Civil War II: X-Men #2

Issue Date: 
September 2016
Story Title: 

Cullen Bunn (writer), Andrea Broccardo (artist), Jesus Aburtov (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Sabino (letterer), David Yardin (cover artist), Victor Ibanez & Jason Keith (variant cover artists), Anthony Gambino (title page designer), Chris Robinson (assistant editor), Daniel Ketchum (editor), Mark Paniccia (X-Men group editor), Axel Alonso (editor in chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

X-Men created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

In North Carolina, a city is under attack by the Brood aliens. Storm’s X-Men team and Captain Marvel are on hand to hold back the aliens after learning of the attack from one of Ulysses' visions. During the battle, Captain Marvel confronts Storm about telling Magneto about the Inhuman Ulysses. Storm explains her reasons, and Captain Marvel asks her to keep an eye on Magneto. In the Savage Land, Psylocke confirms that Nightcrawler has arrived on his own, not at Storm's request. Nightcrawler tells Magneto and his team that he thinks Ulysses is dangerous and Magneto decides that Ulysses could condemn mutants with his visions. Psylocke tells Magneto that they still don't know enough about Ulysses to go making any rash decisions, and that if he wants war with the Inhumans, he will certainly get it if he proceeds carelessly. In New Attilan, Fantomex sneaks through the city during the night, where he comes across Gambit, who was also sneaking about. The men fight, which is overheard by some guards, but Fantomex uses his misdirection power on the guards to make it appear as if there is nothing going on. Gambit defeats Fantomex and takes him with him as he decides that it is time to leave. Gambit thinks that Storm was right to send him here, as Magneto is making his move. Back in the Savage Land, Psylocke goes into one of the jets, where she is confronted by Sabretooth, who asks her if she is going somewhere. Psylocke tells Creed that she knows Mangeto sent Fantomex, but isn't sure if it was as spy or assassin, and that she can't stand by Magneto's side when he is taking actions she doesn't agree with. Sabrerooth doesn't try to stop her, as he figures he is best on Magneto's side. Magneto watches the Blackbird leave with Psylocke, and Monet informs him that Psylocke has been in contact with Storm since the events of Dubai. Magneto knows that they are down one psychic to help protect their minds, but points out that the world is full of psychics.

Full Summary: 

Raleigh, North Carolina, where Brood aliens emerge from a large shark ship that has crashed into the city. 'Move quickly! Harvest the fleshlings! Their world is now our spawning ground!' one of the Brood cries out as civilians run in terror. 'NOOOO!' a girl screams as one of the Brood closes in on her – but before it can shove its sharp tail into her, the tail is sliced into shards. 'Why do you fight, fleshlings? The Brood hive will thrive. We will not be -' the Brood begins, before it finds itself encased in ice.

'Yeah, yeah. We've heard it all before' Bobby “Iceman” Drake exclaims as he appears alongside Old Man Logan, the Jean Grey from the past, Illyana Rasputin a.k.a. Magik and Ororo “Storm” Munroe. With them is Carol Danvers a.k.a. Captain Marvel. They fight their way through the Brood, as Bobby tells the aliens that if they would spend half as much time developing some new material as they do pimping out their flying sharks, they might take them a little more seriously.

'Less chatter, Bobby. We're too late. The kid's vision didn't come quickly enough. The Brood's already touched down' Old Man Logan points out, his claws dripping with Brood blood. 'At least we're here to hold them back' Carol remarks, adding that without the heads-up from Ulysses, there is no telling how much of the population these sleazoids would have infected before help arrived.

As Iceman uses nearby fire hydrants to freeze two of the Brood, he asks 'Does Raleigh even have a super team of its own?' 'Don't know. Don't care' Magik mutters, declaring 'These people should count themselves lucky we're here to rescue them. But who wants to bet they can't be bothered to thank us mutants?'

Marvel Girl telekinetically moves a young woman away from one of the Brood, 'Priorities, please, Illyana. We're not doing this for recognition or praise' she points out, adding that if they don't stop these aliens now, they will spread across the United States unchecked.

'Really, Ororo. You told Magneto? What were you thinking?' Carol asks as both women head into the air to battle some airborne Brood. 'I was thinking I had little choice' Ororo replies, pointing out that Magneto was going to find out about Ulysses sooner or later. She adds that with everything that is going on in the world, with the growing tensions between the Inhumans and mutants, an Inhuman with the power to profile the future wasn't going to stay under the radar for long.

Carol slams the Brood she was fighting to the ground, and tells Storm that she has enough on her plate at the moment without Magneto bringing his brand of crazy to the game. 'Everybody's got an interest in Ulysses. He's already been kidnapped once – by Tony Stark, no less – and New Attilan was none too pleased about that. If Magneto -' Carol begins and Storm asks her if she is suggesting Magneto would make a play for Ulysses. Ororo points out that Magneto must know that the Inhumans would hold more than just him accountable. 'Would that stop him?' Carol asks. Storm doesn't answer.

As Old Man Logan and Magik slice their way through more of the Brood, Carol asks Storm to keep an eye on Magneto, to make sure he doesn't do anything they will all regret. They drop to the ground amongst the X-Men, who stand over the fallen Brood aliens. 'If Magneto thinks we're spying on him... it might spur him into taking action'. Storm adds that she doesn't think that is what any of them want. She remarks that some of her teammates believe Magneto's actions are predetermined, and admits that even she has been quick to judge him. 'But we can't simply assume that he will -' Storm begins, before Carol interrupts her: 'We can. We can based on his past actions'. Carol tells Storm that it is ugly and uncomfortable, perhaps, and it doesn't put much stock in the idea that that people can change. 'But we don't have to see the future in order to guess what Magneto is going to do'. She continues, pointing out that the power that Ulysses possesses can do a lot of good. 'Just look at how many lives we saved today, all because this kid was able to somehow calculate the probabilities of a Brood attack' Carol declares. Storm hangs her head as Carol tells her that they have to handle this “Magneto situation” with kid gloves. Civilians gather around as a fire rages behind them, and the Brood remain scattered across the ground. 'He's a bad guy, Ororo' Carol exclaims. 'Treat him like one'.

Meanwhile, in War Room X within the Savage Land, Storm's teammate Kurt “Nightcrawler” Wagner has teleported into the headquarters of Magneto's X-Men team, where he stands before Magneto, Monet St Croix, Victor “Sabretooth” Creed and Betsy Braddock a.k.a. Psylocke, who announces that Kurt is telling the truth. She reports that Nightcrawler is here on his own, and not at Storm's request. Betsy looks at her friend and thanks him for allowing her to scan his thoughts. 'I know it's not a comfortable situation' Betsy adds. Kurt tells her that it is all right, but that it saddens him, that the trust between mutants is in such short supply these days.

Magneto declares that his reservoirs of trust ran dry about the time his fellow mutants started siding with their enemies above their own kind. 'In short, a long, long time ago' he declares. Sabretooth tells Magneto to be careful, as he is starting to sound like his old self. Magneto tells Creed not to worry about him. 'I have not forgotten where I come from' he declares. Psylocke looks at him, before Monet asks Nightcrawler why he is here, and what he wants.

'It is as I said. I think Magneto is right to be concered about this Inhuman – about Ulysses. His gifts make him dangerous... for a number of reasons' Nightcrawler responds, adding that they are so caught up in what they could do with these powers, that they never stopped to ask if they should be playing God in such a way. Nightcrawler points out that they know next to nothing about Ulysses' power, only what the Inhumans have deemed to tell them. Kurt asks what if Ulysses' predictions are wrong, what if he makes an error in his calculation, what if he is compromised in some way. 'Mein Gott! We live in a world full of psychics!' Kurt adds. He then tells the other X-Men that if Ulysses predicts that Thanos might come to Earth, then their course of action is clear. 'But what if he predicts that a young mutant will grow up to be a global threat? What do we do in that case?' Nightcrawler asks. 'Do we imprison the child based on the calculations made by a boy who is just learning to control his own gifts?' Nightcrawler adds. Sabretooth tells him that he doesn't know. 'If someone could have guessed at the things I might one day do... it would have been better for 'em to put me down clean' Sabretooth declares.

'What you might do. Might. God does not trade in uncertainty' Nightcrawler exclaims through gritted teeth. He looks upwards and announces that it is a slippery slope. 'Even if what Ulysses sees is completely accurate... we rely on people – flawed, every one of us – to decide how to act... or not act... with the information at hand' Nightcrawler points out. Magneto remarks that already the boy's predictions have proven true and saved lives. 'Many will accept anything he says at this point' Magneto adds, suggesting that the Inhumans could coax him into making any accusations and the rest of the world would believe him – he could condemn mutants with only a few words.

Betsy tells Erik that whatever he is thinking, they don't know enough about what they are dealing with. 'You're assuming Ulysses will be used against us. Isn't that the sort of guesswork that Kurt's warning about?' Betsy asks. Magneto looks at her as she asks him if he wants a war with the Inhumans, then all he has to do is proceed carelessly and he will get it. Magneto assures his team that he has no intention of acting incautiously, and remarks that unlike the Inhumans, he does not have the benefit of prophecy to guide his hand. 'Instead, I must rely upon... reconnaissance'.

At that moment, as the moon glows over the Inhuman city New Attilan, Magneto's ally Fantomex moves with stealth through the quiet streets. He rounds a corner and sees the Inhuman called Inferno standing with some guards. He then looks to the tallest building and climbs it, entering a window where a female Inhuman is asleep. He blows her a kiss, then moves out into the corridor, where more guards are standing nearby.

Suddenly: 'Look at us, eh? Both of us sneaking around where we are not wanted' a voice calls out. Fantomex aims his gun and turns, to find Remy “Gambit” LeBeau smiling before him. 'Only, I'm on the side of the angels... and you... well, you're working for the other guys' Gambit remarks. 'I didn't think a petty burglar such as yourself could sneak up on me. Impressive' Fantomex retorts. Gambit uses his staff to knock Fantomex's guns out of his hands as he reveals that he has been waiting for him for a while now. 'I was starting to believe we misjudged Magneto... that maybe he wasn't going to try something stupid. It turns out, he just hires bad help' Gambit declares.

As Fantomex's gun hits the ground, two guards nearby hear the noise, while Fantomex punches Gambit in his stomach. 'You're not bothering to raise an alarm. You're keeping your voice down. Your movements are strong but controlled. My guess is you're an uninvited guest, too' Fantomex declares, before knocking Gambit back and asking him if knocking his gun to the floor so loudly was in error, or if he is wanting to create an interspecies incident. Gambit tells Fantomex that he never expected him to drop his gun after that little love tap, and suggests that his fingers must be more delicate than they look.

The nearby guards ready their weapons. 'Someone's in the halls -' one of them begins. 'Probably nothing' the other tells him. “Probably nothing” the first guard quotes, suggesting to the second that he make sure to include that in his official report to the Queen. They round the corner, and find the hall empty. 'I could have sworn... someone was here...' the guard remarks, unaware that in fact Gambit and Fantomex are standing before him. 'See? I told you' the second guard declares. 'Maybe so. I guess I'm just on edge... jumping at shadows' the first guard explains.

'Now, that gimmick comes in handy' Gambit tells Fantomex as he holds his staff to Fantomex's neck. 'Misdirection' Fantomex explains. 'A little mental nudge to help them see everything except the two of us. But we're still fighting, are we not?' Fantomex asks. 'Oui' Gambit confirms. 'Just checking' Fantomex replies as he smashes his head into Gambit's face, causing blood to pour from Gambit's nose. Fantomex then drops down and kicks Gambit's legs, toppling Gambit. 'You'll excuse me, of course. I have places to be... security systems to evaluate... and Inhuman messiahs to visit' Fantomex declares. As Gambit thumps to the ground, the nearby guard exclaims 'Now I know I'm not imagining that!' Fantomex puts himself over Gambit and holds a gun to his head: 'What's that you said about delicate fingers? Let's test the delicacy of your skull -' Fantomex begins, as Gambit smiles and grabs the gun, 'My plight seems dire indeed. Mais non, you're not the only one with useful tricks' Gambit points out. The guards rush back to the hall, and see a blinding flash of light. 'There! You saw that, didn't you? There's something -' the first guard begins – but looking down the hall, they see nothing.

Gambit and Fantomex are out on a rooftop, with Gambit carrying the unconscious Fantomex over his shoulders. 'Jean – are you listening?' Gambit calls out. A telepathic response from Jean Grey confirms that she is. Gambit tells her that he thinks it is time for him to leave, and asks her to send Nightcrawler for a pick up, but Jean informs him that Nightcrawler has gone AWOL. Gambit asks her to send Magik, as Attilan is about to get too hot for him. 'I'm on it' Jean replies, while Gambit asks her to tell Storm that she was right to send him here, as Magneto is making his move.

Back in the Savage Land, Betsy is in a hangar bay and looks around, before entering the jet. As she approaches the controls of the het, a voice calls out to her: 'Going somewhere, frail. Taking a day trip, maybe?' Betsy is surprised to see Sabretooth in the pilot's chair and asks him what he is doing here. Creed claims that sometimes he likes to come out here, to get away, to enjoy some peace and quiet. 'But no fair. I asked you first' Creed grins. Betsy realizes that there is no point in lying to him, as he would smell it. 'An unsettling thought, that' Betsy adds, before announcing that she is leaving. 'Magneto sent someone to New Attilan. He sent Fantomex, of all the wretched people. Whether he dispatched him as a spy or an assassin, I don't know' Betsy declares. Creed asks her how she knows, and who she has been talking to, but Betsy tells him that doesn't matter. 'What matters is I can't stand by Magneto's side when he's taking actions I don't agree with'. Creed looks at Betsy intently as he asks her if it is because she doesn't agree with, or didn't know about.

Betsy readies a psi-knife, and warns Creed that if he is going to try and stop her, one of them is about to have a very bad day. Creed stands up and tells her to relax, that he is not going to brawl with her, not today anyway. 'Far be it from me to let Magneto's plans chafe your backside' Creed adds, remarking that each of them has to deal with their opposition to the boss's plans in their own way. As Creed walks out of the plane, Betsy asks him if he disagrees with Magneto, then why does he stay by his side. 'Who else would have me?' Creed grumbles. Betsy asks Creed if he is going to tell Magneto that she is stealing the Blackbird, to which Creed grins back at her: 'Come on now, frail. Knowing Magneto... he probably knew you were leaving before you knew yourself' Creed replies. Shortly, the Blackbird takes off out of the hangar bay and into the air above the Savage Land.

Magneto watches out a window. 'Psylocke's gone off on her own. Should I bring her back?' Monet asks as she and Nightcrawler approach Magneto. Magneto tells Monet to let Psylocke go, as he will not hold her here against her will. Monet asks Magneto if he realizes that Psylocke has been in contact with Storm since Dubai, and that it is likely she is running to her side now. 'Storm's going to know where we are... if she didn't already know... and we're down one kick-ass psychic to help keep our minds protected' Monet points out. Magneto tells her that it is all right, as he has spent a lifetime preparing for eventualities such as this. He adds that Elizabeth will be a loss, but that there are other resources to call upon. 'As Nightcrawler said, the world is full of psychics...

Characters Involved: 

Magneto, M II, Psylocke, Sabretooth (all X-Men)
Iceman, Magik, Marvel Girl, Nightcrawler, Old Man Logan, Storm (all X-Men based at X-Haven)
Captain Marvel VI

Inferno and other Inhumans



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