Generation Next #1

Issue Date: 
March 1995
Story Title: 
From The Top

Chris Bachalo and Scott Lobdell (creators), Mark Buckingham (inker), Starkings / Comicraft (letters), Steve Buccellato / Electric Crayon (colors), Bob Harras (editor, editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

The team of Generation Next is training under Colossus. He has instilled in them a "kill or be killed" motto and encourages them to enforce it to separate the wheat from the chaff and get the strongest team. The students, of course, do not want to kill each other, much to Colossus' annoyance. The students team up together to battle Colossus and his wife, Shadowcat, when Magneto comes to visit. He takes the adults aside and tells them that their mission is to acquire a means to travel back in time to repair reality, which means that they will have to go and rescue little Illyana, believed to be dead, from a place called The Core.

Full Summary: 

Chamber runs in the forests of Colorado, dodging blast after blast of energy that is aimed at him. He turns around and talks to his mysterious attacker, asking them if raising a white flag would get them to let up. Just then, a mace comes flying at his chest. Chamber obliterates it in a single blast as his chest plate opens up and a tight stream of psionic energy shoots out. He remembers his father telling him when he was a boy that he had enough energy in him to level her majesty's royal fleet. He insincerely apologizes to his attacker, Know-it-all, and then compliments her about her brilliant use of the terrain. He thinks to himself that since he is a psion, he should have been able to sense her thoughts, but he can't.

Chamber walks over to a monitor that has popped up out of the brush and talks to it, asking Know-it-all why she is still watching. The screen shows a young black girl, with cables attached to her head, looking back at him. A voice with a thick southern accent cuts in behind Chamber, telling him that it was a distraction. The person yanks him backward, smashing him on the ground. Kill or be killed, Jono thinks to himself as the enigmatic assailant smothers him with kisses. Chamber grabs the girl's back and flips her over his head, saying that she should have knocked him on the head when she had the chance. The girl lands with a hard thump and asks Chamber why he didn't kill her when he had the chance. Chamber, wiping the lipstick off of his face, says that he doesn't agree with Colossus' survivalist dogma. The girl is disappointed; she thought that it was because Chamber found her sexy. Chamber tells Husk that she is the most self-absorbed girl that he has ever met. Chamber tries to talk to her, telling her that she should take things more seriously, but she just leans in to kiss him.

An enormous voice erupts beneath them as two giant hands spring forth from the earth. Mondo grabs Chamber and Husk, rising to his full height and yells at them that he is sick and tired of them sitting around all day "sucking face" while he risks his life. Husk says that she is sick of him talking in the third person, but she can't do anything about that. Chamber scolds Husk on her behavior and then releases a blast of psionic energy into Mondo's face. Mondo grabs his face, screaming that he hates psionic energy because it shrinks his mass back to its original state. Husk quickly rips the skin off of her hand to reveal a long blade. She grabs Mondo by the hair while he is distracted and puts the blade to his throat. A sharp ping sounds and Chamber tells the rest of the team that they have survived the three-minute mark. P>

A huge shadow moves over them and Colossus jumps over to the children, saying that now they have to fight him. He strolls over to Chamber, asking him why everyone is still alive since he had been left in charge. He tells Colossus that they actually planned that they would work as a team against him. Chamber starts to open his containment vest for another blast until Colossus' hand clamps down on his chest. He rears back for a punch, berating Chamber and calling him a hopeless dreamer and telling him that he is too sentimental. His speech is interrupted by his scream of agony. Husk has leapt on his back and morphed her arms into acid, searing Colossus' techno-organic flesh. Chamber mocks Colossus, asking him if this is what he wanted, a squad full of heartless scrappers? Husk tells her teacher that they haven't even got warmed up yet.

A head appears out of Colossus' back, telling Paige that it is only a matter of perspective. Shadowcat materializes out of her husbands back and punches Husk off. She lands on the ground next to Mondo as Shadowcat comes after them. She extends her pair of claw gauntlet, telling the children that she is going to have to teach them a lesson. She slashes at Husk over and over, sending shreds of skin flying into the air. Mondo screams in distress for his friend, but she comforts him by saying that it is only a flesh wound. She runs away from her teacher, husking her arm as she goes. Shadowcat runs up behind her and Husk turns around and thrusts her diamond shard arm through Shadowcat's stomach. Shadowcat grins and tells Paige that she is too overconfident, but it might have worked if it wasn't against someone that could turn intangible. She kicks Husk in the face, knocking her to the ground.

Colossus turns around to check on his wife and Chamber seizes the opportunity to strike. He knows that one of his blasts could never move Colossus, so instead he takes out a nearby tree, which collapses on top of the metallic giant. Chamber rolls free of the trunk in time and looks up to see Shadowcat and Husk. He lets out a pleading cry. Shadowcat has Husk pinned to the ground with her claws above the young girls head, saying that she has to do it to teach the children a lesson. She starts to thrust her claws forward but is caught by multiple black tendrils that snake around her arms and throat, pulling her into the air. Shadowcat thrashes around, yelling at Skin to let her go. He ignores her and she ends up yanking him out of his tree. They are about to spar when Husk glares at her teacher. Angelo pleads with Husk to let him get out of the way first, but Paige doesn't let him. She says that Angelo stalled enough to give her time to find a bio-pattern that Shadowcat couldn't phase through. She tears the skin off of the left side of her body, releasing the energy pattern on Angelo and her unsuspecting teacher.

Chamber looks on in awe as the two victims scream in agony in the background and Colossus struggles to get up from under the trunk to save his wife. Suddenly, Know-it-all shows up on the screen, ending the second round. Chamber happily tells everyone that the second round is over and they are all still alive. Colossus throws the tree trunk off of him, threatening Husk if she has hurt his wife. He starts to charge at her but is stopped by a thick dusty fog. Vincente appears out of the fog and taunts his teacher, saying that nobody likes a sore loser. He begins engulfing his teacher in a thick blanket of sentient fog. Know-it-all futilely tries to stop the round again but is interrupted by a booming voice. Everyone stops dead in their tracks and looks toward the sky to see Magneto landing in a flurry of magnetic energy. He bellows at Colossus and Shadowcat that he would like a word with them immediately.

That night, in a castle in the Rockies known as the Tomb, and also the headquarters of Generation Next, Magneto expresses his disappointment at Colossus and Shadowcat's job. He expected that the team would be ready by the time that he came to collect them. Colossus says that he doesn't appreciate Magneto undermining his authority and interfering in the way that he is conducting his students. Magneto replies that his "authority" won't mean anything if Bishop is telling the truth and their reality was never meant to be. Magneto has already sent out people to verify Bishop's claim. Generation Next's job is to acquire a means to travel back in time to rectify Xavier's death. Shadowcat says that that may be difficult, since Apocalypse had every chrono-variant mutant killed so no one could change his reign of terror. Magneto counters, saying that Apocalypse had every known C-V mutant killed but finding a latent powered C-V would be the answer to their prayers. He has already assigned Know-it-all with the task of searching Apocalypse's data banks for any information.

She starts to surf through the files when Colossus objects. If Know-it-all is found psi-surfing online she will be tortured and lobotomized by the Shadow King and guards will be swarming all over them within minutes. Magneto says that he is willing to take that risk, much to Colossus' objections. Know-it-all continues to psi-surf online, bringing up images of C-V mutants and how they died. Colossus suddenly yells out in disbelief as the next image is shown on the screen. It isn't possible! She is dead! It couldn't be his sister Illyana! Know-it-all digs deeper into the files and verifies that it is indeed Illyana. She was reported killed at Kiev but was instead captured and put in The Core in Portland. Know-it-all reports that Illyana is too young to be of any use and has an infinitesimal possibility of a mutant manifestation, additionally there is only a .000% chance of being rescued.

Characters Involved: 

Chamber, Husk, Know-it-all, Mondo, Skin, Vincente (all Generation Next)

Colossus, Shadowcat (teachers and tutors of Generation Next)

Magneto (X-Men)


Story Notes: 

The name Claudia implies that Know-it-all is the counterpart of the main Universe's Claudette St. Croix, one of the M twins, however the twins get shown in Tales of the Age of Apocalypse #2, so this here seems to be the counterpart for Monet. The artists later confirmed that the name Claudia was meant as a joke, as in Claude Monet.

Although they had a relationship, in the main Marvel Universe Shadowcat and Colossus were never married.

In the main Marvel Universe, Chamber is missing not only his chest, but his jaw as well. He also does not have any form of restraint worn to control his power.

Husk of the Age of Apocalypse has greater control over her powers than her counterpart, she is considered an omnimorph (see Husk in the glossary for more details).

In the main Marvel Universe, Vincente is a villain who has allied himself with Emplate from time to time.

One of the images that Know-it-all comes up with is Gardner Monroe, aka Flashback. In the main Marvel Universe he was a member of Beta Flight and Omega Flight.

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