Marvel Comics Presents (2nd series) #5

Issue Date: 
March 2008
Story Title: 
Weapon Omega, part 5 (Fourth Story)

(Fourth story) Rich Koslowski (Writer), Andrea Di Vito (Artist), Laura Villari (Colorist), Dave Sharpe (Letterer), Michael Horwitz (Assistant Editor), John Barber (Editor), Joe Quesada (Editor-in-Chief), Dan Buckley (Publisher)

Cover by Greg Land with Jay Leisten and Justin Ponsor

Brief Description: 

(fourth story)
Michael Pointer is once again being monitored by CSIS scientists and Agent Brown, who orders the assimilation levels increased on Pointer, who glows in the power, but eventually it gets too much. The scientists have difficulty decreasing the levels, and are puzzled by a strange message that keeps repeating itself on their monitors: I hear you…I see you…so many!. Pointer removes his helmet and begins looking in the mirror - where he sees strange other beings all behind him wearing his costume. Meanwhile, USAgent confronts Dr. Benning about Pointer’s well being, and after debating Freud, USAgent warns Benning that she must remove Pointer from Omega Flight, for everyone’s safety.

Full Summary: 

Fourth Story:

CSIS headquarters, ‘Pointer’s up’ one of the scientists monitoring Michael “Guardian” Pointer remarks to his colleagues. ‘Geez, he looks like crap’ another scientist remarks as they all watch the monitors displaying what is going on in Pointers’ room. ‘Ooohhh…’ Michael mutters as he clutches his head. ‘He’s looking at it!’ one of the scientists exclaims as Pointer looks at his red and white costume, laid out over a chair in his quarters. ‘He’s going for the suit!’ another exclaims as Michael gets off his bed and crosses the room to his costume. ‘Approaching…’ one of the scientists reports, as if they have to announce Michael’s every move.

‘He’s putting it on, Agent Brown!’ one of the scientists calls out to Agent Brown who sits watching the monitors, intently. ‘Okay…give him some!’ Agent Brown exclaims. ‘Nice and easy now!’ he adds. With the suit and helmet on Michael, one of the scientist begins controlling part of it, ‘18 percent…22...’ ‘Assimilating…levels increasing…’ another scientist remarks. ‘Nice and easy. Let the suit do the work!’ Agent Brown replies, as the assimilation goes up to 28 then 33 percent. Guardian glows in electromagnetic energy, while one of the scientists exclaims ‘Assimilation efficiency optimal. Rate of increase smooth and steady’.

Another scientist announces that it is steady at 37 percent and approaching the 40 percent target, while another assures Agent Brown that, although Pointer’s vitals are elevated, they are within acceptable parameters. ’Suit’s internal sensors indicating optimal integrity…’ another reports. ’Excellent!’ Agent Brown exclaims, before ordering more. All the scientists turn and look at Agent Brown in shock. ’Give him a bit more!’ Agent Brown orders, not taking his eyes off his monitor. Suddenly, the energies around Pointer increase, and Michael grins.

Elsewhere within the Canadian Secret Intelligence Services offices, home of Canada’s new premiere super team, the heroic Omega Flight. One such hero, the mighty John Walker a.k.a. USAgent knocks on the office door of Dr. E. Benning. ‘Mr. Walker’ the Doctor remarks as she opens her door. ‘Got a minute? I ain’t got an appointment’ the handsome hero remarks, while Benning’s secretary, Sandra apologizes to Dr. Benning, ‘I tried to explain to him that he needs to make an appointment’ she exclaims, but Dr. Benning assures her that it is all right, and asks Walker to come in.

Benning sits at her desk while Johnny looks around the office and picks up a book. ‘ID. Ego. Super-Ego. Load. Of. Crap’ Walker mumbles as he puts it back on the bookshelf, while Benning remarks that, going by USAgent’s comments, she supposes he does not subscribe to Freud’s theories. ‘What I “subscribe” to is a good kick in the butt!’ Walker declares. ‘So, metaphorically speaking, you believe the tough love approach is best when treating patients with issues regarding their mental health and well-being’ Benning replies.

‘Nooo, literally speaking, I’m saying that all’s they need is a good kick. In. Their. Butt!’ Johnny explains. ‘I see’. Benning replies. Johnny frowns at the Doctor, ‘Yeah, I know…you all just think I’m USAgent: the big, dumb jerk’. Johnny exclaims. ‘Maybe’ he adds, before declaring that life is tough, but get over it. ‘@*$# happens, you deal with it. That’s all you can do, right?’ Johnny exclaims, before telling Benning that the way he sees it, there are two types of people - the strong minded, and the weak. ‘That’s it…ya either crack under the pressure or ya don’t. Simple’. Johnny exclaims.

Hands pressed together, Benning replies ‘For some, yes, it is simple. But I don’t think it’s fair to generalize something as complex as the human psyche, Mr. Walker’. Benning declares that there are so many possible variables that factor into each patient’s specific problem - or problems. Benning adds that sometimes events, or outside influences that are beyond a patients control also factor into the equation.

‘Pointer’ declares USAgent. Benning smirks as she replies ‘That is who you are here to talk to me about, isn’t it, Mr. Walker?’, remarking that she doubts he came here to debate Freud with her. ‘Although I do so enjoy a good debate when it comes to the human mind. Is that what you’ve come?’ Benning exclaims. Johnny pauses, before replying ‘No. I did not’.

Benning asks the long-serving Avenger if he realizes that there is a doctor/patient confidentiality that she is ethically bound to, and informs Walker that she will not be sharing any information with regards to Michael Pointer’s state of health. Walker tells Benning to listen to him as he remarks they, believe it or not, both want the same thing here, and tells her that the bottom line is he doesn’t want Pointer out in the field if he isn’t able. ‘I don’t want him killing himself or anybody else…specifically I don’t want him killing me!’ Walker declares.

Johnny then tells Benning that Pointer is either strong enough to survive what he is going through, or he is not strong enough to survive it. ‘You don’t wanna tell me he’s a nut job or not, that’s fine with me…it’s on you, Doc’ Johnny tells Benning, reminding her that she has the power to pull Pointer out of the field, that she is the one to make that call. Johnny then raises his voice as he starts to leave Benning’s office: ‘Kick him in the butt or cut him loose! But for cripes sake, quit mollycoddling the poor jerk already!’. ‘A fascinating man!’ Benning tells herself once Walker has left her office, before paging Sandra, and asking her the whereabouts of Michael Pointer right now, as she would like to check in and see how he is doing.

Pointer is still in his quarters, and as his powers flare up around him, he wonders what is going on. One of the scientists reports that power levels are at 53 percent and quickly rising, approaching 65 percent now. ‘Readings are going crazy!’ another scientist exclaims. ‘Who’s there!? What…what is…’ Pointer exclaims, enraged almost. One of the scientists announces that Pointer is at 71 percent, while another shouts ‘He’s losing it!’. Another of the scientists remarks that this is not making any sense, as power levels are cascading beyond their fail-safes.

Pointer screams as the power rages out of control, when Agent Brown orders the scientists to power back down to 25 percent. ‘Stop! Can’t…’ Pointer mumbles, while the scientists all exclaim that this cannot be right. ‘Powering down!’ one of them shouts, while another exclaims that the systems are going haywire. ‘Levels decreasing…82 percent’ one of them remarks, before another informs Agent Brown that their communication systems have been breached, that he is locked out. ‘We’re receiving incoming messages…they’re flooding our systems!’.

‘Messages? What messages? What’re they saying?’ Agent Brown asks. ‘I’m not sure…it makes no sense!’ a scientist replies, while on the monitor: I hear you…I see you…so many! is repeated over and over again. Another scientist reads out the power percentages as they decrease, 66 percent, 62, 57, before someone announces that Pointer’s vitals are stabilizing. ‘I think we’re out of the woods!’ another scientist remarks, while another repeats what was on the monitor: ‘I see you…’.

In his room still, Pointer pulls off the cybernetic helmet. ‘I…I hear you…’ he exclaims as he turns to his mirrored wardrobe doors. ‘What’s he doing?’ one of the scientists asks. ‘I see you!’ Pointer shouts. ‘Looking in the mirror, I think’ another scientist replies. ‘He - he’s looking at us!’ another exclaims, concerned. One of the scientists switches the main monitor to the mirror cam. ‘He knows. He’s looking right at us!’ one of the scientists exclaims. But Agent Brown declares that he doesn’t think that’s right, as Pointer’s eyes aren’t stationary, focused, but moving about. ‘Then what’s he looking at?’ a scientist asks. ‘I have no idea’ Agent Brown replies.

A scientist holds up some readings on paper and tells Agent Brown that there is something strange here. ‘What is it?’ Brown replies, to which the scientist explains that for a few seconds, his electrophalographic sensors registered 27 entirely different synaptic beta signatures….While, in his quarters, Pointer is still looking at the mirror - seeing other beings all around him, strange beings, all wearing his costume. ‘In English!’ Agent Brown snaps. ‘27 different brain waves, sir…’ the scientist explains….

Characters Involved: 

Fourth story:

Guardian VI, USAgent (both Omega Flight)

Agent Brown

Dr. Benning


Sandra (Dr. Benning’s secretary)

Unknown beings

Story Notes: 

The other features in the issue are:

1st story: Stacy Dolan in “Vanguard”, chapter 5 of 12

2nd story: Savage Land chapter 1 of 3

3rd story: A self-contained story featuring the Wrecking Crew

Fourth story:

Dr. Benning’s initial, “E”, would suggest that she is not Veronica Benning, an old associate of Tony Stark’s.

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