Deadpool (2nd series) #46

Issue Date: 
November 2000
Story Title: 
Cruel Summer: part 1

Jimmy Palmiotti (writer), Paul Chadwick (pencils), Ron Randall (inks), Joe Jusko (cover), Shannon Blanchard (colors), Chris Eliopoulos (letters), Mike Marts (editor), Bob Harras (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Deadpool has arrived at the police station, where he notices a wounded officer, who offers him a reward if he helps them catch a costumed villain called “the Sack.” Wade accepts the job and, after a short battle with the villain, he wins. Wade gets approached by police officer Fred Pierson, who offers him a big paid job. Wade accepts to meet up at the Brooklyn Bridge later that day. First, he goes back to his new home at the Industrial docks, and has a talk with his landlord, Mr. Jambo, as Wade still owes him money. Later that night, Wade goes back to meet up with Fred, who already gives him 50,000 dollars just for agreeing to meet him. And if Wade succeeds in the job of killing six dangerous mob bosses, he’ll get another million. Wade realizes the job is dangerous, but goes for it, as he needs the money. Fred tells him to meet up with a woman named Anastasia, who works at a tattoo parlor and will be Wade’s contract for the job, as she knows the mob bosses’ every move. Wade goes to meet the gorgeous Anna, and falls in love with her. She explains that the first mob boss Wade has to kill is Lou Bazo, who will be at the Aquarium later in the afternoon. Wade tracks him down and successfully kills the man, with nobody having a clue he is the culprit. He uses Fred’s advance to partly pay of the debts he has with Jambo. Meanwhile, a happy Fred tells his wife Beth they are going to the Bahamas in a couple of weeks. When he leaves for work, Beth is shot by a mysterious stranger! Wade goes back to Anna, and she gives him the location of the next mob boss. She also wants to put a tattoo on him, or else people will get suspicious. Wade thinks he better shows Anna his real face first, and does so. Anna is impressed, and thinks this is something she can work with.

Full Summary: 

Wade wants to be told again. A police officer sighs. He explains to Wade that, if their suspect is caught and the stolen money returned, Deadpool will get a reward. Wade likes that. He wants to know if he goes and gets the suspect now, how long it will take before he gets paid. Today? A week? A month? He wants an answer. The officer claims that depends, for as far as he knows.

Wade doesn’t understand that. Wade makes it clear that this is his livelihood they are talking about. He’s got bills to pay, burgers to eat and women to stare at. The fallen officer claims he thinks Wade would get paid ASAP. Wade wants to know for sure if that’s the final answer. The officer confirms. Wade thinks that’s good enough, and tells the officer to call 911 to deal with that wound of his. The officer thanks him for the help.

Later, Brooklyn First Federal Savings and Loan bank…

Wade jumps through the bank’s window. He spots a costumed villain, who congratulates Wade on the nice entrance, but claims that, since he got there first, the money is his. Wade corrects that, if the villain doesn’t have an account there, technically none of this money belongs to him. The villain introduces himself as the Sack, and orders Deadpool to stay back. Wade thinks Sack is just kidding about his name. Sack warns Wade: he wants him to leave now, or else he’ll share the same fate as the other wounded police officers. Wade gets it “the Sack”. He laughs at that.

Sack explains that all he has to do is reach into his interdimensional sack with his special titanium gloves, and he can pull flesh-eating creatures out of it. The creatures attack Wade, who is impressed by them. The creatures start eating on his costume, but are disgusted by the taste of his cancer. Sack panics. Wade takes out a blade and throws it into Sack’s arm. The pain causes Sack to drop his sack, causing him to panic even more. Wade jokes that dropping a sack can happen to a guy of old age. Wade quickly grabs the sack, but Sack demands it back. That’s no problem to Wade, who pulls the sack over Sack’s head!

Mr. Cooper, the bank manager, rushes outside. Wade thinks it’s time for his reward now. The manager doesn’t understand, and is disgusted by the look of the sack over Sack’s head. So is the watching crowd. A police officer approaches Wade, asking if he can speak to him for a moment. The officer introduces himself as Fred Pierson. He explains he’s got a little problem that needs to be taken care of, and it requires Wade’s special talents. And Fred is willing to pay very well. He wants to know if they can speak in private for a while.

Cooper apologizes for interrupting, but wants to know where the stolen money is. Wade thinks the villain probably packed it into his sack. The manager thinks he’s going to be sick. Wade agrees, but tells Fred he’s going to finish up here first. Wade tells Fred he can meet him at 9 PM on Water Street, at the Base of the Brooklyn Bridge. But he warns Fred that if he doesn’t make it there on time, he’ll be gone without hesitation.

Later, the Red Hook docks in Brooklyn, the Industrial zone. Wade’s new home…

Wade is looking at the TV, at a show he loves. The phone rings. He answers it, and tells Mr. Jambo he realizes what he has to do, and appreciates letting him move into this warehouse right away. Wade also realizes that the payment wasn’t that big, but he promises to have another installment soon. Wade promises to meet up with his boss tomorrow, after he finished another job first.

Later, at the Brooklyn Bridge, 9 PM…

Deadpool meets up with Fred, who admits he’s feeling a little nervous. Wade jokes he prefers it that way. He wants to know what’s up. Fred shows Wade a briefcase, which is holding all the information Wade is going to need. Wade hopes the job pays good. Fred shows Wade some files, which are bios and photos of the top six mob bosses in New York. Wade wants to know what that has got to do with him. To put it simple: Fred wants Wade to kill those bosses.

Fred explains that he has been working undercover for two years. He has been collecting hard evidence to put these wiseguys away for good. They’ve got enough evidence on them now to go to court, but there’s still one problem: Fred has watched these animals steal things, cripple men, and even kill innocent people. They were all people without super powers. Fred is afraid that, the minute these gangsters find out it’s him testifying against them, they’ll have all of his friends, family, and everyone else he has come into contact with over the years killed. They will be dead because of meeting him. Fred believes that the dominos will fall and blood will run in the streets. He has seen what these guys are capable of. They’ve got no fear, as killing is part of their everyday lives.

Fred needs them gone before this ever hits the court, and begs Wade to help him. He wants Wade to read the bios and then he’ll understand. Wade wants to know if this is true, why Fred is still wearing his police uniform. Fred realizes that’s stupid, but he feels safer in it. And he figured Wade would take him more seriously. He explains that along with the bios is the number of his cell phone and 50,000 dollars in cash. It’s a down payment. Wade will even get another extra million dollars if he succeeds in the job. He wants to know Wade’s answer by midnight tonight. He wants Wade to remember it’s the lives of six corrupted people versus those of dozens of innocents.

After getting back home, Wade reads the files. He gets scared, realizing that these guys make him look like Mother Theresa. He knows it’s murder they are talking about, but these guys are the real deal. They killed so many innocent people, even families and children got slain. Wade is confident there is no jail that can hold these guys. And even when they are inside, he’s sure people will keep murdering in their names. Wade thinks he’ll accept the job, because he needs the money to pay for his home. He thinks he’s going to be sick. But Wade does realize that this would make him a contract killer, and that doesn’t sit well with him. On the other hand, if he doesn’t do it, all he’ll think about is what he could have prevented. That doesn’t make for a good night’s rest… plus, he really needs the money.

At Fred’s apartment…

The phone rings. Fred’s wife answers the phone. It’s for Fred. It’s Wade. He accepts the job, but reminds Fred he wants the one million dollars afterwards. Fred thinks that’s great. He mentions that he needs Wade to go to the Den Tattoo parlor on Ave X and McDonald Avenue. There, he has to ask for Anastasia. She’ll be his contact, as this woman knows the mob bosses’ every move. Fred hangs up and climbs into bed. His wife asks if everything is alright. Fred passionately kisses her, claiming that everything is alright now.

The next day…

Thanks to his image inducer, Wade goes from being a super hero to Johnny Salvini, a regular guy. Wade loves this thing. He arrives at the Tattoo shop and asks for Anastasia. The guy behind the counter wants to know why. Wade claims it’s for consultation of a tattoo he was thinking of getting. The man understands. Wade tells the man he looks familiar, and asks if he used to be in the music business. The man confirms that he used to be in it, and introduces himself as Busta Bloodvessel. Wade remembers the name, and wants to know what happened to Busta. He reveals he had a heart attack. Wade notices he looks better. Busta confirms and promises he’ll go get Anastasia.

As Busta leaves, Wade recognizes mob boss Lou Bazo and his guards coming out of the tattoo room. Bazo orders his guards to pick up his girlfriend and kid. Busta tells Wade he can go meet up with Anastasia now. Wade meets up with the gorgeous woman, and explains that Fred sent him to talk about a… tattoo? Anastasia understands, and asks Busta that she doesn’t want to be disturbed for a while. Busta promises to do that. Anastasia asks Wade what his name is. He introduces himself as Johnny Salvini.

Anastasia asks “Johnny” if he’s certain he’s up for this, because once she gets started, there’s no turning back. Wade tells Anastasia, who prefers to be called “Anna,” that’s why he’s there: he wouldn’t be here if he wasn’t serious. Anna is glad to hear that, and tells Wade to take off his jacket and roll up his sleeve. Wade does. Anna notices his cancer filled arm. Wade guesses he should have warned Anna he isn’t who he seems to be. Anna isn’t surprised. She likes the feel of cancer. Wade claims he’s doing much better now. Anna thinks that’s good. She asks Wade if he recognized the man that just walked out.

Wade did recognize Lou Bazo, the mob boss. Anna confirms that and mentions that, today, it’s Lou’s day. She reveals he’s going to the aquarium, with his son, Lou JR, and his new girlfriend around 3:30 PM. There, he’ll be very vulnerable. She wants Wade to make it fast and quick. She calls out to Busta to make an appointment for Wade for tomorrow, realizing he’s on a big job.

New York Aquarium…

Lou, his girlfriend and son are at the Aquarium and his son keeps whining about wanting a penguin. He goes with the bathroom with Connie, and Lou is left alone. Wade approaches the guy, and tosses him into the aquarium with the sharks!

A few hours later

The police have already gotten word about Bazo’s death, but the one responsible for it hasn’t been found. Fred is glad to hear that.

Wade’s home…

Deadpool jokes that one of the bosses is already gone, leaving five to go. Mr. Jambo, Wade’s landlord, rings the doorbell demanding the rent. Wade pays it off with the advance he got from Fred. Jambo leaves, reminding Wade of the other three hundred thousand dollars he owes him. Wade thinks that’s fine, as it’s the only thing on his mind – almost. As Jambo leaves, Wade can’t stop thinking about the beautiful Anastasia.

Valley Stream, Long Island, Fred’s home…

Beth is happy after a good night of love making to her husband. Fred tells her to go packing, as they are going to the Bahamas two weeks from now. Beth can’t believe it, as it’s their first real honeymoon since Fred joined the force. He tells her to better believe it, promising to tell her all about it once he gets back home again from work. He leaves, and Beth tells him to call her when he gets the chance. Beth goes into bath, and still can’t believe they are going to the Bahama’s. Once she is a bath, a stranger enters the house and… shoots her!

Later, at the tattoo shop…

Wade goes to see Anna again. She tells Busta to go home, as she can handle things from now. Busta doesn’t like it, reminding her of Vinnie, but she doesn’t care about him right now. Busta thinks that’s fine and leaves. She tends to Wade, and wants to give him that tattoo now. She also congratulates him on the nice job, as Lou’s death was all over the news but nobody has a single clue who’s the culprit. Wade jokes it’s the fishes. Anna smiles, joking that they sure got a big fat fish to eat. Wade jokes that Anna’s bad. And he likes that.


Fred and his partner mike are on patrol. Fred is worried about his wife, as he tried to call her a couple of times today, but always got the answering machine. Mike is confident Beth is probably with one of her girlfriends or something. But Fred wants to go home to make sure. They find the door open and a window smashed in. Fred panics and rushes inside, only to find his wife dead!

The tattoo shop…

Anna claims that Wade’s next hit will be a little more complicated. It’s a two-for-one and in a busy place. Wade thinks that won’t be a problem for him. Anna likes confident men. She explains there’s an after-hours club in Sheepshead Bay called Big Daddy’s. Big Eddie B. and Mike “The Monster” Carlino will both be there around 4 AM. Wade considers it done. Anna laughs. But she smiles she’s going to start giving Wade a tattoo or else people are going to get suspicious. Wade isn’t sure where he wants it. She is: his face.

He wants to know why her face. Anna wants something to compliment his bedroom eyes. Wade admits that this isn’t his real face: it’s sort of a mask. Anna wants to see his real face. Wade claims she really doesn’t want that, but Anna is confident she wants to. Wade shows Anna her real face, and jokes she has still time to run. Anastasia is happily impressed, and smiles that this is something she can work with.

Characters Involved: 



the Sack

Fred Pierson (police officer)

Beth Pierson (Fred’s wife)

Busta Bloodvessel (tattoo shop owner)

Lou Bazo (mob boss)

Lou Bazo JR and Connie (Bazo’s son and girlfriend)

Mr. Jambo (Wade’s landlord)

Mike and other police officers

Mr. Cooper (bank manager)

Bazo’s bodyguards (unnamed)

Story Notes: 

First appearance of the Sack, Anastasia, Mr. Jambo, Fred & Beth Pierson and all the mob bosses and their families.

First use of Wade’s alias, Johnny Salvini.

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