Gambit (3rd series) #4

Issue Date: 
May 1999
Story Title: 
Old Wounds, Fresh Blood !

Fabian Nicieza (writer), Steve Skroce (penciler), Rob Hunter, Hanna and Koblish (inker), Shannon Blanchard (colorist), Rick Starkings & Comicraft’s Jason and Troy (letters), Mark Powers (editor), Bob Harras (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Gambit is called to New Orleans by Tante Mattie and Jean-Luc LeBeau. They alert him to Fontanelle invading their dreams. Also currently a vampire is in New Orleans, he attacked one of the Antiquary’s slave children. With the Antiquary absent, his ministers make a deal with the LeBeaus. They gain access to the Antiquary’s library in exchange for them dealing with the vampire who, controlling the slave children, already has made his way into it. With Blade’s help, Remy and his father destroy the vampire. The X-Cutioner trains his lackeys for their next move against Gambit. Fontanelle dreamscapes Carter Ryking, a youth friend of Charles Xavier. They met an old woman who said „Black Womb“. The Pig sends the Mengo Brothers after a young boy named Shiro, who is the source of the yellow, mindcontrolling gas seen last issue.

Full Summary: 

Chicault is a former Assassin who is now a vampire, and he has been attacking children in the Antiquary's collection in New Orleans. Blade interrupts, and much window glass is broken, but the vampire gets away.
Tante Mattie summons Remy home, to a cabin outside the city. She says Fontanelle and the Antiquary are after him; his father Jean-Luc arrives with the boy Jerome, who was attacked last night.
Tome and Hoard, ministers of the Antiquary, inform Bella Donna that her dead Assassin is actually undead and is killing their clan; Remy arranges to overhear.
Fontanelle investigates Ryking's dreams; he was a boyhood friend of Prof. Xavier in Alamogordo, and he saw an old woman there who said "black womb."
Denti has been preparing his new team, the former Elysian Guard, to catch Remy, and he plans to use Rogue as bait.
Remy searches the graveyards all day for Chicault; at dusk Blade attacks him, assuming him to be a vampire because he has red eyes. After the misunderstanding is cleared up, they talk and ally to go to the Antiquary's museum. He is missing; Tome and Hoard are curators now. Clan LeBeau offers to stop Chicault if they get access to the library.
Duiring the original attack Chicault bit Jerome on the wrist, apparently enough to have some mental hold over the boy. At night he instructs him to bite the rest of the Antiquary's slave children. They open the door for him; he enters the library, planning to spend his eternity doing historical research. Blade, Remy, and Jean-Luc attack. Blade decapitates the vampire, and the children revert back to normal and are freed. Tome and Hoard grab Chicault's notebook without anyone else noticing it.
The Pig stops torturing the Mengos for their failures and sends them after a boy named Shirow, who is the source of the mind-controlling gas (last issue) and has escaped with Zoe, who drives with him towards New Orleans.

Characters Involved: 


Jean-Luc LeBeau, adoptive father

Tante Mattie Baptiste

Blade, vampire hunter

Jerome Mounchier, a boy from New Orleans

Zoe Ishihara, Thieves Guild member

Shirow Ishihara, her younger brother

Bella Donna Boudreaux, Gambit’s (ex-)wife

Francois Chicault, undead vampire, former member of Assasin Guild

Tome and Hoard, ministers of the Antiquary
Fontanelle / Gloria Dayne

Grigori and Stanislaus Mengo

The Pig

X-Cutioner / Carl Denti

Mariah Ellenthrope, Jack Farley, Cosmo Stephanopoulous (former Elysian Guards )
In dream sequence :

Professor Charles Xavier, Carter Ryking, as children

Amanda Mueller / Black Womb

Story Notes: 

Bella Donna is named as Gambit’s ex-wife, though a divorce has never been mentioned so far.
Carter Ryking and Professor Xavier as children being connected to the Alamogordo project picks up a dangler from X-Men (2nd series) #12-13.

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