Gambit Bishop : Sons of the Atom #5

Issue Date: 
May 2001
Story Title: 
Are We Ourselves

Scott Lobdell (plotter), Joe Pruett (scripter), Georges Jeanty and Cary Nord (pencilers), Lipka, Holdredge and Parsons (inkers), VLM (colors), Richard Starkings & Comicraft's OG (letters), Mike Raicht (assistant editor), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

Bishop and Gambit jump over the techno-organic stuff and enter the mausoleum. They find Cable, who made Stryfe experience every death he ever caused. Gambit and Bishop want to prevent Cable from killing Stryfe, who now explains the Bete Noir inside of Bishop. It’s an ancient evil energy that was banished to earth’s core by the Phoenix Force, but bonded itself to Bishop in the moment he returned from the future. It attempts to free itself through his energy-related mutant power. Before they can decide what to do with Stryfe, the Bete Noir erupts from Bishop’s chest.

Full Summary: 

Remy and Bishop enter the cemetery, hopping over the T-O and wondering how to stop Cable. They find him standing over Stryfe; he telepathically made him experience all the deaths he caused. He plans to kill him, justifying it as "an aberrant form of suicide," since he's only his clone. He has seen the future and will act to prevent it. Stryfe, in shock, whispers that since Kelly's death, all futures have been disrupted, and nothing is certain.
Remy and Bishop try to dissuade Cable, but he forces Stryfe to explain the Bete Noir. It is an ancient force, banished by the Phoenix Force to earth’s core and called by many names including Satan. When Bishop returned from the Chronomancer future, it bonded to him, the perfect host thanks to his mutant power, and it plans first to morally corrupt and eventually to destroy all life. The Witness gives Bishop a shirt similar to Havok's containment suit, to contain it.
Stryfe admits he wanted to use the Bete Noir to destroy the world, but says it's just his nature, like Remy
is a scoundrel-hero, Cable a reluctant messiah, and Bishop a law-enforcer. None of them can change. Cable is unconvinced and raises his gun, but just then the Bete Noir erupts from Bishop's chest.

Characters Involved: 

Bishop, Cable, Gambit (former X-Men)

The Witness


The Bete Noir
In various flashbacks :

Cable, Jenskot

Gordon Lefferts

Jubilee, Illyana Rasputin

Cable, Senator Robert Kelly

the Phoenix Force

Story Notes: 

Bishop returned from the Chronmancer future in Bishop The Last X-Man #14-15.

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