Marvel Comics Presents (2nd series) #2

Issue Date: 
December 2007
Story Title: 
Weapon Omega, part 2 (Fourth Story)

Fourth story: Rich Koslowski (Writer), Andrea Di Vito (Artist), Laura Villari (Colorist), Dave Sharpe (Letterer), John Barber (Editor), Joe Quesada (Editor-in-Chief), Dan Buckley (Publisher)

Brief Description: 

(Fourth Story)
The new Guardian has a counselling session with Dr. Benning in which they discuss the battle suit, the Collective and his recent battle with the villain Tentakill. Dr. Benning constantly reassures Pointer that nothing is his fault, and she seems to be attracted to him. At the end of the session, Pointer reveals that the power inside him terrifies him, but also makes him feel good. Meanwhile, USAgent is keeping tabs on Agent Brown….

Full Summary: 

Fourth Story:

‘I’m…I remember it now. What I…what he did to Alpha Flight…to my home…my family. I didn’t, you know? Didn’t remember. Not at first. But that thing - the Collective…it’s still in there. A little bit is still inside of me…and it remembers’ Michael Pointer a.k.a. the new Guardian of Omega Flight remarks to psychiatrist Dr. Benning in her office at Omega Flight headquarters, Canada.

Michael remarks that the Collective’s memories are becoming his memories now. ‘I see them when I dream!’ he exclaims. Dr. Benning assures Michael that they are not his memories, as he was being controlled by another entity. ‘None of what happened was your fault’ she remarks. ‘That’s what you all keep telling me! But where was I when they buried mom and dad? My brother? My girlfriend!?’ he asks, clearly upset. ‘You tell me it wasn’t my fault - but I couldn’t even go to the funeral!’ he exclaims, remembering being held behind bars, while soldier’s ignored his plight.

Dr. Benning tells Michael that she isn’t sure him attending the funerals would have been a good idea, under the circumstances. ‘Why? Because I’m the one who butchered the whole town?’ Michael asks. Looking at his hands, he replies that it wasn’t his fault, but here he is, in this suit, making “amends” for something he didn’t do. ‘For something that wasn’t my fault’. Dr. Benning reminds Michael that he knows the Guardian uniform is for his own good, to which Pointer replies he knows, and that is why he is wearing it.

Inside a small room, the session between Pointer and Benning is being watched by Agent Brown and some scientists, one of whom remarks that Pointer is becoming more comfortable with the suit. Another scientist suggests that it isn’t comfort, but fear, that he doesn’t want to wear it as he is afraid of it. ‘What did Agent Brown call it? A “power regulator” or something? I don’t know…as long as it helps me from…stops me from doing that again’ Pointer remarks, while Agent Brown watches him, ‘Fear. Yes…fear can be a great motivator’ he exclaims as he leaves the room. Entering the corridor and making his way along it, Agent Brown is unaware that he is being followed by Johnny Walker a.k.a. the USAgent.

Back in Benning’s office, Benning asks Michael to tell her what happened yesterday when he and USAgent tried to apprehend Tentakill. Pointer replies that he doesn’t know, ‘It’s different when you’re out there…it’s not the same as in the training room, y’know? People…someone could get hurt’. Pointer recalls how USAgent told him to quit screwing around and fry Tentakill. Pointer remarks that he could have easily “fried” Tentakill, as the power was raging inside of him.

Pointer tells Dr. Benning that she - that no one - can understand, as it is like being a live a thousand times over, every nerve in his body is charged, a live - it’s terrifying for him. ‘I could’ve fried him. I could do anything when that power’s running through me. But I don’t want to hurt anyone, anymore’ Michael remarks. ‘EVER’. Sympathetically, Dr. Benning asks Michael if that is what happened, why Tentakill got away, because he held back.

‘No’ Pointer replies, revealing that he doesn’t know what happened, as he was in control, wasn’t going to hurt Tentakill, but USAgent wouldn’t shut up. ‘#@*&!! *&%#*@!! $*#@!!!’ Pointer recalls USAgent shouting. ‘I was doing fine…it was difficult, focusing the power, but I was fine…I had him. And then…’. Pointer trails off and holds his arms up as he shrugs. ‘What? What happened Michael? Try and describe what happened’ Dr. Benning asks.

‘They left me’ Michael remarks, hanging his head. ‘”They”?’ Dr. Benning asks. ‘”They”, “It”, whatever. Whatever’s inside of me…’ Michael remarks, exclaiming that he never wanted them, never asked for them, but got them anyway. He declares that they are there, but when he needs them, gone. He exclaims that he could feel them too, leaving, he could feel the power flowing out of him, flowing out of every nerve ending, leaving him empty and weak.

Pointer remembers USAgent battling Tentakill, before using his powers to fire a blast of energy which strikes a tree, and separates Walker and Tentakill, while wearily, he whispers ‘Mom…Dad…Lindsey…I’m sorry’. Pointer remarks that he is told adjustments are being made to the suit, and Dr. Benning asks if Agent Brown is telling him this. ‘Yeah, Brown’ Pointer replies.

Speaking of Agent Brown, at that moment, he is reading some files while drinking some coffee and eating a donut in the staff room. USAgent walks past the door and looks in - Brown feels someone watching him and turns, but by then, Walker is gone.

Michael tells Dr. Benning that Agent Brown says the suit is still acclimating itself to the Collective’s power, and his body’s unique physiology or some crap like that. ‘But I don’t know. I don’t know what to believe anymore…or who’ Michael reveals. ‘Believe in yourself first, Michael’ Dr. Benning suggests, reminding him that so much has happened to him in a very short amount of time, so it is a lot to handle. ‘But you will handle it, Michael, and I’ll help you’ she assures him.

Dr. Benning places a hand on Michael’s knee as she tells him that they will get through this together. ‘Yeah…I’ll try’ Michael replies. ‘That’s great, Michael…that’s all you need to do. Try’ Dr. Benning exclaims, before telling him that they are at the end of their session today, and asking him if there is anything else he would like to say or add before he leaves. ‘Anything else on your mind?’

Michael replies that he won’t let what is inside of him…his voice trails off, before asking Dr. Benning if she thinks he is nuts, wearing the suit all the time. Dr. Benning gets to her feet and leads Michael to the door, telling him not to be ridiculous and that if he wants to wear the uniform because it makes him comfortable, then he should keep it on, as there is nothing wrong with using it as a sort of security blanket. ‘The suit…it makes me feel…safe…’ Michael replies. ‘That’s a good thing’ Dr. Benning replies. Suddenly, Michael reminds Dr. Benning that he told her the power terrifies him, before revealing that the power also makes him feel good….

Characters Involved: 

Fourth story:

Guardian VI, USAgent (both Omega Flight)

Agent Brown

Dr Benning


In Flashback images:

Michael Pointer / Guardian VI / The Collective




Story Notes: 

The other features in the issue are:

1st story: Stacy Dolan in “Vanguard”, chapter 2 of 12

2nd story: Hellcat in “The Girl Who Could Be You”, chapter 2 of 4

3rd story: a self-contained Taskmaster

Fourth story:

Michael Pointer was possessed by the Collective in New Avengers #16.

Possessed by the Collective, Guardian VI apparently killed Alpha Flight (Guardian, Vindicator II, Shaman, Puck, Major Mapleleaf and Puck II) in New Avengers #16, however it may have been alternate versions of Mac, Heather, Shaman and Judd that were killed. This has still to be explained.

Michael Pointer and USAgent battled Tentakill in Marvel Comics Presents (2nd series) #1 (4th story).

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