Generation Next

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Chris Bachalo and Scott Lobdell (Writers), Mark Buckingham (Artist)

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America is dead. What sits in its place is a gangrenous wound of a nation - the American dream of the creature Apocalypse. These altered states of America have become a staging area for Apocalypse's next, best nightmare - the corruption of the entire world. The troubled dissident movement within America has, until recently, been fighting a losing battle, outmatched and riven by internal dispute. Now, with the discovery of Bishop, a man purported to be from an alternate timeline, they move with new purpose. Erik Magnus Lehnsherr, called Magneto in his role as leader of the revolutionary band named X-Men, now seeks to end this world - to twist it towards the world Bishop knows, where there may still live a man called Charles Xavier, whose heart and dreams stopped in Magneto's arms twenty years ago...This is part of America's last story.

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Generation Next #1-4


All original Age of Apocalypse TPB's were printed as "Ultimate Editions," with gold covers.

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