Emma Frost #12

Issue Date: 
August 2004
Story Title: 
Mind Games - part 6: Going Mental

Karl Bollers (Writer), Carlo Pagulayan (Penciler), Dennis Cristostomo (Inker), Transparency Digital (Colorist), Virtual Calligraphy’s Corey Petit (Letterer), Greg Horn (Cover Artist), Cory Sedlmeier & Stephanie Moore (Assistant Editors), Mike Marts (Editor), Joe Quesada (Editor in Chief), Dan Buckley (Publisher)

Brief Description: 

Emma hears the broadcast on TV of her father reassuring her he will pay and everything will be fine. She wonders what his motive is for cooperating with the kidnappers. She gives Lucian her father’s private email and a deal is struck. Winston Frost will pay two thirds of the money in advance, and the rest after Emma is freed. Winston promised the kidnappers no police involvement, but it is the police-suggested plan the kidnappers have agreed too.
After realizing Bazz has overheard her thoughts, Emma formulates her own plan of escape. She knows each of the kidnappers’ weak points.
She has Milo and Stu doubt that Lucian will split the money with them. She has Lucian lose trust in them. She plants jealousy over her in Petals mind. Eventually the gang fights among themselves until they all appear dead. Bazz comes out of hiding with the key to her handcuffs. She manages to take the key, free herself, and slip the handcuffs on him. She leaves him chained to the pole and places an anonymous call to the police so they will be taken into custody. Emma uses her abilities to hide her presence at the station from the police. She takes the money and heads off for the Big Apple to start a new life for herself.

Full Summary: 

South Boston:

Emma (hands handcuffed to a nearby post, mouth taped over with duck tape) sits quietly in her rumpled evening dress and listens to the broadcast from the TV on the news. She is faced away from the TV.
Her kidnappers watch the TV intently.

Frost House - Boston, Massachusetts:

Winston Frost promises his daughter that she will be fine despite her present circumstances. He tells the kidnappers he is not responsible for the tape being given to the media. He also states that he accepts full responsibility for this and has forbidden police involvement. He assures the kidnappers he will cooperate and is now ready to pay them in full.
He asks his daughter to tell the kidnappers how to contact him, so he can get her home safe and close this deal as quickly as possible. He tells her to be strong and repeatedly calls her as ‘sweetheart.’ He tells her that the entire family loves her very deeply. The reporters attempt to question him further but he will only state “no comment”.

South Boston:

Lucian tells Emma that it appears that her father has had a change of heart, after all. He states that he must have sent them Troy’s good ear in order to get this kind of attention. Emma mentally tells herself that Lucian is flattering himself. She knows her father never responds to threats, so she wonders what his true motive is. Lucian reminds her that her job is to tell him how to contact her father when he removes the tape or he will get creative to get the information he needs. Lucian roughly removes the duck tape from her face. She utters three words “winwinwin…”. He is about to inquire further when she says it's her fathers email address. Winwinwin@frost.net. Winston snaps his fingers to get Petals attention and tells her to get the lap top as she knows what to do. Lucian also reminds Bazz that he knows what to do.

Petal immediately grabs the portable computer and starts to write an email. Bazz grabs the duck tape, cuts another piece, and approaches Emma while telling her he is sorry he has to do this. Emma’s reply is “sure you are”. However, she is loud enough that Bazz hears her in his head and looks around startled.

Frost House - Boston, Massachusetts:

Winston checks his email and sees that the kidnappers have already sent him a message. He tells the detectives that the only way they could have gotten his private email is if Emma was still alive and able to tell them the address. Cordelia gets up from the TV and goes to the window. She asks her father why there are so many people in the front yard? He chooses to ignore his daughter’s question and tells the detectives that the kidnappers want him to bring the money to a locker in Boston’s South Station. He says they claim they will release Emma twelve hours after the drop. Detective Church tells Mr. Frost of his idea and Winston composes a reply.

South Boston:

Petal tells Lucian that Winston Frost has just replied to the email. The offer is for half now and the other half when Emma is released, alive and unharmed. Lucian tells her to tell Mr. Frost that if he drops two thirds now, they will wait for the final third till after Emma is released.

Frost House - Boston, Massachusetts:

Mr. Frost informs the Detective Church that the kidnappers have agreed to his plan. Church states that they will be able to follow the kidnappers after they have made the pick up. Pascal picks up the phone and states that she will arrange for a stakeout of the location.

South Boston:

Emma is in shock that Bazz heard her thoughts and even reacted to them. She knows that even though she can’t talk, she can still communicate with him. She begins to convince Bazz that Lucian’s plan is insane and makes him doubt his fellow gang members.
Lucian notices he is acting strangely and asks him what is wrong. He tells Lucian to “Shut up”. Lucian becomes aggravated and asks him to repeat himself. Bazz takes the easy way out by telling his boss he is going outside to get some fresh air. Lucian asks him what’s wrong with the air he is currently breathing. Bazz replies “nothing” in a shaky voice as he heads outside.
Milo and Stu return from their errand as Bazz is on his way out. They notice his change of mood. Lucian asks them if they got rid of Troy’s body. They tell him that they bought him a pair of cement sneakers and tried to see if he could walk on water. Lucian asks them if they are serious about the sneakers. They tell him they just wanted to see what he would say. He smiles and says “funny”.
Emma, however, is further traumatized by seeing into their minds. She sees them dump her boyfriend’s body off a pier. She does not find it funny at all. Emma swears they will pay for this.
Lucian informs them of the agreement they have made to settle for a little over $160,000. Milo and Stu wonder why their boss took the lesser amount. He tells them that he believes Mr. Frost is waiting for the gang to get greedy. Why else would he offer more money after his daughter is released? Lucian senses a trap. He tells them they will take the lesser amount and cut her.
Emma realizes they are not planning on letting her go. Lucian is intent on killing her once they have been paid the lesser amount. He has no intention of setting her free and returning for the rest of the cash. She vows she will not go anywhere without a fight.
She reaches out mentally to Milo and Stu. She plants the suggestion that when the $160,000 is divided five ways, that the amount is not worth the risk. She makes the suggestion that Lucian is planning on keeping all the money for himself. Her telepathic suggestion is more than enough to plant doubt in their minds.
Milo and Stu ask Lucian point blank how the money is going to be split. Lucian tells them that they have asked a stupid question. Lucian looks then straight in the eye and swears they will split the money equally.

Desperate, Emma plants a telepathic suggestion in Bazz’s mind that he will not believe a word Lucian says. She reminds him of the money he still owes Lucian and tells him that is where his part will go. She tells Bazz that anything left over will be claimed as interest by Lucian so Bazz will never be free of him. She plants the suggestion that Bazz should call the police. Bazz makes a motion to pick up the phone with his hand. Lucian sees him and asks him what he is doing. He tells Lucian he is just checking the time.

Emma plants a doubt in Lucian’s mind using her telepathy. She tells Lucian that they do not have the right to question him on how the money should be split. She suggests that Lucian should get it all for just masterminding this scheme. After all an heiress does equal easy money.
Emma then moves on to Petal. She plants doubts in her mind also. She has Petal question why Lucian stares at the rich girl. After all, he did make a comment about kissing and making up to her. She is beginning to think that Lucian is attracted to Emma. She tells Lucian that she needs a word in private with him.
While Petal and Lucian are talking outside of Milo and Stu’s hearing range, Emma decides to have more fun. She suggests to Milo and Stu that they are formulating a plan to keep the money for themselves.
Then she returns to Lucian and plants the thought that he cannot trust Milo and Stu to make the pickup. They might run and take the money. Out of exasperation, Petal finally yells at him “Are you paying attention to me?”. Lucian sarcastically replies “How many things AM I suppose to focus on?”
Emma congratulates herself on sowing seeds of mistrust among her kidnappers. She realizes that she must get truly desperate for her plan to work.
As Lucian moves away from the group and takes off his coat in an attempt to relax he hears Troy’s voice tell him that he will never work off his debt if he keeps breaking dishes like this…. Lucian looks to where the voice came from and sees Troy. He shakes his head and closes his eyes, reminds himself Troy is dead, and opens them again, to discover Troy is gone. He convinces himself his mind is playing tricks on him since none of the others saw a thing. Lucian realizes that is possible because he has not slept in twenty-four hours. Silently, he wonders if Emma had something to do with the hallucinations and paranoia that is suddenly going on. He realizes that he has just committed the crime of his life and that no-one is acknowledging that. Instead, the members of the group question his authority and show their lack of faith in him, their leader. He feels that he has gotten way in over his head, its not a wonder he is breaking under the pressure.
In his fog, Lucian has drifted over to stand behind Petal. She snaps her fingers in his face and tells him to think only of greenbacks. She says she just received an email that Daddy made the drop and the money is at the station. Milo and Stu make ready to leave to pick up the cash. Lucian suddenly tells them no as he realizes they cannot be trusted with the cash. Instead of explaining to them why, he pulls his gun and points it in their direction. Petal is shocked and asks him what he is doing? Milo and Stu pull their guns as well and aim them at Lucian. Petal places herself in between the guns pointed in opposite directions. She tells them to chill before this situation gets out of hand.
Both parties order her out of their respective ways. However, Stu has a bright idea and grabs Petal, then points the gun directly at her head. Stu tells Lucian to put his gun down or he will do something he might regret later. Petal encourages Lucian to blow Stu away. Lucian looks serious, states that Petal is baggage and opens fire.
When the shooting is done, Petal lies dead on the floor. Lucian is shocked that Stu actually tried to shoot him. Stu is upset that Lucian has killed Petal. Lucian opens fire on Stu and drops him to the ground. Petal grabs the nearest gun and tells Lucian bye as she pulls the trigger. Then, Petal collapses back to the floor.
Bazz finally comes out of hiding after all the noise settles. He is shocked to find everyone shot, with the exception of Emma. Bazz crawls over to her to see if she is ok and shows her that he has the key. Bazz tells her is one of the good guys and is shocked to find Emma free and himself handcuffed to the pole. Emma tells him that she will place a call to the police so they will find him as she walks away. He pleads with Emma not to leave because this whole situation wasn’t his fault.

South Boston

A head on shot of the train station and people walking by it on the sidewalk. Emma reviews what she has done. She made them think they were killing each other. She knows they are all in custody now. Emma, for the first time, realizes that the world is not black and white.

That is why she has gone to the south Boston Station. She is utilizing her abilities to mask herself from the police her father has staked out everywhere. She does not want them to see her approach the locker or empty it. She learned the combination when she experienced Lucien’s memories. Emma boards a bus. She knows that $160,000 is not a lot of money compared to her Daddy’s millions. However, it is enough for her to start a new life somewhere else. She says goodbye to Beantown and hello to the Big Apple.

Characters Involved: 

Emma Frost

Winston Frost (Father of the Frost Family)

Cordelia Frost (Emma’s sisters)

Boston Police force

Mobile news crews

Lieutenant Church and Lieutenant Pascal of the Boston emergency response unit.


Milo and Stu


on television

Winston Frost
Various reporters at a press conference
in Emma’s memories

Troy Killkelly

Story Notes: 

Adrienne took the kidnappers’ tape to the television studio in Emma Frost #10.

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