Deadpool: Suicide Kings #4

Issue Date: 
September 2009
Story Title: 

Mike Benson and Adam Glass (Writers), Carlo Barberi (Pencils), Sandu Florea (Inks), Marte Gracia (Colours), Virtual Calligraphy’s Cory Petit (Letters), Mike McKone (Cover Artist), Jody Leheup (Assistant editor), Axel Alonso (Editor), Joe Quesada (Editor-in-Chief)

Brief Description: 

Deadpool is dreaming that he is Dorothy from Wizard of Oz has meeting a munchkin on the Yellow Brick Road. However, after the Punisher (dressed as the Tin Man) shoots the munchkin in the head, Deadpool wakes from his dream to find himself in a safe house with Spider-Man and Daredevil. The three discuss how to find Tombstone, after which they split up to search. Meanwhile Tombstone goes to see the Hood, with whom he strikes a deal to borrow some of the Hood’s gang to kill Deadpool, Spider-Man and Daredevil. Afterwards, Conrad tries to bargain with his captor but Tombstone is uninterested and says he is now doing this for the sport of it. Elsewhere, the Punisher and Henry Russo are listening in to police radios when they pick up a sighting of Deadpool, who has gone to a strip club in search of information about Tombstone. As he starts questioning the people there, the Punisher shows up and their resulting fight spills out onto the street. Deadpool starts declaring his innocence, which Henry surprisingly backs up, using his surveillance gear from the van as a lie detector. After finally believing Deadpool didn’t blow up the building, the Punisher teams up with Deadpool and, together, they get some information out of a street associate of Tombstones. The two men soon find Tombstone at an illegal pig-fighting ring. While the Punisher and Deadpool are distracted with the illegal game’s other patrons, Tombstone slips out a side door and escapes on a motorcycle. Deadpool quickly finds another bike and gives chase and is surprisingly aided by Spider-Man. Tombstone leads the two men to an abandoned construction yard, where he has the Wrecking Crew waiting and ready to fight.

Full Summary: 

Deadpool, dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, is skipping along the yellow-brick road with Daredevil, the Punisher and Spider-Man, all dressed as The Lion, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow. The come across a munchkin who immediately welcomes them to Munchkinland. However, halfway through his speech, his head explodes in a shower of blood. Holding a gun, the Punisher/Tin Man comments that he is now a dead munchkin.

An unmasked Deadpool suddenly sits upright in bed whilst screaming “Nooooooo!” He starts to recall his dream to Daredevil, who is standing next to him. When he asks where they are, Daredevil replies that they are in the Essex House and that Spider-Man brought them there. Deadpool turns to see Spider-Man standing in the room. He apologizes to Deadpool for not believing him and then adds that Deadpool got blood all over Spider-Man’s new costume. Ignoring this, Deadpool tells Spider-Man that he was the Scarecrow in his dream, at which point Daredevil says that Wade should probably get more sleep. Deadpool declines the offer and says that his nerves are going to take time to repair and that his synapse response is a bit slow.

Hearing this, Spider-Man asks what his problem was before his head exploded. Deadpool retorts by asking if Spider-Man should be fighting someone like the Vulture; what’s he, ninety? Early seventies, Spidey replies, and that’s ageism. Deadpool then goes on to make fun of Stilt-Man too and asks what the hella “Gibbon” is. Narrowing his eyes, Spidey begins to note that Deadpool seems to know an awful lot about him.

Trying to change the subject, Daredevil brings up Tombstone, leading Spidey to not that, for the record, he’s one of his adversaries. Deadpool quips “I’ll alert the media,” to which Spidey notes is a quote from “Arthur;” good flick. If he wants to start quoting movies, he adds, he’s messing with the wrong guy… and “that’s the fact, jack.” Increasingly annoyed, Daredevil tries to get them to stop bickering, to which Spider-Man notes that he wasn’t the one making fun of Deadpool’s lack of rogue’s gallery, or lack thereof. Declaring that’s it, Daredevil walks away saying they should split up. He’ll write down the addresses.


Tombstone, carrying a sports bag, is being escorted through a dark building by two large men with guns. He enters a dark room with a big spotlight shone on the floor. A voice tells him to step into the light, which he promptly does. He starts to thank the voice for seeing him but, before he can finish, the voice tells him to speak his mind. Tombstone addresses the voice as The Hood and tells him that he would like to rent out some of his muscle. The Hood mocks Tombstone’s use of the words “rent out,” at which point Tombstone sets the bag on the ground and starts to open it. The Hood tells Tombstone that he has many guns aimed to him so he should be careful. Tombstone pulls a decapitated head out of the bag and says he had heard the man was causing the Hood some trouble. The Hood asks if he is supposed to be impressed, to which Tombstone says it is just a gesture for seeing him on such short notice.

The Hood asks him who he needs protection from. When he says “Deadpool,” the Hood asks what Deadpool wants with him. Tombstone asks him what any of them want. To settle a score, right a wrong. He then tells the Hood that Daredevil and Spider-Man are also aiding Deadpool. The Hood tells Tombstone it will cost a lot and that he pays for any medical expenses. He then tells Tombstone that if any of this comes back to bite him, then he will not be pleased. The Hood walks away, telling Tombstone that his people will contact him and arrange the details.

Tombstone leaves the building and gets into his limousine. There is blood on one of the seats and Conrad is sat holding his hand, which is also covered in blood. When Tombstone asks about the blood, the driver replies that Conrad hit him on the back of the head with a bottle of Louis the XVIII and he shot Conrad in retaliation. Asked if he means the Black Pearl, the driver confirms. Regarding Conrad, Tombstone remarks that the bottle was a birthday gift from Russell Simmons and he was saving it for a special occasion.

Teary-eyed, Conrad asks Tombstone to take him to his dad and that he will pay him everything he owes. Tombstone says it’s not about the money anymore and that it’s about the sport and that he also has bigger plans. He then notices the bandage around Conrad’s hand and asks to be told that he’s not using his monogrammed bar napkins that his mama got him for Kwanzaa.

Elsewhere, the Punisher and Henry Russo are in their surveillance van. Henry is listening to police radio transmissions and tells Punisher that they have located Deadpool. Punisher doesn’t believe him, saying that he killed Deadpool with a shot to the head. Henry tells him he was just reporting what the police radio said. He asks the Punisher, who is driving the van, what he wants to do, to which the Punisher responds by swinging the van around and heading to where Deadpool was sighted.

Deadpool walks into a strip club and stands in the doorway for a few seconds ogling the women on stage. As he focuses in on the black dancer at the pole, one of Deadpool’s voices wonders if she would like to dress up as Storm and do bad things to him, to which the other voice notes that it’s more of a Misty Knight fan. Deadpool himself voices aloud that the scene really brings him back to high school. Deadpool walks down the steps into the club and starts addressing the people in the room. There’s a new sheriff in town… and his name’s Deadpool. When Deadpool wonders if any of them got the 48 Hours reference, the voice remarks that it didn’t.

Continuing, Deadpool announces that he is looking for Tombstone and that anyone who knows any information should just point to where he is hiding. He tells everyone he has one hundred dollars in singles and he aint leaving ‘til every last one is spent. And he’s not one of those fellas who likes to make it rain. He knows how to make a buck last. He can he there for days. Weeks.

Just then, Deadpool looks into one of the mirrors on the stage and notices the reflection of the Punisher pointing a gun at him. Quickly, he spins around and kicks the Punisher in the stomach before he can shoot. The Punisher falls through the front entrance and into the street. Deadpool follows, asking what villain’s weapons he will be using today, to which the Punisher says he wants to kill him with his bare hands. The Punisher goes to punch, but Deadpool dodges, wrapping his nunchaku around the Punisher’s wrist and using leverage to flips him over. However, the Punisher sweeps his legs and knocks Deadpool to the floor down, after which he then leaps on the mercenary and starts punching him. In reply, Deadpool quickly grabs his hair and slams the Punisher’s face into the pavement and starts mocking his broken nose. The Punisher responds by lurching forward and biting off Deadpool’s nose, after which he spits it out on the floor. He then stands over Deadpool and takes out a gun, at which point Deadpool points a gun at the Punisher’s face too.

For a moment, they remain in silent motionlessness. Deadpool breaks the silence and says that he didn’t kill the people from the apartment building. The Punisher rebuffs him and says he will take his chances. Just then, Henry interrupts over the radio and says Deadpool’s heart-rate hasn’t changed and that he is telling the truth. The Punisher asks if he is sure, to which Henry replies not entirely, but in his professional opinion he is telling the truth. The Punisher thinks about it for a few seconds and then stands up and puts his gun away. Deadpool, having trouble talking without a nose, is slightly bemused and asks if the Punisher believes him. He dryly replies that Deadpool is still breathing, isn’t he? When he then asks who did set him up, Deadpool replies that it was Tombstone. The Punisher says that he has heard of Tombstone, to which Deadpool asks if he and Henry can find him.

Deadpool and the Punisher walk up to a group of men who are hanging around in an ally. The Punisher says he is looking for answers and that the men are going to give them to him. When he asks the first man where Tombstone is, the man replies he hasn’t seen him in ages. Deadpool butts in and says the man is lying but Henry says his heartbeat is in range. They ask the second man the same question, to which the man asks Deadpool to stop screaming in his ear. He says he doesn’t know what he is talking about, to which Henry says he is also telling the truth.

As they approach the third man, he says he doesn’t know anything, but Henry says his heart is racing and that he is lying. In the van Henry is looking at a computer screen and he tells the two men that the facial recognition software identifies the man as Pete Wu, who is a criminal wanted for rape, murder and theft amongst other crimes. The Punisher acknowledges the information and Henry hears a gunshot over the radio. The man is now sitting on the ground, crying in pain. The Punisher looks at Deadpool and asks why he shot him, to which he replies that the Punisher was going to do it anyway and that this is his book. Confused by the statement, the Punisher begins to question, but Deadpool dismisses it.

The Punisher then tells the man to call Tombstone. Deadpool leans down and threatens that if he tips him off then he will kill him. He rings Tombstone and tells him that he has a tip on a game, all the while trying not to stammer with fear and pain. He tells Tombstone to put two hundred on Rangers, to which he replies “It’s on” as he closes his phone. From the van, Henry tells the Punisher they have a lock on Tombstone.

Tombstone is walking through a crowd of people with Conrad and a bodyguard. They approach a ring made out of crates. In the ring is one of Tombstone’s modified pig’s, which as just slaughtered a rival pig. A tall man named Lobotomy begrudgingly gives Tombstone a wad of money for winning. Suddenly, their attention is caught by Deadpool and the Punisher walking in with their weapons out. Lobotomy yells to the rest of his gang to kill the two men but the Punisher opens fire first, shooting the various men as Deadpool leaps into the crowd, slicing them with his sword.

Through the blood & bullets, Deadpool notices Tombstone escaping through a side door, to which the Punisher tells him to go after him. As Deadpool exits the building, he sees Tombstone getting away on a motorbike. Deadpool spots another bike and gives chase, singing “Get Your Motor Runnin’,” as he does. However, as he closes in on Tombstone, he gets caught in the exhaust fumes and loses visibility. As the fumes clear, he suddenly realizes he is headed straight for a truck.

Just as he is about to collide with it, some webbing suddenly attaches itself to his back and Spider-Man lifts him clear and continues their chase. Deadpool asks how Spider-Man found him, to which the wall-crawler replies that he used his Spidey-Tracer. Deadpool scoffs in disbelief at “that old trick.” A few moments later, the two corner Tombstone at a warehouse. However, just as it looks like he is caught, he is joined by the Wrecking Crew, who are all armed and ready to fight.

Characters Involved: 




The Punisher

Henry Russo

The Hood



Conrad O’Shea
Limousine driver

Strippers and patrons at strip club

Two unnamed gang members

Pete Wu

Tombstone’s bodyguard
Numerous members of Lobotomy’s gambling gang

The Wrecker, Piledriver, Thunderball and Bulldozer (all Wrecking Crew)

(In Deadpool’s dream)

Deadpool as Dorothy Gale, Punisher as the Tin Man, Daredevil as the Cowardly Lion and Spider-Man as the Scarecrow.

Story Notes: 

In Deadpool’s dream sequence, he is dressed as Dorothy Gale from the Wizard of Oz series of books and movies. Daredevil is the Cowardly Lion, Punisher is the Tin Man and Spider-Man is the Scarecrow.

The Punisher shot Deadpool in the head in issue #3.

“I’ll alert the media” is a quote from the 1981 film Arthur starring Dudley Moore.

“That’s the fact, Jack” is a quote from the 1981 film Stripes starring Bill Murray.

Tombstone’s bottle of “Louis the XVIII” is most likely meant to be the “Louis XIII de Rémy Martin” is a cognac produced in France. The “Black Pearl” is a limited edition cognac, with only 786 bottles having been decanted.

Misty Knight is a private detective who later became a member of at least two incarnations of Heroes for Hire.

“There’s a new sheriff in town” is a line spoken by Eddie Murphy’s character, Reggie Hammond, in the 1982 film “48 Hrs.” Its success ultimate spawned a sequel in 1990, “Another 48 Hrs.”

Russell Simmons is a hip-hop mogul who owns numerous movie, clothing and music production companies.

Kwanzaa is a U.S holiday celebrated from 26th December to 1st January. It honors African-American history and culture.

Deadpool was framed, by Conrad, for blowing up an apartment block and killing the residents inside in issue #1.

When Deadpool is chasing Tombstone on the motorbike he is singing “Born to be wild” by Steppenwolf.

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