Emma Frost #11

Issue Date: 
July 2004
Story Title: 
Mind Games - part 5: Dirty Laundry

Karl Bollers (writer), Carlo Pagulayan (penciler), Dennis Crisostomo (inker), Transparency Digital (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy’s Cory Petit (letterer), Greg Horn (cover artist), Cory Sedlmeier & Stephanie Moore (assistant editors), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

Lucian does not take kindly to Winston’s reply. Emma and Troy realize that Lucian no longer has a reason to keep them alive. Emma reads Troy’s mind to discover he is planning to distract Lucian so she can escape. He does not plan to escape himself. Troy’s plan fails and results in Lucian going after Emma who lashes out with her mind powers and absorbs Lucian’s memories, both intimate and business. Tray again begs Lucian to let Emma go. Lucian tells him to shut up and tells Stu to put the cuffs on her for real this time. However, while Lucian is distracted giving orders, Troy grabs the gun tucked inside his belt and levels it at Lucian’s head. Lucian tells Troy he is stupid and they struggle for the weapon. Lucian wins the struggle when the gun fires and Troy dies. Adrienne stays around the TV station long enough to deny to Sammy that the broadcast will put her sister in any danger and, of course, collect her check. Adrienne returns home in time to gather with the rest of her family in the dining room for breakfast. It is here that Winston hears about the tape being taken to the police station. Even though Adrienne insists she did not steal the tape, but sold it instead, her father is still angry with her. Winston slaps his oldest daughter in the face with enough power to knock her to the floor. He also informs her that because of her action he will be forced to pay for the worthless Emma in order to avoid a public relations nightmare. Back at the hideout, Emma tries to convince Lucian that she read his mind but he does not believe her and orders her mouth taped shut. Lucian then sees the tape on the news. Lucian decides to convince Mr. Frost that he cannot be ignored so easily and puts together a little care package for him. The police arrive at the Frost Mansion and the family is questioned about Emma. In the middle of the questioning the package, marked perishable, arrives addressed specifically to Mr. Frost. The detectives insist on opening it. They ask Adrienne to identify the lock of hair as belonging to Emma. They also ask for positive ID on the rest of the contents—the ear. The kidnappers dispose of Troy’s body. Lucian tells Emma she should be grateful he has not harmed her yet; instead of being so upset he cut just her hair. He tells her this is the only way her father will know he means business. Emma tells him “he does not stand a chance”. Lucian takes the rest of the remark to mean against her Daddy. Petal calls him to see the current news broadcast of Mr. Frost telling the kidnappers he is willing to do anything to get his daughter returned unharmed. Lucian tells Emma that at least her Daddy knows when he has been beat. Emma, whose mouth is once again taped shut, silently reminds him she was talking about herself when she made that remark, and not her father.

Full Summary: 

WBOX News Broadcast Studio - Boston 4:07 AM:

Adrienne Frost tells Sammy that Emma really looks great on camera as the video segment is previewed. Sammy states to himself that this is definitely a death sentence. Adrienne asks him what he is babbling about now. Sammy reminds her that the girl in the videotape is her sister and her kidnappers have promised to hang her should this video end up in the hands of the police. Adrienne tells him that she did not take the video to the police. Instead, she brought the video here to the news station. Sammy points out that the kidnappers will definitely notice where she took the tape after it airs on the morning broadcast. Her actions have killed her sister and she knows it. Adrienne reminds him that his station has already purchased the video, instead of asking her to leave the premises. She tells Sam that it is strange what ratings will make TV stations do. She puts her arm around his shoulder and asks him just how long it is going to take accounts payable to cut her a check.
South Boston - 4:29 AM:

Lucian is seated by himself at a table drinking coffee and going over business matters as Petal looks on. The rest of the gang, including Toy and Emma, are on the other side of the room conversing with each other about their plans for their share of the money. After hearing the news that Winston Frost will not pay, Lucian shoves everything from the table and turns it over as he stands up. He exclaims that no one with money is going to ignore him or not take his threats seriously.

Petal tries to comfort him as he leads her and the rest of the gang towards the car in the garage. Emma realizes that her plan has now gone from bad to worse. She also realizes that as of now there is no reason for Lucian to leave either her or Troy alive. She can hear Troy’s thoughts. She knows he believes that they are in real trouble. He plans to distract the gang so she can escape but does not plan on escaping himself. Before she can stop him, Troy tells Lucian he has another idea. Lucian sarcastically tells Troy that he is interested because the last idea was such a winner.
Emma sees that the gang are now concentrated as a whole on this exchange between Troy and their boss. Emma gathers up her dress and runs for the way out. Lucian yells for her to stop but she continues in her flight. He gives chase and catches up to her. He makes the fatal mistake of attempting to grab her by the arm. Unconsciously, she lashes out with her power and is immediately flooded with the totality of Lucian’s memories. His entire sordid past, both intimate and business, become a part of her memories whether she wants them to or not.

Troy sees the look on Lucian’s face and tells him that he will repay all he owes of Emma will be allowed to leave. Lucian throws Emma to the ground and tells Troy to shut his mouth before someone else does it for him. Then he turns his back on Troy to give Emma his full attention. Troy eyes the gun tucked in Lucian’s belt at the small of his back. Petal confronts Lucian and states that he never plays with her like that. Lucian turns to Stu and orders him “to put the cuffs on for real this time”. Suddenly, Lucian feels for his gun and realizes it is missing. Troy takes advantage and levels the gun at Lucian’s head. Troy tells Lucian that he can’t let him do this. Lucian retorts he is really dumb and they struggle for the firearm. Each tells the other to let go, but neither do. The struggle is fierce and primal as both men fight desperately for their own reasons. Suddenly, they both fall to the floor and a blast is heard from the center of the struggle. Lucian stands and calmly orders a clean up in isle 10 as a sarcastic remark. Emma has a clear view of the scene of what has happened to her boyfriend. All she can yell is “Troy!! No!!! Nooooooo!!” with all of the emotion she possesses.

Frost House Boston - 7:15 AM:

The sunrises on the expensive two-story as horses graze placidly in the field out front. Adrienne uses her key and opens the front door only to be greeted by her younger sister Cordelia, who is on her way downstairs for her breakfast. Cordelia accuses her older sister of being out all night. Adrienne replies that Cordelia should know how club hopping goes, “or maybe not because of that underage thing.” Cordelia replies by calling her sister “Skank” and goes on her way to the kitchen. Adrienne tells her to go have coffee as she will be nowhere Cordelia can find her anyway. The staff greets Cordelia as she joins her mom at the breakfast table. Mrs. Frost is watching the morning news.

The female news reporter is talking about breaking news in the Frost Heiress case. The news states that the kidnappers are demanding a quarter of a million dollars and a short film of Emma behind bars with a frightened look on her face is shown. The news also states that Winston Frost’s response to this demand is unknown. Cordelia, seeing the pathetic state her sister is in, says “Poor Emma”. Mrs. Frost states that she hopes the girls’ family can afford to pay such a large portion of cash for her return. Cordelia screams for her father. Winston enters the dining room and asks his daughter if she can find another way to attract his attention. Then he asks her what she wants to show him. She replies, “See for yourself” and points at the TV. The news explains how the family was asked not to contact police or Emma would be executed.

Adrienne picks this particular moment to enter the dining room. Winston turns on her and states, “You gave the tape to the media?” Adrienne replies with a one-word answer: “Sold”. Cordelia voices her disbelief that they would know all about this and yet not attempt to save Emma. Winston is furious with his oldest daughter. He slaps her on the cheek with such force that it knocks her to the floor. As Adrienne looks at her father while rubbing her cheek, Winston tells her that now he will be forced to pay for her worthless sibling or face a public relations nightmare he is unprepared to deal with.

South Boston - Immediately after Troy’s Death:

Lucian makes it a point to tell Emma, who is still sitting dazed on the floor of the garage, that she is completely alone with the gang. That her chance of being rescued just died in the supply room. She tells her kidnapper that nothing matters because she has looked inside his mind. Lucian asks her if she is on drugs or what? Emma tells him that she really does know everything. She starts talking about his fathers’ gun, the Pastors office, Tito and the bullies and as final proof; she mentions Gina and the straight razor. Petal looks concerned and asks Lucian who exactly was Gina? Lucian does his best to convince Petal that Emma is delirious, on drugs, or has lost her mind. Lucain turns to Bazz and asks him to tape Emma’s mouth shut so they don’t have to listen to the girls crazy talk anymore. Bazz tells Lucian that he did not sign up for this kind of stuff and starts to walk out of the garage. Lucian grabs Bazz’ shirt and forces him up against the wall and tells him he did agree to do this when he could not pay back the money he owed Lucian for his film school education. Especially since Lucian was the one who paid for the schooling and then allowed Bazz to live and work for him. Suddenly, Lucian gets a hold of his temper and apologizes to Bazz for getting physical. Lucan blames his actions on stress and sets Bazz down easy. Bazz agrees with him while rubbing his neck. Stu pokes his head around the corner and informs Lucien that he has just received bad news. Lucien tells Stu he is the only bad news around and when he is told he will feel like Stu is talking about him, personally. Lucian follows Stu into the warehouse and out of the garage.

With Lucian gone, Petal approaches Emma and asks her who Gina is. Emma is about to tell her when Bazz places duck tape over her mouth and shuts her up. Petal gives Bazz a look that states she is severely annoyed with this action. Bazz points to the vacant door way and says, “He told me too” as a way of explaining his action to Petal.

Lucian storms back into this tense scene ranting that the tape has been released to the media. He tells the gang that Frost is either nuts or calling his bluff. Lucian states that he, however, is not kidding. Lucian turns to Stu and asks for a switchblade. Stu hands him one. Lucian approaches a clearly wide-eyed, terrified Emma and tells her he thinks its time they sent another message.

Frost House Boston - Noon:

A helicopter circles overhead as policemen and mobile news crews mill around in the driveway. Two people approach the front door of the mansion. One is a well-dressed black man in a gray business suit and the other is a white women dressed in a maroon pants suite. They ring the doorbell. The door is opened slowly by a women dressed in a maids uniform. The twosome introduces themselves to the maid as Lieutenant Church and Lieutenant Pascal of the Boston emergency response unit. The female Lieutenant tells the maid that they are expected.

Minutes Later - Frost House Living Room:

The female Lieutenant is asking the family for any information that may help them locate Emma. Particularly the last time they remember seeing Emma. The Grandmother makes an honest attempt to remember the last time she saw Emma. Winston interrupts her and tells the Officers it has been at least four or five months. He tells them he is not one for keeping track of her. The male Lieutenant is clearly shocked by this response from the girl’s father. The female Lieutenant asks Winston if he has made any attempts to locate his daughter since the incident occurred. Winston tells the police that he runs a Fortune 500 company and is so busy he has no time to spare for this pursuit. The female Lieutenant asks Winston if he contacted the kidnappers. Winston replies with a shocked “Of course not”. The female Lieutenant then asks Winston why he did not call the police for help. Winston reminds the officers of the threats made against his daughter should he call the police for help. He claims he did not contact the police only because he cared so much for his daughter’s safety. Winston tells the police that he literally felt his blood run cold when he discovered the tape had been stolen. The male Lieutenant changes the line of questioning by asking Adrienne how she injured her eye. Adrienne tells them she had an accident playing badminton.

The Frost household Butler, Niles, interrupts the discussion by telling Winston he has a package marked perishable that has just arrived for him. The male Lieutenant politely asks Mr. Frost if he can have a look at the package. Winston replies with a sarcastic “knock yourself out” statement. Both of the officers open the package are surprised to discover a lock of brown hair accompanied by an ear. The entire Frost family looks on in shock as the lock of hair is retrieved from the box. Adrienne identifies it as the same color as Emma’s hair. The male Lieutenant asks the family if they can positively identify the rest of the contents of the box.

South Boston - 2:02 PM:

As Petal removes the portable TV and cart from the garage, Lucian asks Milo why they haven’t dumped the body yet. After all, it is starting to smell. Milo explains that he and Stu got caught up watching the news about them. Lucian sarcastically refers to them as real celebrities. Lucian goes to Emma and picks her up from the floor. As he removes the tape from her mouth he asks her if her sad face is because he cut some of her hair? He tells her she should at least be grateful to him for cutting Troy’s ear instead of hers. This way her father will know he is serious and she remains unharmed for the moment. As Lucian pulls a switchblade out to scare her she fiercely tells him that he doesn’t stand a chance. Lucian asks her against whom, Daddy? Before she can reply Petal tells Lucian to come and listen to the news. Bazz replaces the tape over Emma’s mouth, forcing her into silence once again. As Lucian gets within view of the TV he hears Winston Frost tell the camera that he is willing to give the kidnappers whatever they want in exchange for his daughter’s safe return.

Lucian gives Emma a sarcastic grin and tells her that her Daddy knows when he has been beaten. Emma silently informs him that she was not talking about her father; she was making the statement about herself.

Characters Involved: 

Emma Frost
Troy Killkelly
Winston Frost (Father of the Frost Family)

Adrienne Frost, Cordelia Frost (Emma’s sisters)
Mrs. Frost (Grand Mother of the Frost Family)
Niles(the Frost family Butler)
Samuel J. Sampat

Boston Police force

Mobile news crews

Lieutenant Church and Lieutenant Pascal of the Boston emergency response unit

Milo and Stu



on television

Female News Reporter

Emma Frost
Winston Frost
Various reporters at a press conference

Story Notes: 

Adrienne took the kidnappers’ tape to the television studio in Emma Frost #10.

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