Generation X (1st series) #66

Issue Date: 
August 2000
Story Title: 
Correction - part 4

Warren Ellis (plotter), Brian Wood (scripter), Steve Pugh (penciler), Bob Wiacek, Scott Elmer, Rod Ramos and Richard Clark (inkers), RS & Comicraft’s Saida (letters), Kevin Somers and Marie Javins (colors), Jason Liebig (editor), Bob Harras (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

Generation X take on the House of Correction guards, and easily hold their own against them, particularly Monet. Warden Coffin lets loose his “special children” cyborgs whom he created from children years ago. Generation X find these more difficult to battle, especially as the human part of the cyborgs don’t seem to want to fight, but their programming forces them to do so. Skin finds Warden Coffin, who rants on about how he is doing America a favor, and starts to attack Skin, until Banshee arrives. Husk and Chamber kill the cyborgs after the “special children” plead with them do to so. All of the children are freed, and Banshee takes down Warden Coffin. Unsure about how to get the children home, Generation X don’t have to worry about that, as Husk sent a message to all the parents of the children, who arrive to collect their kids.

Full Summary: 

Generation X have discovered the location of the infamous and terrible House of Correction, which they now know contains imprisoned school children. A rescue attempt is now underway, with Jubilation “Jubilee” Lee leading her friends: Monet St. Croix! Paige “Husk” Guthrie, Jonothan “Chamber” Starsmore and Angelo “Skin” Espinosa.

From their crowded cages, the imprisoned children watch as events unfold: ‘Kill them!’ the guard called Baxter orders his men, who all aim their weapons at the five teenage mutant heroes before them. ‘Since I’m such a sweetie, I figure I’ll give you goons a choice. Fork over the keys and go stand in the corner while we get everyone out of here…or mess with us even a little bit and we stomp all over you. Then we move everyone out!’ Jubilee exclaims, still sucking on a lollipop. ‘Choose the latter, please. Give us an excuse!’ Chamber jibes the guards.

‘It’s just kids! Kill them!’ Baxter shouts as his agents raise their weapons once more. ‘They’re all yours, Jono!’ Jubilee tells her friend, who tells Generation X to stand clear, ‘BURN!’ he shouts as his powers manifest in a huge flame, overpowering the guards. ‘Eww, nasty!’ Jubilee exclaims, before telling Monet to go. The glamorous Monet St. Croix takes to the air, ‘You wretched, pathetic wastes of space. You have no idea how I have been looking forward to this!’ she exclaims as she grabs some metal rods and holds one of the guards up in the air. ‘At long last…for you, Everett’ Monet whispers, before spinning around and around, bashing many of the guards heads in with the metal rod. ‘I am sick…and tired…of people like you!’ Monet screams. ‘Trying to tell people like us how to live!’ she adds as she smacks yet another of the bulky guards over.

A guard behind her raises his weapon and fires it, but Monet knows he is there, and folds the metal rods behind her to block the bullets. ‘Trust me, you would be best served by just leaving us be!’ Monet suggests to the guards. Her friends have been watching her all this while. ‘Look at her, man. Unreal!’ A gape-jawed Skin exclaims. Jubilee suggests to Husk that they get the cells open so that have a head-start on the evacuation while Monet does her thing. Paige agrees, and in a metallic form, she proceeds to rip open one of the cells, telling the imprisoned kids not to worry, that she is cool, and going to get them out of here.

Monet tosses another of the guards into a pile of motionless thugs, and asks ‘How many of you are there, anyway?’, while up on a platform, one of the guards calls out ‘The tall one…the girl’ motioning to Monet. ‘I got her!’ another guard replies, raising his weapon and pointing it at Monet. Chamber sees this though and tells Jubilee to get down, before he unleashes a massive burst of energy at the platform, engulfing the guards and destroying the platform. ‘WHOA! A little warning next time, alright, Jono?’ Jubilee exclaims.

Suddenly, a voice booms over an intercom system: ‘That is enough! This is Warden Coffin. I am afraid I cannot allow this to continue one second longer!’. he exclaims, before ordering his guards to release his special children and to stand down. The remaining guards all look at each other nervously. ‘You heard him! Fall back!’ Baxter tells the others. ‘”Special children”. Just the sound of that creeps me out!’ Husk remarks, and Jubilee agrees, telling everyone to keep alert and to make sure the kids are out of the way. Jubilee remarks that she wants Husk and Monet up front, when suddenly, three robotic beings drop from the ceiling, each with a decayed child attached to them and representing a different animal - a horse, a spider and a snake.

‘Okay…this is probably the last thing I was expecting!’ Jubilee exclaims, while Warden Coffin announces over the intercom that this is not the first House of Correction, that he opened the first at the request of the US government in 1968. ‘Circumstances forced its closure in ‘73. But I couldn’t bear to leave some of my children behind!’ he exclaims. Looking at the decayed skulls of the “children”, metallic attachments in their mouths, Paige exclaims that this is horrible. Warden Coffin reveals that the kids are still alive, mostly, and that was the fun of it, turning the anti-establishment kids into the ultimate authority figures.

The “special children” ready their myriad weapons, while Husk tells Skin that she needs him to find the guy at the other end of the speaker. ‘No way is he getting away with this!’ she exclaims. ‘What? Why me?’ Angelo asks. ‘Because somehow I don’t see you slapping a twelve-foot-tall cyborg to pieces with your stretchy fingers!’ Jubilee tells him. ‘Everyone! GO!’ Jubilee exclaims as she unleashes her plasma energy bursts to distract the cyborg called Emma: 0052. Paige rushes past one of the cyborgs who blasts her with its weapons, telling everyone to kill the machines, not the kids. ‘Something tells me they don’t want this to happen any more than we do!’ she exclaims as she rips off one of the cyborgs’ legs.

The still-imprisoned children bang on their cages, while Skin apprehends one of the guards, telling him he would like to see the Warden as he wraps his extended fingers tightly around the guards arm. The guard screams in pain, and Skin warns him to take him now, or else the other arm will go. ‘No. Please…I don’t wanna…’ one of the “special children” utters, as he releases a spear from his cyborg form. ‘Monet grabs the spear with her bare hands before it slices into Chamber. ‘I know you don’t want to kill them - but they’re killing us!’ Chamber exclaims.

‘Is this it?’ skin asks his hostage guard as they stand outside a door, elsewhere in the facility. The guard mumbles something from behind Skin’s fingers which have been wrapped around his mouth, to which Skin bashes him against the wall, head-first, ‘You’ve been most helpful. Take a nap!’ he exclaims. Skin kicks the door to Warden Coffin’s office down, and finds Coffin sitting at his desk. ‘Hello, little boy’ Coffin greets him. ‘You’re finished, you fossil. Let’s go!’ Angelo tells Coffin, who smirks and replies ‘How charming. A Mexican mutant. I didn’t know they had those’, before asking ‘Why exactly am I coming with you?’

‘Because you’re the bad guy, and as far as you’re concerned, I’m a charming Mexican mutant five-o’ Skin replies. Coffin proceeds to hover above his desk, ‘You misunderstand. I am empowered by the United States Government. I am a legitimate prison warden!’ he exclaims. ‘I am the establishment. I am the authority. I am, as you say, The Man!’ Coffin exclaims, declaring that he is hired to “fix” these children for Uncle Sam. ‘The sad thing is, they just keep dying on me…’

Back downstairs, the cyborg Emma: 0052 simultaneously knocks down Jubilee and Chamber to the ground, while rusty tears fall from her one eye. ‘This just isn’t working!’ Jubilee exclaims.

Back upstairs, a strange red mist hovers around Coffin, who exclaims ‘You have fouled my house, you little insect. This displeases me’. Coffin boasts that a lot of important people, himself included, have gone to great lengths to set this place up. ‘I don’t need it destroyed by a bunch of spoiled brats!’ he exclaims. Unimpressed, Skin remarks ‘So you can float. I got a rubber duckie at home that does the same thing’. Angelo asks Coffin if he has finished his little speech so he can beat him down. ‘I want to hurt you. Because of you, I will have to gather my children back into their cages and break their spirits all over again!’ Coffin exclaims as his power knocks Skin to the floor. ‘You’re a mutant, too?’ Angelo asks. ‘I am HATE!’ Coffin retorts.

Husk and Jubilee stand in front of one of the “special children”, and Husk exclaims ‘It’s not the machinery, Jubilee. It’s them. Look in their eyes - they don’t want to do it, but they have to. It’s like they’ve been rebuilt to be this way!’. Husk jumps up onto the cyborg as she remarks that fighting the bodies isn’t working, and suggests they need to fight the child. ‘Please, do it…’ the cyborg utters, crying. ‘…I’m so sorry’ Paige whispers, before smacking the cyborg child so hard in the face that its neck reels backwards. Chamber stands before Emma: 0052 and remarks ‘I thought I was ugly’ before engulfing the cyborg in flame.

Upstairs, Coffin throws Skin about, ‘First you die. Then your mutant friends!’ he exclaims, before deciding that he might possibly keep the girls, when, suddenly, the outer wall is ripped apart, and Banshee makes a sudden appearance. ‘What the -?’ Skin asks as Sean Cassidy stands before him. ‘Don’t make me explain to ye again about moving things with hard sound pulses, lad’ Sean tells Angelo, before turning to Warden Coffin and telling him that he has been checking him out. ‘No one’s quite sure what yeh are, but I can tell yeh this. I’m no child nor a SHIELD Agent with a gun’. Warden looks terrified, and moments later, his body is blasted through the wall.

Outside, Monet looks up as Warden Coffin’s body is blasted through the wall, while she leads the children to safety. ‘So we got ‘em out. What now?’ Jubilee asks. ‘Just watch!’ Paige smiles, and suddenly, a myriad of cars drive toward the House of Correction, and helicopters line the darkened sky. Paige reveals that she went through the House’s records and pulled all the contact info for the families of the children. Husk explains that she set up her hand-held to send the same message to every parent it could reach, to the Net and to the press. ‘I gave them all the address and said: come and get your children’. And that’s just what they did, as Jonathan Somers and his parents embrace.

Characters Involved: 

Chamber, Husk, Jubilee, Monet, Skin (all Generation X)

Jonathan Somers and other children
Warden Coffin
Emma: 0052 and other “special children”
Baxter and other House of Correction Guards
Jonathan Somers’ parents

Story Notes: 

This issue is part 4 of the “Counter X” storyline, which takes place six months after Generation X (1st series) #62. Generation X (1st series) #67-70 depict the events of that Six Month Gap, including the fate of Synch.

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