Deadpool (1st series) #1

Issue Date: 
August 1994
Story Title: 
If Looks Could Kill!

Mark Waid (writer), Ian Churchill (pencils), Jason Minor (inks), Starkings/Comicraft (letters), Moreshead & Thomas (colors), Suzanne Graffney (editor), Bob Harras (group editor), Tom DeFalco (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Juggernaut rescues his friend, Black Tom, from a prison, where some painful experiments were brought upon him. Cain confuses things and doesn’t realize that Dr. Killebrew is trying to cure Tom from his wooden growth. Instead, Juggernaut fights the guards, and escapes together with Tom and Killebrew and some files about Deadpool. Weeks later, Deadpool sits alone to a bar. There, he is attacked by armored goons, who destroy the bar entirely. Using a special weapon, the goons manage to put Deadpool on ice and want to bring him back to their boss, Black Tom. However, Deadpool is rescued by a sonic scream from both Banshee and Siryn, who manage to defeat the goons. However, with them down, their trail towards Tom is now dead. They compromise that Siryn stays with Deadpool to keep an eye on him, and that Banshee leaves to check on some old Interpol connections of him. One of the goons stands up again, and hurts Deadpool’s head and arm. Deadpool kills the goon with his blade, but looses too much blood and faints.

Full Summary: 

Inside a prison, a very loud and painful scream is heard. Two thousand prisoners claim themselves lucky that the scream isn’t theirs. However, that cannot be said about Black Tom Cassidy!

Genetic scientist Dr. Killebrew performs some painful experiments on the villain, as he is trying to cure Tom of his wooden growth. Killebrew is certain that it can be done, though it’s not an easy task. The prison warden becomes impatient and wants to see some results. They argue about it. Killebrew suddenly feels a pounding on the ground, but the warden believes that the doctor’s only trying to change the subject. He threatens that Sean Cassidy paid a lot of money to see Tom cured, and the villain’s got only one shot at it, since he doesn’t have much life left.

The poundings become louder and louder. Everyone hears it now, and the guards prepare themselves. However, the thick door they stand in front of soon gets smashed by… the unstoppable Juggernaut! Cain grabs his old friend, who barely breathes. Tom mumbles something about a “doctor.” Cain thinks the worse and thinks that Killebrew is trying to tear Tom apart. So, Cain does what he’s good at and fights the guards. With the guards down, Juggernaut wants to leave, but Tom begs Cain to take Killebrew and the doctor’s files with him. Juggernaut does what his friend asks, and they leave together. As they run, Dr. Killebrew holds a file with the name of “Wade T. Wilson” close to his body.

(Weeks later)

In a bar, a man talks about how he came face to face with Wolverine. The bartender, wanting the man to stop talking, sends a girl over to him, so that she can humor him. The man takes off his bandage, and reveals his horrible shredded face! Deadpool smiles, and tells the girl that she should have seen the other guy’s face.

The girl panics and runs away. The bartender walks over to Wade, who apologizes for it. The bartender, Bert, as Deadpool if Wolverine is responsible for his face. Deadpool denies that, and mentions that it was a “gift” from the Canadian summit. And he can’t ask for a refund, since it all came in a package deal.

Wade reveals that he was terminal once, and decided to do the merc part of his life to earn some quick money to find a cure. It turned out differently, but the up part to Wade is that he has been made invulnerable, and can’t get harmed by anything. Wade stops talking as some armored men carrying guns enter the bar. They open fire at him!

The entire bar is destroyed, and the goon’s leader Steve sends his troops out to gather the pieces. Unnoticed, Deadpool grabs his mask from under some bricks, and puts it back on. He knocks a guard out and takes his gun. Quickly, he jumps out of hiding and opens fire upon the goons, and is mad at them for destroying one of his favorite bars. One of the guards has had enough and hits Wade right in his stomach!

Deadpool’s still alive, but his ears are ringing. Almost out of breath, Wade manages to talk and joke so much around that the goon doesn’t notice that he’s taking a knife out of his pocket. When ready, Wade hits the man with it! Deadpool tries to escape, but another goon has managed to get the big guns: a freezing machine. He activates it, and literally puts Deadpool on ice!

Thinking their enemy to be defeated, the goons decide to take him away. However, suddenly a sonic noise is heard. The goons try to figure out what’s going on, but have to point their attention back to Deadpool as his ice cube is breaking. Triumphantly, Deadpool jumps through it though feels lucky to be still alive.

He opens the fight again, and wonders where the noise came from. A costume hero grabs Deadpool up, and flies away with him. The man apologizes for the late reaction, but Wade tells him it’s okay. They look at each other, and Deadpool notices that he has been rescued by Banshee! Banshee is surprised himself, and throws Deadpool back down to the ground. Banshee wants to sneak up on the goons and strike them from behind, but Deadpool has another idea. None of them get to work, as the goons get all taken down by another sonic scream, which came from… Siryn!

Deadpool is immediately caught by her beauty. Theresa doesn’t pay much attention to him, and instead argues with her father. Sean isn’t exactly pleased with her action, as he had hoped to let one of the guards escape so that they could follow them back to their leader. And now, also the trail they had towards Black Tom has been destroyed. Deadpool recognizes the name. He opens a bottle for him and Sean and asks for an explanation.

Siryn mentions that Tom is part of the Cassidy family. The wicked part. Banshee further mentions that both he and Siryn have been trying to track Tom ever since he escaped from prison a while ago. Sean doesn’t understand why the goons were after Wade. He explains that he and Tom had fought before and, since Wade had defeated him, Wade believes that Tom now wants him dead. Sean doesn’t really buy that. Banshee wants to know why Tom is after Wade, but realizes that in order to learn the truth behind that they’ll have to find Tom himself, but right now don’t know where he is. Sean wants to try out some old Interpol connections he still has.

Theresa offers to stay with Deadpool and keep an eye on him. Banshee doesn’t really want that, and tells his daughter that she doesn’t know Wade like he does. Deadpool can’t believe that Sean doesn’t trust him, and reminds him about the Farouk affair. Banshee remembers and leaves, but warns Deadpool not to let anything happen to Siryn.

Deadpool promises. He tries to flirt with her, but instead they argue. Siryn doesn’t want to be protected, but doesn’t notice a surviving guard getting up and sneaking up on her, ready for the kill. Deadpool notices and stops the goon. He says that his name is Steve, and that they really work for Black Tom, who said that he preferred to have Deadpool brought alive to him. But since Tom said “preferable,” Steve wants to kill Wade. They fight each other with their blades, and Steve mentions that he has learned his sword skills from the legendary Hyuen Sen-Chin.

Deadpool knows the guy and isn’t impressed. He grabs Steve and slams him against a wall. Two other goons bounce Wade on his head and hurt his hand. Deadpool quickly takes out one of his blades, and stabs it through both the goons’ stomachs. Siryn notices how badly injured Deadpool is, but he doesn’t care as he’s certain he’ll heal. However, he has lost too much blood and faints. Siryn panics and calls out to him, but Wade can only ask to his mother.

Characters Involved: 





Black Tom

Dr. Killebrew

two thousand prisoners (all unnamed)

various security guards (unnamed)

prison warden (unnamed)

Bert (bartender)

various bar customers (all unnamed)

Steve among other unnamed hired goons

Story Notes: 

Deadpool fought both Wolverine who helped Kane defend his love for Copycat in Wolverine (2nd series) #88.

Deadpool fought Black Tom & Juggernaut earlier in the Deadpool: The Circle Chase limited series.

First appearance of Dr. Killebrew.

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