Patsy Walker: Hellcat

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Kathyrn Immonen (Writer); Stuart Immonen, David Lafuente (Artists)

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The Klondine. Seward's Folly. Alaska. Patsy Walker is in way over her head. As the sole member of the Initiative supporting Alaska, you'd think she'd have an easy time. You'd be wrong. She's on a mission to find the heir to the magical shamantic real of Attackpanik, but she's closer to sinking the whole continental shelf and taking Tony Stark and S.H.I.E.L.D. down with her. So pack some long johns and prepare for trouble! Plus: Hellcat comes face-to-face with her darkest nightmare - herself!?

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Marvel Comics Presents (2nd series) #1-4; Patsy Walker: Hellcat #1-5


Marvel Comics Presents (2nd series) #1-4 aren't reprinted in its entirely, only the Patsy Walker's "The Girl Who Could Be You" chapters. This volume compiles as well several pages of sketches and layouts by David Lafuente.

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