Gambit Bishop : Sons of the Atom #4

Issue Date: 
April 2001
Story Title: 
My Brother, My Enemy

Scott Lobdell (plotter), Joe Pruett (scripter), Thomas Derenick (penciler), Cannon and Team X (inkers), VLM (colors), Jon Babcock (letters), Mike Raicht (assistant editor), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

Cable attacks the group with growing techno-organic material. Bishop and Gambit try to fight it, but are completely engulfed by it. Suddenly it disappears and they are told that Cable has carried Stryfe away, apparently to kill him. Gambit deduces that to prevent Stryfe from ever coming back to life, Cable will kill him at a nexus point of time – the Witness’s mausoleum. They head to the graveyard, which has been completly turned into techno-organic material.

Full Summary: 

Bishop and Remy say Stryfe deserves to die; even he admits he brought it on himself; the Witness says he's never seen an X-Man, past or future, kill for retribution. But he's not allowed to tell them the whole future, and that wouldn't be any fun, anyway.
Over pie, Bishop asks Stryfe about his symbiote; it is the Bete Noir, power beyond imagination, especially coupled to Bishop. He admits he wanted to use it to destroy the world, and that’s why he possessed the X-Men. The fork in Bishop's hand becomes a techno-organic gauntlet; Remy throws a card, shattering it; Stryfe says it's Cable's work. Techno-organics engulf Stryfe and the Witness, and Bishop and Remy go under trying to rescue them.
Suddenly it disappears, and the waitress says Stryfe's twin took him away while they were roughhousing. Remy leaves a necklace to pay for the damages and says Cable will kill Stryfe at a nexus in time, to prevent his return (or else Stryfe could return from death once more). The nearest one is the Witness's mausoleum, and they find that the entire graveyard has been T-O'd.

Characters Involved: 

Bishop, Cable, Gambit (former X-Men)

The Witness


Story Notes: 

The Witness saying that the X-Men don’t kill is quite funny, as they did countless times: Colossus in Uncanny X-Men #211, Storm in Uncanny X-Men #325, Archangel in X-Factor #34, Cyclops in X-Factor #39, to name a few examples (and don’t even get started with Wolverine).

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