Marvel Comics Presents (2nd series) #3

Issue Date: 
January 2008
Story Title: 
Hateful (2nd Story) <br>Weapon Omega, part 3 (3rd story)

Second Story: David Von Allmen (writer), Mico Suayan (artist), Tom Orzechowski (letterer), Matt Hollingsworth (colorist), Will Panzo (assistant editor), Nick Lowe (editor)

Third story: Rich Koslowski (Writer), Andrea Di Vito (Artist), Laura Villari (Colorist), Dave Sharpe (Letterer), John Barber (Editor)

Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

(Second Story)
Magneto and the newest members of his Brotherhood, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch travel to Germany to meet the mysterious mutant called Whisper. Whisper possesses the power to steal the knowledge of anyone on the planet and has invited Magneto to join forces with him to help save mutantkind from persecution. Magneto is skeptical until he learns that Whisper was also at Auschwitz. He greets Whisper with an unexpected embrace, believing he has met a fellow survivor of the camps. The two share their philosophies about the future of mutantkind and find that they are quite similar. Whisper shares that he has even abandoned his human name, Karl Reifschneider. Magnus immediately recalls the name and realizes that Whisper was not a prisoner at Auschwitz but a Nazi soldier. Magneto immediately attacks Whisper, starting a scuffle between his Brotherhood and Whisper’s followers. Whisper argues that he is no longer the man he was at Auschwitz and promises to aid Magneto in safeguarding mutantkind. Despite this, Magneto will have nothing to do with Whisper and kills him, confident that no one who served as an executioner of innocents could be of use to their cause.
(Third story) Sasquatch and Arachne track down Tentakill, but instead find a cabin full of other unknown criminals, whom they easily apprehend. At Omega Flight headquarters, Agent Brown is in a bad mood, and discusses with Dr. Benning why Guardian couldn’t go with the others. Dr. Benning explains her reasons, unaware that something strange is happening to the sleeping Guardian. Shortly, Sasquatch and Arachne arrive home with the apprehended criminals, while USAgent and Agent Brown exchange words. USAgent asks if the losers will be shipped back to the States, to which Brown assures him that they will. However, USAgent suggests that there might be something else going on with them, while the mysterious unknown woman who was recently brought to Omega Flight headquarters is found dead, and some officers note that they will have to be more careful next time.

Full Summary: 

Second Story:

Outside what appears to be an abandoned building, two men stand guard. The larger of the two tells the other “I do not trust the white-haired man.” He adds that he has heard that this man is mad for power, worse than even Stalin. The other man questions who has said this and asks if it may have been the “human media”. The larger mutant says that he does not see why Whisper would wish to be friends with a person like this. The other guard explains that Whisper knows his limits and his comrade argues that Whisper has no limits. His friend says that the power to steal the knowledge of anyone on the planet cannot stop a bullet. The larger mutant retorts that he possesses the knowledge of presidents and scientists but the other points out that despite all this information, he has done nothing. He adds that the man they are there to meet tonight has physical power beyond his imagination. The other man asks why he thinks that Whisper is meeting him. The smaller man explains that this man shares Whisper’s goal of ensuring that mutantkind is not herded and slaughtered like animals. He believes that together, these two mutant leaders will be unstoppable.
At that moment, Magneto arrives, flanked by the mutant twins Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. The smaller guard orders him to stop where he stands and prove who he is. The larger grabs a large piece of wood and wields it menacingly. Wanda gestures and the wood splinters and snaps in his hands. Pietro zooms past them and reports that these are the only guards on the perimeter of the building. Magneto demands to know where Whisper is and states that he does not wish to waste his time here. One of the guards questions his statement that this is a waste of time and Magnus replies that he was asked to meet here with no explanation. The smaller guard replies that Whisper knows the power of information and reveals only that which is needed but that he should never doubt the man’s dedication to the mutant cause. He explains that Whisper has vowed that mutants will not fall to slaughter as he witnessed in Auschwitz. Hearing this, Magneto’s eyes widen and he demands to be taken to Whisper.
Whisper proves to be an older man with spectacles. He sits in an inner chamber of the building. He greets Magneto and thanks him for coming. He begins to ask for forgiveness for his secrecy. Magneto removes his helmet, approaches Whisper and embraces him, much to the surprise of the other mutants present. Magnus tells him that there is no trouble he would not go to for their cause. Whisper says “Very good” and politely invites Magneto to sit with him.
He asks if he had trouble getting to the “east side” and Magnus replies that if a simple wall caused him any difficulty he would hardly be a worthy ally. Whisper begins in earnest and tells Magneto that he prefers to be direct now that they are face to face. He tells Magneto that he can see plainly that the cycle of genocide has started anew and that all it will take is an increase in fear to tip the scales against mutantkind. Magneto predicts that from there, concentration camps and extermination are inevitable. Whisper says that this is why they must be proactive. Magneto states that mutantkind’s physical powers give them a fighting chance.
Whisper believes that mutants must be taught that they are hated by humanity and should not attempt to passively avoid trouble since it will only lead to their deaths. Magnus agrees and adds that trying to integrate into human society will not succeed either. Whisper agrees. He shares that he only goes by the name Whisper now and has given up his human name, Karl Reifschneider.
Magneto is taken aback at hearing this name. He remembers it instantly and his eyes turn white with rage. He rises and sends his chair flying at Whisper. He confronts him as the chair pins him to the wall with the fact that he was not a prisoner at Auschwitz but a Nazi soldier.
Whisper struggles to breathe as the chair presses against his throat. He stammers that he is no longer that man. Magneto tells him that he watched as his family was marched into the gas chambers by men like him. Whisper tries to explain that he was too young to understand what it was they were doing. Magneto replies “I’ve heard every excuse, Nazi.”
The large mutant guard grabs a massive wooden beam and moves to defend Whisper. With a gesture, the Scarlet Witch causes the beam to explode. Another mutant lunges at her but Quicksilver speeds to his sister’s rescue. He moves her from harm’s way and punches the other mutant before he realizes what has happened.
The mutant behemoth again declares that he will not let them hurt Whisper. His wiser comrade from earlier tells him to stop and that he is choosing the wrong side. Magneto gestures casually and subdues the two by striking them with nearby pipes.
Whisper tells Magneto that his dedication to the cause is absolute. Magneto tells him that no one who slaughters innocents can understand what he is trying to accomplish for mutantkind. Whisper offers to provide him with every secret he could possibly want to know. He tells Magnus that he can exercise his rage over deaths in the past or he can save lives in the future, but he cannot do both.
Magneto glares at him and clenches his fist. Blood splatters across the Master of Magnetism’s face as he tightens the metal around Reifschneider’s throat. As Magneto leads the mutant twins away from Whisper’s hideout, Wanda asks him why he did not choose to use Whisper to help save the lives of their fellow mutants. Magnus simply states “He would have been no help to us.” She continues to question him and he cuts her off, restating what he said before “He would have been no help to us.”
Third Story:

Canada, ‘Who’s this guy we’re chasing, again?’ asks Julia “Arachne” Carpenter as she and her Omega Flight teammate Dr. Walter “Sasquatch” Langkowski make their way through some woods. Sasquatch replies that the guy’s name is “Tentakill”, and adds that according to the coordinates from USAgent and Guardian, and extrapolating the direction in which Tentakill fled - it is hypothesized that he may be holed up somewhere in this area.

As if on cue, a run down old cabin comes into sight. The heroes approach it cautiously, and Sasquatch radios in to Omega Flight headquarters, announcing that they have discovered a possible location. At Omega Flight headquarters, Agent Brown and several scientists have Walter on view, and one of the scientists announces that the operatives have possible intercept with the target, and another exclaims that the containment team will be ready in five minutes.

Walter signals to Julia that they are going in, so Arachne knocks on the door. Inside the cabin, a man is reading a newspaper and eating some food from a can. ‘Hello! Anybody home?’ Julia calls out. Suddenly, the door creaks open, and the man peeks his head out. ‘Er…yes?’ he asks. ‘You Tentakill?’ Julia replies. ‘Um…no. Who are you?’ the green-and-yellow clad man asks. Julia ignores him momentarily as she communicates with headquarters, via the communicator on her wrist, announcing that contact has been made but that the individual is not Tentakill.

‘Um…who are you talking to?’ the man with odd facial hair asks, confused. Julia introduces herself as Arachne - of Omega Flight as the man opens the door, revealing almost a dozen other oddly dressed people inside. ‘I’m sorry?’ the man asks. ‘Omega Flight…Canada’s new premiere super hero team?!’ the former long-time Avenger West Coast / Force Works member replies. Agent Brown is watching the goings-ons via a communication device and somewhat annoyed, wonders what Arachne is doing.

‘Oh…’ the strange man utters in reply to Julia’s revelation that she is part of Omega Flight. One of the other criminals in the room swears, as their cover is blown, and they all stand up, readying their abilities. Julia holds her arms up and tells them all not to try anything rash, when, suddenly, ‘All this dump needs is a skylight!’ shouts Sasquatch as he rips open the cabin roof. The criminals all utter ‘Hey!’ ‘Ow!’ and the like, while Sasquatch grins, ‘A whole rat’s nest!’.

Back at headquarters, the scientists are still watching via the communications video device and announces that there is no visual on Tentakill, but they are counting nine other unidentified super-powered individuals. Agent Brown frowns as he walks out of the lab, ordering the scientists to let Sasquatch and Arachne know that when they’re done screwing around they can bring the criminals back to headquarters for processing. Agent Brown adds that he has other business to attend to.

Shortly, ‘Dr. Benning? It’s Agent Brown!’ the CSIS official declares as he knocks on Dr. Benning’s office door. Dr. Benning opens the door and asks Agent Brown what it is she can do for him, to which Brown replies that it is about Guardian, and asks her why she countermanded his orders to send Guardian out with the others today. Addressing Guardian by his real name, Michael, Dr. Benning replies that he needed rest, as they have been pushing him to the limit as it is.

Dr. Benning informs Agent Brown that Michael’s episode with the failed retrieval of Tentakill last week clearly indicated to her that he is being pushed too hard. Dr. Benning adds that the human psyche - especially an already damaged one - is a precarious balancing act. ’And we’re walking a very fine line as it is with Mr. Pointer’. Dr. Benning explains that is why she did not feel it prudent to send him back out right away, especially to revisit such a recent past failure.

Agent Brown replies that people fail all the time, and asks Dr. Benning whatever happened to the old “Get back up on the horse” adage?. Dr. Benning points out that they are not talking about skinned knees here. ‘We’re talking about death and destruction’. Dr. Benning declares that they need time, as right now, the conflict between Michael’s psyche and the power inside of him, in congruence with the Guardian suit’s systems trying to maintain the correct checks and balances, has overwhelmed him. Dr. Benning adds that the three separate entities are in constant conflict with one another, and therefore, the key is achieving the proper balance.

At the same moment that Brown and Benning are having their conversation, Michael Pointer a.k.a. the new Guardian is asleep in his quarters. “Spongebob Squarepants” is playing on the television. ‘Three crabby patties coming up!’ the cartoon sponge exclaims, when, suddenly, the television goes blank - only for a report on the devastation that Michael - possessed by the Collective - created to appear on the screen.

‘The devastation is horrific - we - we can’t tell yet if any members of Alpha Flight have survived…’ ‘Reports are also coming in now from the North Pole, Alaska, where this unknown assailant appears to have…to have…oh dear God…it appears that the entire town has been destroyed…there…there are no survivors…there are no survivors…there are no survivors…no survivors…no survivors…’ the news report keeps clicking over and over, strangely repeating itself, while the sleeping Pointer suddenly stirs, gritting his teeth as a wave of power comes over him, until suddenly, Spongebob appears back on the television. ‘The best day ever!’ the odd character grins.

Back on her office, Dr. Benning tells Agent Brown that eventually, Michael will “get back on that horse” as he put it. ‘And contrary to what you believe, I want nothing more’ Dr. Benning assures him. Agent Brown replies that he is not sure he agrees with Dr. Benning’s assessment, but he appreciates her concern for Guardian’s well-being. Exiting Dr. Benning’s office, Agent Brown remarks that he has other business to attend to, but would like to discuss this further when they have a chance. ‘Of course, Agent Brown…I look forward to our speaking again’ Dr. Benning replies.

Meanwhile, in a quarantined area, a couple of men put a woman, apparently deceased, her entire form shucked, onto a stretcher and remark that they will have to monitor this more closely next time. ‘The stresses were clearly greater than we’d anticipated’ one of them remarks. ‘We’ll have to slow it down a bit more…with the next one’ someone points out.

Elsewhere at Omega Flight headquarters, Agent Brown enters some sort of loading bay and a soldier informs him that the cargo has just cleared the South gate. Agent Brown thanks the soldier, as Johnny “USAgent” Walker approaches him, remarking that he heard Sasquatch and Julia bagged some super-baddies. ‘Tentaloser one of them?’ the handsome hero asks. Agent Brown matter-of-factly replies that Tentakill was not among them, but that his teammates did good work, as nine criminals have been contained. All illegal and unregistered. ‘A fortuitous mistake’.

‘”Fortuitous”?’ Johnny asks, smirking as he remarks that Brown sure likes using big college words. ’So, without using any more of them big fancy words, can I assume yer happy then? Even with it being a “mistake” and all?’ Johnny asks. ’Yes. Very’ a frowning Agent Brown replies, as both men glare at each other. Walker asks what is next then - ship the criminals back to the States and let Tony Stark’s boys deal with them. ‘Of course’ Brown replies, pointing out that is the agreement they have made with the United States and Mr. Stark. ‘What would you have us do with them?’ he asks, when suddenly, the transport vehicle arrives.

Sasquatch and Arachne keep watch as the chained criminals are all lead out. ‘I dunno…maybe train them to be more Omega Flight heroes?’ Walker asks, when suddenly, the criminal that Arachne spoke with earlier transforms and escapes his shackles, ‘No one cages Raptore!’ he declares as he appears in some sort of dinosaur form. ‘Who keeps coming up with these corn ball names?’ Sasquatch asks as he bonks Raptore on the head, before Arachne traps him in a psionic web. ‘Very funny’ Agent Brown mutters in reply to Walker’s comment. ‘Yeah…hilarious’ Walker replies sarcastically, unaware that elsewhere, the unknown woman is covered by a sheet - dead.

Characters Involved: 

Second story:

Magneto, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch (all Brotherhood of Evil Mutants)
Whisper/Karl Reifschneider

Three unnamed mutant followers of Whisper
Third story:

Arachne III, Guardian VI, Sasquatch, USAgent (all Omega Flight)

Agent Brown

Dr Benning


Security personnel

Raptore and eight other unknown villains

Unknown woman

On television:

Spongebob Squarepants


Story Notes: 

The other features in this issue are: br>
1st Story: “Vanguard” Chapter 3 of 12 starring Detective Stacy.

4th Story “Hellcat” Chapter 3 of 4 starring Hellcat
Second story:

This stand alone story takes place during the early days of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants prior to their first appearance in UNCANNY X-MEN #4. Given the comment about Magneto being noted in the “human media” it is likely that this story takes place sometime between Magneto’s public debut as depicted in UNCANNY X-MEN #1 and the Brotherhood’s first appearance in UNCANNY X-MEN #4.
The story takes place in East Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989.
Quicksilver’s costume is miscolored in this story. His costume should be green as he did not adopt a blue-hued uniform until AVENGERS (1st series) #75.
Whisper is said to have absorbed the knowledge of “Johnson, Brezhnev, Xavier, Oppenheimer, Paul the Sixth”.

Johnson is most likely a reference to Lyndon B. Johnson, the 36th president of the United States. He served as president following the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963, was re-elected in 1964 and served until January 1969.

Leonid Brezhnev was the leader of Russia’s communist party from 1964 until his death in 1982.

Charles Xavier is the founder of the X-Men and one of the world’s foremost authorities on genetics and mutant affairs.

Robert Oppenheimer is remembered as the “father of the atomic bomb”. His work as a physicist on the Manhattan Project led to the development of nuclear weapons. He died in 1967.

Pope Paul the Sixth served as leader of the Catholic Church from 1963 until his death in 1978.
Third story:

Michael Pointer was possessed by the Collective in New Avengers #16.

Possessed by the Collective, Guardian VI apparently killed Alpha Flight (Guardian, Vindicator II, Shaman, Puck, Major Mapleleaf and Puck II) in New Avengers #16, however it may have been alternate versions of Mac, Heather, Shaman and Judd that were killed. This has still to be explained.

Michael Pointer and USAgent battled Tentakill in Marvel Comics Presents (2nd series) #1 (forth story).

2nd story Summarizer: Binaryan
3rd story summarizer: Daytripper

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