Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy #3

Issue Date: 
December 2014
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Kyle Higgins (writer), Jonathan Marks (artisit), Lee Loughridge (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Caramagna (letterer), Jonathan Marks & Jose Villarrubia (cover artists), Katie Kubert & Mike Marts (editors), Axel Alonso (editor in chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

Sabretooth has joined a group of soldiers in Somalia. However he picks off select members of the group, dresses them up in a makeshift version of Wolverine's costume and slaughters them. They learn the government's army has a being who commands fire on their team now. One of the soldiers tells Sabretooth that they hear him speak the name “Logan” some nights in his sleep. Sabretooth warns the soldier to drop the subject. But Sabretooth is haunted by Wolverine's death, and he does dream of various encounters with his old foe. Days later, the soldiers come into contact with the government's army and Sabretooth battles the one who controls fire, Labaraa. Sabretooth defeats Labaraa and decides that maybe he can do better than Wolverine.

Full Summary: 

The dead of night, a voice cries out 'Come on, runt... wake up time. You can do it' and a man sprawled out on a field rouses. He finds himself wearing yellow and blue clothes, and has a familiar mask across his face, while knives are strapped to his hands, as if they were deadly claws. 'There you go' the voice utters. The man on the ground tries to sit up, and utters something in his native language. 'English, runt. English' the voice orders. 'W-where...' the man asks, looking around. The voice calls out through the darkness, informing the man that he is in Stadium Mogadishu, adding that it seemed like a good spot for one last go. 'All the history we got'. The man looks at his hands and announces that he doesn't understand. He introduces himself as Aadan, to which the voice responds 'No it isn't, Wolverine'. Aadan removes the Wolverine mask and declares again that his name is Aadan. 'And whoever you are, I will kill you for this! I will murder your family while they sleep!' he exclaims.

'Now we're talking' the voice in the night calls back. 'You are a corpse! A -' Aadan shouts, unaware that someone lurks behind him on the stadium seats – then leaps forward, and slashes across Aadan's throat. Aadan falls to the ground, clutching his neck as blood drips down. 'Anybody who says getting what you want ain't satisfying... never wanted to kill!' Victor “Sabretooth” Creed roars as he grabs Aadan and holds him to his face. Creed then drags Aadan's body from the stadium field, leaving a trail of blood behind him, through some back rooms, where a pack of dogs are hanging around. 'Enjoy, boys' Creed smiles as he tosses Aadan's body to the dogs, turns and walks away, as the dogs start to feast.

Somalia, specifically the outskirts of Mogadishu, where some soldiers have gathered amongst ruined buildings. 'You heard what happened to Aadan?' one of them asks. 'Oh, no... him, too?' another replies. 'They found what was left of him with the dogs. Wearing a western hero costume' someone reveals. 'Did anyone see who took him?' a skinny man holding his gun behind his shoulders asks. 'Who do you think, Nabil... who do you think?' another man replies, glancing backwards.

A larger man approaches Creed and addresses him as Victor, and informs him that their scouts say the Somali army moves west. 'They are not prepared for us' he adds. 'Good' Creed replies as he examines a large weapon. 'You will join?' the larger man asks. 'I never miss a good slaughter, Haji, that's why I'm here' Creed responds. Haji tells Victor that their squad has killed many more government dogs since he has come to them, and now he hears that they have brought in a powered Somali who commands fire to protect them. 'They're afraid' Haji declares, before asking Victor if he will stay with them.

'Got no reason to leave. Terrorist, war lords, murder squads, what's not to love?' Creed points out. 'Yes, Mogadishu has all of these' Haji replies, adding that a man grows stronger for every life he takes. 'You trying to say something, Haji?' Creed asks as he picks up a machete. 'Just that people like us find our worth in the people we kill. But when someone is as strong as you, Creed, maybe they should be taking stronger lives' Haji replies. 'Otherwise, what worth do they have?' he adds. Creed doesn't say anything, and Haji continues, informing Creed that they hear him speak a name in his sleep some nights – Logan. 'Is he -' Haji begins, before Creed shoves the machete against Haji's neck and declares that he is planning to kill a lot of people today. 'If I were you... I wouldn't give me a reason to start early!' Creed declares.

And soon, Creed and the soldiers attack their enemy, with guns blazing and Creed savagely lunging at his foes, slashing through them with ease. Blood is sprayed through the air as Creed continues his assault. Weapons are fired repeatedly at the enemy, until they fall. 'Tsk. Was it good for you?' Creed asks as he removes the machete from one of the enemy soldiers.

Creed's mind is filled with images of Wolverine. 'All those years. All that hate. All that blood'. Their history plays out before his eyes, reaching a point where Wolverine had his two outer claws placed at Creed's head, the middle claw not yet released. 'This is how it went, didn't it, Bub? When we finally thought we killed ya' Wolverine remarks to Creed. 'You know what the crazy part is? After this... they welcomed me back with open arms. Murderer and all'. Wolverine tells Sabretooth that they may be the same, but that everyone always liked him better. 'And now you're dead' Sabretooth points out. 'And you ain't even the one to do it. What's that say about you, Vic?' Wolverine asks, pointing out that Creed is camped out in this hellhole, killing as many people as he can, trying to feel powerful – but they both know why he is really there – because he is afraid. 'You got nothing without me, Vic. Nobody you kill's ever gonna measure up and make you feel whole. You ain't ever gonna find another runt. Good luck with that' Wolverine smiles, before popping the middle claw.

'AHH!' Creed cries out as he wakes, sitting up in the ruins of a building. He looks around, then checks his neck. 'Dammit...' he mutters. Creed gets up and goes over to a body lying on the floor in the ruins. 'You fought well today, Nabil' he tells the soldier, who stirs. 'Say, you're about 5'2”, right?' creed asks. 'No – 5'4”' Nabil replies. 'That's close enough' Creed replies, holding up a Wolverine mask.

Days later, a series of vehicles drive across the harsh terrain, when suddenly, one of them it set on fire and explodes. Survivors are pulled to safety, and from the dust nearby, Sabretooth and the other soldiers rush forward, 'Kill 'em all!' someone shouts. 'It's him! The Daimosho Butcher!' one of the men from the cars exclaims. 'Hurry! Bring out the fire!' another calls out. 'Labaraa!' someone shouts. As the battle rages, a burst of flame knocks one of the soldiers back, setting him on fire. 'The hell was that?' Creed asks. 'It is him, Creed. The one I told you about' Haji reports as flames spread around them. 'Labaraa!' Haji declares, as they see the other man, clad in bullet proof gear, fire dancing at his control, before them. 'Should we -' Haji begins, but Sabretooth exclaims 'No – this little punk's mine!' He lunges forward, leaping over a car that Labaraa sets on fire, Labaraa grabs Creed when they start to battle at close range. 'Come 'ere, you -' Creed begins as he lunges at Labaraa who responds by setting Creed on fire. Creed roars in response, as Labaraa continues to pour the flames on. Creed has his claws at the ready and slashes out at Labaraa's throat, causing the other man to drop to his knees.

Creed also falls over, still burning, while Haji rushes over to him and tells him to hold on. He throws something onto Creed to ease the flames, and Creed coughs as he gets to his feet. 'Little pissant... hurt me... go figure' Creed mutters. Haji notices something on the ground, and picks it up – one of the makeshift Wolverine masks. Sabretooth goes over to Haji and tells him that maybe he was right, maybe there is something to a better class of kills. 'Maybe I won't be here for that long' Creed supposes, as he tosses the mask into the flaming remains of Labaraa and watching it burn, tells Haji 'Maybe I can do better than Logan'.

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Aadan, Haji, Nabil and other soldiers
Enemy soldiers

In Sabretooth's Nightmare

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