Generation X (1st series) #42

Issue Date: 
September 1998
Story Title: 
She came from the Stars

Larry Hama (writer), Terry Dodson (penciler), Rachel Dodson (inker), RS & Comicraft (letters), Felix Serrano (colors), Ruben Diaz (editor), Bob Harras (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

The students and teachers of the Massachusetts Academy are playing a game of miniature golf, when Chamber catches the attention of two ditsy local girls who try to come on to him, much to Husk’s annoyance. Monet sees a spacecraft like structure, which was not there when they came in, and inside that craft is Bianca LaNeige...Emma Frost’s greatest enemy, who along with some cockroach-turned-dwarves as servants, has come to get revenge on Emma. However right then, on the astral plane, Betsy Braddock unwittingly triggers a chain reaction while fighting Ananasi the Trickster, aka the Shadow King, and the powers off all psionics in the universe are gone. After a confrontation with the local girls, in which Husk gets into a fist fight, and the owner of the course comes to speak to Sean and Emma, the team leaves, realizing that Emma’s psi powers don’t work when she tries to make the locals forget what has happened. On their way home, they see Gaia in trouble, just having had a car accident and talking to Chief Authier. Gaia’s telepathic powers are not working either, and Chief Authier reveals that he was a psychic talent too, decides that it’s better to leave Gaia in the team’s hands, while he deals with the remains of her car. Meanwhile, Bianca, also affected by the psi-power loss, and her crew are struck by Albert and Elsie-Dee in their craft.

Full Summary: 

The students of the Massachusetts Academy, Snow Valley, are no ordinary students, but mutants. Teenagers gifted with abilities that set them apart from “normal” humans. Today though, these students are doing the most normal thing possible… playing mini putt golf. Emma Frost stands with her hands on her hips and tells her co-teacher, Sean Cassidy to “Get on with it." Sean Cassidy, the former X-Man known as Banshee, and mentor to these mutants is lying on the mini putt green lining up his shot. Everett tells Sean to take his shot and get over with it, adding that they are not playing in the Masters, and he is not Tiger Woods. Chamber projects his thoughts into his friends as if he was speaking, and agrees with Everett, saying that Sean is too old. Sitting down on the concrete, wearing a hoodie to cover his obvious mutation, his gray skin, Angelo Espinosa adds that Sean is too Anglo. Bored, Monet lies down on a bench and stretches out catching the rays of the sun, as Sean readies his shot, and in answer to Skin’s comment, says that Sean Cassidy being too Anglo would have caused some commotion in the republic.

Sternly as always, Emma reiterates her earlier request and tells Cassidy to get on with it. He swings and yells ‘Fore!’ as the golf ball speeds along the green, but despite Sean’s measuring up earlier, it does not go up the tongue of the monster leading to the hole. Emma smirks and claps her hands before mocking Sean, telling him it was a nice shot, but the point is to get it in the hole.

Two scantily clad girls on roller-skates standing nearby spot Chamber among the group of students. Ronee tells her friend Betsy to check out the guy in the mask, and suggests he might be a celebrity. Betsy proclaims that whether he is a celebrity or not, he is still cute. Always ready to jibe her teammates, Monet grins and tells Paige that it looks like the local talent are trying to move in on her turf. Husk defensively tells Monet that she never knew her brand was on his rump, but nevertheless looks crossly at the situation. Jubilee tells M and Husk to keep their claws sheathed as they are supposed to be friends.

Ronee lets her golf ball ‘slip‘ from her hand, throwing it right at Jono’s head. Jono sends out a telepathic “ow” before the two local girls skate over and flirtatiously apologize, asking Jono if there is anything they can do for him. Bending over in front of him, and showing a lot of flesh the girls play with him, and Ronee asks him if he is from around here. Hand on her hip and leaning on her putter, Monet says “How utterly shameless“ before Jubilee asks Paige if she is going to do anything. Though Paige says that if that is what Jono likes then he can have them.

Meanwhile, Sean marks Emma’s latest score, her sixteenth hole-in-one and asks her if she is cheating. Emma just acts all innocent. Skin swings his club and tells his teachers it looks like he is going to get his ball in, and when it lands in the cup, he leaps up with joy. Sean marks the score card and tells Angelo he got twenty-three, which is only nineteen over par.

Betsy looks at Jono’s head and tells him that the ball caused a bump, and Ronee asks him if he would like them to rub it for him, before turning and looking at him face to face and tugging at his mask, she asks Jono what he is trying to hide. Jono’s eyes go wide and he telepathically asks her not to tug at his mask. The ditsy girl proclaims to Jono that his voice is so mellow as if she is hearing it inside her head. Paige turns her hands into a fist and announcing to M and Jubilee that the other girls are jeopardizing the security of Generation X, she rushes up, and punches Ronee, telling her to leave Jono alone.

As the rest of the students walk to the next hole, Monet looks up to the rental office and noticing the odd looking spacecraft up there, tells the others that the ugly thing was not there when they got here. Jubilee smiles and tells Monet that she of all people would know; “the way you’re always looking up past your nose“ the prankster adds. Emma places her ball at the last hole, and announces that if she sinks it in one shot she gets a free game and a special prize. Referring to Paige’s quarrel with the local girls, Monet tells everyone that the “altercation has escalated to physical violence“ and Jubilee yells to Paige that she got a good shot in.

Meanwhile, inside the odd looking craft above the rental shack, a white skinned woman dressed scantily in green looks out the odd craft’s view screen and says “That’s her! The cheap blond, teeing up!“ Within the craft, someone calls the woman Bianca, and asks her if that is her greatest enemy, the powerful Emma Frost. Bianca says it certainly is, and proclaims that after all the years she spent cooped up in a nether dimension because of Emma, she is finally back, and adds that the payback is going to be sweet, now that she has acquired psi powers to rival her own. The dwarfs in Bianca’s craft turn to her and remind her that they have a deal; that if they help her get revenge, she will transform them back into their original forms, giant cockroaches, as opposed to the “silly, stunted, bipedal, uncarapaced, disgusting things that don’t even have egg sacks!“

Meanwhile, billions of miles away on the astral plane, the Trickster known as Ananasi, actually the Shadow King in disguise, taunts Betsy Braddock, telling her she claims to be a warrior, and asking her to prove it! Covered in psychic armor, and leaping towards him, Betsy says that she will. But as Betsy strikes the Trickster with her psychic katana she realizes too late that she has unleashed a psionic blast into a carefully engineered trap, which triggers a chain reaction that releases a psionic pulse through the very fabric of the astral plane, that could potentially overload and disable every psi-talent in the universe!

The EMP wave is invisible to all, and it travels like a psionic tsunami at the speed of thought, seizing every psi-talent in its path. Powerful one - Emma strikes that last ball, and is flung back from the onslaught of the wave… low-level telepaths who utilize their power as a form of communication - Chamber lunges back, scaring the local girls…and even those who acquired their powers by alien means - like Bianca, who cries out under the strain. Emma lands on her knees with a thud and Skin and Synch can’t believe she aced the course with eighteen holes-in-one. Chamber falls into the arms of Ronee, who thinks he is just coming on strong, as Paige calls out to him, asking him what got into him and telling him to stop. Bianca stumbles back in the craft, landing on two of the dwarves, Stinky and Windy.

Sean bends his putter in half over loosing to Emma, as Synch and Skin rush over to her. She sits up, and as Sean joins them, she tells them she is okay, that it was just like something exploded in her head. Sean smiles and tells Emma to admit that she was using her powers to influence the balls, but her powers backfired on her in the end. Not realizing what has transpired, Paige pulls Jono off Ronee, as Betsy is grossed out, telling the others something is wrong with him, drawing attention to his rolled back eyes, she calls him a “spazz”

In the spacecraft, one of the dwarfs suggests that with Bianca out cold they kill her, until one of them steps in and reminds the others that if they kill Bianca, they will not be able to return to their cockroach bodies.

Shoving Paige out of the way, Betsy, who must have picked up on Paige’s slight southern accent, calls her “Daisy-Mae” and tells her that she took a course in CPR, and as she says she is going to give him “mouth-to-mouth” she tugs at Chambers mask, revealing a psionic residual flare. Betsy tells Ronee that that is “Waaay gross“ and asks her if she is going to plant her lips on “that”. Aghast, Ronee says “He is some kinda freak“ and the two ditsy local girls skate off on their blades. Out of earshot, Jubilee asks them if they have never seen a nuclear furnace before.

The grubby looking owner of the mini-putt course comes out from his shack and with a stuffed alien under his sweaty arm tells Emma she has won a prize and the free game. He notices Everett helping Emma up and asks her if she is hurt, and whether or not she is going to sue him. He sees Sean bending another club and asks him what he is doing to that. Paige tells Jono that he has some nerve flirting with the townie girls and asks him what he has to say for himself. Chamber offers no reply and just looks at Husk awkwardly. The golf course owner walks over to Jono and tells him not to look now, but that his mouth is on fire. He calls for somebody to get a fire extinguisher, and tells Jono not to worry, as they will save him. The White Queen walks over to the sloppy man and says “I guess it’s time to do a partial mind-wipe on you and make you forget what you have just seen“.

The owner of the course turns to her and Emma realizes that her telepathy is not working. The mini putt course owner looks at Emma strangely and tells her something is not right in her ‘cabeza’, and adding that Jono has a fire where his mouth should be, he thinks something is not right. Synch and Skin walk over to him and Angelo asks the man if he has had his eyes checked recently and motions up to the top of his rental shack at the spaceship. Everett says “Could be astigmatism or glaucoma!“ and the golf course owner rushes into his shack, calling to someone called Biff and asking him what the thing on the roof is. Emma tells the students they are leaving, as she thinks they have upset the status quo of the locals enough for one afternoon.

In the spacecraft, Bianca has come around and stands before her servants, telling them that if they ever try to “do her in” they will never get returned to their cockroach forms, that their only hope is to help her get revenge on Emma. One of the dwarves tells Bianca they get the message, and asks that they get out of here, which they do, and the spacecraft leaves the mini putt course. Just then, the owner is dragging someone out of the shack, it is Biff and calling the owner “Lumpy”, he asks him what he is talking about, as he didn’t order a new roof. Pointing to the roof, Lumpy asks Biff what he calls the monstrosity? Biff looks at the roof with Lumpy, and asks him what he is supposed to see. Lumpy swears that there was something there, and Biff just asks him if he has been cracking open the balls again.

Driving back to the Academy in the car, Sean tells Emma that the little excursion they just had might bring prying eyes of the authority down on them, and asks her why she didn’t do a mind-wipe on the two girls and the fat guy. The car turns a corner and approaches an accident scene, while Emma tells Sean that she did try, but something wasn’t right. Someone in the back of the car tells the others to check out the accident, and Skin adds that the car involved looks like a Ferrari from the future. Looking out of his window, Synch sees Chief Authier attending to the driver, whom he recognizes despite her now pink hair – Gaia! Crouching beside her car door, Chief Authier asks Gaia if she is all right, and stepping out, Gaia tells him she doesn’t know what happened, it’s as if she blacked out all of a sudden. Banshee and Emma step out of their car and Sean reminds everyone that Gaia is from the Universal Amalgamator, and she has psi powers. Emma starts to put two and two together that Gaia had a blackout about the same time she did.

Synch walks over to Gaia and the Chief and tells him that he can explain what is going on. Gaia tells Everett she can take care of herself, and looking at Authier, Gaia tells him that he will walk away and not remember any of this. Authier looks somewhat suspiciously at the pink-haired girl and tells her he is not quite senile yet. He adds that he is not likely to forget anything about her, and admits he has been keeping an eye on her since her weird pre-fab house appeared last week. Generation X all turn towards where Chief Authier was motioning and someone says it looks like Pablo Picasso designed it after too much sangria. Skin tells them all that the house just screams alien dimension. Jubilee doesn’t believe that it couldn’t have gone up in a week, and Monet says unless it was conjured up.

Emma whispers to Sean that Gaia could be a powerful telekinetic, powerful enough to materialize matter out of thin air. Banshee reminds Emma that Gaia’s power doesn’t seem to be working, and suggests she talk to Chief Authier. Moments later, Emma has spoken something to Authier, and the Chief tells her that it wouldn’t do any good, as he has the “sight” too, or at least he did until a few moments ago. He says it was lucky his cruiser was parked, or he would have slammed into something like Gaia did. He thinks that something happened which turned off the “sight” in everyone. He tells Emma he knew from the moment they met in the diner that she had the “sight” too.

All of a sudden Emma is very uncomfortable and looks somewhat sheepishly around, until she tells the Chief she has no idea what he is talking about, and asks him if he is saying he is psychic. Authier smiles and tells Emma to play if her way, before telling everyone that he should really file a report on this accident, but as the “car” doesn’t have a VIN number, and Gaia doesn’t exist on any data base…he suggests they all go back to their nice academy and get things sorted out amongst themselves, while he deals with removing the car discreetly. He asks if they have a deal, and in unison, Emma, Sean and Synch all says ‘Deal’. Driving off in his car, Authier tells them all to go home and stay out of trouble. Generation X turn their attention to Gaia and she smiles, telling them she was only trying to have fun!

Back in their car, in the front passenger seat of the car, Sean turns to Emma and asks her what Authier was going on about all the “sight” being turned off. Emma doesn’t look up from the road and tells Sean that Authier is right – her power has gone. Crammed in the car, next to Jubilee, Gaia tells Sean that she tried to make Authier to forget, but it didn’t work, nothing seems to anymore. Husk adds that Jono cant “talk” like he used to either. Sean raises his eyebrows as if he has figured it out, and realizes that something has wiped out all the psi-powers. He wonders what the repercussions of this is going to be…

At twenty thousand feet above, Bianca asks the dwarves if they think they can get away with trying to “eighty-six” her while she is out, and whacks them across the back of the head. One of the dwarves tells the others when Bianca is out of earshot that she is really hard to take, and suggests being stuck as a dwarf for all eternity might not be so bad after all. He powers up and thinks of shunting her to another dimension where food is bad and taxes are high. Another dwarf grabs him and tells him not to do it, as he doesn’t want to have to smell like this forever. Suddenly, everyone in the craft is jolted and thrown around as the craft is hit by something else in the air. The dwarves and Bianca are thrown around inside their craft. Someone tells everyone they have been hit, and as the craft, on fire, plummets to the ground, says that something sheared off the port power pod. Bianca asks what hit them…

An elegant craft speeds off in another direction, one of its wings burning where it hit the port of Bianca’s craft, and inside, Elsie-Dee turns to her protector, Wolverine’s doppelganger Albert, and tells him she thinks they hit something, and suggests they go back and see if they need help. Albert tells Elsie-Dee not to worry her pretty little head, as they only clipped a Blattarian Hyper Space cruiser, and to him, it is only one less nest of roaches!

Characters Involved: 

Chamber, Husk, Jubilee, M II, Skin, Synch (all Generation X)
Banshee, White Queen (Generation X‘s teachers and tutors)

Psylocke (X-Men)
Elsie Dee

Chief Authier
Betsy and Ronee, two local girls
Biff and Lumpy, workers at the golf court

Shadow King
Bianca LaNeige
Brainy, Greasy, Spikey, Stinky, Warpy, Windy (all “dwarfs” of Bianca)

Story Notes: 

In the introduction captions, Monet is incorrectly addressed as “Monet St. Claire” when of course, her real name is St. Croix.

Psylocke’s battle with the Shadow King occurred during X-Men (second series) #77-78.

While not shown this issue, Monet too was affected by the breakdown in the psi-plane, and seeing their concern for Emma and Chamber, she constantly reminds her teammates in issues to come, that just because she has other powers too, does not mean she wasn’t affected by the loss of her telepathy.

Elsie Dee and Albert were last seen in Wolverine (2nd series) #86. It is unknown where they were headed, and they have yet to appear again after this issue.

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