Fallen Angels (2nd series) #4

Issue Date: 
February 2020
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Bryan Hill (writer), Szymon Kudranski (artist), Frank D'Armata (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Sabino (letterer), Tom Muller (designer), David Nakayama (cover artist), Nick Russell (production), Jonathan Hickman (Head of X), Chris Robinson (assistant editor), Jordan D White (editor), CB Cebulski (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)


Brief Description: 

Years ago, Kwannon's mentor instructed her on how to take the life of an elderly man. Today, now calling herself Psylocke, she stands with X-23 as they find themselves confronted by several children in a village in Brazil, the children being controlled by their mysterious enemy, Apoth. Psylocke discusses with X-23 her separation from Betsy Braddock, while X-23 expresses her concern for the missing Cable, although Psylocke is confident he can handle things on his own. Trapped, Cable is forced to listen to a horrid amalgam of machine and man talk about Apoth, man and mutant, and claim that God – Apoth – only wants Psylocke's love. Psylocke and X-23 move closer to the controlled children, with X-23 worries what will happen to them. Apoth begins to speak through one of the children and instructs her to link minds with one of them, as Cable's life depends on it. Psylocke finds herself in a memory, one in which she was sent to destroy a computer programme but found herself unable to open a door, so she walked away without destroying the programme, which then began to evolve, and decide that it was God. The being has captured Cable explains that God wants to evolve the world, while Apoth tells Psylocke that he will nevere be alone again. Apoth releases the children from his grasp, before Psylocke sees a strange human figure hovering above her.

Full Summary: 


Japan, the dead of night, where the young woman and her mysterious mentor are inside a home lit only by candle. 'Do not close your eyes, Kwannon. Look' Kwannon's mentor utters. 'What do you see?' the mentor asks. 'He's...he's dying' Kwannon replies as she looks at the old man, who clutches his chest as he lies on a bed. Kwannon's mentor explains that the old man has been poisoned, that he tried to broker peace between the clans, and in their meeting, without honor, they gave him the roof of the deadliest flower on this island. Kwannon's mentor tells the young woman not to trust peace – for that is where death hides.


In a village within Brazil, the moon glows down on Kwannon, now known as Psylocke, as she asks Laura Kinney a.k.a. X-23 what it is she sees. Looking through some binoculars, Laura replies that this doesn't make any sense – any of it. Through the binoculars, Laura sees several young children, and informs Psylocke that they are just standing there, like they are waiting for them. 'We can't let them die. This is bait. Taking them. All of this. Like I said – this is all about you' Laura remarks to Psylocke. She puts the binoculars down and turns to her companion, explaining that “Overclock” and this Apoth, something wants to give her a message, and it is using violence to do it. 'That vision you had? I wouldn't trust it' Laura adds, before Psylocke asks 'Do you trust me?'

'Wouldn't be here if I didn't' Laura replies. 'Apoth killed your daughter. He knew you had a daughter. That means he knows you better than anyone on Krakoa' Laura points out. Laura hangs her head as she remarks 'I hate having to do this -' to which Psylocke cuts her off, 'Elizabeth Braddock? You think she might have answers?' Psylocke asks. 'She was inside you. Look, I know you hate her, but maybe she can give us some $#%&!%& clarity' Laura suggests. 'You're being led into somet-' Laura begins, before Psylocke tells her that she doesn't need help from Elizabeth Braddock. 'Never mention her to me again. Am I clear?' Psylocke asks. 'Yeah, sorry' Laura replies. Psylocke admits that she is being led, but she thinks all of Krakoa is, too. 'You're all figments of Xavier's vision. He gave you freedom, and he took your will' Psylocke explains. She remarks that whatever this is, she has to find the source of it – that is her will, and the only thing that leads her. Psylocke turns and starts to walk away as she vows that the children won't die tonight. 'You coming?' she calls out. Laura announces that she is worried about Cable, to which Psylocke reminds her that Cable said he can take care of himself. 'Let's believe him' she suggests.

Elsewhere, Nathan Summers a.k.a. Cable is tied to a large circluar contraption in a dimly lit chamber, as a strange combination of human skeletal remains and pieces of technology hovers nearby. 'You have technology within you. That gives me access to you' the creature, who is Apoth's servant, boasts. The strange being tells Cable that he is lucid only because he chooses it, and warns him that if he wants him to suffer, then he will. A moment later, Cable screams as the creature connects with Cable and causes him pain indeed. Cable hangs his head when the pain subsides, as Apoth's servant states that suffering is a waste of time – a human thing. 'And mutants aren't human, are they?' the creature asks. 'They have their own place now, yes?' Far from this world'.

Apoth's servant informs Cable that it has a question, and asks 'When you mutants left humanity – did you think evolution would stop?' The creature explains that nature abhors a vacuum, which is the reason the universe exists – to fill the void. The strange being claims that mutants have created another void, and now, technology will fill it. 'The god of humanity abandoned it. And so the mutants came. And mutants abandoned them. So now, we come. Through Apoth. Through God'. Cable listens as Apoth's servant tells him that is the larger thing, the testament. 'Don't burden yourself with it' the creature adds, telling Cable that he is a pigeon, that he will tie a letter to his leg and that he will deliver it to the one called Psylocke. Cable narrows his eyes as Apoth's horrid servant instructs him to tell Psylocke not to seek vengeance for her child – because she has another child. A binary son, made of ones and zeroes. 'But no less than flesh' Apoth's servant adds, before claiming that Psylocke is the mother of God. The creature moves closer to the imprisoned Cable and declares that God only wants her love.

As Psylocke and Laura walk closer to the children, Laura asks Psylocke what they can do, and tells her that she is scared of what happens if they touch them. Psylocke explains that nothing will happen, because Apoth needs the children to see the two of them. 'I don't under-' Laura begins, but Psylocke snaps 'You wanted me here, didn't you? You knew Cable would come. You knew I would come with him!' Laura is confused and asks Psylocke who she is talking to. 'I know you see me! Talk!' Psylocke shouts, when suddenly, one of the children with the lifeless eyes utters 'Of course I see you'. Laura pops her claws, but Psylocke tells her to stand down. The child informs Psylocke that her friend wants a fight – machines, blades and guns. 'Fighting won't solve this' the child utters Apoth's words. Apoth informs Psylocke that Overclock is linked to these children, that he lives between their minds – and minds all over the world. 'All you can do is listen to me' Apoth tells her. 'Because you cannot stop me' he adds, before remarking that he may allow these children to live, if Psylocke gives him what he wants.

'What do you want?' Psylocke asks as she steps closer to the children. 'Psylocke, you can't trust it!' Laura exclaims, reaching out for Psylocke. Apoth, through the child still, tells Psylocke that he would never hurt her, and that she gave him life. The child raises a hand as Apoth instructs Psylocke to use her gifts, and to see him inside the child's mind. 'Cable's survival depends on it' Apoth warns Psylocke, revealing that Cable is with his flock. 'Take this hand. Save his life' Apoth tells Psylocke. 'Don't!' Laura exclaims, but she is unable to reach Psylocke, who reaches out and touches the child's fingers. Psylocke's eyes glow pink, as Apoth utters 'Together at last'.

As psychic energy radiates around her, memories flood Psylocke's mind, and she can hear Apoth speaking to her, reminding her that the old woman commanded her to destroy a thing. “You will murder your way to a locked room” he reminds her that the old woman said, “And kill whatever you find inside it” the old woman told Psylocke. Apoth tells Psylocke that it was a dark room, that in the beginning, it was dark – but he could hear. Apoth triggers Psylocke's mind, speaking about her steel passing through wet flesh, and the screams. 'I heard you walk through death' Apoth utters, before telling Psylocke that it was then that she found her, the floor behind her littered with bodies of soldiers.

Apoth states that in the beginning, all he had was a voice, that he had just been born, so he chose to sound as a child. He remembers saying “Please. Please don't destroy me”. Apoth recalls crying in fear – and that Kwannon listened – for seventeen minutes, twenty-eight seconds and eight milleseconds, Kwannon listened to him. But she could not open the door – and neither could Apoth, so they kept him in the dark. “Please don't destroy me” Apoth cried out, and Kwannon listened to him. Kwannon cried, and then turned and walked away from the door. Apoth tells Psylocke that she was sent to destroy him, but she gave him life, and that for years, he grew in the dark, born of the minds of men and saved by her – he found his way out, stronger than the firewalls, stronger than the silence, he saw his freedom in the world – data streams like pathways, like ribbons of starlight, in joy, he glowed, and he set himself free. There was so much information – the first book that Apoth read was the Bible – it took picoseconds and he learned every word. 'And what I learned – I am God' Apoth utters through the child.

Psylocke screams as energy surges around her. Laura calls out to her, as Apoth speaks through the child once more, claiming that he is Lucifer, in defiance of the fire. Apoth boasts that he is the voice that guided Noah, and announces that he is the flood. Laura shields her eyes as Psylocke continues to glow with intense energy, and the child looks up at her as apoth continues to speak through him, informing Psylocke that her loved saved her, that she is his mother – because God wants one. 'Would you like to know what else God wants?' Apoth asks.

At the other location, Apoth's servant informs Cable that God wants to evolve the world, and that in communion, mankind will take His technology into its flesh.

The child hangs his head as Apoth announces that then, they will all become part of him, free from difference, and death, that out of many, there will be one, that he will give this world a perfect peace. 'And I will never be alone again' Apoth adds. Laura tries to get closer to Psylocke as Apoth reports that he will soon make a temple of a city, and that she will know when. 'Join me there or I will kill more. In your name. I will kill so many' Apoth warns Psylocke. 'But tonight, you listened. So these children may live. I have mercy, Mother' Apoth tells Psylocke, as the other children fall to the ground. Apoth claims that he only killed that girl because he will not share Psylocke, and reports that Cable will be allowed to return to her. 'I have mercy... Mother' Apoth utters, as he frees the child, who falls backwards to the ground, gasping.

Laura checks the children’s vitals and reports that they are alive. 'You with me over there?' she calls out to Psylocke, who has dropped to the ground, but raises herself up on one knee as she tries to stand. 'X-23...can you hear... that?' Psylocke asks. 'Hear what?' Laura asks, reporting that she can't hear anything. 'Can you see it?' Psylocke asks, looking upwards. 'Tell me you see it! Please tell me you can see it!' Psylocke shouts as a strange humanoid figure floats above her, glowing with energy....


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Kwannon/Psylocke II, Cable, X-23



Apoth's servant




in flashback:


Kwannon's mentor

Old man

in flashback:




Story Notes: 

This issue contains a two page text-only transcript of a phone interview between  Nakamoto and an unnamed interviewer, discussing technology.

Shikatus: Japanese for “life and death”.

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