'I thought all you people were friendly' Gyrich remarks. 'Henry, really. “You people”?' Beaulieu asks. 'We have a relationship, yes' Carol confirms, knowing that it could go straight to hell if Gyrich hears “precognitive kid” and tries to grab him before they are even sure what he can do. She looks up at the Black Panther, realizing that he hasn't mentioned Ulysses, either. 'Guess we agree on waiting' Carol decides, before stating that the Inhumans seem interested in testing, and that initial discussions have been encouraging but that there is something else to consider. 'Not everyone thinks it's a good idea. Iron Man being a notable case in point' Carol reports. 'And we should care what that limousine liberal thinks because...?' Gyrich asks. Carol declares that Iron Man raised valid questions, such as how accurate the predictions are – whether they are subject to misinterpreation. She adds that Mr Stark also worries that changing the future could have unforseen consequences. The “Butterfly Effect”. 'I don't agree with that part, but -' Carol begins, to which Philippe Beaulieu announces that he suspects neither do the thousands of New Yorkers who would have died in the incursion, before asking Carol if she is on good terms with the Inhumans.

'As good as can be expected given their history' Carol replies. Philippe turns to look at the other members of the Board as he tells Carol that he would encourage her to pursue this avenue, to learn all she can about this technology, and, should it prove reliable, how they can best make use of it. He asks if the majority is in agreement, and Mentor replies 'Aye'. Soon, the members of the Board who appear in person are walking out of the room, except for Gyrich who tells Carol that he suggests she do it fast. 'You're no catching bank robbers anymore. In this life, things are much harder. And the universe is hanging in the balance'.

'Sasquatch' Carol shouts as she enters the room where the party was held, to find Sasquatch at the food table, while other crew members are removing the decorations. 'I was not going to eat that!' Sasquatch assures Carol. She tells him to go nuts. 'I'm more a Boston Creme gal' she tells him, before asking if Rhodey is still here. Motioning to the planet Earth which can be seen through a window, Walter tells Carol that Rhodey is back on Earth, fighting a terrorist group in a former Soviet Republic, he thinks. 'Of course' Carol replies, before reminding Sasquatch that he has a physics degree. 'If ii wanted to test someone's ability to see the future...' she begins, before Captain Bar-Konn of the Kree Empire enters the room and asks Commander Danvers for a moment of her time. Carol tells Walt that they will pick this up later, before asking the Captain what she can do for him as they leave the room and walk down a corridor. 'You're aware the Kree Empire is...not what it was. There are multiple factions. I represent just one' Bar-Konn explains, before assuring Carol that they neither knew of nor condone what he is about to tell you. Carol goes wide-eyed as he tells her that it concerns Dr. Minerva, late of the Kree Science Academy, and Carol remembers a battle she had against the Kree woman.

Carol and Captain Bar-Konn enter a communications room, 'If you know where she is -' Carol begins, as Bar-Konn remarks that to those of them who aren't extremists, she is a traitor to the Empire, and had she been in their jurisdiction, they would have dealt with her. 'But we only just learned she is still on your homeworld'. Tapping a screen, an image of spider-Man battling a large monster is seen, as Carol explains that she has been trying to find Minn-erva for months, and adds that Spider-Man said she is into scary-sounding experiments. 'You've got a location?' Carol asks. Bar-Konn frowns and explains to Carol that it is here that matters become sensitive. 'Let me guess. You have spies on Earth' Carol replies. Bar-Konn tells her that he cannot possibly confirm such spurious allegations. 'But if they were true, the goal would be solely the safety and protection of the -' Bar Konn begins, before Carol interrupts him, motioning to a map of North America, she asks him to tell her where Dr. Minerva is. 'And get your guys off my world' Carol adds. Bar-Konn points at the map and explains that the final transmission, in which the Kree officer indicated he was closing in on Minn-erva came from the area called “California”. 'He warned that she is near completing, or may have already completed...a biological weapon' Bar-Konn reveals, to Carol's shock.

Shortly, Carol flies from the Alpha Flight Space Station, with three jets behind her. 'I've got an emergency situation. Who's available?' Carol asks over her communicator. Holographic images of the Black Panther and She-Hulk appear. The Black Panther informs Carol that the other Ultimates are off-planet, and he is home in Wakanda, but all their resources are at her disposal. She-Hulk remarks that the closest A-Force members are five minutes out. 'Remind me why the Avengers closed the West Coast Branch?' she asks. 'Because with LA traffic, it's faster to fly in from New York' Carol jokes as she descends over California. 'Advise all backup of the hazmat risk. We'll be on site in -' Carol begins, before suddenly, Dr. Minerva materializes before her, and the Kree scientist slams Carol backwards through the air. 'Got eyes on Minerva! How the hell did she cloak herself?' Puck asks over the communicator. 'Oh, I have talents you can't imagine. I doubt the same of you' Minerva tells Puck as she rips his jet apart. 'For instance. You don't look like you can fly' Minerva points out. 'Ah, crap' Judd mutters as he starts to fall towards the ground below. 'Puck! I'm coming!' Aurora calls out as she flies out of her jet, down towards her plummeting teammate. 'So predictable' Minerva mutters.

Dr. Minerva turns her attention to the jet with Sasquatch, as he opens fire on her. 'You, on the other hand...a unique specimen' she remarks. 'I can't wait to dissect you' She then flies straight towards Sasquatch's jet – but before she can slam into it, 'Dissect this!' Carol declares as she swoops in and grabs Minerva, pushing her away from the jet, forcing her down to the ground, where she lands, breaking up the street below. As Aurora drops down to the ground with Puck, Carol tells her that she has got Minerva, and that she needs her to look for a bio-weapon. 'Is that what you're after?' Minerva calls out, as civilians gather around. 'I deployed it hours ago' Minerva grins wickedly, as suddenly, the civilians start to mutate. 'Stop it, or -' Carol shouts, grabbing Minerva, who reveals that it only affects humans. 'Why would I bother making an antidote?' she asks, before announcing that she has all the readings she needs. Minerva punches Carol in the stomach, and speeds away. 'Sge's fast' Sasquatch remarks from the jet, as they watch the streak of energy disappear behind Minerva. 'Faster than she used to be. Stronger, too' Carol remarks. She instructs her team to alert all incoming personnel and get back to AFSS. She adds that they all need to follow decontamination protocols.

'What about you?' Sasquatch asks. Carol flies off, announcing that she is picking up an exotic radiation, so it could be what is causing this. 'If I can shut it off or contain it -' Carol begins, to which Sasquatch reminds her that it could twist her inside out, too. As more civilians below Carol transform into twisted creatures, Carol reminds Sasquatch that Minerva made certain it wouldn't hurt her, and they are genetically similar. “Similar!” Sasquatch replies. 'Not “identical”! She's Kree, you're a human being!' Sasquatch declares. Which is why I have to stop this' Carol replies, before she finds the strange device on the ground nearby. Carol remarks that it is Kree tech merged with something organic. 'Carol, the readings are alarming. If you get too close -' Sasquatch begins, to which Carol speeds away, 'There's “too close...” she begins, before picking up a large cement truck and flying back to the strange device. '...and then... there's “close enough”!' she exclaims as she throws the cement truck onto the device. The cement pours out of the truck and covers the device.

Carol speeds back to the street, 'I just hope it's not too late to help -' she begins, before going wide-eyed, 'No' Carol utters as she finds the civilians completely transformed into mutated creatures, and all laying motionless on the ground. She comes to a halt and hovers over them.

Several hours later, Hazmat officials are surveying the site, as Puck and Sasquatch gather aorund Carol, who sits on solemnly on the ground nearby. Sasquatch reports that the town is clear, and that so are they. 'Apparently the radiation takes time to mutate DNA' he explains. 'For all the good that does these people. And I promise you, Minerva will improve it until it works faster. She's trying to find a way to merge human and Kree genes. To her, Earth is a planet of lab rats' Carol declares. Aurora drops down from above and announces that there is no trace of Minerva, suggesting that Minerva has a sophisticated method of cloaking herself. Aurora reports that Captain Bar-Konn said his man tracked Minerva through black-market purchases of Kree tech. 'We'll keep our ears to the ground. Wait for her to -' Aurora suggests, but Carol asks “Wait”?, and tells her team to look around and tell her that waiting is good enough. 'Get in touch with the Inhumans' Carol frowns, announcing that she needs to talk to Ulysses.

Characters Involved: 

Captain Marvel VI
Aurora, Puck, Sasquatch (all Alpha Flight)

Lt. Cmdr Abigail Brand
Lt. Wendy Kawasaki
War Machine

Captain Bar-Konn, Philippe Beaulieu, Black Panther, Henry Peter Gyrich, Mentor II and others (all Alpha Flight's Board of Governors)

Dr. Minerva
Alpha Flight Space Station crew
Hazmat officials

In flashback image
Captain America, Captain Marvel VI, Iceman, She-Hulk, Spider-Man, War Machine
Captain America VIII, Iron Man, Nova III, Spider-Man VII, Thor IV (all Avengers)
Celestial Destructor

In Carol's memory
Ms. Marvel
Dr. Minerva

On computer screen

Story Notes: 

This issue ties into the Civil War II event.

First appearance of Philippe Beaulieu.

The battle with the Celestial Destructor took place in Civil War II #1.

The Avengers West Coast branch was shut-down in the classic Avengers West Coast #102.

Written By: