Marvel Comics Presents (2nd series) #4

Issue Date: 
January 2008
Story Title: 
Weapon Omega, part 4 (Fourth Story)

Fourth story: Rich Koslowski (Writer), Andrea Di Vito (Artist), Laura Villari (Colorist), Dave Sharpe (Letterer), Michael Horwitz (Assistant Editor), John Barber (Editor), Joe Quesada (Editor-in-Chief), Dan Buckley (Publisher)

Cover by Mike Choi and Sonia Oback

Brief Description: 

(fourth story)
Agent Brown and Tony Stark discuss the terms of Michael Pointer being on Canadian soil and with Omega Flight. Agent Brown claims that they still are unsure about the nature of his powers, and they briefly discuss Wolverine’s departure from Alpha Flight years ago. Stark acts open and frank, while Agent Brown less so, and claims that he is very busy all of a sudden when Stark requests a scheduling of a meeting with Pointer. Michael Pointer is constantly observed by CSIS scientists, who are interested at this point in a power transfer that he was given, and are thrilled when it is a success. Mysterious fins are briefly seen on Pointer’s back, though Pointer is unaware of them. Meanwhile, USAgent spends some time with Arachne’s daughter, Rachel, and during a video game he expresses his concerns about Pointer.

Full Summary: 

Fourth Story:

CSIS Headquarters, home of Canada’s newest premiere super heroes…Omega Flight! Whom, ironically, are comprised of mainly American super heroes, such as long-time Avenger West / Force Works teammates Johnny Walker and Julia Carpenter a.k.a. USAgent and Arachne, formerly the second Spider-Woman, respectively. In the residential wing, Julia is preparing some food in the kitchen / dinning area, while Johnny is in the living area, playing a video game with Julia’s plucky daughter, Rachel.

‘All I’m saying is that “residual energy” is a lame explanation!’ Johnny, dressed in his the top half of his costume, and some star-spangled more comfortable looking slacks remarks. ‘How so?’ Rachel asks, not taking her eyes off the video game. Johnny replies that all of a sudden, Pointer has the power of a god and wastes everybody - everybody - then, he gets the power sucked out of him and thrown into the sun, but now, they are being told that he has some “residual power” left in him, and is still pretty powerful. ‘Yes?’ asks Rachel.

Johnny looks at Rachel out of the corner of his eyes and remarks that she didn’t see Pointer take on the Wrecking Crew like he did. Walker tells Rachel to ask her mother about it, as she was there. ‘“Pretty powerful” my ass’ Johnny almost says, but quickly replaces “ass” with “butt” aware that he is talking to a child. ‘That guy was still walking on water, far as I’m concerned’ Johnny remarks. ‘Something stinks’ he decides. ‘Wasn’t me…you’re the one had that nasty burrito for lunch’ Rachel grins. ‘Hilarious’ Johnny mutters as they continue their video game.

In Michael “Guardian” Pointer’s quarters, the new hero groans as he brushes his teeth. ‘I feel like…’ he mumbles in between brushes, the top part of his costume hanging around his waste, unaware that he is being watched by some of the CSIS scientists, one of whom remarks that he is showing no manifestations. But one of the other scientists replies that there should be something by now, and begins checking a spectral analysis. Pointer covers his face with a hand, before spitting his toothpaste out into the sink and wiping his mouth.

The scientists continue to watch him, one of them remarks that it looks like a no-go on the power transfer, when suddenly, they get a close-up up Pointer’s mouth from their cameras. ‘My god! Did you see that!?’ one of the scientists shouts, before calling out for Weapon Omega Leader to get in here. Examining the rather large canine teeth ‘27 percent and rising’ a scientist remarks. ‘Power levels spiking!’ another shouts. ‘The transfer was a success!’ another exclaims.

Pointer leaves his bathroom, unaware that some shark-fin like spikes are running down his spine, but seem to vanish as he pulls the top part of his costume up. ‘35 percent…still increasing!’ the scientists exclaim. ‘45...52...’. ‘I repeat - the transfer was a success!’ another of the scientists exclaims as Pointer puts on his helmet and gloves, while another remarks that they have achieved a 60 percent increase, and cellular assimilation is in progress.

Meanwhile, in Agent Brown’s office, the administrator for Omega Flight is having a video-link conversation with Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man and the Director of SHIELD in the States. Brown tells Stark that there has been significant progress with Michael Pointer and that he thinks Michael is well on his way to becoming a valuable asset to them. Tony asks Agent Brown if his technicians have determined the exact manner in which Michael processes energy yet, to which Brown replies that the analysis is incomplete, but that the prevailing theory indicates a bio-electric assimilation.

Stark replies that the current conclusion from his end is absorption of mutant energies and conversion into bio-electric charges also, before asking about the storage aspect of Pointer’s powers. Brown replies that their tests are inconclusive at this state, but that other energy-absorbing mutants have significant variations in the manner in which they store energies as well as in the matter those energies are initially acquired.

Brown continues, remarking that direct contact is not required in Pointer’s case, but that the degree of proximity does seem to bear relevance with the levels of absorption. Brown adds that Pointer also exhibit’s a seemingly greater-than-average capacity to store these energies. Stark replies that he finds that part the most intriguing - how he’s still utilizing the residual power from the Collective.

Brown asks Stark to understand that he is not a scientist, and is therefore just relaying the information as best he can, adding that he will continue to share the data as he receives it. Brown clicks on a computer file labelled “Pointer-Guardian-Stark” and informs Stark that he is sending him the files now. The file next to that one is labelled “Pointer-Guardian-WO. Confidential”.

From his chamber where he can access various things, Stark tells Brown to keep in mind that Pointer was willingly handed over to the Canadian government after the Alpha Flight incident. Stark assures Brown that any and all information SHIELD has gathered has been fully disclosed. ‘I’m sure it has, Mr. Stark’ Agent Brown replies, before asking Stark to keep in mind that Pointer - whether responsible for his actions or not - perpetrated those actions while on Canadian soil. ‘The murders in Alaska preceded those that occurred in Canada, Agent Brown’ Stark replies quickly.

Agent Brown pauses and frowns. ‘Of course’ he mumbles, before getting up from his desk and suggesting that dispense with this little dance. ‘Okay. Let’s Stark replies sharply, before Brown remarks that he is fully aware of Stark’s apprehension in handing Pointer over to them. ‘This was a political exchange and both you and I know it’ Brown remarks. ‘An exchange?’ Stark asks. Brown tells Stark not to play coy. ‘I may not be Tony Stark, but I am no idiot when it comes to politics’ Agent Brown declares, to which Stark replies that he never made such an assumption.

Agent Brown reminds Tony Stark that this is not the first time America has plated a role in the demise of the Alpha Flight program. ‘And the Canadian government has not forgotten’ he warns Stark. ‘Wolverine’ Stark replies. ‘Mr. Logan, yes’ Agent Brown remarks, adding that the loss of Wolverine set the program back years and cost the government hundreds of millions of dollars. Stark angrily replies that Pointer was sent to Canada as an act of good faith in helping with the ever growing problem of Registration Act violators crossing over into Canadian soil. ‘There are no conspiracies here’ Stark assures Brown.

‘Of course not’ Brown mutters, before Tony Stark reminds him that in the agreement drafted there was a provision allowing SHIELD scientists access to Pointer for direct examination twelve times a year. ‘I’d like to schedule one right now’ Tony asserts. ‘Certainly, Mr. Stark…’ Brown replies, before informing Tony that he is quite late for another obligation. ‘Let me make a note of this, and get right back to you after checking my calendar…I am sorry, but I am very busy’ Agent Brown remarks, before bidding Stark a good day, despite Stark’s protests.

Suddenly, in Stark’s chamber, an armored villain can be seen on one of the monitors. ‘You’re busy, Agent Brown?’ Stark mumbles while the villain threatens to crush Iron Man like the tin can he is. ‘It’s called multi-tasking!’ Iron Man exclaims as he arrives on scene and blasts the armored villain.

Back at the CSIS headquarters, Michael Pointer is engaged in a training session with some robot, monitored by the scientists. One of the scientists remarks that the transfer was a success, and that absorption levels were at 86 percent efficiency as projected. ‘Even without subject in immediate proximity of the donor’ another scientist remarks. ‘Very good…then I believe it’s time to start looking for more donors!’ someone wearing a suit but standing in the shadows exclaims….

Characters Involved: 

Fourth story:

Arachne III, Guardian VI, USAgent (both Omega Flight)

Rachel Carpenter

Agent Brown


Person hidden in shadows

Tony Stark

Armor wearing villain

Story Notes: 

The other features in the issue are:

1st story: Stacy Dolan in “Vanguard”, chapter 3 of 12

2nd story: Hellcat in “The Girl Who Could Be You”, chapter 4 of 4

3rd story: A self-contained Outlaw Kid story

Fourth story:

Michael Pointer was possessed by the Collective in New Avengers #16.

Omega Flight took on the Wrecking Crew in Omega Flight #3-5.

The opening scene with USAgent, Arachne III / Spider-Woman II and Rachel Carpenter may be a nod to classic Avengers West Coast and Force Works issues, where all three lived in the same place (Avengers West Compound in Palos Verdes, or The Works in Ventura) [Avengers West Coast #74 through to Force Works #22]

The Alpha Flight “incident” that Tony Stark refers to is of course the unceremonious slaying of several members of Alpha Flight [Mac, Heather, Shaman, Judd, Yu and Major Mapleleaf II] at the hands of Pointer in the tragic New Avengers #16.

Regarding Wolverine’s departure from Alpha Flight: Logan was seen confronting a Department H official in Giant Sized X-Men #1 before he joined the X-Men. Though various parts of Logan’s past with Alpha Flight has been mentioned or seen most often in flashback stories, there is little indication that the Canadian government invested hundreds of millions of dollars in him, and much of Department H’s funding also came from James Hudson himself. Also, Logan was intended to lead Alpha Flight, but when he quit, he was replaced firstly by Det. Sean “Groundhog” Bernard, then James Hudson himself.

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