Gambit Bishop : Sons of the Atom #6

Issue Date: 
May 2001
Story Title: 
What Goes 'Round Comes 'Round

Scott Lobdell (plotter), Joe Pruett (scripter), Georges Jeanty (penciler), Cannon, Holdredge, Lipka and Parsons (inkers), VLM (colors), Jon Babcock (letters), Mike Raicht (assistant editor), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

The Bete Noir erupts from Bishop’s chest, but Styfe and Cable contain it in a TK field. Bishop in contact with the evil energy knows its plan to kill everyone on earth and asks Gambit to kill him, to prevent it from getting free. Stryfe has another option, he absorbs the Bete Noir into himself and after apologizing for all his deeds dies of the power overload. Both threats dealt with, Cable leaves. Bishop and Gambit want to check on the Witness, but he has already departed.

Full Summary: 

As the Bete Noir erupts from Bishop’s chest, Remy tackles Cable out of the way, but he has a TK force field, as does Stryfe, who claims to be trying to contain the Bete Noir. Cable doesn’t trust Stryfe, but Bishop realizes the Bete Noir is the bigger threat. Once free, it will consume all life and then leave earth to search for the Phoenix force. Bishop asks Remy to kill him, since he is the Bete Noir's anchor in this world. Stryfe has another option: he absorbs it into himself. He apologizes to Cable for those he killed and for everything else, as the power overload shatters his body: character redemption through self-sacrifice.
Cable heads back to the mansion to make sure Stryfe didn't leave any surprises behind. Remy, angry at his insouciance, asks how they can be sure Cable isn't manipulating their minds; he says they can't and leaves.
The Witness has disappeared, evidently having seen enough. Bishop and Remy walk off together, the start of a beautiful friendship ?

Characters Involved: 

Bishop, Cable, Gambit (former X-Men)

The Witness


Story Notes: 

Neither Bishop nor Gambit returns to Xavier’s mansion. Bishop joins his teammates of the X-Treme X-Men to search for Destiny’s diaries, Gambit remains solo, but too pops up in the X-Treme series later on. Cable also left the X-Men.

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