Gambit (3rd series) #3

Issue Date: 
April 1999
Story Title: 
Monsters Like Us

Fabian Nicieza (writer), Steve Skroce (penciler), Rob Hunter with Hanna and Koblish(inker), Shannon Blanchard (colorist), Rick Starkings & Comicraft / Albert Deschesne (letters), Mark Powers (editor), Bob Harras (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Gambit secretly follows the Courier to get more information about the New Son, but instead stumbles into a meeting of a group called A.S.K.E.W. A yellow gas cloud is released it disfigures all the scientists, and after it has bbeen pulled back into a canister, the Mengo Brothers arrive to transport all of them to the Pig. Gambit grabs the canister from them and runs, but the Mengos chase him through New York. On the fighting scene is a homeless mutant named Quiet Bill, he randomly calls up teleportation portals and the captured scientists are sucked through. The Mengos escape with what they belive the gas canister, but Gambit has the real one, and knows that the Pig will come after him. Fontanelle probes Sekmeht Conoway, but besides her admiring Gambit finds out nothing useful.

Full Summary: 

Remy is restless fulfilling his debt to the New Son, so he follows his messenger Courier to find out more about him. Courier addresses the Crew A.S.K.E.W., a for-profit research group. One of them, the Pelican, interrupts; he has acquired a will-sapping gas, which he wants mass-produced. The canister cracks; turns out the gas has the side effect of melting your face off. The gas is sucked back into the canister; the Mengo brothers enter; they now control everyone (they are working for the Pig), except Courier; he can control every cell in his body and can’t be affected by the gas. Remy blows his way in and leaves with Courier and the canister.
Fontanelle investigates Sekmeht’s dreams: digging up relics of En Sabah Nur in Egypt, confronting Ozymandias, being rescued from a fall by Remy. Fontanelle says Sekmeht mixes her need for parental approval (archeology) and her repressed desires (Remy) in her dreams.
The Mengo brothers trace the canister; Remy rides to "Onslaught Alley" on the east side, where the air is still energized, to throw them off. They catch up and start shooting; Remy redirects missiles and collapses two buildings onto each other, but lets the canister drop.
The homeless Huey and Quiet Bill are present during the fight. Bill, probably a mutant, has a portal of green energy around him, in which images of other realities appear, but he can’t control this. Suddenly a large portal forms and envelops the Mengo’s ship full of A.S.K.E.W. scientists.
The Mengos pick up the canister and escape; Remy invites Bill to Xavier’s, but he declines. Turns out the Mengos only have the outer casing: Remy has the gas in a container and knows the Pig will come for it.

Characters Involved: 




Sekmet Conoway, archeologist

Huey, Quiet Bill, two homeless people
Mr. D.N.A., Ms. T, Pelikan, Mr. Quark (all Crew A.S.K.E.W.)

Grigori and Stanislaus Mengo
In dream sequence :


Sekmet Conoway, archeologist


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