Fear Itself: The Homefront #6

Issue Date: 
November 2011
Story Title: 
2nd story: The Chosen, part 2: The Stars are Right 3rd story: A Moment with... Dust

2nd Story: Fred Van Lente (writer), Alessandro Vitti (artist), Javier Tartaglia (colorist)
3rd Story: Howard Chaykin (writer & artist), Edgar Delgado (colorist)
Dave Lanphear (letterer), Marko Djurdjevic (cover artist), Mayela Gutierrez (production), Lauren Sankovitch (editor), Tom Breevort (executive editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

2nd story:
Reading the chi of the vessel that he, X-23, Thunderstrike, Arana and Amadeus Cho are stranded on, Power Man reports to the others that the ship dates back to the Second World War, and that the Stark Men evolved so they could worship a Dark King. The young heroes battle the Shark Men as the ship takes to the air. X-23 proves particularly effective against the Shark Men and takes many of them out. The heroes think about what they were doing before they were transported to this ship, and worry about their friends and family. Amadeus Cho tries to get them to look at the bigger picture and suggests that they were meant to be a team. The others realize that Cho brought them to this ship, and he tells them that they have to be the stars now and stop this ship, as it is on a collision course for Honolulu to finish the job it started in World War II!

3rd story:
Dust rescues a man and his children from a crumbling church during the crisis, and thinks about her faith.

Full Summary: 

2nd story:
'The emanations from this place – filled with eldritch whispers – these – things – the Japanese called them Samebito – Shark Men!' cries Victor Alvarez a.k.a. Power Man as chi energies radiate around him. Images flash by Power Man, who tells the others that in the world's first epochs, they sensed the power of an ancient old one beyond time and space. He explains that they actually evolved so they could worship this creature, this dark king, and the Atlanteans became their ancient enemies. Power Man reveals that during the last World War, they allied with something called the Thule Society, supported by the Japanese in the Pacific, but they were defeated by the Atlanteans' Prince, and driven down under the waves, where they have awaited in their sunken city for their dark god to return.

'What the what? You got that just by fluttering your eyelids and feeling this place's fung shoo-ey? And you expect us to believe it?' Kevin Masterson a.k.a. Thunderstrike asks as he slams his hammer into one of the armored Shark Men. Along with Laura Kinney a.k.a. X-23, Anya Corazon a.k.a. Spider-Girl and Amadeus Cho, they fight the savage Shark Men aboard a ship that is rising out of the water in the Pacific Ocean. X-23's claws connect with one of the Shark Men, while Spider-Girl flips herself over another of them.

'No – I expect you to use your freaking eyes!' Power Man tells Thunderstrike as he kicks one of the Shark Men back. 'They're about to completely surround us – we can't let them – we've got to toll up their left flank!' Amadeus tells the others as he raises his own mace and tells Thunderstrike 'Your mace – Odin enchanted it to fire mystical blasts, right? I need you to fire one – right here!' Amadeus orders, but Thunderstrike ignores him: 'I've got my own problems, Cho! Who died and made you Captain America?'

'You, in six-point-eight seconds, if my calculations are right -' Amadeus replies. 'Well, when you put it that way' Thunderstrike mocks as he releases the mystical blast, knocking back several savage Shark Men in spectacular display. Amadeus announces that only a few are left standing, and explains that they need to get X-23 over there to take them out. 'I've got her, Cho!' Spider-Girl calls out as she binds some webbing around an unimpressed X-23. 'I would really prefer you did not “get” me -' Laura mutters, before she is surprised, as Spider-Girl uses the webbing to hurl her through the air towards the remaining Shark Men. 'Ah. You mean this' X-23 calls out as she releases her claws and drops down amongst the Shark Men, where she slashes at their throats with her claws, and pops a claw from one of her boots, kicking another of the creatures as they scream, while blood spurts all over them. 'What now, Amadeus Cho?' X-23 asks as she stands atop the bloody mess of Shark Men.

Amadeus defers to Power Man: 'You're reading the chi of this place, Power Man – quick, which way should we go?' he asks. Power Man announces that every way is a bad way. 'But there does seem to be a lessening of evil – that way!' he tells the others, leading them on. 'Dude. That was...' Thunderstrike starts to say to X-23. 'Impressive. No argument from me' Spider-Girl interrupts Thunderstrike, who concludes 'I was gonna say “hot”'.

'Ugh' Spider-Girl mutters, when suddenly, another group of Shark Men rush towards the young heroes. 'We could still use some breathing room' Spider-Girl points out, firing some webbing towards the Shark Men, who trip over it.

Suddenly, the ship moves onto a lean. 'Whoa!' Spider-Girl calls out. 'Careful' X-23 tells everyone. They hold their ground, as Spider-Girl asks if it is just her, or if this thing is picking up speed. 'It's not just you. There's no way off this thing!' Thunderstrike replies as the ship is now hovering in the air, completely out of the water. X-23 agrees, and points out that a drop from this height into the water would be the same as if they fell into dry land. 'I could recover, with my healing factor...but not before I drowned' X-23 remarks. Power Man tells the others that he doesn't believe this, and, and wonders where they are going. 'I should be back home in Spanish Harlem. My Mom and my family could use my help' he adds. Spider-Girl remarks that she lost touch with her roommate, Rocky, who was working near Union Square when the first attack started. Thunderstrike adds that his Mom and stepdad are probably worried sick about him, when suddenly, Amadeus shouts at them, and tells them that they are so densen. 'Nobody sees this but me? Look at each other! At the big picture!' he exclaims.

The other four stand together as Amadeus asks them if they see how awesomely they just kicked Shark Man butt back there. 'That wasn't just beginner's luck!' Amadeus  declares, announcing that his calculations show each one of them is the latest manifestation of an eternal archetype – Wolverine, Thor, Spider-Man and Iron Fist. 'Forget your “families” we were meant to be together – as a team!' Amadeus exclaims. He smiles and boasts that they are humanity's next – and best – line of defense, and that they can prove it, too, on the biggest stage ever. He continues, stating that his research has uncovered this helicarrier is trying to complete its final mission of World War Two – and only they are around to stop it. 'All we need to do is work together, and, uh...' Amadeus's voice trails off as the other four all frown at him and look very unimpressed.  '...um...am I speaking too fast? Hercules always said I had a problem with that...' he adds quietly, before the other four all shout: 'YOU DID THIS!' and lunge at him. Power Man and Spider-Girl grab Amadeus, while Thunderstrike holds his hammer ready, and X-23 bares her claws.

'How did you bring us here?' X-23 asks. 'Why did you do that, Cho? To prove how smart you are? To give us some half-baked self-help lesson?' Spider-Girl enquires. 'Why you little – of all the irresponsible -' Power Man begins, while Thunderstrike reminds Amadeus that his Mom and stepdad are stuck in New York, surrounded by giant Nazi robots, and without him to protect them, they could be dead. Amadeus tells everyone to settle down, that he can explain. He admits that he did bring them here, because all of this “Dark King” stuff is just the beginning of the end – an end only they can stop. 'We're the “Stars” that have to align to save the world!' Amadeus declares, as the ship speeds towards an island. Amadeus tells the others that the ship is on a collision course to finish the job it started in World War Two. Down below, on the island beach, civilians start to run in fear, as the ship loom towards them. 'It's going to destroy everyone in Honolulu if we can't stop it!' Amadeus shouts....

3rd story:
The young mutant called Sooraya Qadir a.k.a. Dust materializes inside a demolished house of worship. She sees a man huddled in a corner with two younger men. She thinks to herself that even before this apocalypse of terror, the world has always embraced fear before faith. She thanks God for her own faith, and for the faith of others who share her conviction – if not her God. She looks over at the older man, who looks somewhat hesitantly at her. Sooraya knows that there are those who would shun these people for their faith, it is that very faith which makes their rescue her responsibility.

Her teammate Rockslide bursts into the crumbling building, and she points at him as if to make a safe exit for these people. She knows that these people's God insists a salvation must take place before the sun sets, and she leads them to safety, alongside Rockslide, Sooraya tells herself that despite this epidemic of fear, the great truth for all of them, is that faith without works is dead.

Characters Involved: 

2nd story:
Amadeus Cho, Power Man III, Spider-Girl II, Thunderstrike II, X-23

Shark Men


In Flashback images
Shark Men

In Illustrative image
Iron Fist, Spider-Man, Thor, Wolverine

3rd story:
Dust, Rockslide

Story Notes: 

This issue also contains the following stories:
1st story: “Hope Itself” part 6, starring Speedball
4th story: The Great Lakes Avengers in “Fear & Self-Loathing in Wisconsin”

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