Deadpool (2nd series) #47

Issue Date: 
December 2000
Story Title: 
Cruel Summer: part 2

Jimmy Palmiotti (pencils), Paul Chadwick (pencils), Ron Randall (inks), Shannon Blanchard (colors), Chris Eliopoulos (letters), Mike Marts (editor), Bob Harras (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Deadpool impersonates Mike the Monster, a mafia member, and provokes Big Eddie B, a mob boss. A blood bath follows, killing both thugs. Later, he attends the funeral of Beth Pierson, Fred’s wife. Wade admits he almost feels bad for taking the officer’s money. He meets up with Anastasia, who gives him a small tattoo on his lip. Anna has the hardest time not to fall for Wade’s romantic interludes. They even go to the Coney Island carnival together, but Anna doesn’t want to go any deeper into their relationship. Wade understands. He goes over to his next targets, and kills mafia bosses Vinnie and the Possa brothers. Wade feels lucky, though he admits he’s getting Anna too involved, as Busta, her partner at the tattoo parlor, was on the scene when Vinnie got shot. He contacts Fred to give him the money now, and he, though hesitantly, agrees. Wade later again meets up with Anna, and gives her a bag filled with money and a cell phone, wanting her to get out of town as soon as possible and he’ll follow her once the dust settles. Later, Wade meets up with Fred about the money, but he admits he doesn’t have it. Wade doesn’t understand it, and on that moment, gets hit by a shovel by… Anna?!

Full Summary: 

The Big Daddy’s social club, Brooklyn, New York. 5 AM…

Wade, in disguise of Mike the Monster, asks mob boss Big Eddie B. if he’s got a minute. Eddie says hi to “Mike,” thinking he wants into the poker game he’s playing. Wade claims that he doesn’t play games. He just wanted Eddie to know face to face that he has been sleeping with his wife behind his back.

Eddie is startled! Wade tells Eddie he heard him. Wade, still in Mike’s disguise, tells Eddie he also wanted him to know that he has his good eye on that daughter, “Misty,” of his. She’s a cute one and he followed her home from school the other day. “Mike” leaves, thinking this is what Eddie would have liked to know.

Eddie panics, and calls to his guard Tony to give him his gun. He gets it. Wade quickly uses his image inducer to change into another thug. He walks over to the real Mike, asking how his game is. Mike doesn’t think it’s any of Wade’s business, but claims it’s really good today. He wants to know why he asked. Wade smiles that Mike’s luck is about to change. He walks out, and Eddie’s thugs find the real Eddie and shoot him! This is music to Wade’s ears.

Later, at Beth Pierson’s funeral…

Fred still can’t believe his wife is gone. His partner, Mike, tells him it’s time to go as the limo is waiting. Fred wants some time alone, wanting to say goodbye first. He asks Mike to have a car wait for him. Mike thinks that’s fine, and promises they’ll catch the culprit soon enough. Fred knows that. He notices someone, and goes over to him. He hugs the mysterious guy, telling him that Beth is gone. The man knows that, and tries to cheer Fred up by telling him everything is okay now. Not that far away, Deadpool is watching the funeral. Seeing Fred’s pain almost makes him feel guilty for taking the guy’s money – almost.

The Den Tattoo parlor, later that day…

Anastasia tells Wade to hold still, as she doesn’t want to make a mistake. Wade jokes it’s too late for that, as she is already looking at God’s greatest punch line. Anna tells him to shut up and instead look in the mirror. Wade likes the small black tattoo on his lip, and thinks he’s ready to be kissed now. Anna whispers she doesn’t want to be tempted. Wade didn’t hear that last thing, but Anna claims it’s nothing. She asks Wade if he’s hungry. He always is. She tells Wade to meet her at the Wonderwheel at Coney Island in an hour, thinking they shouldn’t be seen leaving here together. She’s going to close the shop in a few minutes and fresh up. Wade tells her that’s fine.

That night, at the rendez-vous point…

Wade has already used his image inducer to look like Johnny again. He notices Anna arriving, and jokes she’s late. She apologizes for it, as she had to make a few calls first. Wade says it’s nothing, as he actually likes it at this place. Anna wants to know why. Wade smiles he likes the sound of the ocean and the flashing lights. He likes the smell of burped up Nathan’s hot dogs, and of course, this is his home away from home, the freak show.

Anna wants to know why Wade does that. He doesn’t understand. She tells him to never mind. A carnival salesman provokes Wade to show his pretty lady what he’s made off, and try to win a prize at his bar. Wade jokes that people say there’s a sucker born every minute. Anna suggests it’s slicking time. The salesman wants to see if Wade can absorb all the rules: he gets 100 bullets to shoot out the red star. If there isn’t any part on the red star, he won’t win a prize. Wade smiles, and uses all of the bullets to destroy the entire star! Startled, the salesman asks for a minute to dust off the bear. Anna cheerfully hugs him. Wade is glad to finally be at a place where he can use his skills.

Anna thanks Wade for winning a bear for her, as it means much to her, but Wade tells her not to mention it. Anna admits she’s really having a good time. Wade wants to ask her a question. He asks her if it’s safe to swim in the ocean with all those Coney Island Whitefish everywhere. Anna doesn’t think Wade is listening to her. Wade confirms that he is. He knows that this is the part of the evening where it gets really hard for him… all this “mixing business with pleasures” stuff. He admits that without Anna’s help, he would have taken out those mob bosses so easily. Anna thinks that all she means to Wade, is being a “gig.” That isn’t what Wade means. It’s just that… he suggests to go to a place and have a drink. All this open space is making him uncomfortable. Anna thinks that by “open space” Wade means her.

That’s not what Wade was saying either. He tells her to listen: this is the best time he had in this whole year, and he doesn’t want it to end yet. He asks her how she feels about that drink. Anna doesn’t want to have it tonight, reminding Wade that he’s got a lot of things to do. And she’s going to call it an early night. Wade jokes that he’s free until 4AM, so he wants to know if he can at least drive her home. Anna smiles that she can take care of herself, and reminds him to meet her at the shop tomorrow at 3 PM sharp. When Wade asks Anna if they are okay, Anna tells him he can bet on that. Wade tells her to take it easy, and not worry too much about that. Anna whispers that’s easier said than done.

Later, at the Booty at the Bay Gentleman’s Club, 4 AM…

A mob boss named Vinnie leaves from his hooker bar, and has his twin bodyguards cover him while he goes to pick up some food at the McDonalds. Once there, Vinnie doubts about what he’s going to have. Wade sneaks by the car, and jokes he has to try the Happy Meal, as he’s going to need it. Wade tosses a smoke grenade in Vinnie’s car. While they cough, Wade quickly leaves again.

Brooklyn Navy Yards, 4:45 AM…

Dokie and Nikki, two employees of Vinnie, are ready to blow up some cars because Vinnie paid them 500 dollars to have them disappear. After throwing some gas over them, Nikki lights them up with fire and the cars start burning up. Suddenly, they can hear screaming from the trunk! Dokie quickly opens it: it’s Vinnie and his bodyguards! But the fire quickly spreads around and only Vinnie can be pulled out in time. Vinnie, with a horrible burned up face, swears revenge on Deadpool.

The next day at the tattoo parlor…

Wade and Busta are watching some Battlefield Earth bootlegs. Bust hates them. Wade too, but he wonders why Busta ever bothered to buy them. Busta admits he thought it was worth it for just 5 dollars. Anna walks in, wanting to talk to Wade about the Possa brothers. Wade doesn’t know what there is to discuss about them. Anna claims that she knows where they are. Wade admits he knows that to: the brothers are at their grandmother’s house, as he was just there. Anna panic, but Wade calms her down, smiling they’ve got two less mob bosses to worry about. Anna smiles and mentions she’s starting to like Wade more and more.

Meanwhile, at grandmother Possa’s house in Brooklyn…

The Possa brothers arrive and tell their grandmother they are here to feed the pets. She thinks that’s fine, mentioning that the gasman just came by. They walk to the basement to feed the dog, Scooby, but then fall through the stairs! Someone messed with them and replaced the former stairs with balsa wood. They land in water, which wasn’t there before either. Suddenly, crocodiles rise up from the water, and eat the brothers alive!

The Red Hook docks, Deadpool’s home…

After some shaving, Wade admires his tattoo. But he realizes he still has a horrible face. At least Anna seems to be okay with it, but he doesn’t know for sure if she’s lying about that or not. The phone rings. Wade answers it; it’s Anna. She warns Wade that Vinnie is still alive, and has been brought to the Memorial Hospital in Bay Ridge. Wade promises to head over there immediately. Anna tells him to be careful. Wade notices she cares about his safety, but Anna instead tells him to shut up. Wade puts on his Deadpool uniform, and overheard from the nurses’ station that Vinnie is staying in a room on the fifth floor. Wade sure hopes the guy is alone, since he doesn’t get paid to kill extras.

No such luck. Dokie and Nikki are standing guard with Vinnie, but instead of him thanking them for saving his life, he yells at them. He also gets on the phone with Busta, telling him he’s still alive. He also demands to find out who the freak in the red and black mask is, as he’s the one responsible for his condition. 30 minutes later, Nikki and Vinnie have fallen asleep. Dokie goes to elevator, but once in there, he gets attacked by Wade! Wade uses his image inducer to look like Dokie, and lies that he got a call on the phone to kill Vinnie in his sleep. And Nikki has to do it. She’s fine with it and takes out her gun.

Wade walks outside, but notices Busta arriving and thinks it’s about time for him to leave. As Wade leaves, he can hear Nikki’s gun shots. He jokes that this job is getting too messy for him, and that Fred needs to front him the rest of the money.

Long Island, Sunrise Highway…

Fred is contacted by Wade, who asks for the money. Fred starts to sweat, claiming he has the money but is surprised to hear this request. He tells Wade to meet him in Redhook by First and Seawood.

Later, at Anna’s place…

Anna walks out of the shower and asks Wade how he got in her home. Wade doesn’t want to talk about that. He explains that they’ve got trouble, as Busta was at the hospital when Vinnie got shot. Anna wants a confirmation that Vinnie is dead. Wade thinks so, as the gunshots made it pretty clear. However, there’s still the matter of Vinnie to worry about. Wade admits he doesn’t like where all this is going. He tries to make Anna that she’s in the middle of all this and he wouldn’t like to see her get hurt.

Anna claims she can take care of herself. Wade realizes that, but he still wants Anna to do something for him. He shows her a bag, in which is fifty thousand dollars and a cell phone. He wants her to take the money and get out of town. Anna moves closer to his body, not thinking Wade can be serious. But he is. Wade explains he’s seeing Fred about the rest of the money tonight, and as soon as the dust settles, he promises he’ll call her and come after her. Anna isn’t sure about it, but Wade tells her to just do as he says, and kisses her on the forehead.

Later that day, at the Redhook rendezvous point…

Fred drives in, and Wade is glad he made it and feels sorry for his loss. Fred thanks him, and mentions that Beth was a good woman. But he wants to talk to Deadpool. Wade mentions that’s why he’s there and, of course, the money thing as well. Fred knows that, and admits he doesn’t have the money yet. Wade doesn’t understand that and mentions he held up to his part of the bargain. Fred realizes that, and feels sorry for what is about to come. Suddenly, he gets hit on the head by a shovel that belongs to… Anna?!

Characters Involved: 



Busta Bloodvessel

Fred Pierson

Big Eddie. B, the Possa brothers, Vinnie (mob bosses)

Mike (Fred’s partner)

the Possa brothers’ grandmother (unnamed)

Dokie, Mike the Monster, Nikki and other criminal thugs (all unnamed)

people attending Beth Pierson’s funeral and priest (all unnamed)

Story Notes: 

A Happy Meal is a combination meal package at McDonald’s, specifically tailored to children. Generally, it includes a small soft drink, small order of fries and a hamburger or other sandwich or entrée. It also generally includes a small toy.

Battlefield Earth was a novel written by L. Ron Hubbard and was turned into a film of the same name in 2000, starring John Travolta.

Bootlegs are unauthorized copies of movies or music, sold on the black market for considerably less than the authorized, store brand versions.

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