Generation X (1st series) #57

Issue Date: 
November 1999
Story Title: 
A Night to Remember

Jay Faerber (Writer), Terry Dodson & Chris Renaud (Pencilers), Rachel Dodson, Scott Elmer & John Czop (Inkers), Kevin Tinsley (Colorist), Richard Starkings & Sadia Temofonte (Letterer), Lysa Kraiger (Assistant Editor), Jason Lieberg (Editor), Bob Harras (Editor in Chief)

Brief Description: 

The kids of Generation X as well as the human students who attend the Massachusetts Academy are all preparing for the upcoming formal dance, while unbeknownst to them they are being watched by their enemy, Emplate. Many boys want to ask Monet to the dance, but no one has the courage to do it, while Chamber is still jealous of Husk going with Tristan, one of the human students. Synch is going with Jubilee, unaware that she thinks they are going as more than friends, while Skin is not going at all because he doesn’t have a date. The kids fail to rescue the original X-Men from Krakoa the living island in a Danger Room scenario when the real Iceman makes an appearance for a guest lecture. The kids think Banshee should go to the dance with Emma, who quickly declares that she is already going – with Iceman. Everyone begins to arrive at the dance – Paige and Tristan, Jubilee and Everett and Jono and his date – when everyone’s attention is turned to the next couple – Monet and Angelo! During the dance, Tom Corsi asks Banshee if it bothers him seeing Emma with Iceman, and Banshee denies he has feelings for Emma. Soon, Synch sees Emplate, and a diversion is created which enables the human students to be led to safety by Tom while the Gen Xer’s take on Emplate, until they realize that he is just a diversion for he is in a very weakened state. Monet, Emma, Iceman, Synch and Chamber rush to see if Penance is okay, where they find her under attack by Emplate’s lackey D.O.A and three goons. The defeat the goons and bring Penance back to Proudstar Hall with them when they find Banshee, Jubilee, Husk and Skin under mental control of Emplate, they battle each other for some time until Proudstar Hall explodes with everyone inside. Thanks to Iceman constructing an ice dome, everyone survives, Emplate is injured as he was not in the dome, and Penance lies possibly dead – until everyone sees Nicole and Claudette are free from Penance and unharmed from the explosion. Later, Emplate is put on life support, while Emma, Sean and Tom wonder what to do about the lifeless Penance form. Monet talks with her sisters and they realize that the explosion freed them from Penance like a previous explosion caused them to split from the boy they were mimicking Monet as. Skin interrupts the conversation and tells Monet he knows she only asked him to the dance because she felt he was charity, when Monet informs him the real reason was because no one asked her. Husk and Tristan make out, while Synch and Jubilee run into a predicament – he thinks they are just friends, though they know each other so well, and declares how beautiful he thought Monet looked tonight, while a hurt Jubilee realizes he doesn’t know her at all. Iceman is about to leave and has an uncomfortable farewell with Emma, where feelings are not resolved, while finally that night, the Penance form wakes up and runs off into the night.

Full Summary: 

No…stop! It hurts! cries Jubilation “Jubilee” Lee jokingly to her friend and teammate Paige “Husk” Guthrie as the latter tries on a dress to wear to the upcoming school dance. Jubes tells Paige that the dress is so hideous that she may “ralf” all over it and if fashion never made its way to Kansas. I'm from Kentucky Husk, wearing a strapless yellow with black polka-dots dress reminds Jubes, who says same thing. Paige tells Jubes that this is more work than she thought, but wants to look just right, reminding her that Tristan asked her out weeks ago, but with all the adventures Generation X has been on lately they never even had time for a first date – which means that the school dance will be it, and she wants everything to be perfect.

Jubilee tells Paige that she is thinking Emma needs a date for the dance, and personally she thinks Sean is the right man for the job. You think? asks Husk, to which Jubilee replies she should know and that there is chemistry between them. If you say so says Husk before telling Jubilee that Monet still hasn’t got a date yet. Jubilee crosses her arms and says Well I hope she doesn’t think she’s going with Everett…because I am! Husk asks Jubilee if she doesn’t feel a little bit sorry for Monet, I mean, what if she can’t get a date? Jubilee scoffs at this, declaring she has no sympathy for Monet, as she is gorgeous and could have the pick of any guy on campus! While the girls have their conversation, someone is watching them. An old enemy – Emplate!

Meanwhile, on the grounds of the prestigious Massachusetts Academy where the Generation X kids attend along with “normal” humans, the beautiful young woman in question strides gracefully through the crowds of students, the eyes of all the male students following her as she goes. Head held high, the uber-powerful Monet approaches a group of boys who are gawking at her. One of the boys tells the others to check out the hottie while another proclaims that Monet is so fine and that he was thinking of asking her to the dance. Another boy boasts that Monet sits behind him in chemistry and he thinks she is trying to work up the nerve to ask him out. No way says one of the boys who declares that Monet has been given him “the eye” in trigonometry and he was going to ask her. Shaddup! Here she comes! says one of the boys. Monet walks past the boys and doesn’t even acknowledge them. Once she has gone past them one of the boys says well, um, maybe I’ll ask her later. Yeah, me too says another.

Meanwhile, in the office of Sean “Banshee” Cassidy and Emma “White Queen” Frost, the headmasters of the Academy Sean tells Emma to let him see if he understands. He takes a couple of weeks off to spend time with his injured daughter, and in that time, Emma’s sister, their new headmistress, tries to kill the kids, and that she did it in secret so none of the human students know about it. Emma tells Sean he is correct and adds that the general student population are still unaware that there are mutants in their midst. Emma looks at Sean and tells him that Adrienne was playing them from the start, her entire plan was to get close to her sister, and used psionic powers Emma didn’t even know she had to place everyone in an artificial environment.

Adrienne was hoping that they would die the same way her first students, the Hellions would, and wanted to torture Emma by making her watch. Emma admits that she is not sure how Adrienne was able to orchestrate all of this, as per usual she was not very forthcoming. However Emma is confident that Adrienne has a larger plan in mind, and that they haven't seen the last of her. I cant leave you people alone for a second, can I? mutters Banshee.

Off campus, Everett “Synch” Thomas and Jono “Chamber” Starsmore are trying on tuxedos for the dance. Everett declares that he doesn’t think his fits right. Chamber tells him that he looks fine and to quit his whining. Everett calms down and declares that it is too bad Skin isn't with them. He tells Jono that he wished Angelo could have got a date, and thinks that they should just fix him up with someone. Synch tells Jono that the girl he is taking must have a friend who would be interested. Chamber tells Synch that fixing Skin up would only get him angrier.

Everett reveals that he is lucky he didn’t have to worry about getting a real date, as going with Jubilee makes things a lot easier. Chamber asks him if Jubilee knows it is not a “real” date, to which Synch asks him what he means, as he doesn’t get it. That’s what I'm afraid of says Chamber before changing the subject to his ex-girlfriends date, Tristan, and tells Synch that he is not renting a tux because he is so rich that he owns one. He adds that if he had known Paige were that shallow when they were going out, he would have started throwing more money around. Synch exclaims that he has an idea for a fun game that they can play.  How about we try and make it through one day without mentioning the name “Tristan”? Okay, we’ll call him “Rat Boy” instead. Synch just frowns.

Meanwhile, in Angelo “Skin” Espinosa’s room, Angelo lies back on his bed and declares that back before his mutant powers kicked in, he was a good looking, not a Ricky Martin, but okay. Now, he says, he cannot even go out in public without being the center of attention and not in a good way. He declares that he knows it is wrong to objectify women, but just for once he would like to walk into a room with a hot little chica on my arm and have everyone looking at him for reasons other than his looks. Skin sighs and declares that he has been hanging around Jono too long and his bad attitude must be rubbing onto him. Skin frowns and declares that he doesn’t mean to paint such a bleak picture, and turning to Artie Maddicks and Leech he says that green and pink are nice colors, but nevertheless they will probably go through exactly what he does. Skin thanks the young boys for listening, to which Leech says Leech and Artie happy to listen to Skin whine, while nobody notices the villain Emplate watching them.

Meanwhile, in Generation X’s very own Danger Room, the kids are having a training session, the scenario – rescue the original X-Men from Krakoa the living island! Trapped in some vines, Husk declares that they are everywhere. Having a lot of fun, Jubilee tells her ‘that’s the idea, Husk, this is Krakoa, baby! The island that thinks like a man!’ Smiling, Jubilee declares that a couple of years ago it captured the original X-Men, which led Xavier to round up new members, like my bud Wolverine’ ‘Only this time – Chamber cuts her off and says We have to save the X-Men. We were all there for the briefing Jubilee.

Still trapped, Husk declares that she cannot change into a more powerful body. Chamber tells her to hang tight and that he is coming to shred the vines with his bio-blasts. Up in the sky, Synch drops Skin into the battle just before he gets caught by a vine too. Skin declares that they are everywhere as Jubes advises him to keep moving, for if you move fast enough they wont be able to catch you – until one catches her. Hanging upside down, Jubilee’s mood has turned sour and when Skin laughs and asks her if this ever happened when she was with the X-Men she tells him to shut up.

The only one free now is Monet, and she proclaims that this is unacceptable, that she refuses to be beaten by something you find in your garden! But despite her best efforts, Monet gets caught by a vine, and cant break free. Synch tells her to relax, as its over, and Emma and Sean enter the Danger Room, and tell the kids that if this had been real, they would have failed their mission to rescue the X-Men!

Geez, remind me never to call you guys when I need to be rescued! The Gen Xer’s are surprised to see Bobby “Iceman” Drake, one of the original X-Men, who was captured by Krakoa step into view and then ask jokingly What’re they teaching you kids at this school anyway? Bobby’s former teammate, Banshee tells Bobby sarcastically that he is very funny before deactivating the Krakoa scenario and setting the kids free. Jubilee smiles when she sees Bobby is real as she thought he was just part of the hologram scenario and asks him what he is doing here.

The handsome young X-Man tells the kids that Sean asked him to stop by and give a guest lecture, I hear it’s the thing to do these days he adds. Husk smiles and asks him if he will be teaching a class on cryogenics or weather manipulation. Bobby stutters a bit before revealing that he is a CPA and here to teach an accounting class.

Emma frowns and tells the kids that they have had enough for one day and should go and shower now. The kids stand grouped together, no one moving as Jubes walks over to Sean and declares that they were wondering if he has asked Emma to the dance yet. Sean looks stumped for a minute, but Emma breaks the silence by shouting That’s enough! I already have a date! The kids look surprised and ask whom. Emma smiles wickedly and narrows her eyes as she points across the room to Bobby. Him, Me? asks Bobby shocked, before grinning Awww yeah!

Later, Monet is dressed for the dance (and as per usual, it is something outstandingly stylish) and she walks down to the basement of the girls dormitory which is also the bedroom for one of the Academy’s special students…Penance. Monet peers around into the room, where she sees Penance tearing up everything in the room. Monet doesn’t think she has seen Penance this agitated ever, but knows it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out what is wrong with her, for Monet spent too long trapped inside the razor sharp mute body, which is now prison to her little sisters. She supposes that it was only a matter of time before their frustration overwhelmed them. Monet wonders if she should say anything, but turning and going back up the stairs she thinks it best to say nothing, as it probably wouldn't do them much good to see her dressed up to go to the formal dance.

Later that evening at Proudstar Hall, all the kids of the Academy begin arriving for the dance. Paige enters with Tristan, who tells her that she looks divine. Paige smiles ands tells him that she is wearing the fanciest dress she ever owned (not the polka dot one) and that her momma would flip if she knew how much it cost. Jubilee smiles as she enters clinging onto Everett she tells him to check it out and that it is going to be great. Jono enters with his date and wonders to himself if the thing his date finds most attractive about him is the fact he cannot give her any lip, that is not without giving away that he is not really mute and can talk fine telepathically.

Suddenly, the entire hall of people all turn their attention to the latest couple arriving – all of Generation X equally surprised – to see Monet smirking as she enters with the smiling Angelo. Mutters spread through the crowd: man, what I wouldn't give… that’s that Espinosa dude! And he’s with Monet St. Croix!

Watching the kids, Sean says to Tom Corsi that Angelo sure knows how to make an entrance. Tom replies that he was busy watching Emma and Bobby, and asks Sean he can believe that Emma is actually laughing, for he doesn’t think he has ever seen her do that before. Sean tells Tom that Emma and Bobby have a bit of a history, but not to ask him to explain it. Tom asks Sean if it bothers him, after all he and Emma have a “thing” going. Sean frowns and unconvincingly says Me and Emma? Bah, don’t be ridiculous.

Emplate’s psionic form suddenly appears at the party and walks through the teens undetected. Tristan tells Paige that his grandfather said they can go horseback riding one day, adding that he knows she will love Vermont in the Fall. Sean tells tom that he thinks this is good for the kids, especially after the nonsense in Madripoor and the horror that Adrienne put them through. Tom tells Sean that it might be good for him too by helping him take his mind of Theresa. Synch asks Jono how his first date is going, and Jono replies If you love me Everett, you’ll kill me now! Jubilee tells Angelo that he must have seen The Mask of Zorro too many times and asks him what the story with his outfit is. Angelo tells her that anyone can wear a tux, but it takes a vato with brass ones to wear this.

Suddenly, Synch sees Emplate! He asks Emma if she can hear him and tells her Emplate is in the house. Emma hears him and links their minds up with the others. Synch informs everyone that he can see Emplate somehow, that it must have something to do with his synchronistic aura. Emma tells everyone that they need a diversion….

…and Skin charges into Jono ready to play along he tackles him to the ground. While the entire student body is watching the “fight” Emma tells Jubilee to activate the sprinklers with her fireworks, which she does. When the sprinklers start, the human students rush from Proudstar Hall, saying things like My dress will be ruined Back to my room, it’s quieter there. Tom goes out to control the teens and tell them that it was probably a false alarm but that they should still go over to the student center before mentally telling Emma that he has everyone secured outside.

Back inside, Emplate fully appears before them and asks everyone now that they have found him what they intend to do about it. On an ice sled, Iceman races up to him and declares that his is ‘going to get frosty’, but Emma calls to him, warning him about Emplate, but it is too late, as Emplate grabs Bobby and declares that he can feed on mutant’s genetic material. Bobby cries out as Emplate starts to feed on him, until Monet tells everyone to leave this to her.

Husk tells her it is only fair, as Emplate is her brother, as she morphs into something more appropriate. Monet flies towards her brother and calling him by his real name, Marius, she tells him to let Bobby go as she flies directly into him, knocking him back as he says Marius is dead. Only Emplate is left! Some of the students soon find themselves trapped in ice when Emplate uses the powers he absorbed from Iceman on them. Chamber starts to blast them free while Emma tends to Bobby, asking him if he is all right, Bobby replies Aw, see? I knew you cared!

Synch asks Banshee to let him synch-up with Emplate so he can use his own powers against him, but Banshee tells him that it is too dangerous, and that Everett might not be able to handle that much power. So, what’s next on the menu? asks Emplate.

Monet uses her telepathy to contact everyone and tells them that this is not like Marius, as he has never been this aggressive, for he normally tries to avoid physical confrontation, and he looks ill. Skin tells everyone that they shouldn’t forget he has attacked the school in the past, Chamber reminds them that it happened when he tried to kidnap Penance. Banshee realizes that it is a diversion and tells Emma, Iceman, Monet, Synch and Chamber to go to Penance’s room, as he thinks she might be in trouble.

In Penance’s room, she is holding off Emplate’s allies – D.O.A, Vincente, Wrap and a female associate. D.O.A tells everyone not to just stand there and get Penance, as Emplate will not be able to hold the kids off for very long. Wrap protests that her skin is razor sharp, to which the female calls him a ‘bug baby’. Just then, Monet and Synch bust into the room, followed by the others, declaring that they are just in time. Okay, ya goons, you know the drill- get ‘em! Orders D.O.A.

Wrap picks up Synch and declares that he doesn’t look tough, That’s why he’s got friends to back him up! cries Monet as she smashes Wrap to the ground. Er, thanks…I think says Synch when suddenly, the female villain uses a power to possess Monet, who declares You’re not the only ones who recognize the value of teamwork, precious. She tells Monet that she may be invulnerable, but even she cannot stand up to her ebon energy. Synch steps forward and tells the woman it is time to see if she can stand up to her own “ebon energy” courtesy of his synchronistic aura. The results is that she cannot, and when she is taken out of the battle, Monet is released form her possession. Well that sure took you long enough says Monet. Synch tells her a “thank you” wouldn't be out of line. No, just out of character Monet replies.

Chamber sees Vincente and remembers him as ‘the wanker who can turn himself into vapor!’ Vincente reminds him Jono that it is poisonous vapor. Chamber is rescued by Iceman, who traps Vincente in an ice block. Chamber tells Bobby that he is not half the twit Jubilee said you were! Bobby tells Jono to remind him to have a little talk with Miss Lee. Monet, Iceman, Chamber and Synch assemble with Emma and as D.O.A creeps away Bobby asks Small-Mean-and-Ugly where he is going.<>P

Monet and Synch fly back to Proudstar Hall while the others ride on Iceman’s ice sled. Bobby hopes that the others managed to keep Emplate in check while they were gone, and Synch tells him not to worry, as they have handled Emplate before and can do it again. However arriving at Proudstar Hall, they see that the others don’t look themselves, and their eyes are red. Bobby asks Synch if he is sure about that last comment he made before asking Emma what’s wrong with them. Emma informs Bobby that Emplate has used his powers to corrupt them, to bring them over to his side!

This should be worth the price of admission says Emplate as he orders Banshee, Jubilees, Husk and Skin to ‘sic ‘em’. The four rush towards the others and Banshee uses his sonic scream as Husk, in her stone form, grabs Monet and says You think you’re better than everyone else don’t you? Monet tells Paige to take it easy and that she can beat this, but Husk isn't listening and throws Monet across the hall.

Bobby asks Emma what she is waiting for and tells her to use her powers to undo the ‘whammy’ that Emplate did on the others. Emma scowls and tells him that she is trying. Skin stretches his fingers around Jono, who tries to calm Skin down, but Skin tells Jono that he knows he thinks he is a wimp, but is going to prove him wrong!

You mute freak! says Jubilee to Penance who does her best to dodge Jubes’ fireworks. Synch grabs Jubilee with an idea to synch up to her, but Emma tells him not to, as it is too dangerous. Everett replies that he knows what he is doing, but Jubilee flips herself behind him, telling him that while he may be able to synch up with her powers he cant synch up with her training. Synch is purposely trying to get Jubilee mad, and standing open before her he jibes her by saying you wanna hurt me, don’t you? You wanna kill me, don’t you!’

Jubilee screams as she has broken free from Emplate’s control. She declares that Synchs’ plan worked, for it made her angry enough to break Emplate’s hold on her. Pointing at Emplate she boasts that she is going to end this once and for all! Emma is about to say something to Bobby, but he understands and says he is On it! – when suddenly, Proudstar Hall explodes.

When the dust clears, all that remains apart from the debris is a ice dome – which suddenly shatters when the Gen Xer’s, Banshee, Emma and Iceman break out of it. Husk declares that it protected them from the brunt of the blast, as Skin asks what happened to Penance, as she wasn’t under the ice dome with them. Monet flies towards her brother, declaring that he wasn’t under the dome either, but is alive, yet hurt. Banshee kneels by Penance’s unmoving body, proclaiming that he wished he could say the same for Penance, but it is hard to be sure with her – though he thinks she is dead. Emma tells Sean that it might not be that ‘cut-and-dry’ and motion towards another part of the debris, where the St. Croix twins – Claudette and Nicole are standing hand-in-hand, free from the Penance body.

Later that night in the top-secret complex beneath the Academy, Banshee informs Emma and Tom Corsi that he thinks Emplate will make it, as while an explosion like that would not normally have phased him, in his weakened state he was more susceptible to the force of the explosion. He asks Tom if the kids have all been told the cover story, to which Tom replies that the phone lines are now flooded with kids calling their parents and telling them how an electrical fire blew up Proudstar Hall. Emma tells the men that there is only one question left – and pointing to the lifeless Penance form on the ground, she asks what they are going to do with it – for without the twins inside it, the body is just an empty shell...right?

Meanwhile, in the infirmary, Monet sits in between her sisters, Nicole and the autistic Claudette and tells them that Miss Frost just wants to keep them in the infirmary overnight as a precaution. Nicole replies that it is okay, she just feels weird, and doesn’t even remember the explosion or what happened. However, Nicole reminds Monet that an explosion is what caused her and Claudette to split back into themselves when they was masquerading as her, so it just makes sense that another explosion would free them from the Penance form. Monet tells the girls that she is just glad to have her sisters back. And your brother says Nicole. Monet frowns, Yeah…and him.

Just then, Skin walks into the infirmary Hey! If it isn't the St. Croix girls! Angelo walks over to Monet and tells her that he knows Artie and Leech asked her to invite him to the dance, and that he knows why they did it. He tells her that he admits it felt good walking in with a beautiful woman on his arm, but isn't one to take charity. Monet folds her arms and lifts her head into the air telling Angelo not to flatter himself and that the only reason she asked him to the dance was because no one asked her! Charity…hah! Skin walks out of the infirmary mumbling that he should have known and adds that Monet St. Croix would never do anything nice for anyone.

Elsewhere on campus, Paige and Tristan walk hand-in-hand and Tristan tells her that all he could think about was her when Mr. Corsi made them leave the building, as he didn’t knows what kind of danger she was in. He adds that he knew something big was going on inside but he couldn’t tell anyone about it, and all he could do was sit and worry in silence. Paige tells Tristan that he is so in touch with his feelings and that most other boys she knows are just that – boys. Boys who are too concerned with being tough that they don’t really admit what is going on inside them. Paige and Tristan then kiss…

Elsewhere still, Jubilee and Everett sit on a hillside overlooking campus, and Jubes tells Everett that it was really cool of him to help her shake off Emplate’s influence. Synch replies that it was no problem, and that he knows her and how to push her buttons. Jubilee smiles and declares that it is nice to have someone in her life that knows her so well. Synch agrees, telling Jubilee that he knows what she means and his glad that they can talk like this, that they’re so close. A slight pause occurs before Everett smiles and says Did you see Monet tonight? My God she looked beautiful! Jubilee averts her eyes and thinks to herself Oh yeah, Ev. You really know me well, don’t ya?

At the main driveway, Bobby leans against his glash car and looks at Emma, both of them somewhat unsure about what to say. Bobby then tells Emma that there is no more questioning it, and that she must like him. Emma grins and asks him what gives him that idea? You asked me to be your date. How big of a hint do I need? Bobby replies. Emma tells Bobby that he was the closest available body and would have asked the Blob if he had been there. Yeah right says Bobby before Emma tells him she would have even asked the Toad. The Toad? You’re comparing me to the Toad? asks Bobby before telling Emma that if he didn’t know any better he would say she were deliberately trying to hurt his feelings. A moment’s silence before Bobby puts a hand on Emma’s cheek. ‘So…’ they both say, before Bobby gets into his car and driving away he says Goodnight Emma.

Back in the secret complex beneath the campus, the lifeless shell of Penance suddenly opens its eyes! She gets off the ground and scratches her way through the wall of the complex then up through the earth, where reaching the Academy grounds she runs off into the night….

Characters Involved: 

Chamber, Husk, Jubilee, Monet, Skin, Synch (all Generation X)
Banshee, Emma Frost (Headmasters of Massachusetts Academy)
Artie & Leech (Wards of Massachusetts Academy)
Tom Corsi (Teacher at Massachusetts Academy)

Iceman / Bobby Drake (member of X-Men)

Nicole & Claudette St. Croix / Penance II
Penance III

Tristan and other Students at Massachusetts Academy
Chamber’s date

Emplate / Marius St. Croix
Vincente, Wrap and female associate of Emplate’s

In Flashback
Chamber, Monet (both Generation X)
Emma Frost
Holographic Storm (member of X-Men)

Adrienne Frost

In Photograph
Monet St. Croix
Nicole & Claudette St. Croix

In Danger Room scenario
Angel, Havok, Iceman, Polaris (all X-Men)
Krakoa the living island

Story Notes: 

This issue is double-sized, celebrating the fifth anniversary of Generation X and comes with a bonus pin-up.

Banshee has been on leave spending time with his daughter Siryn who was seriously injured in X-Force (1st series) #90.

Adrienne Frost tried to kill everyone in Generation X (1st series) #55-56.

Monet was freed from the Penance form in Generation X (1st series) #40, and the twins took her place.

The Madripoor adventure occurred in Generation X (1st series) #53-54.

The twins were masquerading as Monet from Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #316 until they were separated in Generation X (1st series) #31.

Written By: