Deadpool (2nd series) #24

Issue Date: 
January 1999
Story Title: 
Dead Reckoning: part 2: Second Stringers & Dead Ringers

Joe Kelly (writer), Walter McDaniel (pencils), Whitney McFarland (inks), Matt Hicks (colors), RS & Comicraft’s Emerson Miranda (letters), Matt Idelson (editor), Bob Harras (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Tiamat rushes through some Landau, Luckman & Lake Blackout agents and kills them all. He escapes back into the ocean of Puerto Rico, where he takes some time to recover. His councilmen appear in front of him, but aren’t pleased with Tiamat’s actions, as they want proof that the Messiah has been killed, other than Tiamat’s word. In Chicago, Gerry desperately searches at the Hellhouse for clues about Deadpool’s whereabouts, but he is nowhere to be found. He goes back to the remains of the Deadhut, where he only finds a glove. Later at the San Francisco Golden Gate Park, Gerry reveals his real name to Blind Al and Zoe: he is actually Gerry Lequare, the formerly believed dead, fourth “L” member of Landau, Luckman & Lake! Years ago, Gerry went undercover in an attempt to train Deadpool better for his big fight against Tiamat but it looks like Gerry failed a little. Al is confident that Deadpool is still alive somewhere but probably taking some time to heal. At the same time at the LL&L operation base, Dixon explains Captain America to what being a Mithras is all about. After seeing Monty’s bad condition, he thinks Dixon lies about most things, but still wants to defend the Earth from an alien threat. In outer space, a comet flies at full speed and kills some Shi’Ar crewman, and even worries the Watcher.

Full Summary: 

The Coast of Puerto Rico, 12;03 PM…

Blackout soldiers drop out of their helicopter and head towards the jungle. They hear a noise in it and start shooting. Meanwhile, deep below the Atlantic Ocean, Tiamat meditates and mumbles something about a champion. He is approached by holographic visions of his honored council. The councilmen aren’t pleased with Tiamat’s actions so far, as he has them handled recklessly. Tiamat doesn’t know what they mean and explains to Milos that he has hidden himself perfectly. Milos isn’t pleased that Tiamat let the Mithras escape.

Riding on a weird looking creature, Tiamat rushes and fights his way through the Blackout troops and kills them all. After doing that, he heads towards the ocean. Once there, he swims to a cave and decides to relax. Not long afterwards, Tiamat’s bosses materialize in front of him and want an explanation. Tiamat is certain that the Mithras is dead, but the councilmen want proof in the form of a body, and Tiamat didn’t even wrap him in the ceremonial shroud. Tiamat asks them to stop hazing him, as he’s certain he succeeded in his task. Tiamat believes that it was the Mithras his destiny to be killed and is certain he won’t be there to stop the Destroyer.

Milos notices that Tiamat isn’t looking him into the eye when he’s speaking, thereby realizing Tiamat isn’t so sure of himself. Milos tells Tiamat to do whatever he thinks is right, or else their universe shall be consumed by the Destroyer. Tiamat is certain that the Destroyer shall be stopped, because, after all, that it is his destiny to make sure of that.

Chicago, the Hellhouse…

Gerry searches for Deadpool everywhere but fails to find him. He thinks that ten years of preparation has sunk down into the toilet just like that, and isn’t pleased.

Earth, the Landau, Luckman & Lake operation base…

Captain America gets introduced to Monty and isn’t pleased to meet such a horrific body and it looks like Monty is in pain. Dixon explains to Cap that Monty can predict the future and that the surgical adjustments were needed to achieve Monty’s full potential. He knows that Monty doesn’t look pretty thanks to that operation but, now, they know at least for sure his predictions are correct and that he belongs to them. Cap becomes angry hearing that and grabs Dixon by his throat, defending that Montgomery is a human being and not a machine to use!

Cap can’t believe Dixon talks about saving the world and do this to a fellow human being with no remorse and wants to see Monty released this instant. Monty, almost without breath, claims he isn’t in pain and wants to talk to Steve. Cap wants to know how Monty knows his real name, but he claims to know everything: about the nightmares Cap has been having as well, but they aren’t his fault. Monty mentions a nuclear winter and his bad dream. Cap is surprised, as he didn’t tell anyone about those nightmares, but Monty learned about them weeks ago. He knows all and tells Cap that he is the Mithras and that he has to save the world or they will all be doomed.

Cap releases Dixon and has seen enough. He doesn’t like Dixon or the way he treats people. And he certainly doesn’t trust the guy. But Cap is starting to believe Dixon and that something bad is about to happen. And Steve also doesn’t believe in these “destiny” or “Mithras” or “Messiah” things but, since he’s involved now, he’s certain to prevent things from turning bad. But he warns Dixon that, when he discovers he isn’t on the level, he won’t be responsible for his actions. Dixon thanks Cap and is certain he won’t regret helping them. Cap doesn’t need promises and rather prefers that Dixon do something to comfort Monty. As Cap is gone, Dixon smirks at Monty that he finally did something right and that Zoe would be proud of him.

Once Dixon is gone, Gerry enters! He is glad that at least something went right today and that nobody thought of moving Monty out of the basement before they could talk. Monty recognizes Gerry and gets all excited but Monty calms him down. He explains that the energy surge Dixon used to induce his precognition is nasty. But Gerry forgets that every time he and Monty meet it’s like that first time again. He promises Monty that, once all this is done and over with, Monty won’t receive any mind wipes anymore, not from him or Dixon.

Monty doesn’t understand hearing about the mindwipes, as everything is melting and nothing makes sense to him. Not Gerry, not Dixon or Zoe. Gerry knows that and is very sorry that he had to leave Monty behind with these idiots all these years. He thinks they’ll burn Monty out with the drugs and treatments before the… end… comes. Gerry knows that this isn’t right but it’s all they can do for now. Gerry wants Monty to focus and needs his magic to work. Monty wants to know what happened to Zoe if she’s alright, but he can barely remember her face. Gerry agrees to tell Monty that Zoe is alright and alive. Monty is glad to hear that and Gerry promises to tell Monty everything once he answers his extremely important question.

Tiamat remembers…

Tiamat begs the Council to hear their wisdom and to know if he truly is the champion. They confirm that and Tiamat is to deliver them from the Destroyer. Tiamat wants to know if death will come to the sands that day. The council confirms and can see the ceremonial shroud, though they can’t say to whom she clings. Perhaps to Tiamat’s next foe, a human clad in stars. They want to know if uncertainty scares Tiamat, because he is the just, he is the righteous and fearless. Tiamat is the council’s last hope of all who would live free in the universe and at last destiny calls out to him. He has to go to the sand. Standing proudly, Tiamat thanks the council and promises that, when next they’ll speak, their enemies will lie in rot and the Destroyer shall be undone. This, Tiamat swears shall happen.

Landau, Luckman & Lake…

Cap has seen some footage of Tiamat killing Dixon’s Blackout soldiers. Cap knows he’s dealing with a monster and isn’t pleased with that. Dixon rather refers to Tiamat as Satan. But the Mithras Directive has labeled Tiamat as the Ultimate Chaos, the undoing of the world as we know it today. That’s because Tiamat’s sole purpose on this planet is to destroy it, and this perfect being, in order to stop it – because of a lack of a better term for it – has been labeled as a Messiah.

Dixon has proof to show to Cap that, after this battle, there shall be no more wars, famine or pestilence. Cap corrects Dixon that he wasn’t referring to Tiamat as a monster, but to Dixon himself! Dixon is startled to hear that. Cap defends that Dixon said he had information, that he had someone who could see the future, and that he has an intergalactic corporation backing his pet project, and yet still he lead over a hundred men into their doom. Cap still doesn’t believe in this destiny nonsense but, if Dixon knew about it, Cap demands to know why he sacrificed so many lives.

Dixon doesn’t think Cap has been paying attention to anything he said: they are at war! There’s no time to be subtle as they are fighting for the future of mankind. Dixon believes that this is the dawn of ultimate peace. A dawn Dixon has been working out to achieve for almost ten years. But Dixon realizes that doesn’t answer Cap’s question. He even claims that sending a hundred men into their deaths was nothing. Dixon knows he has lied and even stole things. He led trusted comrades of his into their final battle. Dixon would even stab his own mother in her back if that would mean peace for an entire world. If that makes him a monster, Dixon doesn’t care at all. Cap hesitates, but wants to see Dixon’s “proof” now, as he wants to know what he’s fighting against.

San Francisco, outside the house that was known as “the Deadhut”…

Firemen have showed up and try to extinguish the many flames. A woman talks to an officer, claiming that either aliens or the communists have to be responsible for this. She saw strange lights at all kinds of hours and the smell of dead things when the wind turned the other way. And she heard constant talking when the guy came home and wouldn’t shut up. The woman heard the guy constantly shouting insults at that weird, old lady.

The woman claims that she left her Frankie for less abuse. The woman wants to see someone paying for the damage and shouts at the policeman. Gerry shows up, and orders the woman to chill. With one wave of his hand, the woman does and everyone completely freezes! No one knows what makes a row house suddenly explode, except the mysterious bum called Gerry. Gerry looks around at the mess the Deadhut is today, and remembers Dixon always was an overachiever. Gerry continues to check around and finds nothing left of Wade except for one of his gloves.


Ensign Mrok of the High Skrull Empire reports from the Saturn Orbit to his boss that everything is fine and that he doesn’t see any reason to fight or conquer anything. He doesn’t think there’s any need to do something and that all will be fine. Though on that moment, a weird looking comet passes by but the Skrull doesn’t seem to notice it.

Light years away…

Commander M’Kellen of the Shi’Ar Empire and his crew know exactly what they are fighting for. Their adversary entered the galaxy three hours ago and thought it was steering clear. The foe really was at first, but then turned towards the Imperial City at the last moment. M’Kellen warns his crew to remain steady, and promises they shall engage with full ordnance as soon as they make visual contact. A pilot spots the enemy again!

M’Kellen starts crying, ordering his men to fight for their families and home. On that very moment, the comet reaches the Shi’Ar airship and M’Kellen believes it looks beautiful. No one will know what caused the lights in the sky over Chandilar to go out, as they will simply know ultimate peace.

Earth, Landau, Luckman & Lake. Monty’s place…

Yongsoo asks Monty to keep working with him, as he’s starting to make things worse. Yongsoo knows they lost contact with Monty’s “friends,” but Yongsoo believes Monty has to see the bigger picture here. And, whether Monty likes it not, Dixon is going to get from him what he wants. Touchdown for the Messiah is in a few hours. And whether Monty wants to admit it or not: Deadpool is dead! Captain America is the new Mithras and needs Monty’s guidance.

Monty refuses to say anything. That’s fine by Yongsoo. He warns Monty that they’ll be back in half an hour to force new predictions out of him, and Yongsoo doesn’t care if those drugs will turn Monty into a human salad. Once Yongsoo is gone, Monty claims that they are all dead. Monty died the moment Dixon killed his best friend, and wonders why Zoe had to be taken from him.

San Francisco, Golden Gate Park…

Blind Al and Zoe are sitting on a bench together. Zoe cries and fears that it’s all over, and that they are doomed. Al was at first glad she survived that explosion at the Deadhut but now sarcastically jokes she would have died so she didn’t have to listen to Zoe’s whining. Al slaps Zoe in her face and had enough of her whining, joking that her ears have finally stopped ringing and doesn’t want Zoe to start them up again.

Zoe thinks Al must be blind to see the truth. Deadpool is gone, and with him the Mithras, the Herald of the Messiah as well, meaning all shall fall apart. Tiamat destroyed the Mithras and the Earth shall be next. Al reminds Zoe that they are still breathing, so she doesn’t have anything to worry about. Al knows that since they’re still alive, which means Deadpool must have done something to make that possible. She knows that Wade isn’t the selfless type, as she lived with the man many years. She knows Wade is alright, probably healing up somewhere watching a TV show about cop’s worst car chases or something.

Suddenly, the ground under the bench starts to move up! Al thinks this must be some stupid Candid Camera stunt. Zoe looks down and notices a door has opened itself and panics. Zoe recognizes the man responsible for this: Gerry Lequare, a former employee of Landau, Luckman & Lake. He truly once was the fourth L of the company’s name. Sherlock can go home as the clue behind that mystery has been solved. Al recognizes the name of Gerry, as she thought he was the homeless friend of Wade. Zoe thought Gerry was dead.

Gerry jokes that he’s back but that nobody knows for sure if he’s a hallucination or the real deal. But he tells Zoe to get a clue, as people like him play death like a fiddle. Gerry reveals that he went underground years ago when an attempt was made on his life by someone of the company. He knows that the Mithras Directive was too important to abandon. Since then, Gerry had kept tabs on it, working behind the scenes in an attempt to get Deadpool ready for the big day. And also to get Dixon and his second string into position. And Gerry kept the universe’s do-gooders away so they don’t muck things for the company. Gerry jokes he’s a genuine genius.

Al wants to know why Gerry has this attitude if he’s so great. Gerry thinks that’s simple, as despite all his machinations and subtle movements, despite the fact that there’s a cosmic Messiah, an alien assassin and a Sentinel of Liberty all converging upon Egypt exactly as they should, Gerry is currently missing one very important player of the game: Deadpool. Both Zoe and Al don’t like the sound of that.

Landeau, Luckman & Lake…

Dixon explains to Cap that Tiamat will help humanity to transcend their flawed nature. It will result in a renaissance, all because of Cap who is the Mithras. Cap wants to know, if what Dixon claims is the truth, why the man hasn’t told anyone about it. Dixon doesn’t know how Cap can ask that question. Cap can count off a hundred people who would kill to keep the world in a total state of chaos. Real “monsters” who would do everything in their power to stop the Messiah if they knew about it. Dixon claims he can be trusted. Tiamat is enough to deal with. That’s why they’ve blacked out all the radio telescopes and early warning systems.

Cap can buy that, even if it does show a sign of megalomania. But, there’s still more questions left that need to be answered. For example, Cap wonders, why him? And why can’t he call in the help of the other Avengers? Cap also doesn’t like that holographic image of a statue build in his honor. He thinks it’s embarrassing. Dixon tells Cap that the answer to all of his questions is destiny. Dixon promises Cap to show it to him, as it is written that “the longest journey is the journey inwards.”


Dixon asks Cap if he’s ready. Cap, getting his uniform on, wonders how many times he has stood here wondering that question. How many times he has stood on the verge, at the point of no return, prepared to risk it all for God and Country. He wonders why he’s doing it now. He’s not doing it for Dixon, or for monuments or a so-called “Messiah” Steve has never seen before. He thinks that by all counts he should rather close this building down but he’s got a feeling there’s more going on than what meets the eye.

Cap’s instincts tell him that this is a good fight. He knows that something important is about to happen. And he believes that, from the front, he can at least ensure that whatever the truth is behind Dixon and his “Messiah,” that the game will be played by its proper rules and that the job will be done right. And who knows, Steve wonders, perhaps they’ll even end up turning the world into a better place.

The Watcher’s revelations…

For eons, Uatu has been on this place at the moon. He has been observing the same blue-green orb, a simple planet that has come to mean so much more to him. Uatu has seen Earth and her inhabitants at their times of greatest splendor, and their ages of darkest despair. And always, humanity prevails. Yet today, for the first time in generations, Uatu fears for humanity’s future. He cannot divine the purpose of the creature that hurtles towards Earth. He knows that it is a being of such power and magnificence as to rival Galactus himself, and has already touched thousands of planets, leaving behind in its wake complete, and utter bliss. Uatu stares outside his window and notices a comet heading towards Earth!

Characters Involved: 

Blind Al

Dixon, Monty, Yongsoo (Landau, Luckman & Lake operatives)

Captain America

Zoe Culloden

Gerry Lequare (former Landau, Luckman & Lake operative)


Milos and unnamed others (Tiamat’s bosses & councilmen)

CF, Patch (Hellhouse residents)


Uatu (the Watcher)

Ensign Mrok (Skrull agent)

M’Kellen and other, unnamed Shi’Ar fighters

Blackout agents (all unnamed)

several Hellhosue customers (all unnamed)

Story Notes: 

Deadpool appears on the cover of this issue, but not in the story itself. Only one of his gloves seems to be left of the merc-with-a-mouth.

More about Captain America’s nightmares can be found in Captain America (3rd series) #9-12.

This issue finally reveals Gerry’s surname, which had been a mystery since Deadpool (2nd series) #1. Last issue incorrectly stated that the one-time former fourth L, Lequare, had died. Thanks to Gerry, the truth is revealed in this issue.

When Gerry is searching for Deadpool at the Hellhouse, there’s someone very similar-looking “Wolverine,” drinking a beer. He wears his eyepatch and is probably in his former guise of Patch. As he even says “bub” to Gerry, it is most likely him.

The Messiah Gerry mentions is of course Deadpool, the alien assassin is Tiamat and the Sentinel of Liberty has been a longstanding nickname for Captain America, due to his codename and uniform color scheme.

Candid Camera is a television show originally created by Alan Funt in the 1950s and based off of the earlier radio show “Candid Microphone.” The show is famous for placing people, ordinary or famous, into odd situations, in order to film their reaction.

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