Deadpool: Suicide Kings #3

Issue Date: 
August 2009
Story Title: 

Mike Benson and Adam Glass (writers), Carlo Barberi (pencils), Sandu Florea (inks), Marte Gracia (colors), Virtual Calligraphy’s Cory Petit (letters), Mike McKone with Morry Hollowell (cover Artist), Jody Leheup (assistant editor), Axel Alonso (editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (exec. producer)

Brief Description: 

On the trail of Conrad, the young man who set him up, Deadpool goes to the offices of the Black Ops magazine he originally saw the advert in. After a bit of bargaining with the editor, he finally manages to get an envelope that Conrad used to deliver the money and the details of the advert. Using his super-senses, Daredevil inspects the envelop and finds on it an embossed crest, which Ben Urich tells them it belongs to the O’Shea family. As the two heroes move across the city, they are being tracked by the Punisher and Henry Russo. Deadpool and Daredevil get to a safe house to plan their next move but the Punisher finds them and disables Daredevil with a high pitched sound wave. Deadpool is then thrown through the window onto the street below by the Punisher, who is using a scythe from Grim Reaper. Deadpool and the Punisher continue to fight until the Punisher gets the scythe caught in his own surveillance van and the police arrive. All the men escape, after which Daredevil and Deadpool go to Mr. O’Shea’s penthouse apartment. They tell him what Conrad has done and that he set Deadpool up. Mr. O’Shea tells them to find Tombstone if they want answers, at which point Daredevil and Deadpool split up. One of Tombstone’s men reports that Daredevil and Deadpool have been seen coming from Mr. O’Shea’s penthouse, but Tombstone says that it’s all part of his plan. Daredevil goes to find some of Tombstone’s men and beats them up until one of them offers information. Meanwhile, Deadpool heads to Outlaw’s new place to tell her what he has found out. However, when he is there, he notices he is being spied on from another window across the road. He throws a grapple hook through the window to the building across the road and gives chase to the man. After running across rooftops, he finally catches the man but, just as he is about to interrogate him, Spider-Man shows up and tangles Deadpool in webbing. Just as SpiderMan starts asking questions, though, Deadpool’s head explodes from a shot fired by the Punisher.

Full Summary: 

Deadpool enters an office building and walks up to the receptionist, who is sitting at her desk reading a gossip magazine. He asks if this is the Black Ops Magazine, to which the receptionist replies “No, It’s Cat Fancy.” Deadpool asks to speak to the editor about an advert placed in the magazine, which makes the receptionist mistake him for someone who phoned about putting a kidnapping note in the magazine. When Deadpool says it wasn’t him, the receptionist suspiciously asks him if he is a process server or disgruntled former employee. When he says no again, she points him to the back room.

In the back room Deadpool finds the editor sitting at a computer screen playing a war game called “Hitler’s Minions.” Deadpool asks about the advert in the magazine, which distracts the editor enough for him to die and lose his game. After Deadpool pushes on and mentions the name Conrad, the editor takes out a gun and says he doesn’t give out names. Deadpool quickly takes out him sword and slices the gun in two and then threatens the editor, but he just laughs and says he has been tortured a number of times, including bamboo splints stuck up his nails by the Vietcong, being garroted by the French foreign legion and a self-inflicted six-thousand volts applied to his gonads. He isn’t going to talk.

Deadpool next changes tactics and starts to bargain with the man. He notices he is stuck on his computer game and says he knows how to get past the level. The editor scoffs at him but Deadpool assures him he can do it. Minutes later, Deadpool is playing the game with the editor looking over his shoulder in awe. On seeing this, the editor has a change of heart about the information Deadpool wanted.


Deadpool and Daredevil are standing on a rooftop with journalist Ben Urich. Deadpool hands Ben an envelope and says that the man he is looking for paid in cash and that there was only this envelope. Daredevil uses his powers to deduce what type of paper the envelope is made from and the fact there is an embossed crest on it. Ben confirms there is a crest and that it is of the O’Shea family. (The combination of envelopes & crests causes Deadpool to ask if this is Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.)

Ignoring this, Urich goes on to say the O’Sheas are powerful and that there hasn’t been a New York mayor elected in 30 years without their endorsement. Daredevil confirms he is aware of Mr. O’Shea but says he is too old to be the man they are looking for. Deadpool asks if he has any kids which Daredevil says he does. “Dun-dun-dun-daaaa!” Deadpool declares.

Henry Russo is in his surveillance van, watching a monitor on which he sees Daredevil and Deadpool literally swinging into action. He tells the Punisher, who is driving the van, that a traffic camera just picked them up and they are headed somewhere fast. The Punisher asks if Henry has any more toys in the back of the van, to which Henry replies he has something he might like.

Deadpool and Daredevil arrive at an abandoned fire station that Daredevil knows about. He asks Deadpool to lay low tonight, to which he replies with a jokey comment that he always does karaoke on Tuesdays and he does Neil Diamond’s “America” like no-one’s business. Daredevil asks the mercenary if he is ever serious and Deadpool replies that he uses humor to deflect his insecurities. When he then asks why Daredevil is helping him out, the hero replies that Deadpool is innocent and that the guilty party is out there still. Wade asks how he knows he is innocent, to which Daredevil listens to Deadpool’s heartbeat and cryptically says he can just read people. Deadpool thanks Daredevil for the support but says he doesn’t intend to sit out the action.

Just then, a high-pitched sound fills the building, which causes Daredevil to clutch his head and fall to the ground. The Punisher then emerges through the window with the Grim Reaper’s hand-mounted scythe. Deadpool says isn’t affected by the noise, as he listens to Metallica. The Punisher, using the scythe, then blasts Deadpool through the window onto the top of the surveillance van below. Henry yells over the radio to the Punisher not to shoot at Deadpool, as he is still in the van. Instead, the Punisher jumps down to the van and narrowly misses Deadpool, who jumps away at the last second. As the two start fighting, Deadpool begins with his usual banter, imaging to himself that the Punisher is dressed and armed as a Samurai warriors. Still, since the Punisher stays silent and continues to try and take down his mark without responding, Deadpool soon gets bored of messing around, just as the Punisher takes a swipe with the hand-scythe. The scythe becomes stuck in the side of the surveillance van and Deadpool takes starts to approach the Punisher with his own sword.

However, before he can act, Daredevil appears and shouts at him to sheath the sword. The Punisher asks Daredevil why he has come to the aid of a murderer, to which Deadpool answers that, firstly, he only kills for money and, secondly, look who’s talking. Before he can go on, Daredevil interrupts and tells the Punisher that Deadpool is innocent. Over the radio, Henry is listening in and suddenly alerts the Punisher to incoming “Five-Oh.” He then drives the van away, with the Punisher still attached via the scythe.

As the van drives off, Deadpool suddenly announces the name of the Reaper! The Grim Reaper! When Daredevil questions, Deadpool remarks that the weapon the Punisher was rocking belonged to the Grim Reader. Conan was tooling on it one night and he distinctly remembers ‘cause Carmen Electra was on and she sat on… Interrupting, Daredevil suggests they leave and swings off.

(O’Shea Penthouse)

An excited Mr. O’Shea races into the bedroom saying the little blue pill kicked in and they have lift-off. However, instead of finding Gloria waiting for him, he is met by Daredevil and Deadpool, the latter of whom laments that Punxsutawney Phil has seen his shadow, meaning it’s going to be an early winter. Entering the room at this point, Gloria seems a little put out by the other two costumed men, remarking that he didn’t tell her they were going to do this again.

Closing his robe, Mr. O’Shea tells Gloria to go downstairs. As he closes the door, he turns to the two costumed men and asks what did the little brat do now? At the end of his grandiose explanation of events, Deadpool threatens to disembowel Conrad once he finds him. Daredevil promptly denies this and tells Mr. O’Shea that they just want to find him and figure out what role his son had in all this. Mr. O’Shea assures the two that, if his son is guilty, he will pay with the full force of the law. But, if they are wrong, they will be the ones who pay. He tells the two that if they want to find Conrad than they need to find a big, black albino in Harlem. Deadpool interjects saying that there must be hundreds of them in Harlem, but Daredevil immediately knows that it’s Tombstone they need to look for.

Afterwards, as they stand on the roof of the penthouse, Daredevil suggests that they reconnect in a couple of hours, as he has some things he needs to take care of. Daredevil agrees, as he has plenty of things to do himself.

The next morning, Tombstone is dressed in a smart shirt and trousers and is playing golf when once of his men comes up to him and interrupts his swing. The man tells Tombstone that Daredevil and Deadpool have been spotted coming from Mr. O’Shea’s penthouse. As the man starts to walk away, he passes Conrad, who is looking disheveled and serving as Tombstone’s caddy. As the man tells him that Deadpool is getting close, Conrad replies that there will finally be an end to the nightmare. Tombstone overhears and puts his arm around Conrad, whilst mocking him and saying that he has an ace up his sleeve. The two look down to the bunker in which Tombstone was swinging and view a bunch of men buried up to their head in the sand. Each head is covered in blood where Tombstone has been using them as golf tees. He pushes Conrad to the ground amongst the dead men and tells him to pick up his clubs.

Elsewhere, Daredevil is standing on a warehouse rooftop, looking at two men work on a car. He jumps down to the roof of the car and says he is looking for Tombstone, to which one snarkily replies that, if he finds him, to relay the message that Ty from Boogie Down says “what’s up.” When Daredevil presses, the two men start to approach in a threatening manner. He quickly kicks one man unconscious and hits the other in the throat. He then lifts the conscious man off the floor using his shirt and demands he tell him where Tombstone is.


Deadpool knocks on an apartment door and it is soon answered by Outlaw, who is surprised that Deadpool is alive. Calling her Crazy Inez, he begins to remark on her concern. However, before he can finish the sentence, she punches him in the face with a blow Deadpool imagines to be a brawny, male boxer, emphatically reminding him that she told him not to call her that!

A little later, Outlaw continues, berating him not just for destroying her last apartment but for also destroying her couch, which she loved. Asked how he found her, he tells her y her landlord, to which she corrects “ex-landlord.” He then goes on to say that, although she lost a couch, he got the worse deal by having his arms cut off. He then promises to pay her back for everything she lost.

Changing subjects, she asks who is doing this to him and he tells her some lowlife bookie named Tombstone. Outlaw promptly declares it a cool name, to which Deadpool excitedly agrees. He walks to the window and it still talking about Tombstone when he suddenly stops mid-sentence. Spotting a man in the opposite building looking at him through a pair of binoculars, Deadpool asks Outlaw if she put a deposit down for the room. When she says “yes,” he replies, “add this to my tab” as he blows the window out with a gun. He then fires a grappling wire across to the other building and slides down it to the opposite window. Unfortunately, the window is made is plexi-glass and he slams into it.

The man who was watching them runs up to his rooftop whilst calling someone on his phone to help him. Unfortunately, he suddenly finds himself running into Deadpool and, dropping the phone, jumps on a motorized lift on the side of the building to escape. However, Deadpool also jumps on it and then cuts the wire holding it up. As the lift falls to the ground, the two men scream, Deadpool with excitement and the other man with terror.

As it hits the ground, however, Deadpool grabs the man and they fall to the floor unharmed. Deadpool grabs the man by the throat and demands to know where Tombstone is. The man is too scared to talk but Deadpool keeps threatening him. Just then, Spider-Man crawls down a wall towards them, mistaking Deadpool for a costumed criminal. HE loves all of the pockets, Spidey quips, he’s like a walking fanny pack. Telling the man Deadpool was threatening to scram, Spidey ties Deadpool up with webbing. Deadpool says he is innocent but Spider-Man doesn’t believe him. Just as he is telling Spider-Man to ask Daredevil, his head explodes in a shower of blood and chunks. From a rooftop, the Punisher relaxes his crossbow gun and says “Gotcha.”

Characters Involved: 



Ben Urich


The Punisher

Henry Russo


Conrad O’Shea

Unnamed henchman


Editor of Black Ops Magazine


Mr. O’Shea


Two unnamed thugs

Spying man

Story Notes: 

Conrad put an advert in Black Ops Magazine and lured Deadpool to a warehouse so that he could meet him and set up an assignment. As it turns out, Conrad set Deadpool up by sending him to a building which in turn exploded, killing the residents inside. Deadpool has been blamed for the explosion since. [Deadpool: Suicide Kings #1]

Metallica is a heavy metal band, known for their loud music.

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is a reality TV program in which five gay men give makeovers to heterosexual men.

Although blind, Daredevil’s powers include an increase in all his other senses. He is able to monitor the body functions of other people such as the heartbeat, which he can use as a lie detector. This is how he knew Deadpool was innocent of blowing up the building.

Grim Reaper is the brother of Wonder Man and a long time foe of the Avengers. He is known for using a techno-scythe mounted onto one of his hands.

“Five-Oh” is slang for “Officers approaching.”

The “Conan” Deadpool was referring to is probably U.S. talk show host Conan O’Brien.

Carmen Electra is a U.S. actress and TV personality.

Punxsutawney Phil is a groundhog who lives in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, USA. The tradition goes that, if he comes out his hole on February 2nd and sees his shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter.

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