Deadpool (1st series) #3

Issue Date: 
October 1994
Story Title: 
Deadpool Sandwich

Mark Waid (writer), Ian Churchill & Ken Lashley (pencils), Bud Larosa (inks), Starkings/Comicraft (colors), Moreshed/Thomas (letters), Suzanne Gaffney (editor), Bob Harras (group editor), Tom DeFalco (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Peyer has surrounded both Deadpool and Siryn. He wants to kill Wade for ruining his Interpol career, and also holds him responsible for the mess his life is today. However, they are disturbed by an attacking, furious Juggernaut. He informs Deadpool that Black Tom wants him so he can cure himself, but Wade refuses of course. Siryn uses her powers and makes a building collapse on Cain, this stopping him. Meanwhile, Banshee realizes that Peyer tricked him, and goes after the man. Siryn defeats the remaining hired goons, and Deadpool punches Peyer in the face. Banshee arrives and is angry at Peyer, but has found a solid lead to Black Tom’s whereabouts in one of Peyer’s files he found in his office. Deadpool thanks Banshee and Siryn for the help, but doesn’t want to get any more involved in their family business. However, Siryn and Deadpool have a talk and, before she leaves, Deadpool reveals to Siryn his real name. In his castle, Tom is furious that his hired goons failed to bring Deadpool to him. However, one of the guards managed to sneak something out. Tom laughs, and orders Killebrew to continue the operation. It’s a success and Black Tom now has one of Deadpool’s severed arms and thereby also the cure he wanted.

Full Summary: 

Peyer is out to make Deadpool pay for ruining his Interpol career, and warns the surrounded merc that he’s dead. Deadpool tries to warn Peyer about an upcoming danger, but Peyer doesn’t believe his enemy and thinks he’s playing. At that very second, a bursting in flames Juggernaut smashes through the wall behind them, and attacks everyone in his path. He wants Deadpool!

Deadpool jumps on a roof, and takes Siryn with him. The surprised and scared goons open fire, but their boss realizes the mistake they made, and wants to retreat. But he swears that it isn’t over yet. A furious Juggernaut notices Deadpool, and destroys the roof by smashing it with his fists. Deadpool falls down, and manages to avoid Cain’s next punches. Juggernaut informs the merc that he wants him to cure his friend Black Tom, who doesn’t feel well because of the wood that is growing out of his body, and they believe that Deadpool is the key.

Deadpool jokes about it, but this only making Cain angrier. He manages to hit Deadpool rather hard. He realizes he’s in trouble, and asks Siryn for help. Theresa doesn’t know what to do, and hesitates. Cain orders her to stay out of this, as it doesn’t concern her. Siryn hesitates again, but has a change of heart. She uses her sonic scream and destroys a nearby building, which collapses onto the Juggernaut. Siryn catches Deadpool just in time, and they fly away together. Deadpool mocks about it, and wants Theresa to let him go. She refuses since they are high up, but Deadpool lets go of her hand and falls down.

In his castle, Black Tom screams. He’s in pain and wants Killebrew to cure him, but the doctor claims to need Deadpool in order to be able to do that. A soldier returns from the battlefield, and timidly tells his master that, though they failed to retrieve Deadpool, he might have found something of value. Tom takes a look, and likes it. Killebrew thinks it might do the trick. Tom thanks his goon for the gift, but makes him pay for the failure nonetheless, and kills the man.

Meanwhile, Banshee is still waiting for Peyer to return with some information about Black Tom. However, it’s almost midnight and Sean gets impatient. He decides to check around the office, and finds the case where Peyer keeps his secret files. It’s open, and on top of it, lies classified information about Black Tom Cassidy!

Sean is confused. Why would Peyer leave to get information, since this is the kind of info Sean needed. Sean is disturbed by Peyer’s secretary, who wants to know what he is doing here. Sean says it’s all right and that he’s there with Peyer, but the woman doesn’t believe that. She saw Peyer leading an attack force about an hour ago, and thinks Sean is lying. She calls security. Banshee realizes he’s been tricked, and runs out of the office and heads towards Peyer.

Deadpool tries to escape through a dark alley, and is still injured on his arm. Siryn finds him and asks him to wait, but he doesn’t want to. He’s angry for her hesitating during the battle, and wants to know why. Siryn says she isn’t sure which side she’s on. She explains that Black Tom is more than a distant relative to her. The man raised her, and cared for her when she was growing up. Siryn is aware that when Deadpool looks at Tom, he sees the devil. She does that too, but now is starting to look beyond that. Theresa doesn’t agree with Tom’s actions, but she heard the Juggernaut say that Deadpool could cure Tom, and she just had to wonder if she could watch that happen.

They go sit down on a roof, and Deadpool mocks that his ally and enemy are family from one another. Siryn knows that Deadpool has went through a lot tonight, but tells him that she now sees that Deadpool isn’t the rough guy his reputation claimed him to be, and she likes that. She asks Deadpool’s real name, and wants to see his face. Deadpool panics and tells her to back off for now, but promises to show her when he deems the time is right.

They are ambushed by Peyer and some of his goons, who suddenly stand behind them. They open fire and, during the battle, Siryn and Deadpool are separated. She worries about Wade’s condition, but continues to defend herself. Peyer takes out his gun. Deadpool sneaks up on him and shoots the gun out of Peyer’s hand. Peyer takes a step back, and takes out a bigger gun. Deadpool walks towards him. Peyer shoots Wade one time, and hits him. He says that’s for Almodovar. He hits Deadpool another time, and says that’s for causing his Interpol job. Peyer hits him yet another time, and tells him that’s for the night shift he now has, which keeps him away from his wife and kids.

Deadpool still stands, and makes it to Peyer, and punches him off the roof. He falls down but is rescued by Banshee. Peyer is glad to see his old friend, and knew he could count on him. But Sean is angry at Peyer for leaving him so he could continue his stupid vendetta. Banshee just leaves Peyer for what he is, and wants to go help his daughter against the soldiers. But Siryn has already taken care of them.

Banshee informs Deadpool that he found a solid lead to Black Tom’s whereabouts, and asks Deadpool if he wants to help them. Deadpool says it has never been his business, but wishes them good luck. Banshee leaves. Siryn says this is it, then. Deadpool says it has to be. Siryn says goodbye, but Deadpool tells her to wait. He is silent for a second, and reveals to Theresa that his real name is Wade. Theresa smiles, and follows her dad. Deadpool thinks about it, changes his mind, and decides to follow anyway.

At the castle, Killebrew informs Tom that he had hoped to use Deadpool’s healing factor on Tom, and graft Wade’s generative cells onto Tom’s degenerating limbs. And now they can. And with a little luck, they can stop and heal the wooden growth in Tom’s body. However, Killebrew admits that he isn’t certain that the operation will succeed. Tom says that desperate times need desperate measures. He takes out a knife, and cuts his wrist off! Killebrew quickly puts “it” onto Tom, and his wrist is already healing!

Tom laughs, and triumphantly says that, all along, the cure to his condition literally laid in the palm of Deadpool’s hand. He stands up, and proudly presents that he now has Deadpool’s severed arm!

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Black Tom

Dr. Killebrew

Daniel Peyer

Peyer’s secretary (unnamed)

Peyer’s hired goons (all unnamed)

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