Deadpool (3rd Series) #29

Issue Date: 
January 2011
Story Title: 
I’m Your Man (Part 3)

Daniel Way (Writer), Carlo Barberi (Pencils), Waldon Wong (Inks), Marte Gracia (Colours), VC’s Joe Sabino (Letters), Dave Johnson (Cover), Jody Leheup (Assistant Editor), Axel Alonso (Editor), Joe Quesada (Editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (Publisher), Alan Fine (Executive Producer)

Brief Description: 

Steve Rogers regains consciousness and finds himself and his Avengers team all tied up by Deadpool. The clone of Steve is also tied up and Deadpool tries to figure out who is who. The clone tells him the other Steve is the clone and then says that Dr. Bong is stealing illegal weapons to sell so he can fund his genetic experiments. The real Steve confirms the details but says the other guy is the clone. Deadpool eventually figures out which one is the clone and shoots him in the head. He teams up with the Avengers and they travel to Dr. Bong’s nearest base. When they get there, they see he is using cloned soldiers to load crates onto a truck. Dr. Bong makes all the soldiers put on Deadpool costumes, which Deadpool and the Avengers quickly engage in a fight. However, Deadpool slips past them and finds Dr. Bong. He makes him think he’s just another soldier and then escapes on the truck when Dr. Bong drives off. Black Widow shoots out the truck’s tire but it goes over an overpass and crashes to the ground, causing the explosives inside to detonate. They go to the crash site, only to find Dr. Bong and Deadpool are safe. Deadpool reveals he is the real Deadpool and Dr. Bong readies himself to hit his bell again, but Deadpool slices off his metal hand before he can do so.

Full Summary: 

Steve Rogers groans as he regains consciousness. He discovers he is tied up and he looks around to see the Black Widow and Moon Knight are also tied up. They are sitting in the ruins of Dr. Bong’s base, which was destroyed when he used his powers and created a huge shockwave. Deadpool greets Steve as he wakes and immediately shows him the Steve Rogers clone that Dr. Bong created, which is also tied up. The real Steve has a slash mark across his chest where Deadpool struck him with a katana before the explosion. The clone has a bullet mark in his chest where the Black Widow shot him as he tried to escape.

Deadpool thinks for a moment where to begin and then asks Steve why there is two of him. When the clone Steve tells Deadpool that the other Steve is a clone created by Dr. Bong, Deadpool asks why his old shrink would do that. The clone tells him that Dr. Bong needs money for his genetic experiments. He’s been using clones to rob illegal weapon caches so he can sell them on the black market. He says that Dr. Bong created clones of him and his teammates because, if any law enforcement agency thinks he’s involved, they tend to stay out of the way. When Deadpool then asks about the guys wearing masks in the mini-mart, the clone of Steve tells him that they are also clones but he doesn’t know of whom. Deadpool points out they had regenerative powers and the clone says that all of Dr. Bong’s clones do.

Deadpool turns to the real Steve Rogers, says it is his turn and asks him what he thinks about it all. Steve says he is telling the truth, an answer which surprises Deadpool, but Steve continues and says all except the part about him being the clone. Deadpool states that the other Steve is the clone and the real Steve says he is. Deadpool thinks about it for a minute and then says it’s interesting. He asks them if they want to know what else is interesting. Before they can answer, he points to the clone Steve and says he has a big bullet hole in his costume, even though he never shot him. He was knocked out for a while in the explosion so somebody else, who could also be a clone, could have shot him. They would have done it because he is the real Steve Rogers.

Deadpool turns to the real Steve and says his costume has a big tear in it, which he did, but it doesn’t do anything to prove he isn’t a clone. However, in addition to the tear, he also has a big old cut across his chest. Looking at the clone again, he says that he has regenerated quite nicely. Deadpool pulls out a gun and points it at the clone’s head and asks him where Dr. Bong is. The real Steve speaks up and says he has teleported to a base about two hours from here. Deadpool becomes confused and points a gun at the real Steve and asks how he knew that. Steve simply says it’s because he’s Steve Rogers. Deadpool shoots the clone in the head and sprays blood everywhere.

Deadpool undoes the ropes tying the team up. He whispers to Black Widow and apologizes for tiring her up. He tells her he got the feeling she liked it a little, which she actually confirms. Moon Knight asks Steve if he is serious about taking Deadpool with him. When Steve then asks him what he knows about Dr. Bong, Moon Knight says he read the brief. Steve says he did too and he thought he knew who he was dealing with. But he didn’t expect Dr. Bong to take the whole place down with them along with it. Deadpool didn’t read the brief and he didn’t know who he was dealing with. But he was the first one on his feet and he managed to subdue their entire team. He tells Moon Knight that he is serious about taking Deadpool along and then tells the team to move out.

As they stand on the side of the street, Deadpool looks at their ride in disbelief. In front of him is a small, two-door, red car. Steve tells him they secured available transport and this is what was available. As they speed through the city towards Dr. Bong’s base, Deadpool stares out of the window and then yells for them to stop. Looking out of the window at what Deadpool wants to stop for, Moon Knight asks if he wants to go there. Deadpool says he does, so the exasperated Steve relents and lets him.

At Dr. Bong’s base, a dozen or so armed men in soldier uniforms and balaclavas load up trucks with crates. Dr. Bong yells to them to hurry and load the weapons on the truck, as he is expecting guests.

Back at the car, the Avengers are waiting for Deadpool. Moon Knight tells Deadpool there isn’t enough room in the car for what he has, to which Deadpool replies there is if Black Widow sits on his lap. Black Widow looks alarmed and so Steve begrudgingly says she won’t… he will sit on Deadpool’s lap.

Back at Dr. Bong’s warehouse, he asks one of the men how long it will take to load the truck. The man says about an hour and Dr. Bong yells at him that it isn’t fast enough. He walks off and mutters to himself, willing himself to think. Suddenly, he laughs and tells one of the men to go to the storage closet outside of his room. There he will find three large duffle bags. Dr. Bong tells him to pass the contents out to the other men. After the man asks what then, Dr. Bong tells him to put them on. Inside the duffle bags were dozens of Deadpool’s costumes, which all of the men put on.

On a roof of a building across the road from Dr. Bong’s warehouse, Deadpool and the Avengers watch the base. Deadpool asks Steve if he’s sure he is in there and Steve says Dr. Bong has several hideouts and this one is the closest. Steve asks him what the plan is but Deadpool seems confused. Moon Knight asks him if he does have a plan. One of Deadpool’s inner voices asks why they are looking at him. The other voice suggests that it’s because they are supposed to be the leader. Deadpool says of course he has a plan. Stalling, he points towards the building and tells the team to go over there. Pointing somewhere else, he says he will do something over there. Moon Knight asks what then. Black Widow asks what they do if they come across Dr. Bong, to which Deadpool tells her to kill him. Steve says there won’t be any killing; they are taking Dr. Bong in alive. Deadpool says he has a new plan but it could get a little weird.

Deadpool enters the warehouse and is immediately set upon by the soldiers dressed up as him. Just as Dr. Bong finishes loading up the truck, Deadpool runs up to him and says they’re there and they are kicking their asses. Steve and his team are engaged in combat with the soldiers. Dr. Bong asks for the keys off the soldier that was helping him load the truck. He climbs into the driver’s seat and the solider asks if he is running away. He says that he is driving away whilst he and the other clones keep the pesky heroes busy. Deadpool asks why he doesn’t do the “bong thing” and take them out himself. Dr. Bong says he won’t risk detonating a tractor trailer full of explosives worth several million dollars. One of the soldier clones asks if they can go with him. He’s going to need lackeys to help unload the stuff. Dr. Bong says that’s a good point but there’s one seat. Deadpool immediately swipes the head off the clone with his katana. Not realizing that it’s really Deadpool, Dr. Bong says he likes his resolve and tells him to get in.

In the fight with the clones, Black Widow asks if this was Deadpool’s plan, but Steve guesses it was Dr. Bong’s. Black Widow says she can’t tell which one is the real Deadpool and Steve tells her that was the point. Moon Knight grabs one of the soldiers in a headlock. The soldier shouts for him to stop, as he is the real Deadpool, but Moon Knight ignores him and twists his head around, breaking his neck. Steve and Black Widow are shocked and Moon Knight says he could have been lying. As they continue fighting, Steve says he will answer for that but Moon Knight tells him they all regenerate anyway.

Black Widow takes out her sniper rifle and spots Dr. Bong getting away in the truck. Steve asks if she can stop him and so she shoots out the front tire. Dr. Bong loses control of the truck as it speeds along the highway. It veers towards the side of an overpass and Deadpool shouts for him to let go of the wheel. The truck crashes through the concrete barrier and plummets towards the ground. Back at Dr. Bong’s base, the Avengers look on as a huge explosion rips out in the distance. Black Widow swears and they rush to the crash site.

At the burning wreckage, Steve asks if there’s any sign of Dr. Bong. Moon Knight says there isn’t but, with that size blast, he wouldn’t expect to find anything. Black Widow apologizes and says she didn’t anticipate... Before she can finish, Dr. Bong finishes her sentence by saying that he would live. Standing on some brickwork above them, Dr. Bong calls them fools for thinking he would be so easily defeated. Deadpool says that he would have, if he hadn’t gotten him out of the truck before it went over. Deadpool winks at Steve and asks if that makes him a hero. Black Widow starts to ask Steve if it’s the real Deadpool and he answers that it is.

Realizing that he is standing next to Deadpool, Dr. Bong tells him he should have killed him when he had the chance. Deadpool says he doesn’t do that anymore, as he’s a hero. Dr. Bong congratulates him and says he hopes it works out for him in that last few moments of his and his heroic friend’s lives. He raises his metal hand above his head and readies himself to hit his head and unleash another shockwave. Black Widow yells out but Deadpool stops her by slicing off Dr. Bong’s hand.

As Dr. Bong yells in pain and disbelief, Deadpool says Dr. Bong will never “bong” again. Deadpool then turns and poses just as a bunch of fireworks goes off behind him. Incredulous, Moon Knight asks if that’s why he needed all the fireworks.


As the Avengers wait by the car, Deadpool walks out of a fireworks store with bags full of fireworks. Inside the car, on the way to Dr. Bong’s base, Steve perches uncomfortably on Deadpool’s lap as all the other spare seats are taken up with fireworks. Deadpool remarks that he’s a genius.

Characters Involved: 


Black Widow, Moon Knight, Steve Rogers (Secret Avengers)

Dr. Bong

Clone of Steve Rogers/Batch 191

Dr. Bong’s clone soldiers

Story Notes: 

When Deadpool was asked by Steve Rogers to join his team, Deadpool didn’t know at the time that Steve and his teammates were clones created by Dr. Bong. The real Steve Rogers, Black Widow and Moon Knight found them and attacked. With the game up, Dr. Bong hit his bell-head with his hand and the resulting shockwave brought down the entire building on everyone. [Deadpool (3rd series) #27-28]

On page 14 panel 3, the speech balloon is mis-colored. It is yellow and has the same style as Deadpool’s bubbles, but at that point Deadpool was on the truck with Dr. Bong. The speech bubble should be white, as it belongs to one of the soldiers dressed as Deadpool.

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