Deadpool (2nd series) #23

Issue Date: 
December 1998
Story Title: 
Dead Reckoning: part 1

Joe Kelly (writer), Walter McDaniel (pencils), McFarland/Altiner/Livesay (inks), Hicks (colors), RS & Comicraft’s Emerson Miranda (letters), Matt Idelson (editor), Bob Harras (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Zoe remembers the day she met Noah and Monty, and were first introduced to Monty’s prophecies about Deadpool being the Mithras. With Noah now dead, she is ready to go over to the confrontation with Tiamat. Deadpool, all armored up, believes he’s ready as well. Back at the Deadhut, Blind Al prepares a surprise cake for Wade, should he end up victorious. Gerry enters as well, believing that won’t be the case. Wade and Zoe arrive at the Aricebo base and find the corpses of Noah and his agents. As they continue to scout the base, which has lots of alien inscriptions on it, they are attacked by robot bugs. After a short battle, Wade destroys them all. Back at the base, Dixon tells his agents to contact the “second string” like planned. Monty fears something is up and that he knew what, but which Dixon made him forget. Back at the Deadhut, Gerry and Al are approached by Blackout agents and Gerry recalls that he taught Dixon well. Deadpool gets attacked by Tiamat, and Zoe notices on a wall that all of the moves Wade makes are inscribed on it. But then, she notices a panel on which Tiamat kills the merc. She tries to warn Wade about it, but Dixon teleports her back to base. She learns the truth that Dixon set them all up, and gave Monty the mind-wipe because he told him Deadpool would survive the confrontation, where he would go to and how Dixon could deal with that and call in his other helper. He slaps Zoe in the face, upsetting Monty, who fights, Dixon giving Zoe the chance to escape. A beaten up Deadpool also manages to escape back to the Deadhut, where Al takes care of him, but Wade believes he’s a loser. Zoe arrives at Wade’s home as well, where she notices a time bomb, which explodes, destroying the entire Deadhut! Later, Dixon summons the man he believes is the true Mithras: Captain America!

Full Summary: 

- Prologue -:

The universe as we know it exists in a state of great imbalance. Infinite sources of cubic light years consisting of utter nothingness, interrupted on occasion by one of a relative pittance of celestial bodies. Of these, only a handful are capable of supporting life. Even less have given birth to civilizations, and only about a dozen of these have evolved to build structures visible from space. So why then, did the habitants of a certain blue orb even bother, one has to ask himself. Is it a silent testament to their own development? Is it civilization run amok? Or, is it a signal… a call to the nearest neighbor? If it is… then today, a call has been answered.

- End prologue –

Several years ago…

Noah calls out to anyone to report that “he” has awakened. Zoe remembers how actually young they both were back in those early days. Zoe remembers walking up to Noah, thinking that this was one of his jokes again. But, taking a look at his face, she knew he was dead serious. She wants to know if he said anything. Noah denies that, explaining that his vitals started making spaghetti like crazy. Noah opens a screen on which they can see people actually live happy.

Today, Zoe is thankful that LL&L chose to ignore most of the glitches within the first year. Dixon enters, correcting Zoe that she can't just pull Monty's string and expect him to tell them anything. Zoe remembers how, even back in those days, she disliked Dixon for being such a jerk. But she liked him better than she does now. When at least half of Dixon’s body was still… innocent.

On a certain day, Dixon introduced both Zoe and Noah to their prisoner, Monty. Trapped in a giant machine, Monty mumbles something about a dawn rising. He mentioned that a Messiah will come, bring ultimate peace and be welcomed even by Landau, Luckman & Lake. That was Monty’s very first prediction of tomorrow. His mom always said he was an overachiever. Monty showed Zoe a world where, in a tombstone, the following message was encrypted: “An alien life form will come to Earth in the late 20th century, and bring peace and prosperity.”

Zoe was thrilled that they were really going to save the world. They were so innocent. Dixon proposed that they kept Monty’s predictions secret until they knew for sure what he was talking about. That way, no one would be fired in case Monty would be wrong, and nobody of the then four L’s, Landau, Luckman, Lake & Lequare, who ruled the world, could mess things up should Monty be right.

As it turned out, keeping Monty’s secret wasn’t that hard. On day, Mr. Lequare entered the building. He was the partner overseeing their project, but eventually passed away on a Safari to a place even further away. He ended up eaten by something in that jungle. For the guy, it sure was a nasty ending but not for the company, because now they became a forgotten division in a company too fat to be controlled by its remaining heads.

Another day, Zoe prepared to plug in some devices on Monty’s body, which could translate his visions faster for them. That was the first day Zoe and Monty actually met each other and talked. As the machine was activated, Monty had another vision and screamed from pain, shouting that the Messiah is a destroyer! On the world he showed earlier, another tombstone appeared with the inscription, “A malevolent being will kill the alien Messiah… it shall destroy the peace, unless the Messiah is protected by the Mithras!”

Dixon didn’t care how the word Mithras was pronounced; he wanted the person found. And so they spend the following days researching lots of super heroes, villains and other characters. Zoe remembers Noah joking it might be Razorback, but she refused to believe that. These were not happy years. Each of the employees had their own ideas on who should and shouldn’t be considered for the Program, and it resulted in lots of fights between Zoe and Dixon.

Monty revealed another tombstone “We four shall witness the destruction of Tiamat, making the circle complete. Four in the beginning, four in the end.” But then, the three remaining L’s remembered the company existed and dropped by for a visit and, thanks to Noah’s acting like a pro, saved the company. In a later vision, Monty finally saw who the Mithras was supposed to become: Wade Wilson! Zoe infiltrated in the life on Earth and sought Wilson out, but then learned about him having cancer. As years passed again, the company was surprised that Wilson now actually looks like the Mithras Monty saw, as he adopted his Deadpool identity and looked exactly like the picture on the tombstone. Though when Zoe and Noah first approached Deadpool, he refused to join them.

It was later on that day that Monty had another vision saying, “Tiamat is too strong. Tiamat is too determined. The Mithras will die. And another shall take his place.” Monty saw Deadpool die at the hands of Tiamat, meaning a big whoop for their business. But Zoe knows he isn’t perfect, as he thought “the Titanic” was going to bleed money. Dixon wanted to search for another Mithras, but Zoe was confident that Deadpool was the one. She continued to try to convince Deadpool to join her, while Dixon kept a close eye on the merc, witnessing his constant battles against Typhoid Mary and the others.

Dixon was confident that Deadpool couldn’t be the Mithras because of these fights and asked Monty not to tell anyone about it, as he wanted Zoe out. But Monty lied and informed Zoe she was being toyed with, much to Dixon’s disliking of course when he found out. Dixon gave Monty a mind wipe, leaving him completely in the dark.

Today, at the Landau, Luckman & Lake base…

Zoe reports to Dixon that Deadpool shall be ready in fifteen minutes. Dixon walks over to Monty, noticing he’s unusually quiet. Monty claims to be just worried about Deadpool, but Dixon thinks they don’t have to worry about that at all.

Arecibo, Puerto Rico, fifty feet away from the mobile LL&L war room

An armored-up Deadpool meditates in a nearby shuttlecraft, speaking confidently to himself that he is the Mithras and people are supposed to hear him roar. Unfortunately, he doesn’t feel so proud about it. Zoe contacts Wade over the intercom, asking if he reads her. Wade jokes that, of course, he reads because it’s fundamental. Though people can’t ask him on which level he reads, as he’s sort of stuck on Judy Bloom. He walks outside and sees Zoe, but jokes that she better lays off her Oprah cabbage diet, as he can practically see right through her.

Zoe explains to Wade that he’s seeing a holo-rig of herself. Thanks to this, they will be able to keep in touch with Wade throughout the entire mission and he’ll have a pair of extra eyes and ears. Wade thinks that’s fine and wants to know how things are back at the Thunderdome, wondering if Dixon shouted at anyone yet so far. Zoe admits that things have been pretty rough, as they had to fully brief the new guy taking Noah’s place, a guy named Yongsoo. But Dixon has been pretty cool so far, apparently as desperate as they are over Noah’s… death.

Wade and Zoe look quietly at each other for a while, with Zoe showing Wade a holographic image of Tiamat. Wade asks Zoe if she thinks that it’s all his fault and that things wouldn’t have turned out so badly if Wade hadn’t taken Monty out on a field trip. Zoe doesn’t want to talk about it right now but, as always, Wade has a problem shutting up. He knows that he has been goofing off around the LL&L guys a long time and avoiding his Mithras destiny. And that might have gotten a lot of Zoe’s men dead. But Wade promises all that lies in the past now and he swears he’s going to get their job done, and kill Tiamat over whatsoever.

Wade knows his word isn’t worth much these days, but Zoe can count on him this time and hopes there’s no junk between them. Zoe almost has to cry and tells Wade they’re fine. She closes communication and goes back to the base, where Dixon asks Zoe if everything is ready. He notices her crying and wants to know what’s wrong but she claims she’s fine.

San Francisco, the Deadhut…

Blind Al is busy making a special surprise lemon cake for Wade to celebrate their victory. Of course, the cake is for Wade, assuming he makes it back home. Doubting about the different battle possibilities, Al leaves the kitchen. Once she’s gone, Gerry enters the house unnoticed and takes a taste of the cake. He thinks it’s too bad Wade won’t get the chance to enjoy it.


Deadpool is all set up for the best episode ever of a mixture between “Battle of the Planets” and “the Thirteen Ghosts of Scooby-Doo.” It’s the magic of Casey Kasem, which reminds Wade that he always thought those two shows are actually the same. Zoe finds it surprising that Wade is still talking but he doesn’t pay much attention to it. It’s natural. They walk through a hallway and Zoe mentions that, in about fifty yards, they’ll come across the place where Noah’s… accident occurred. Wade thinks it might be best for Zoe and her cool goggles to take off and go back home, but Zoe refuses to give up like some rookie.

Back at the base, Dixon thinks it’s clear that because of what happened to Noah has clearly affected Zoe’s actions and, because of that he thinks that’s what’s going to happen next, is going to make it all the more easier.

Wade and Zoe turn around a corner, and find the bodies of Noah and the others, but… all bonded and wrapped up in green paper, and their faces turned in horror! Everyone is touched by the horrifying sight, but Dixon suggests that they simply move on. Wade takes a closer look at Noah and thinks that their deaths happened fast and painless. He takes off Noah’s goggles and gently closes his eyes. He asks Zoe if she’s alright. Hesitant, she claims she is, but she never lost a friend before. Wade mentions that sometimes saying goodbye helps. Zoe looks at Noah but doesn’t say anything and takes off. Wade corrects that, sometimes, saying goodbye doesn’t help at all. Zoe claims she said goodbye in her inside but Wade doesn’t believe that. He promises Zoe she’ll feel better once they kill something.

As they continue their walk, neither of the two notice that they are being watched by a security camera. The controller, Tiamat, gets all excited. He walks over to a wall and takes a look at a picture on it, which represents Deadpool! This means that the Mithras is there.

Deep space…

The celestial traveler closes in on the blue-green orb in its path. While planetside, gathered in the mysterious structure visible from space, an alien civilization of green people rejoices! For three hundred years, the Dr’azim people have prepared for this moment: the arrival of S’met’kth, the Messiah!

They waited for the promise of peace, total bliss that will follow in its wake. It is a moment of ultimate joy and unity, felt by the entire planet. One moment, that will last forever.


Wade kicks open a thick door, though he feels a little peckish for what they might find behind it. Zoe warns Wade to be careful, as their computer just picked up something. Wade thinks that’s very well possible, and thinks somebody needs to call E.T., as they’ve just found his ride back home.

Zoe takes a closer look, and find a giant space pod parked in the middle of the room! She notices that the spot is burrowed up from under the bedrock and is amazed. Spectral analysis readings indicate that the pod has been lying there for years now. Back at the base, everyone can see it and Monty is impressed, though Dixon remains calm. Wade suddenly smells something. Zoe thinks Wade isn’t going to believe her, but they actually smell waste materials, coming primarily from the alien’s technology! The ship is almost entirely organically based. They notice a wall, and Wade recognizes a pictogram of… holy Flatman… himself!

Suddenly, they both get shot at! Wade worries about Zoe’s safety but she tells him to worry about himself, as she’s just a hologram. Wade remembers and takes out his gun, and discovers that their attackers are giant robotic bugs! Wade shoots around and, after he’s out of bullets, takes out his sword and slices all the robots apart. Zoe congratulates him but Wade is confident that Tiamat has been watching the entire event. But Wade isn’t scared, as he knows that he is the Mithras and feels ready for anything!

In his lair, an angry Tiamat has indeed witnessed Deadpool’s survival and isn’t thrilled about it. The Mithras must die.

Back at the LL&L War Room, Yongsoo mentions to Dixon like he asked them to, that Deadpool and Zoe have almost reached the Inner Chamber. Dixon thanks his new assistant and thinks it’s ready for phase two of their plan. Monty overhears them and wants to know what they are talking about. Dixon wants the second string called in and brought into the base within the hour. Yongsoo is surprised he can just call the man like that, but Dixon is confident the guy will comply, as it’s destiny they are talking about.

Monty feels ignored and demands and explanation, but Dixon just tells Monty it’s like he predicted. But Monty never predicted anything about tunnels and drones. Monty finally realizes the truth: when Dixon mind wiped him, he predicted something about this day, which Dixon made him forget!

Monty demands to know the truth right now, but Dixon refuses to answer. Instead, he releases fire from his finger top and puts Monty on fire! He orders to the control room to open up the “Black Door” and initiate a transport.

San Francisco, the Deadhut…

Al is busy watching Matlock and enjoys it. Gerry admires Al and calls her amazing woman for having adapted to this life. Who knows, one day she might truly be free! Free herself of Deadpool and her past. Because that all depends on Deadpool. Behind them, a teleportation door opens! Gerry recognizes the Blackout troopers, and thinks Dixon sure is thorough these days. This means that Gerry taught him well.


Zoe and Deadpool find themselves a hundred meters into the ship. They find another room with lots of inscriptions and Deadpool wants to know what this “Truman Show-center-of-the-universe thing is all about. Zoe doesn’t think that this is the right time to joke. Wade doesn’t care. He notices a picture of an alien holding a baby over his head like Levar Burton does in “Roots.” Wade thinks that’s stupid; if there’s more than one alien that means he’s got more to kill. Zoe notices another inscription of Deadpool, though he wears more uniform than armor on it. She tries to study it and asks Wade if he recognizes it somehow.

Wade jokes that that’s him after a four day bender in Tijuana. Zoe thinks that, if Tiamat painted so many pictures of Wade, he must have some sort of precognition power like Monty has perhaps the equivalent. But that rises up the question of how Tiamat knows about Wade. Wade suddenly freaks out and blasts the wall! Zoe wants to know what that was all about as she wasn’t reading any enemies.

Wade calls it a misfire. Zoe doesn’t think so because of that “misfire” Wade totally destroyed the hieroglyph! Wade remarks that he just doesn’t like people knowing about his past. That’s his own business. Suddenly, they both stop discussing and Zoe thinks Wade might better not had destroyed the artwork.

Tiamat enters! The big creature holding a staff enters without making a sound. No gnashing of teeth. No defiant snarls. It just stands there, watching with eyes as cold as the edge of time, watching for destiny to play her hand. Wade is glad he finally meets Tiamat but wants to know what’s going to happen next.

The Dr’azim planet…

Hours after the touchdown of S’met’kth, the Messiah, where an entire civilization has just made contact with their god, and found bliss. Ultimate, undeniable… bliss.

LL&L’s War Room…

Monty recovers in his chair, but is guarded. He sees a victor but, almost without breath, he fears that Deadpool is going to die.

Zoe has logged over thirty thousand Earth hours observing Wade Wilson. She has seen him at his best, and presumably his worst as well, but never anything like this. The fast-talking mercenary, locked in combat with an unimaginable beast, not for money or glory but for the fate of a world, and acting silent. Cold silent. She has seen Deadpool fight before. She has seen the butcher under his skin, but she has never seen him handle himself with such proficiency. Such skill. Deadpool gracefully dodges Tiamat’s attacks. He moves like the champion of a world should move, his actions speaking volumes for him. And Zoe thinks Wade is actually winning.

Wade takes out a laser gun and tries trapping Tiamat’s leg in it. Zoe follows the two, as they continue to fight and notices a wall, which describes the battle just like it’s happening. Zoe thought that Monty was good, but what she’s seeing now is uncanny. Every move is sculptured, even the move Tiamat makes now by punching Wade into his face and releasing himself from the beam. There’s even a picture of Wade ready to strike the final blow, but Zoe then freaks out when she finds another panel, on which Tiamat is revealed to kill Deadpool! And she fears Tiamat knows about the panel as well.

Zoe realizes the truth and fears that it’s a trap. She tries to warn Deadpool about it but she starts fading away back to the base. Dixon, surrounded by guards, tells Zoe it’s over and she has to be a good pawn now and rest. Deadpool is ready to kill Tiamat, but then something weird happens. From Tiamat’s armor, another creature arises and opens its big mouth at Wade and goes right through his stomach!

Tiamat shouts that the Mithras is now dead and throws him away. Zoe begs Dixon to get Wade out of there but he refuses, thinking Wilson still has a job to do. But Deadpool is dying out there, just like Monty predicted. Monty hadn’t the spine to betray Zoe, so Dixon mind-wiped him so Monty couldn’t interfere even if he wanted. Dixon knows that in every war there are heroes and sacrifices needed to be made, and he believes that Deadpool’s sacrifice is such a thing so that the true Mithras may arise.

Zoe tells Dixon he used Deadpool, but he knows that history will believe differently, as he will make people believe Deadpool gave his life in an attempt to stop a great evil so that the “second string” could finish him off. He tells Zoe how she wants to be portrayed, as she can choose it: as a hero, or as yet another nameless sacrifice. Deadpool takes out his flamethrower holding Tiamat off and tries to contact Zoe for help, but doesn’t get a response. Tiamat makes it through the fire and wants to kill the Mithras. Dixon doesn’t want Zoe to think he’s that bad, as he wants her to survive this battle so she can witness the fruits of this. Dixon thinks that Deadpool is just a three-time loser.

Tiamat punches Deadpool across the room, but he thinks he has an idea and wants to get to Noah. But Tiamat won’t let him and keeps punching Wade. Zoe doesn’t believe Dixon is doing this for the greater good, as he had Noah killed. Dixon angrily slaps her in the face, upsetting Monty. Deadpool rolls away and Tiamat falls to see him. Deadpool jokes it’s time to make like George of the Jungle and watch out for that alien with the big teeth, and he climbs up his space pod. Wade thinks Zoe played tricks on him again and crawls his way to Noah, as he has one last favor to make.

Monty angrily bites Dixon in his neck and he drops his teleporter unit. Zoe catches it and wants to teleport herself and Monty out, but he tells her to use it for herself now she’s got the chance for it. Zoe cries and doesn’t want to but Monty orders her to do it. A portal opens and she runs through it, with the guards failing to stop her. Zoe promises Monty she’ll come back for him.

Deadpool makes it to Noah’s corpse and thinks Noah must have known Dickey boy set him up. He takes Noah’s teleporter out of his pocket and tapes it on his own. Tiamat is about to throw his sphere at Wade, but he manages to set the coordinates to the Deadhut and teleports away!

Dixon tells Monty he’s a fool for doing this out of love for Zoe, as now he jumped out of his chair and broke his life feed. He even tells Monty he knew what was going to happen, and that Deadpool was going to escape the first confrontation. Monty thinks Dixon was wrong then and Wade really was the Mithras. Dixon remembers the golden rule, namely that he is never wrong. Dixon remembers Monty, telling him that in a prophecy once, in the same one Monty told him, Deadpool was going to survive and where he would go and that Zoe would betray the company. And also, more importantly, how to deal with the situation. Monty panics.

Zoe arrives at Deadpool’s house but was actually attempting to reach Aricebo again to help Wade out. She thinks Dixon must have done something with the units. She finds a trail of blood and follows it. She enters a room, where Deadpool lies on a bed and being taken care of by Blind Al. Al promises to take care of him and that he needs to rest, but he feels bad for not being able to finish his job. He wants to know why he wasn’t good enough and cries, thinking he’ll never move forward. Al warns Wade to never say that again, as she knows that isn’t true. Zoe feels bad, but then notices a timebomb ready to go of. Dixon planted it there. On that very moment, the Deadhut explodes!

Back at LL&L, Dixon meets up with his “second string.” He informs the guy that they lost many good operatives because of this threat and that they lost them trying to locate him. Dixon claims there’s an age of prophesy ahead of them, and the new Mithras will have a lot of power in it. He asks the guy if he can help them. The guy claims that he isn’t a man who believes in “destiny” but he does understand the responsibilities to the people of the world. Dixon has the man’s word, and he adds that, if he really is this “Mithras,” he’ll do anything he can to protect the future no matter the cost.

Dixon thanks the man and knew he was the Mithras all along. He looks the Mithras in the eyes, and shakes hands with… Captain America!

Characters Involved: 


Blind Al

Gerry (Deadpool’s friend)

Dixon, Monty, Noah DuBois, Zoe Culloden, Yongsoo (all Landau, Luckman & Lake)

Captain America


several Dr’azim aliens (all unnamed)

several Landau, Luckman & Lake Blackout agents (all unnamed)

in flashback:

a younger Dixon, Monty, Noah Dubois & Zoe Culloden (all Landau, Luckman & Lake)

on video-screens:

Black Panther, Deadpool, Hulk, Human Torch II, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Sasquatch, Spider-Man, the Thing, Thor (several heroes)

Absorbing Man, Typhoid Mary (villains)

Bart Simpson, Mickey Mouse (cartoon characters)

Story Notes: 

This issue is giant-sized: 37 pages story-wise!

This issue finally reveals what happened to Lequare, and why currently the four “Ls” are now three “Ls,” namely Landau, Luckman & Lake.

Zoe infiltrated as a hooker to get closer to Wade Wilson, and learned about him having cancer in Deadpool (2nd series) #minus 1.

Deadpool rejecting Zoe and Noah’s offer to join them can be found in Deadpool (2nd series) #1.

Deadpool’s arguments with Typhoid Mary began in Deadpool (2nd series) #6 but at the moment are over, because she thinks Deadpool is dead, thanks to his battle against T-Ray, as seen in throughout Deadpool (2nd series) #13-14.

Dixon gave Monty a mind wipe in Deadpool (2nd series) #20.

Bart Simpson is one of the main characters from “The Simpsons” cartoon show. Mickey Mouse is Walt Disney’s trademark character.

When researching who the Mithras could be, Noah jokes if it couldn’t be Razorback. He is a mutant named Buford Hollis and a former ally to both Spider-Man and the She-Hulk. His first appearance was in Peter Parker, Spectacular Spider-Man #12.

First appearance of Yongsoo, the replacement for Noah on Landau, Luckman & Lake, and the Dr’azim aliens, though none of them are named individually.
“Matlock” was a former successful TV show starring Andy Griffith, who played its main character, Benjamin Matlock. The show was about a criminal defense attorney charging 100,000 dollars per case, as he defended his clients by finding the real killer, which in he in all 195 episodes managed to do. As the show grew old from the years 1986 to 1995, it has been since proven to be very popular among the senior citizens.
“Titanic” was a 1997 film which held first place in ticket sales for over four months and earned over a billion dollars in ticket sales worldwide. Hardly a film that was going to “bleed money.”

“He reads because it’s fundamental” is a reference to Reading is Fundamental, which is the United States’ oldest and largest nonprofit children’s literacy organization.

Judy Blume, misspelled Judy Bloom, is an American children’s author, whose work tackled such issues as divorce, racism and teenage sexuality.

“Oprah cabbage diet” is a reference to Oprah Winfrey’s wild weight swings in the mid-1990s.

Thunderdome refers to the third Mad Max film, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. In the film, Max has to fight in the Thunderdome, an arena where conflicts are settled, while viewed by the public as entertainment.

Battle of the Planets is the Americanized version of the Japanese anime called Gatchaman.

“The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo” was a 1985-1986 animated Scooby Doo series, where Shaggy, Scooby & others help to recapture 13 ghosts which they had been tricked into setting free. Famed DJ Casey Kasem, as he most often did, provided the voice of Shaggy.

“Calling E.T.” stems from the 1982’s film, “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial,” in which an alien stranded on Earth has to constuct a communication device to contact “home.”

Flatman is a member of the Great Lakes Avengers, whose powers is a pastiche of Mister Fantastic.

The Truman Show was a 1998 Jimy Carrey film in which his character, Truman Burbank, is secretely the star of a reality show.

Levar Burton reference of holding a baby is from the famous scene in Roots, where his character, Kunta Kinte, held up his newly-born daughter, Kizzy, in the night air.

George of the Jungle is the animated parody of Tarzan, which ran on Saturday morning from 1967-1970. It was remade into a live-action film in 1997.

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