Deadpool (2nd series) #56

Issue Date: 
September 2001
Story Title: 
Going out with a Bang !

Buddy Scalera (writer), Karl Kerschl (art), Tom Chu (colors), Dave & Sharpefont (letters), Mike Raicht (assistant editor), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)
- dedicated to Danielle Haley -

Brief Description: 

Wade and Vanessa have aspent the night together. As Deadpoool prepares to leave for an assignment, she gets suspicious that he might see another woman, and after Wade left, Theresa calls and leaves a message on the answering machine to meet her at a flower exhibition. Deadpool meets with two old ladies who are annoyed by a guy called Street Speeder, they want him killed, but all devices that Deadpool comes up with are useless. Either he is not fast enough, or he can’t maneuver as good as the Speeder. At the same time Vanessa, impersonating Deadpool, meets with Syrin and beats her up pretty badly for messing with her boyfriend. Later Wade and Vanessa are at the warehouse again and suddenly it knocks. It’s Syrin demanding an explanation for the incident at the exhibition. Deadpool doesn’t know what she is talking about and Syrin leaves in tears. Deadpool runs after her and Vanessa too leaves, understanding that he doesn’t love her. Suddenly the warehouse blows up, courtsey to Kid Deadpool, who presents a new girlfriend and wants to say a final goodbye. After all have left the Street Speeder stops by, to check why the warehouse is burning. He gets shot by Deadpool, who then wanders off.

Full Summary: 

Wade and Vanessa have spent the night together, and Vanessa is still in bed, naked, Deadpool takes a shower. Deadpool gets dressed, he does not seem to have any other clothes than dozens of his costume, and suggest that Copycat could shapeshift, but she says that these days she likes who she is and doesn’t need to alter her appearance. She then asks if Wade has any other women, but he makes fun of her and then leaves for a job. Copycat gets dressed as sudeenly the phone rings. She resists the urge to pick it up, but then listens as the answering machine turns on. It’s Theresa, asking Wade to meet her at a lovely flower exhibition on Long Island, as it has been some time since they saw each other.
Deadpool is meeting his clients, two old ladies. They are very annoyed by the Street Speeder, a guy who can run very fast. He seems to terrorize the neighborhood and they offer their whole money, 21.025 $ and 73 cent if Deadpool kills the guy. They also have aquired a gun called Liefelder. Suddenly the Speeder arrives to make fun of Deadpool and the ladies, while Wade is still studying the manual of the Liefelder. He entangles Deadpool in a clothesline and then pushes him through a skylight. As the ladies check on him, Deadpool accepts the job.
Deadpool heads back to the warehouse to get some weapons. He searches for the bullets and suddenly an invisible hand shows him where the bullets are. It’s Copycat, who demonstrates another variation of her shapeshifting power. Deadpool leaves in a hurry, and upon Vanessa’s questions where he is going, he replies on a date, though means it as a joke. Vanessa however takes hims serious.
Deadpool meets with the two grannies again and builds a large trap. His mobile rings, but the display shows it Vanessa, so Deadpool doesn’t answer it. The two ladies get curious and ask Wade about his girlfriend. They way he talks about her, they are sure that there is another woman in his life and admittingly Wade starts to talk about Syrin. Suddenly the see the Street Speeder approaching. Everything is set, the bait are a brand-new pair of sneakers, and Deadpool enters a large catapult to get fired towards the Speeder when he stops top put the shoes on. However the old ladies hit the button to soon and Deadpool flies past the Speeder and his a wall where a piano was lifted into an appartment. Naturally the rope snaps and the piano crashes on Deadpool.
Meanwhile Theresa is at the flower exhibition. Suddenly Deadpool meedts with her. She asks how he got in, being dressed in his costume, but then thinks that he used his image inducer. Deadpool takes Terry to a very quiet spot and she offers ta kiss, yet he hits her in the face. Three more hits later - fist against chin, head against wall and head on the ground – Theresa lies unconscious on the ground. “Deadpool“ shapeshifts back to his true form – Vanessa, who hopes that Syrin will now stay away from her man.
Deadpool plans another attack against the Speeder. He has received some ACME equipment for a rocketpack. While putting it together, the two ladies appear, demanding a refund. They would prefer to hire one of the Sinister Six, as Deadpool seems unable to complete the task. Yet Deadpool convinces them to give him another chance, and when the Speeder rins by, Deadpool ignites the rockets. He is even able to match the runners speed, but then the Speeder simply stops and Deadpool not able to maneuver as fast crashes into an ACME fireworks factory.
Beaten and bruised, Wade returns to the warehouse, to find Vanessa waiting for him. She confronts him with the phone call on the answering machine, and once more asks if there really aren’t any other woman in his life. Deadpool replies that he hasn’t seen Theresa in ages, that he even doesn’t know how she got the warehouses phone number, as someone knocks at the door. Deadpool thinks that it might be a client and tells Vanessa to stay out of sight. As he opens the door, it’s Syrin, her face bandaged in many places. Vanessa thinks that this finally prooves that they have an affair. Deadpool asks Terry what happened to her face, and hshe slaps him. In tears she leaves and flies away.Wade runs after her, but she doesn’t turn back. Copycat runs after Wade and understands that part of him will always love Syrin. She then too departs and tells Deadpool not to go back into the warehouse.
Wade wonders why not to, as suddenly it explodes. Kid Deadpool drives by on Deadpool’s motorbike. In the back is his new girlfriend Miki. Chris reveals that he blew up the warehouse, he really likes to explode things, but he no longer wants to kill Deadpool since he has fopund Miki. He tosses Deadpool his gun not needing it anymore, and then the couple leaves on the bike to experience the world.
The Street Speeder stops by, curious why the warehouse is burning. Deadpool shoots him and then walks off – speechless for the first time in his life.

Characters Involved: 




Street Speeder

Kid Deadpool

Miki, Christopher’s girlfriend

Story Notes: 

Kid Deadpool, aka Pool Boy, Christopher Cassera was sent to Oxford with a new identity in #51, but apparently he didn‘t like it there.
The battle between Deadpool and the Street Speeder is a lot like those Roadrunner cartoons. Deadpool’s special gadgets are even delivered in ACME boxes.

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