Deadpool (1st series) #2

Issue Date: 
September 1994
Story Title: 
Luck Of The Irish

Mark Waid (writer), Ian Churchill & Lee Weeks (pencils), J. Minor, B. McCleod & B. Larosa (inks), Starkings/Comicraft (letters), Moreshead & Thomas (colors), Suzanne Gaffney (assistant editor), Bob Harras (editor), Tom DeFalco (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Banshee remembers how he and his former Interpol academy friend, Daniel Peyer, once tried to promote themselves in Interpol. They wanted to steal some files from Amahl Farouk before they were destroyed, but never got the chance. They were ambushed by Farouk himself and almost died, but Deadpool rescued them by shooting Farouk. However, the agents needed Farouk alive, and this defeat caused them both to leave Interpol. Today, Sean visits Peyer again after all those years, and informs him about the affairs he has with Deadpool and Black Tom. Sean asks Peyer for any information he might need to cure Tom. Peyer fakes that it might take a while to get them. When leaving, Peyer is glad to finally know where to find Deadpool. Meanwhile, Siryn tends to Deadpool’s wounds. Deadpool finally regenerates his wounded hand. They don’t notice that they’re being watched by surviving goons, who transmit the scene to Black Tom. He is angry to find Siryn involved and doesn’t want her hurt. He orders his goons to take her off the battlefield, and sends Juggernaut out to catch Deadpool. After defeating the goons and Juggernaut, Deadpool and Siryn are ambushed by Peyer and his men, who order them to open fire on his word. And word it is!

Full Summary: 


Daniel Peyer and Sean Cassidy put their Interpol suit and mask on, and sneak up on an office building. They joke about the things they won’t do to get a promotion, but realize that since Almadovar’s warring syndicates have put a prize on Amahl Farouk’s head, they can’t let the valuable information he has go to waste. They break into the office building. Once inside, Peyer lights a cigarette and discovers that Farouk is using infra-red beams as protection. Peyer blows the stick away and, thanks to a trick, manages to toss it against all the detectors and break them. Sean is impressed and wants to learn the trick, but Peyer wants to move on.

They split up to get the job faster done, but Sean is ambushed by Farouk. Farouk points his gun at Sean, and wants to kill him. Luckily for Sean, a shooting Deadpool drops into the building! After greeting his old friend, Amahl, Deadpool shoots the guy and saves Sean’s life. Sean has no idea who the merc is. Instead of giving a proper answer, Deadpool jokes about it and quickly leaves, but not without telling Sean that he now owes him. Peyer, having heard the shots, approaches Sean. He’s devastated to find Farouk dead, as now they can kiss their promotions goodbye, and also have no future left at Interpol.


Banshee sits in an office, listening to some old music. He stares at his old Interpol pass and recalls how long it has been since he has left the company. Sean remembers that he had to leave after his wife dead, but is glad that he has made it so far without all the craziness. Peyer meets up with Sean, and they both greet each other. They haven’t seen each other since the Almadovar run. But Peyer claims to no longer be mad at Sean, as he now knows he didn’t need all those titles and pressure on him. And he also doesn’t hold that grudge on the merc anymore.

Sean is glad to hear that, and tells his old friend that he came her because of Tom. Sean briefs Peyer up about Tom’s vital growth, and that he hasn’t much life left. Sean explains that he pulled some strings to get Tom cured in the prison, but wasn’t aware of Tom’s own plans. He had the Juggernaut free him, and Sean doesn’t know what Tom wants with Deadpool and why he wants to capture him.

Peyer doesn’t see a bad thing in that. Sean isn’t sure either, but for now he knows that they’re tearing up most of Manhattan’s Alphabet City, and Sean doesn’t want to see any innocents get hurt. Sean tells Peyer that he wants some information from him, if he has it. Sean admits that he wants Deadpool to pay for his crimes, but not by dying. Peyer agrees, but mentions that it might take a while to get the files. He tells Sean to get comfortable in the meantime, and leaves. With the door shut, Peyer smiles, and is glad that he’s finally got Deadpool!


Deadpool wakes up in a shelter Siryn found, but is in a tremendous pain. Theresa tries to calm the merc down, but with little success. Deadpool takes a look at his hand, which still isn’t healed. He decides to concentrate and, after a few painful moments, the hand is healed again. Deadpool tries to hug and kiss Siryn for helping him, but she tells him to back off. She explains that the only interest she has in him is in maybe finding Black Tom. As they talk, they don’t notice that one of the hired goons is watching them, and sending the conversation through to his boss.

Tom watches everything from his hideout! Furious, he orders his goons to not shoot at Deadpool again until Siryn is removed from the scene, as he doesn’t want to see her hurt. One of Tom’s hands has transformed into wood. Killebrew tries to calm Tom down, but he won’t, as this is a matter of life and death. Tom screams from the pain, and Killbrew tells the villain to listen to him and to relax. Juggernaut suspects that Killebrew is trying to kill Tom, and attacks the doctor. Tom calms Cain down, telling him that it wasn’t his fault. Killebrew promises to have a cure for Tom once they have brought Deadpool to him. Tom orders his men that their new mission is to remove Siryn from the battlefield, and sends Juggernaut out to catch Deadpool.

The goons try to sneak up on Deadpool and Siryn, but they are already gone. They surprise the goons from above, and start to fight them. Siryn warns Deadpool to cover his ears while she tries a sonic scream, but he hears it too late and Siryn gets smacked on her head. Deadpool tries to defend her, but the goons surround him and point their guns at his head, threatening to blow it off. Deadpool thinks he can regenerate it, but doesn’t know that for sure and also doesn’t want to. The guards want to take Siryn, and Deadpool jokes to be okay with it. He suddenly panics, and tells the goons that the Juggernaut is behind them!

They panic, but Deadpool was only kidding and takes the advantage he now has to escape from the goons. One of the goons stands up again and tries to shoot Deadpool, but Siryn stands in between and catches the bullets! Deadpool screams “No!” and quickly grabs Theresa. The goons again open fire, but Deadpool survives and jumps through a window, and falls down.

Siryn has survived, and tries to take Deadpool’s mask off to make sure he’s okay. Deadpool doesn’t want that, and claims he’ll survive. They are approached by an angry Juggernaut. Deadpool finds it ironic, but together with Theresa avoids all of Cain’s punches. They escape in a blade store. They throw a lot of blades at Juggernaut to slow him down, but with little success.

Juggernaut follows them to a factory, where Deadpool throws a molten vat on the villain! He and Theresa manage to escape and think Cain to be defeated. Though on fire, Juggernaut has survived it and continues pursuit. Siryn and Deadpool continue to run, however they are ambushed by more goons, and… Daniel Peyer! Peyer smiles, and is glad that he’ll finally be able to scratch Deadpool’s name off of Interpol’s most wanted list. Peyer orders his men to point their guns at him, and to open fire on his word. And word it is!

Characters Involved: 





Black Tom

Dr. Killebrew

Daniel Payer

Steve and various other unnamed hired goons

(In flash-back)


Banshee, Daniel Payer (as Interpol agents)

Amahl Farouk (Shadow King)

Story Notes: 

Deadpool was hurt by hired goon Steve last issue.

Juggernaut and Black Tom made Dr. Killebrew tend to Tom’s wounds last issue.

First appearance of Daniel Payer.

Alphabet City is a section of Manhattan in its "lower east side." This section earned the nickname Alphabet City as it is bounded by Avenues A, B, C & D.

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