Generation X (1st series) #62

Issue Date: 
April 2000
Story Title: 

Jay Faerber (Writer), Terry Dodson (Cover Artist), Matt Smith, Nelson Decastro, Yancey Labat, Darren Auck (Pencilers), John Czop, Jason Martin, Rodney Ramos (Inkers), Kevin Tinsley (Colorist), Richard Starkings (Letterer), Lysa Kraiger (Assistant Editor), Jason Liebig (Editor), bob Harras (Editor in Chief)

Brief Description: 

At her new school in Switzerland, Monet begins to investigate the mysterious deaths of students after she discovered it was the headmaster, for he attacked her and bit her. Monet was able to “tune out” his control over her because of her telepathy. However when she and the police raided the headmaster’s office they found no evidence that he was the killer. Monet tried exposing him to sunlight, believing that to harm vampires, however it didn’t work, and the police thought she was mad. Delacorte tells Monet that she will not be able to stop him. Thinking about what to do, Monet realizes that there are only two ways to stop him – cut off his head or stake him, and she is about to make her plan when she is attacked by Tabitha, a girl who was the most recent victim. Monet stakes her after the battle and proceeds to find Delacorte, who is comforting Monet’s roommate, Charlene. He is about to bite Charlene when Monet bursts through to rescue her, but Delacorte escapes by turning into mist. Charlene goes to safety when Delacorte’s assistant attacks Monet, and again she stakes the old woman before “back tracking” the telepathic link she had with Delacorte to find him, and just in time as he is about to bite his next victim. Delacorte turns into a giant vampire bat and informs Monet that the trick with the sunlight didn’t kill him because he took part in a procedure by Baron Blood, a Nazi vampire. The two engage in aerial combat, until Monet uses her super strength to force him down on top of the spike, which sits on the bell tower, and he explodes. The school was closed down and Monet had to chose, which school to go to now – and she returns to the Massachusetts Academy.

Full Summary: 

A graveyard in Switzerland a recently dug grave and planted grave, belonging to Tabitha Gance, suddenly the grave is broken from beneath by scratching – and Tabitha bursts through, fangs bared and dressed to kill.

Monet St. Croix, the beautiful and phenomenally powerful Algerian former member of Generation X, sits calmly in the back of a police car as it races towards her new school in the Swiss Alps. Monet thinks back only a short time – when she told herself that she left the Massachusetts Academy because she did not fit in there. For while she was a mutant, possessing superhuman abilities, she was more fortunate than other mutants as she can seamlessly blend into society, and therefore has no interest in fighting to save a world that hates and fears her kind.

Monet wonders why then, in light of all that, did she go out of her way to alert the authorities to a killer that is plaguing her new school? She thinks a psychologist would probably have a field day with her. When Monet arrived at the elite Swiss boarding school she was made aware that a number of students had been killed in a gruesome manner, and mere days after her arrival her roommate and she came dangerously close to witnessing the latest murder – Tabitha Gance – a girl in their dorm was murdered while Monet and her roommate were mere feet away.

Monet then met with the headmaster, Arthur Delacorte, and not only did she discover that he was the murderer – but also a vampire! Monet didn’t mention that to the police when she went to them, otherwise they would have locked her up. Monet knows she didn’t imagine the whole thing however, for she has proof – a small bite mark on her neck. After being bitten by Delacorte, Monet learned that a simple bite does not turn a person into a vampire, but that you have to be killed by a vampire to become one. Being bitten would, however, normally make one susceptible to the mental domination of the vampire that bit you. Fortunately for Monet, she is naturally telepathic and therefore able to “tune out” Delacorte’s manipulation, but not without a lot of concentration.

As the police arrive at the private academy, Monet can only imagine what kind of scene they must have caused as they roared up to the headmaster’s office. One of the police inspectors asks Monet if she is sure the murderer is at the school, and as they follow her, Monet replies that she is certain of it and will lead them to him.

Entering the office block, the headmaster’s elderly assistant sits up and annoyed at the interruption she asks the men if she can help them. Monet ignores the woman and walks past her as one of the inspectors tells the assistant to take her seat. Monet opens the door to Delacorte’s office and tells the inspectors that the murderer is in there.

Standing up, Delacorte turns to Monet and smiles, telling her how charming of her it was to bring the police with her he asks to what does he owe the pleasure. One of the inspectors informs the headmaster that Miss St. Croix told them that she knew who was committing the murders that have been plaguing the campus, but that they had no idea she was talking about him, and apologizes, saying that it must be a mistake or a cruel joke.

Monet realizes that the inspectors don’t believe her, but then again she didn’t really expect them to, especially without proof. Clutching at a curtain she tells the inspectors that she has al the proof they need, and draws open the curtains which let in the bright sunlight. Expecting Delacorte to explode or something, Monet looks quite confused when Delacorte just shields his eyes from the brightness and asks Monet if she is feeling all right and tells her that she is behaving rather madly.

Monet thought that direct sunlight was a vampire’s worst enemy as it turns them instantly to dust. ‘At least that’s what all the books said’. Delacorte apologizes to the men for Monet’s behavior informing them that he has had difficulties with her before. Monet turns her back to the men as Delacorte tells the inspectors that she is taking the death of her classmate hard, as they could imagine, and adds that he will make sure she receives the appropriate care. Delacorte tells the inspectors that he and his staff have the utmost appreciation for their efforts in catching the murderer who plagues the academy.

Delacorte farewells the inspectors and closes the doors behind them as he asks Monet if she is quite pleased with herself. Monet boasts that she may not be able to prove it, but that she knows what he is, and that if the police will not help her stop him then she will do it herself. Delacorte smiles and sarcastically asks Monet if she can stop him alone before mocking her mutant powers and declaring that it should be interesting, as he has never feasted on mutants before. Monet defiantly tells Delacorte to ‘try it’ as she can guarantee he will not get close enough to even smell her. Delacorte opens his door and says patronizingly ‘Come now, Monet. Do you really think I’m dumb enough to attack you right here, after the police just left? Please. Give me some credit’. Monet knows Delacorte has a point and there was no use in her attacking him, she decides that she is better off to do some more research and leaves.

Walking down some stairs out of the building, Monet is greeted by her roommate, Charlene, who tells Monet that the word around school is that she was seen with some cops and asks her if anything is wrong. Monet tells Charlene that nothing is wrong and thanks her to mind her own business and tells others to do the same. Charlene apologizes and starts walking with Monet, telling her that she is still trying to process the fact that it was they who found the body. She exclaims that this is all serious stuff, what with someone going around nipping people on the necks. Monet replies that she supposes so while thinking to how serious it would be if Charlene knew how the girls really died. Charlene tells Monet that she is a good listener if she wishes to talk about it, but Monet starts to walk away, replying coldly that she is fine, and probably not hearing Charlene solemnly say ‘Yeah. Me too’.

Night falls, and Monet sits cross-legged as she hovers in the air, staring intently ahead without blinking she recalls how some of her former teammates at the Massachusetts Academy fought a vampire, but she “missed out” on that adventure. The last think Monet wants to do is go running back to Generation X for help, and since she no longer has access to the Massachusetts Academy’s vast database she has to turn to another source in researching ways to kill a vampire – the Internet.

Monet drops to the ground and since sunlight apparently does not hurt Delacorte, she has two other ways to destroy him. She could drive a stake through his heart, or alternatively she could cut off his head. ‘Decisions, decisions!’ Some rustling in nearby shrubs grabs Monet’s attention and she turns quickly, only to see Tabitha leaping at her exclaiming ‘You look delicious’. Tabitha shoves her elbow at Monet and knocks her back while revealing that she knows all about Monet’s powers and informs her that the master says since they cannot bring her over they will just have to kill her.

Monet just stares at Tabitha when the vampire asks her if her strength surprises her. Getting no answer, Tabitha says she will take that as a ‘yes’. Suddenly, Tabitha moves backwards, away from Monet when she sees a cross around her neck. Monet smiles and tells Tabitha that she was always the better student before giving her a walloping, sending her flying backwards. Monet breaks off a branch from a tree as Tabitha gathers herself and boasts that the cross will not protect her forever. Monet tells Tabitha that it doesn’t have too, and leaps at Tabitha with the broken branch ‘Oh no’ says Tabitha before the stake is driven through her chest and she bursts into dust. Monet stands over the ashes for what seemed to her like ages, trying to convince herself that she did not just commit murder, and supposes that it is hard to murder someone who is already dead.

Elsewhere on the campus, Monet’s roommate, Charlene, is being comforted – by Headmaster Delacorte! Charlene sniffles as she reveals that she dreams about it every night, for Tabitha was her friend, a friend who was murdered just mere feet away. She asks how she is supposed to live with that. Delacorte tells Charlene that she has already set herself on the path to recovery by coming to talk to him, as it is an important first step. Delacorte tells Charlene that it is his job to be here for all of his students and that having nightmares is perfectly normal given the extreme circumstances. He adds that he would be worried if she weren’t upset.

Charlene wipes her nose and thanks Delacorte, admitting that she feels rather silly. Delacorte pulls her in towards him and proclaims that she will be safe with him. Baring his fangs, he smiles and leans in on the unsuspecting Charlene – just as Monet, dressed in her Generation X uniform, bursts through a window, shattering the glass, she lands near Delacorte and tells him to back away from Charlene. Delacorte tells Monet smugly that her visit with Tabitha didn’t go quite as planned. ‘Sorry to disappoint you’ says Monet sarcastically, when Delacorte informs her that it is she who will be disappointed and turns into mist disappearing.

Looking rather nervous, Tabitha asks Monet what happened, the reply being that vampires can turn into mist. Charlene tries to comprehend what she has just seen and asks Monet how any of this is possible. She asks Monet who she is and why she saved her. Monet snaps her out of it and tells Charlene to keep it together and that she should stay at one of her friends’ rooms tonight and not be alone. Charlene gets the message and as she leaves Mrs. Hilmersson, Delacrote’s assistant enters the room, asking what just happened. Monet tells her that she cannot explain it, but that it should make more sense in the morning.

Monet looks out the window searching for a sign of Delacorte, but only sees her reflection, and though Mrs. Hilmersson stood behind Monet, she cast no reflection. Monet turns quickly to face the secretary and realizes that she should have known the old woman was a vampire and declares that she must have helped keep Delacorte’s secret. Mrs. Hilmersson rushes towards Monet and tells her that it is a secret she will take to the grave. Monet says haughtily that ‘I always had a problem respecting my elders’ and punches the old woman, sending her crashing into a desk. Monet picks up a splintered piece of wood and deducing it as sharp enough she plunges it through the old woman, who bursts into dust.

Monet stands in the mess, thinking that it was almost too easy, and it made her sick to think how good she was getting at stabbing people through the heart. Delacorte’s assistant bought him enough time to get away and Monet realizes that she has no chance of finding him now before he claimed another victim – unless she resorted to drastic measures. Monet was able to “tune out” Delacorte’s telepathic influence, so she figured that may be able to use the psychic connection to her advantage, by using her own telepathy to back track the link, which she hoped would lead her straight to him.

This process takes the young telepath a few minutes of concentration, and it worked, for she received a clear impression of him – about to feast upon another student. Monet flies from the building and once she had a fix on his location it took her mere seconds to cross the campus and swooping down she grabs him away from his next victim, using her super strength she pulls him into the air. Delacorte asks Monet when she will learn that she cannot stop him, and dissipates into mist again.

Monet hovers in the air as Delacorte boasts that he doesn’t think she realizes the full scope of his power, revealing to her that his vampiric abilities allow him to change shape. Which he does – into a monstrous flying bat-like-human. Flying towards Monet, Delacorte reveals that thanks to a procedure that was first pioneered by a Nazi vampire named Baron Blood, he is now able to withstand the sun’s hot and deadly rays. He admits that Monet is strong, but asks if she is as fast and agile.

Monet flies near Delacorte and tells him that regardless of whether or not she destroys him, his reign of terror ends now. The vampire asks Monet how she deduces that, and she informs him that at least one other girl has seen what he is. Leaping at Monet as they fly near the bell tower he tells her that she will devour the other girl after he has feasted on Monet’s mutant blood.

Monet fights back and gets on top of Delacorte pinning him down she tells him that when he was bragging about his powers she didn’t hear him say anything about being able to withstand a stake through the heart. Monet pushes him down with her strength so that he lands right on top of the deadly spike, which stands atop of the tower, and Delacorte lets out a mighty scream as he explodes.

Later, Delacrote’s death rendered all the vampires inert and they were given proper burials. The school was closed and the townspeople burned it to the ground – before deciding that no one would ever speak of what went on there again. When everything was sorted, Monet had to pick another school to attend, she thought long and hard about where she wanted to continue her education, and kept coming back to the same school.

Massachusetts Academy, a chauffeur asks Monet if he wants to drive her up to the front door, and calmly she says ‘No, thank you. Right here is just fine’.

Characters Involved: 

Monet St. Croix

Charlene, Monet’s roommate
Tabitha, student turned Vampire

Arthur Delacorte, headmaster at the school in Switzerland
Mrs. Hilmersson, headmaster’s assistant

Police inspectors

In Monet’s thoughts / flashbacks
Arthur Delacorte

Story Notes: 

Monet was removed from the Massachusetts Academy by her father in Generation X (1st series) #58.

The blurb on the cover, “Monet: Vampire Slayer” is of course a take off of the popular, now canceled, television series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Monet narrates this story, through the use of her “journal,” which could have been written retrospectively.

Tabitha was murdered just before Monet burst into her room, while Monet identified the headmaster as the killer when he attacked her. [Generation X (1st series) #60-61]

Generation X, without Monet, fought Dracula in the Generation X / Dracula 1998 Annual.

The Baron Blood reference may be a nod of the head to the Union Jack limited series.

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