Gambit and the X-Ternals #1

Issue Date: 
March 1995
Story Title: 
Some Of Us Looking To The Stars

Fabian Nicieza (writer), Tony Daniel (penciler), Kevin Conrad (inker), Chris Eliopoulos (letterer), Marie Javins (colorist), Bob Harras (editor, editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

Jubilee is in trouble with the Infinites. Luckily, some of her teammates within the X-Ternals show up to save the day. They take the goods she stole and bring them back to camp to give out to the needy. Much to their surprise Magneto, the leader of the X-Men, is there with Gambit. He takes the team to one of Apocalypse’s secret chambers in the Morlock Tunnels. He tells them they need to steal a piece of the M’Kraan crystal to be able to put right what went wrong. The Madri track them there and they battle. Lily Cheney, who thought she was human, learns the truth about her mutant powers and is able to manifest them. During the process, Rictor with his Infinites shows up. Lila transports the team to outer space, where the M’Kraan crystal is located. However Rictor makes it through the teleportation portal as well.

Full Summary: 

Jubilee runs through the streets of New York City. Hot on her tail is a group of Infinites. Jubilee has stolen some medical supplies meant for the Chosen of Apocalypse and they want them back. Jubilee falls down and the Infinites are upon her. Luckily, Guido and Sunspot show up to help her out. Roberto knocks down two of them with a plasma burst while Jubilee takes out two more with her pyrotechnics. She gets up to run again and behind her, the remaining Infinites are engulfed in a miniature black hole created by Sunspot. As Jubilee stands there, she wonders what her life might have been like if she didn’t oppose Apocalypse. Guido assures her that being free, like she is, is the best course of action she could have taken.
The trio makes their way back to a covert safehouse for humans. There they meet with Lila Cheney who happens to be the humans’ liaison with the X-Ternals. They dish out the medical supplies and head underground to meet with Gambit. Sunspot opens the secret hatchway to the sewers where their base of operations is located. Jubilee uses her power to shed some light up ahead and they see that they’re not alone. A red-cloaked figure stands before them. It turns out to be Magneto. The team is about to attack him, thinking he’s down something to Gambit. The shadowed Gambit strikes a match and tells them that he brought Magneto to their hideout.
Elsewhere, the Infinites return back to their station in lower Manhattan. Commandant Rictor is in charge and he’s not happy with the day’s events. He can’t believe they let the X-Ternals get away. The Horsemen of Apocalypse are meeting in Manhattan and this would have gotten him noticed. He could have moved up the Chosen Order. He becomes very angry and realizes that finding the X-Ternals is top priority.
Back in the Morlock Tunnels, Magneto is leading the group to one of Apocalypse’s secret lairs beneath the city. Magneto overhears Lila call Gambit her lover. He’s surprised to hear that Gambit has a girlfriend. They exchange a few sentences and we learn Magneto is not a big fan of the Cajun. They find the access door to Apocalypse’s Science chamber. They mess with the lock wondering if they’re walking into a trap. Magneto assures them that the man who gave him the information on the room, who happens to be Apocalypse’s librarian, would not lie to him. Lila is still doubtful. She tells Magneto that he shouldn’t be so trusting just because he saved the guy’s life. He reminds her of when he rescued her from an asylum when she was a kid. She tells him that it was a long time ago and the only reason she’s doing this is because she trusts Gambit, not him. She picks the lock.
The door opens before them and they are amazed at what they see inside. Holo-screens are found all along the walls, which are charting planets, star systems, and galaxies all across the universe. Now Gambit is getting nervous. There should have been some sort of resistance. Lila starts to agree when she’s suddenly grabbed from behind. The Madri have arrived, dupes of Jamie Madrox. She bites down on the one’s sleeve that has her and Gambit throws some charged blades at him. Guido throws Jubilee at a bunch of them (the ol’ fastball special). She sets their cloaks on fire with her powers as she whizzes over their heads.
The Madri are down, but there’s still one person left, Peter Corbeau, and Sunspot has captured him. Corbeau walks over to Magneto and there’s a sense of animosity between them. He had scanned for the Shi’ar galaxy like Magneto asked him to. That’s when Lila realizes that the crystal Magneto wants them to steal is in outer space. She says she won’t be going, but Magneto tells her that, in fact, she’s the one who will be taking them there. She’s very confused now. Dr. Corbeau walks over and gives her a helmet to place on her head. She sits in a chair and Magneto tells her the story.
She is a mutant. She wasn’t able to handle her powers so they stayed dormant her whole life. Her mutant powers are the reason she was captured when she was a child. Lila still doesn’t believe them. Dr. Corbeau assures her that the visor, which is linked to the chamber’s navigational charts, will trigger her mutant power when she sees the stars around her. She sits there and things start to change. Lila feels as though she’s in outer space. Gambit starts to worry and tells the good doctor to shut down the machine. Unfortunately, that’s when Rictor and his Infinites show up to the party.
Rictor tells them to surrender in the name of the High Lord En Sabah Nur. Of course they don’t and everyone scatters. Magneto tells Gambit to protect Lila and for the rest of the X-Ternals to get near her as well. He’ll take out the Infinites. Guido, Sunspot and Jubilee don’t back down. They’re all ready to take on the Infinites but Gambit yells out to them, telling them that Magneto’s right. They need to stay by Lila when she creates the interstellar doorway. The portal opens and everyone nearby is sucked through. Rictor rides a wave he creates with the floor and makes it through before it closes. Magneto can’t get a fix on him through all the debris and fails to stop him. He’s left to wonder if what he’d done was right. The X-Ternals are Earth’s last hope, but will they live through the experience.
Corbeau tells him to leave and before Magneto can say he’s sorry, Peter stops him. He knows he will be killed by Apocalypse for the intrusion, but he won’t go down without a fight. He sets the system to crash in one minute and they leave.

Characters Involved: 

Lila Cheney, Gambit, Guido, Jubilee, Sunspot (all X-Ternals)

Magneto (X-Men)

Dr. Peter Corbeau
Rictor, leader of the Infinites


Madri, Jamie Madrox’s dupes

Story Notes: 

Several past events are revealed in the character’s thoughts and conversation :

Everett (Synch) had died without provocation prior to Jubilee joining the X-Ternals.
The Infinites are gene-spliced mutants, meaning they were altered to have upgraded and modified abilities.
Holocaust had killed Candra (immortal benefactor of the Thieves Guild), resulting in Remy running away from New Orleans and joining up with the X-Men. A couple of years left since Rogue with whom he had fallen in love, had married Magneto.
The room the X-Ternals enter was actually the remains of Apocalypse’s celestial ship, which Magneto had destroyed years before. In the main Marvel Universe, same said ship fell into the hands of X-Factor and they used it as headquarters for quite some time.

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