Excalibur (4th series) #24

Issue Date: 
December 2021
Story Title: 
By the Pleasure of the Court

Tini Howard (writer), Marcus To (artist), Erick Arciniega (color artist), Virtual Calligraphy's Ariana Maher (letterer), Tom Muller (designer), Mahmud Asrar & Matthew Wilson (cover artists), Rian Gonzales; Joe Jusko (variant cover artists), Jonathan Hickman (Head of X), Nick Russell (production), Annalise Bissa & Sarah Brunstad (editors), Jordan D White (senior editor), CB Cebulski (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Betsy Braddock is in the vampire realm Sevalith within Otherworld. Betsy wants answers about the assassin who attacked her and her friends, while the Countexes want answers about what happened in the Crooked Market, and why Witchbreed are now so disliked in Otherworld. Betsy explains the X-gene and how they are viewed as friends of Modred, who has been hunted by his aunt, Morgan le Fay. The Countexes also know that where Betsy comes from her kind are unpopular there, too. The Countexes talk about their relationship with other realms of Otherworld,  before Betsy tells them that there is someone else she wants to visit. In the Crooked Market, Gambit is caught by Mad Jim Jaspers conducting unauthorized trades, and warns him not to continue with this, giving him a final warning. In Roma's floating kingdom, Jubilee meets with Roma while her dragon son Shogo flies happily about. They talk about children, but Jubilee fears that Roma is trying to convince her to leave Shogo with her because she wants his dragonfire. Jubilee tells Roma she won't be doing that, and leaves with Shogo. In the former province of Dryador, Rictor, Shatterstar and Bei search the realm to see if anyone had taken up residence since it was razed, but they find nothing or no one. Back in Sevalith, Betsy meets with the Horseman called Death. They discuss the assassin, and the persecution of mutants on Otherworld, with Betsy thanking Death for his support. Betsy leaves Sevalith, evading several vampires who chase her, and reunites with Gambit, Rictor and Shatterstar, Jubilee and Shogo in a forest near the Starlight Citadel. The next morning, the Trial of the False Captain Britains is underway at the Starlight Citadel. The Braddock family has arrived and sit with the members of Excalibur, as Saturnyne presides. Captain Britain speaks in defense of the False Captain Britains, before Merlyn arrives – and an army led by Arthur and consisting of allies from several realms of Otherworld, is waiting outside. Captain Britain races to confront Arthur, and a battle begins, with Excalibur fighting Arthur's army. Merlyn warns Saturnyne that her time is about to end, while Saturnyne reminds Merlyn that she has defeated him before and boasts that she will do so again, but Merlyn vanishes, while the battle for the Starlight Citadel – and Otherworld – rages outside.

Full Summary: 

Otherworld, in Sevalith, the vampire kingdom, where lighting crackles in the red-tinged sky above a sprawling, industrial-like castle. Inside the castle, Betsy Braddock a.k.a. Captain Britain sits at a table wearing a black dress, her long purple hair tied up. She looks stoic as a red liquid is poured from a decanter into a goblet. 'Greetings...' a figure standing over the table begins. '... Captain Britain' a second figure adds. 'Drink up, won't you?' the first asks. 'It's only wine' the second assures her. Captain Britain addresses her hosts as “Countexes” and tells them that she is grateful for their hospitality, so she wouldn't dare refuse a drink. 'We presume you want answers, yes?' one of the Countexes asks. 'About the assassin who attacked you in the Avalon woods?' the second enquires. 'We want answers, too -' the first Countex begins. '- about what followed within the market -' the second adds, as they both declare '- and how disliked you witchbreed have become in Otherworld'. Thunder booms above the castle as the vampires smile at Captain Britain. They are Countex Oublia and Countex Oscura, the twin regents of Sevalith.

'The wine is delicious' Captain Britain smiles after sipping the wine from the goblet. Captain Britain asks the Countexes to allow her to be frank, and tells them that the accusations of the Furies are just that. 'We are not friends of Modred. You understand blood, yes? In his there is a marking – we call it a gene – that makes him like us – witchbreed. At home, we say mutant'. Captain Britain continues, assuring the Countexes that it does not immediately make them allies, and that Modred's greatest ally in the past has been his aunt, Morgan le Fay. 'And we know she isn't friendly to my kind' Captain Britain adds. 'Mmyes. We understand that where you're from, your kind are... quite unpopular' Countex Oublia remarks. 'And they become increasingly unpopular here' Countex Oscura adds. 'Only among the most foolish. We're thriving, I assure you' Captain Britain replies, before informing the Countexes that she is not here for pleasantries. 'I'm here so you answer for attacking me on my family's land. Was that an act of war against Avalon?'

'Captain Britain. So young' Countex Oscura utters, before Countex Oublia reminds Captain Britain that Otherworld is a wheel, that the province lines are always the same, but that the kingdoms rise and fall. He remarks that it has not always been Saturnyne, and not always Merlyn. 'Not always Otherworld as you know it...' he adds. Countex Oscura remarks that they have long made this province their home kingdom, as their original home, in their original reality, has been lost to time. 'We were immortal' Countex Oublia states. 'Our home was not' Countex Oscura laments. One of them informs Captain Britain that Avalon has been Sevalith's enemy for ages. 'It is inherent – all that we are, they are not. Their light burns us, their joy sours us. Your familt are our enemies'. The other Countex tells Captain Britain that in Sevalith, they respect their enemies, and that the Sevalithi are predators, and adore another predator. 'Our blood is our memory, and our blood is immortal. Here in Sevalith, we make a courtier of Death'. 'By god, you do!' Captain Britain exclaims.  She stands up and tells the Countexes that if they are through with the wine course, there is someone in Sevalith that she would like to visit – someone who might actually answer her questions.

Meanwhile, in the Crooked Market, a crowd of villagers has gathered around Remy LeBeau a.k.a. Gambit. Some of them are reaching out with the palms of their hands open, others are waving various objects at him. 'One at a time, mes amis! Monsieur Gambit goin' make sure everyone gets what dey came for!' Gambit assures them. 'Ye said ye could get good money for me axes!' someone calls out to him. 'And I did, mon ami! My buddy Forge wanted to get a hold of dat ore you use, he was happy to get you gold in exchange' Gambit responds, holding up a small sack of gold. 'One at a time!' Gambit calls out, while someone creeps up behind him and reaches into one of the pouches on Gambit's Otherworld trenchcoat. As the crowd begins to disperse, Gambit spins around: 'Merde, Geraldine!' he gasps, while an elderly woman can be seen eating a delicious iced pastry which she took from Gambit's pouch. 'You got your toaster pastry now!? I told you I'd get you one from Earth. Now keep your paws off Gambit's draws!' Gambit tells the old woman.

Suddenly: 'I know I'm not seeing unauthorized business being done in my market -' Mad Jim Jaspers calls out as he appears nearby, with several dogs on leashes. 'Mad Jim, hah!' Gambit laughs and announces that he was just doing a favor for a few friends – things from back home are real popular around here since the gate got harder to get through. Gambit then tells Mad Jim that he is no fool, and figured Jim would want a cut of the money. 'How about I bring you a special thank-you when I come back. 'You want some good English tea from back home?' Gambit asks. Jim tips his hat and calls Gambit a “sticky-fingered little imbecile” and an idiotic “swamp-dwelling grease stain”. 'What you doing, Jim...?' Gambit asks as suddenly, reality warps around them, and Jim appears sitting in a high-back chair, a small trolley of scones at his side, while Gambit stands next to him, in a maid's dress, pouring tea.

'I am a puppet master of the very threads of reality. Do you know what I do if I want tea?' Mad Jim asks, before telling the confused Gambit that he makes tea, he creates tea, whole cloth, creates a parlor to serve it in and a maid to serve it to him. 'I make everything I want' Mad Jim declares. 'Change it back. You think you funny...' an unimpressed Gambit mutters. 'Who said anything about funny?' Jim replies. He warns Gambit not to do business in his market without getting proper permission first. 'Final warning' Jim adds. Reality returns to normal and Gambit tells Mad Jim not to play like that. 'You know when it comes down to it, you a mutant too. If it's true that they about to kick us all out, whatchu gon' do about this place?' Gambit asks. Mad Jim tells Gambit not to be stupid. 'That only matters if you're poor. Which I'm not!' Mad Jim boasts as he walks away with his dogs.

Elsewhere on Otherworld, in the Floating Kingdom of Roma Regina, where Jubilee sits near Roma herself, who is strewn out on a sofa placed outside in a garden. Several faerie attendants flutter nearby, offering food and drink, while Jubilee's son, Shogo, in his dragon form, flies above the Floating Kingdom. 'This is incredible' Jubilee utters, before thanking Roma for having them. 'He's not gone this long without throwing a fit in months. He's happy. He's...' Jubilee's voice trails off as Roma interrupts her: 'Very powerful' she remarks. 'He's my baby, not a weapon. Everyone senses that Otherworld's about to go to war, and I can tell they think he's useful' Jubilee exclaims, before asking Roma if she can promise her that she isn't just after dragonfire. 'I want him to learn what he can do here' Jubilee adds. Roma takes some grapes that are offered to her as she replies 'You were once young and gifted yourself. Eventually, you were able to join a community and learn from others with gifts like your own. We can offer him the same'. 'Yeah, Roma. And that place became my new home. My everything. Even as a kid...I would have died for those people from the moment they accepted me' Jubilee utters.

'Jubilation. What a beautiful name' Roma remarks as she puts a hand on Jubilee's face. Shogo soars above them as Roma tells Jubilee that all children have the potential to dream themselves into magic in Otherworld, but that Shogo is as bright and creative as any she has ever seen. 'I imagine being raised among you and your brilliant kind made him that way' she adds, before explaining that every day Shogo spends in the realm world, with its staleness, it ages him and he loses this strength, which is why he cries there – he can feel his time of power slipping away. 'He's still my baby' Jubilee points out, before smiling and thanking Lady Roma, and telling her that she thinks Shogo really loves it here among the fae folk. 'This might be where he’s meant to be. I wasn't prepared for him to discover that. Not so soon' Jubilee admits. She stands up and announces that she isn't leaving her baby with Roma today – she can't, and that she wants to be selfish for now. 'You're not selfish, darling. You're his mother. You have to consider what's best' Roma calls out as Jubilee begins to run towards the edge of the Floating Kingdom. 'No. It's okay. I am being selfish! I'm okay with that!' Jubilee exclaims as she leaps off the edge of the Floating Kingdom, and lands on Shogo's back. 'He's my best friend too. I need him!' Jubilee calls back to Roma.

Meantime, in the former province of Dryador. A strange hovercraft-type vehicle floats under the giant ribcage bones of some dead creature, which protrude out of the harsh, barren ground. 'What a blighted hell. What are we looking for, Julio?' Shatterstar asks as he sits in the back of the hovercraft. Julio Richter a.k.a. Rictor tells his lover that he wanted to know if anyone had taken up residence here since Dryador was raised, before deciding that it looks like nothing has. He then asks the third member of this recon group, Bei the Blood Moon, whether she sees anything she recognizes from her march through here. 'We boiled their seas with the flames of war. But it seems even the things that thrive after fire haven't taken root here' Bei responds. Bei then points out that the sealed door to Amenth is far, far away  from where it can do any harm to anyone else, and suggests that perhaps the land is even afraid now.

Rictor tells Bei that the land doesn't need to be, as he isn't going to open the door. 'I mean it. Apocalypse wouldn't want that, I'm not dumb' Rictor adds, explaining that Apocalypse wants to stay there with his wife, and he wants to stay here, too. Rictor points out that Apocalypse has always been immortal, and always had enough time to learn, but now he has got time for things, too. 'Apocalypse's wife? What a formidable woman she must be!' Shatterstar remarks, leaning over and wrapping his arms around Rictor. 'Hah. Dude. We'lll fill you in' Rictor smiles. Bei then tells Shatterstar that she has takes of gore and glory.

Back in Sevalith: 'Ahh, Captain Britain. You are good' the First Horseman known as Death remarks as Captain Britain's Starlight Sword strikes him. 'Did Isca lie about me, Death?' Captain Britain asks. 'Oh, not at all. Truly, she regretted not having more time with you. As – I expect – will I' Death responds. Captain Britain then telepathically speaks directly into Death's mind, informing him that she doesn't want to be overheard. 'You've been here as their guest for months. Say the word and I'll have you freed, by diplomacy or otherwise'. Death's weapon clangs against the Starlight Sword as Death's thoughts thank Captain Britain, but decline her offer as he explains that he is working. Betsy tells Death that the Countexes would not give her a straight answer about the assassin, and that she couldn't find anything when she looked in their minds. 'They sent an assassin. Do you need that clarified?' Death responds. Captain Britain asks Death who the Countexes want dead, and whether it was a strike against Avalon or against her.

'Or perhaps someone else is sending Sevalithi assassins against you, and the Countezes are trying to save face' Death suggests. Death states that battle lines are being drawn all over Otherworld – from within this time, instead of without, and that they all share strong feelings on one thing – mutants. 'Mutants like us? After all, you're a mutant too, Death' Betsy reminds the ancient mutant. 'I'm not sure they understand that' Death responds, and tells Betsy that she is correct, and that for his family and his honor hr wouldn't dare hide. 'My father did not sacrifice himself for me to avoid defending mutantkind' Death adds. Betsy turns and starts to walk away as she tells Death that she appreciates knowing she has his support, for however bad things get. 'Storm was right about you, Death. You are a charmer' Betsy smiles. This surprises Death, who utters 'Lady Storm – she remembered me?' 'I'll tell her you said hello' Betsy replies as she leaves.

Captain Britain races down the front steps of the Countexes' castle, where a horse-drawn carriage is waiting for her. '... as soon as I next find myself in space' Betsy mumbles, referring to Storm now being the Regent of Arakko. She pulls a hood over her head as she notices several vampires begin to emerge from the shadows. She climbs into the carriage and tells the undead driver 'Diplomatic Ring, please, and step on it!' But the driver begins to tell Betsy that her blood is sweet – until Betsy telepathically takes command of him: 'None of that. I did say hurry' she adds as the driver pulls on the horses' reigns and the carriage rumbles down the path, while the vampires begin to follow. 'I'll watch the ambulance chasers. We've an appointment at the Starlight Citadel!' Betsy exclaims as she creates a large psi-shield behind the carriage, protecting it from the vampires.

Soon, Captain Britain has arrived at the makeshift campsite where Excalibur have gathered around a fire. Shogo lays on the ground nearby, and Jubilee strokes his face. Gambit reclines against some large rocks, shuffling a deck of cards, while Shatterstar leans into Rictor, who puts an arm around him as they sit next to the fire. Captain Britain tells her team to rest well tonight, as she doesn't know what tomorrow at the Citadel will bring, but she knows one thing: 'We are now fighting for our right to be here in Otherworld as mutants. This might be the last night of peace we ever have in the shadow of the Starlight Citadel'.

The next morning, inside the Starlight Citadel, where a large chamber has been transformed into a courtroom. Denizens of Otherworld fill the seats, while Opal Luna Saturnyne sits in a throne-like chair at the head of the room. Holograms of those on trial hover in the air above the proceedings – the “deviant” Captain Britains - “Rogue”, “Gambit” and “Rictor”, while Lord Constable Mandragon walks around the head of the room and instructs everyone to rise: 'The Court of the Captain Britains is now in session. Today, we hear the case of the reality aberrants heretofore known as the deviant Captains Britain: Rogue, Gambit and Rictor'. Mandragon announces that the honorable Judge Saturnyne presides. 'She's judge?' Gambit asks. 'Well, who else would she allow?' someone remarks. 'She better not hurt that Rogue. They put hands on that Rogue and the better show up and apologize to the real one, non?' Gambit remarks, referring to his wife.

Gambit is seated with Jubilee, Rictor and Shatterstar. Shogo's dragon head can be seen poking up out of a window behind them, while the Braddock family are seated in front of them – Brian a.k.a. Captain Avalon and his wife Meggan, sometimes called Gloriana, along with their daughter, Maggie, who leans against the counter, watching the proceedings with an excited curiousity. The third Braddock sibling, the eldest, Jamie a.k.a. Monarch sits with his arms folded, looking unimpressed. 'They're all real! And that one that was me already got exploded by Monarch!' Jubilee exclaims, while Rictor asks 'Can you imagine being Betsy right now? I'd hate sitting among dozens of myself!'

Captain Britain sits with other members of the Captain Britain Corps, as Mandragon asks if the Captain Britain Corps wishes to present an opening argument. 'I'll  speak' Betsy responds as she stands up and addresses Saturnyne: 'Your honor, these Captain Britains have been unjustly on trial since the moment of their creation' she begins. Betsy continues, suggesting that the Captain Britains ought to be hailed as heroes from now-destroyed realities who wish to continue serving the greater reality of Otherworld. She adds that, as of now, they can claim seniority over many of the Captains in this room, and that, if anything, they must protect them as refugees, not view them as enemies. She asks that they be spared, and points out that her own brother was Captain Britain before she was, and that for him, a keen sense of choice was the defining matter of his life. 'The se Captains made the right choice in a time of crisis. It is for this reason, I ask you to -' Captain Britian begins, before she is interrupted as several of the other Captain Britains begin to surround somebody.

'Bar the doors -!' one of the Captains calls out. 'Forgive us, my lady, we have an unwelcome intruder' another declares. 'Captains? Court is in session...' Saturnyne exclaims. 'Unhand me!' someone calls out as the Captains surround them. 'No. you lost the right to move freely in this Citadel when you threatened the Majestrix' one of the Captains declares. 'Merlyn!' Saturnyne gasps as she walks over and sees that the Captains have captured Merlyn. The bearded old man tells Saturnyne to have her witches unhand him, and claims that he brings a witness to speak on the danger of these mutants. 'But it would seem Captain Britain is proving my point!' he exclaims. Saturnyne tells Merlyn that they have no need of his testimony and that they have heard enough from him. 'Oh. I am not the witness I bring, my lady. I bring Arthur... forgotten King of Avalon... who sees mutants on his throne and a mutant Captain Britain and mutants filling the Starlight Citadel and the Majestrix's head with evil! And he comes for answers!' Merlyn exclaims.

Outside the Citadel, Merlyn rides a large white steed, an army at his command surround him, consisting of several furies, the wasp-like inhabitants of Vesperidae, and Sevalithi vampires.

'Corps – protect the Lady Saturnyne!' Captain Britain instructs her Corps as she looks out a window and sees the massive army. 'I'm fine – just get me Merlyn's head!' Saturnyne responds. The Braddock family look concerned. 'Arthur? Blood King Arthur?' Brian asks as he grabs his daughter. 'Oh dear. Are we going to have to move?' Maggie asks. 'Oh I refuse, little one' Monarch tells his niece. Saturnyne remarks that Arthur has been gone for years, and that Camelot is better for it. She tells Merlyn that she recalls what sort of influence he had on that place – and she isn't the only one. Merlyn laughs as he tells Saturnyne that all her screaming will not stop this army. 'It's one thing to play card games with confused invaders, but can you defend yourself from the kings you have subjected to your rule?' Merlyn asks.


Excalibur, the Braddocks and members of the Captain Britain Corps edge towards a balcony, ready for battle, while one of the Captain Britain Corps members suggests that they have to ride out and strike before they attack. Captain Britain takes to the sky and instructs the Corps to remain her and protect Lady Saturnyne. 'I'm to parlay' Betsy remarks. 'You're not going alone' Jubilee declares. As she puts her helmet on, Captain Britain tells Jubilee that she is right, and that the army won't want the Corps. 'They want Excalibur!'

Shortly, Captain Britain arrives at the point where Merlyn and his army are waiting. Jubilee, Gambit and Bei the Blood Moon have arrived on Shogo, while Rictor and Shatterstar have traveled across the ground thanks to Rictor's control over the earth beneath them. 'You're King Arthur? My brother's met you, but I haven't had the displeasure' Betsy remarks, introducing herself as the new Captain Britain, she asks Arthur if Merlyn is attempting to declare war against the Starlight Citadel on his behalf. 'Because your son Modred is... a mutant' Captain Britain states. 'My son would have been my own. Another man, a king like me, to hold Avalon as I had held her' Arthut responds. He remarks that since the day Modred was born, he has known the truth – that Modred would betray him. 'But never why he would betray me. Never what for' Arthur reveals, before announcing that he now knows – Merlyn says he can see the X in Modred's blood, like in Captain Britain's. 'He sees my son, always strange and different to me, coming to love the gifts of you invaders more than he ever will his father's kingdom. I can't have my son because he will go to you' Arthur explains.

'But if I kill all of you... he cannot betray me' Arthur declares as he raises his sword. 'Coward, you strike at me now?' Captain Britain asks as the Starlight Sword manifests in her hand. 'Excalibur: protect yourselves! I can take Arthur. He's just a man!' Captain Britain calls out as she leaps towards Arthur, and the battle begins. Shogo breathes dragonfire towards the representatives of the Colony, while Gambit hurls some kinetically-charged playing cards at the Sevalithi. Shatterstar engages one of the vampires in hand-to-hand combat, while Rictor unleashes his seismic power, and Bei raises her weapon overhead. 'Ah, mind-taker. You call me just a man? I am a man protected by Merlyn's charms. Your curses can't addle me. I will water Avalon in your blood!' Arthur boasts as his sword clangs against the Starlight Sword.

'Looking on – Origin: Arakkii. Name: Bei the Blood Moon. High-threat target!' one of the Furies states as they confront the powerful mutant. At that moment, Captain Britain looks up and sees her brothers and sister-in-law hovering above the battleground, along with some of the Captain Britain Corps. She instructs the Corps to get her family out of here, to get to Avalon and castle in, where Jamie can reinforce it into a fortress. 'Absolutely not, my dear sister' Jamie calls back in response. 'We're fighting with you' Captain Avalon exclaims. 'I swear, Brian. You're not even a mutant!' Betsy replies as she fights two of the Colony. 'But everyone I love is...' Brian replies as he, Meggan and Jamie drop down to the ground. '... so here I am' Captain Avalon exclaims, gritting his teeth. 'Here's to that, new friend!' Shatterstar agrees.

Captain Britain stands on a ridge and raises her sword overhead. Her brothers stand on either side of her. Meggan stands next to Captain Avalon, and Gambit next to Meggan. On the other side, Rictor and Shatterstar stand near Monarch, and Bei stands back from them, while Shogo lands behind the group, Jubilee on his dragon head. Captain Britain calls out to Arthur and informs him that Merlyn is the captive of the Captains up in the Citadel. She suggests he leave, and then they will return Merlyn to him unharmed as a head of state. 'He will never again be allowed in the Citadel, but he may send a proxy to represent him in council' Captain Britain explains, adding that she has not wanted Arthur to fear her kind – but she does now. 'Take one more step forward, and we will destroy you!' Captain Britain declares.

Arthur announces that he has sworn on oath to Merlyn, and before that, to this land itself – to Avalon and Camelot, and that he will protect these places from invaders and champion their purity. 'I am sure you see yourselves as heroes. But you are not. MY KNIGHTS, DESTROY THEM!' Arthur booms as he raises his sword, his horse pulls back onto its hind legs, and Furies, Vampires and soldiers of the Colony move forward to attack Excalibur.

In the Starlight Citadel, Merlyn looks out a window as several of the Captain Britain Corps restrain him. 'Ho ho, do you see, Saturnyne? It's started! It's happening! You can't fix it now unless you wanted to just force them to stop, like you did in your mutant card game' Merlyn utters. He turns to Saturnyne and reminds her that there are kings and warriors down there, her subjects, and they won't take to her treating them like a tyrant would. He suggests that after this they will have to choose – they will have to pick sides. 'Every kingdom will have to decide: Are these witchbreed beloved freaks? Or – and this is what I think – an invading species who are taking over a new and unfamiliar world?' Merlyn asks. Saturnyne's assistant, Ryl, stands next to her and pours some liquid into a goblet. Saturnyne takes a sip of the drink, while Merlyn tells her that she chose her side already – when she let that mutant become Captain Britain, defender of Otherworld.

'Shut up, Merlyn. I've defeated you before and I'll do it again!' Saturnyne snaps as she gets up from her seat and moves towards the ancient man. 'Once upon a time...you agreed with me. But then, the mutants gave you too much love. That'll be Modred's problem, mark my words!' Merlyn snarls, before suddenly, he vanishes in a poof of smoke. 'No one can capture tricky Merlyn... enjoy your war, witchbreed – you have certainly earned it!' the sorcerer utters as  he vanishes. '$#%&! Weasel! Snake!' Saturnyne exclaims, throwing her goblet into the smoke, while the Captains look on, confused.

And outside, Captain Britain, Captain Avalon, Gambit, Meggan, Rictor, Shatterstar, Jubilee, Monarch and Bei the Blood Moon are left to fight Arthur and his awesome forces....

Characters Involved: 

Captain Britain II, Gambit, Jubilee, Rictor (all Excalibur)


Captain Avalon & Meggan


Maggie Braddock


Bei the Blood Moon







Mad Jim Jaspers

Roma Regina

Countex Oublia & Countex Oscura

Death (First Horsemen)


Brittanica Rex, Captain Britain/Elspeth Braddock, Violet Swan and other members of the Captain Britain Corps


Madame Geraldine




Unnamed Furies

Unnamed Colony

Unnamed Sevalithi


(holographic images)

Gambit, Rictor, Rogue (all false Captain Britains)

Story Notes: 

Excalibur were attacked by an assassin in the Avalon woods in Excalibur (4th series) #23.

The province of Dryador was razed during the “X of Swords” event.

Shatterstar didn't know of Apocalypse's wife because he was trapped on Mojoworld during the “X of Swords” event.

Death and Storm danced during a banquet held at the Starlight Citadel in Marauders #14. They later faced off in combat in X of Swords: Destruction #1.

This issue includes a notice advertising the Trial of the False Captain Britains

Lord Constable Mandragon has previously appeared in Daredevils #16-18 and Mighty World of Marvel #13.

The Jubilee Captain Britain was killed in Excalibur (4th series) #13.

The fake Captain Britains were created in Excalibur (4th series) #10.

Written By: