Generation X (1st series) #85

Issue Date: 
February 2018
Story Title: 

Christina Strain (writer), Amilcar Pinna (artist), Felipe Sobreiro (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Clayton Cowles (letterer), Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson (cover artists), Afu Chan (variant cover artist), Harvey Talibao & Chris Sotomayor (based onGeneration X #1 (1994) by Chris Bachalo & Mark Buckingham (lenticular variant cover artists), Jay Bowen & Anthony Gambino (graphic designers), Chris Robinson (assistant editor), Darren Shan (editor), X-Men Group Editor (Mark Panicca), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)


Brief Description: 

Quentin is in the Atlantic, ignoring all of the messages that Benjamin is sending him, while at the Xavier Institute, Jubilee and Chamber have fallen asleep on Jubilee's couch.  She wakes when there is a knock at her door, it's Husk, who is surprised that Chamber has been helping Jubilee look after Shogo, especially since Shogo saw her snacking on Chamber's arm – now Shogo won't let Jubilee do anything for him. Husk is disturbed by the mess that Jubilee's kitchen is in, so starts to clean up.  Outside, Benjamin tells Hindsight that Quentin is ignoring his messages. Eye-Boy and Bling join them, and Bling tells Hindsight and Benjamin that it is about time they finally got together. Benjamin leaves, and Hindsight is forced to explain that he turned Benjamin down because his powers would ruin their relationship. Bling isn't impressed and tells Hindsight not to dump his trust issues on Benjamin. Nature Girl joins her teammates and tells them that the trees are shivering, while Eye-Boy experiences some trouble with one of his eyes. Nature Girl then tells the others that Quentin left with Krakoa. The young mutants are unaware that M-Plate and DOA are moving across the Institute grounds. Nature Girl and Hindsight go to tell Jubilee and Chamber, who agrees to look after Jubilee's class so she can go find Quentin. Jubilee then confides to Chamber that she used to worry that Shogo would resent growing up in a school of mutants, but now knows he only resents her for being a freak. Chamber and Jubilee kiss, which Hindsight sees. Jubilee and Chamber are slightly awkward with each other, while Hindsight tells Jubilee he needs to speak to her about something. Husk has another counselling session, and this time Bling apologizes to her for being rude previously. They speak about why Husk became an X-Man and why Bling came to the school. Bling breaks down and cries, to which Husk tells her that she can finally decide what she wants out of life. Benjamin is annoyed at Hindsight, who knew where Quentin had disappeared to, and Nature Girl asks if Benjamin has a crush on Quentin because he always follows him around. Benjamin storms out of the mansion, only to discover ghostly apparitions on the Institute grounds. His teammates see the same apparitions, but the ghosts, or whatever they are, don't appear to see the young mutants. Eye-Boy realizes that they have been unsynched from their dimension, which means M-Plate is here. There is an explosion inside the mansion, which Husk and Bling go to investigate. They find Chamber, and discover M-Plate has taken out Transonic and Anole, but Emplate still wants more genetic energy. Bling freaks out, and then Shogo starts to cry. M-Plate is curious about the crying, and enters the room where Shogo is hiding behind a desk with Benjamin, Hindsight, Nature Girl and Eye-Boy, and the young mutants fear for their lives....


Full Summary: 

Somewhere over the Atlantic, Quentin Quire is lying on his stomach on a blanket on a sandy shore. A bucket of fried chicken and several bottles to one side of him, he picks up his cellphone when it dings, and sees more messages from Benji, who has been repeatedly messaging him, asking him if he is okay. “Wanna know you're alive” the last message states. 'Sure you do' Quentin mutters, before tossing his phone away.

At the Xavier Institute, Jono “Chamber” Starsmore and Jubilee are sleeping on the sofa in Jubilee's quarters. There is a knock at the door which startles Jubilee, and she sits up, rubbing her neck, she goes over and opens the door, to find Paige Guthrie a.k.a. Husk standing in the hallway. Jubilee tells Paige to shush as they just got Shogo to sleep about an hour ago. “We”? Paige asks, quoting Jubilee. 'Me and Jono. Paige, I'm so tired, I think I might be dying on the inside' Jubilee remarks as sher stretches and yawns. Paige looks over at her ex-boyfriend who is still asleep, as Jubilee adds 'Except I guess I'm already technically dead, so...whatever'. 'Jonothon good  with toddlers?' Paige asks, surprised. The two friends walk into Jubilee's kitchen, which is an utter mess, and Jubilee tells Paige that it is crazy, but that Jono has been amazing, and she would be a total mess without him. 'You don't say...' Paige replies, looking around the kitchen.

Jubilee explains that ever since Shogo saw her snacking on Jono's arm, he won't let her change him, hold  him or comfort him – so it is lucky that Shogo is still in love with Jono, only that means Jono is getting no sleep. As Jubilee opens the fridge and gets a vial of blood from it, Paige tells her that it sounds like she and Jono are getting really close. 'We are, actually -' Jubilee begins, as Paige starts to do the dishes that are piled up in the sink. Jubilee tells Paige that she doesn't have to clean that, but Paige tells her that it is fine, and that this kitchen is a health hazard. 'I feel like I need to peel off a layer just standing here...'. Paige adds that she has an hour to kill before she sees roxy, which means she has time to do dishes and talk about what to do about Monet. 'But Paige -' Jubilee begins. Paige grins and declares 'Jubes, it's me. I ain't gonna let it go until our girl's outta the sewers and away from her stage-fiver-clinger brother. So let's talk'.

Outside on the school grounds, Pixie flies overhead while Glob Herman and Sprite are talking. Benjamin Deeds sits at a table with Nathaniel “Hindsight” Carver, and Benjamin remarks that Quentin is definitely getting his texts, as they are all marked as read – he's just choosing to ignore him. 'Ben, it's Quentin. He's probably just out on some bender. He'll be back. Trust me' Nathaniel smiles. As Anole walks past, Trevor Hawkins a.k.a. Eye-Boy and Roxy Washington a.k.a. Bling approach their teammates, and Trevor declares that it is about time the two of them got together. 'Seriously. It was like watching two awkward turtles flirt' Bling remarks. Benjamin frowns and glances sideways at Nathaniel, who quickly exclaims 'No, it's not – we're just friends'. Benjamin stands up and announces that he has to go. 'I never finished my assignment for... that one class...' he claims.

'Why do I feel like we just kicked a puppy?' Bling asks as she watches Benjamin leave. Trevor sits down next to Nathaniel who tells them that they didn't do anything – it was him, he's the one who kicked Benjamin. 'And why, exactly?' Bling asks. 'Three reasons: My ex-boyfriend, my ex-best friend, and my dad – who screws up the “ex” streak, but you get where I'm going...' Nathaniel replies. He looks at his gloved hands and explains that getting an unfiltered look at how they felt about him and other people, it wrecked so much of his life – but since coming here, after helping those people at the museum, he is finally starting to feel like his mutation isn't some cruel cosmic joke. He rests his head in one of his hands and tells his teammates that being with Ben could undo all of that – and he doesn't think he is ready.

'Lemme make sure I got this right... your powers showed you how crappy some of your relationships were... so you just assume it'll be the same with Ben?' Bling declares. 'It's not like that...' Nathaniel starts to reply. 'Isn't it? Don't dump your trust issues on Ben. It's not fair' Bling tells him, when suddenly, Lin Li a.k.a. Nature Girl approaches her teammates and asks them 'Guys... do you feel that?' They turn to her, and Trevor asks her 'Feel what, Lin?' 'The trees...they're shivering' Lin announces, a small blue bird perched on one of her antlers. Lin reports that it is like there is an early chill coming. Nathaniel looks at Trevor and asks him if he is all right. Trevor is covering his face and explains that one of his eyes is acting up again. 'Dude, you still haven't talked to someone about that yet?' Bling asks, before Nathaniel asks the others if any of them have seen Quentin. Nature Girl reports that he ran away with Krakoa. 'What?' Nathaniel asks.

At that moment, the ghostly forms of Monet St Croix currently called M-Plate and her assistant, DOA, glide past Anole and Pixie, and then Dust, Graymalkin and Armor who are standing around talking. Emplate's voice can be heard coming from Monet's body, and asks DOA if he is ready. 'Always, Sir!' DOA replies. 'Well then... shall we get started?' M-Plate grins.

'So where exactly is Quentin?' Jubilee asks Lin, who has arrived at Jubilee's quarters. Nature Girl reveals that a little bird told her he has gone east – into the Atlantic. 'Of course he has. Because why would he want to make my life easier?' Jubilee mutters, while Nathaniel watches Chamber feed Shogo – who has just dropped some food onto the floor. Nathaniel asks Chamber if they want help cleaning up, to which Chamber tells Nathaniel that it is all right, and that when Shogo acts like this, he is looking to get a reaction, so best to let it be for now. Chamber goes over to Jubilee who starts to tell him that she hates to ask him, but Chamber puts his hands on Jubilee's shoulders and tells her not to worry, and that her will keep an eye on her class, and that they will keep an eye on her little one. 'We will?' Nathaniel asks. Jubilee smiles at Shogo and starts to tell her son that she will be right back – but Shogo throws a bowl of pasta at her, which lands on her head, to the bewilderment of the others.

Jubilee goes over to a mirror and starts to clean herself up. 'Talk to me, Lee' Chamber calls out to her. 'I'm fine' Jubilee retorts. 'Are you?' Chamber asks. Jubilee confesses that she spent a lot of time worrying Shogo might eventually hate being the only human living in a school of full of mutants, and that he might grow up feeling like an outsider, or a freak, like she did. 'But clearly, that was a waste of energy – 'cause my son totally sees me as the freak, like the rest of the world' Jubilee declares, tossing a towel across the room. Chamber puts his hand on Jubilee's face and tells her to look at him. 'I know I had something to say... I'm just so knackered, I forgot what' he adds, and Jubilee smiles – before leaning up to where Chamber's scarf covers his face and kisses him.

'Oh my God. I can't believe I did that' Jubilee gasps, pulling away. Chamber quickly tells her that it is fine. 'You don't even have a mouth! What was I thinking?' Jubilee exclaims. 'Please just kill me now' Jubilee adds, turning away from Chamber, who suggests 'Maybe not in front of the kids, luv...' as he sees Nathaniel standing nearby. Hand scratching his head, Nathaniel informs Jubilee and Chamber that he saw everything. 'Oh, God...' Jubilee mutters, but Nathaniel tells her that it is cool, as instructors have lives too, he guesses. Nathaniel then changes the subject by informing Jubilee that he has to talk to her about something – alone.

Meantime, in the counselling office, Paige sits across from Roxy, both of them are drinking tea, and Roxy apologizes to Paige for the way she was to her before. Paige tells Roxy that it is okay, but Roxy declares that it is not. 'You were trying to help me, and...I just...' Roxy hangs her head. Paige points out that Roxy wasn't ready, and tells her that is fine, adding that they can talk about whatever it is Roxy wants to. 'Okay then...why did you come to the school?' Roxy smiles. Paige replies that it is a long story, but basically, shew wanted to be an X-Man. Paige then asks Roxy why she came to the school. 'Honestly? I just wanted to feel “normal” again. Like I did before my mutation. Before people stared' Bling reveals, admitting that she has ever said that out loud before. 'Why not?' Paige asks. 'Because being “normal” here means wanting to be an X-Man' Bling points out.

Bling continues, telling Paige that she knows she is the perfect candidate to become one, but that it is dangerous – Emplate showed her that first-hand. She wipes her eyes as she admits that maybe, if she had the choice to blend in, she wouldn't be so scared to ask herself it is worth risking her life just to stay here and feel normal – but she doesn't. Paige reaches across the table and tells Roxy that it is okay. Bling pulls away and asks Paige how she can say everything is “okay” as she is a mess. Paige hands Roxy a box of tissues and points ou that it is because she is finally being honest with herself. 'Which means you can finally ask yourself – what is it that you really want?' Paige declares.

Elsewhere, Benjamin storms down a corridor, while Nathaniel calls out to him 'You're acting like I was trying to hide it from you -' to which Benjamin tells him 'All I'm saying is if you'd told me you knew where Quentin was before you told Jubilee, I could've gone with her'. 'So Quentin could ignore you to your face?' Nathaniel asks. Nature Girl and Eye-Boy are nearby. Eye-Boy is carrying Shogo as Nature Girl asks her teammates if they are fighting because Benjamin likes Quentin. 'WHAT?' Benjamin asks, turning back to Nature Girl. Lin... ixnay on the entinquay. Benjamin likes Nathaniel' Eye-Boy whispers to Nature Girl. 'But Benjamin always follows Quentin around. Like you always follow me around...' Nature Girl points out. 'Huh? Ah – I mean, uh...' Trevor stammers, before Benjamin, hands-on-hips, exclaims 'By the way, Lin – and everyone else – just because I'm gay doesn't mean I can't just be friends with other dudes' before turning and walking towards a door.

'Ben, where are you going?' Nathaniel calls out, and as Benjamin opens the door, he declares that he is going to find Quentin Quire and drag his emo ass back home – before he utters an expletive as he sees dozens of ghostly figures on the school grounds. The others follow Benjamin outside, 'What the -' Nathaniel utters, while Nature Girl asks why there are so many ghosts. They watch the ghosts, and Benjamin asks if it is just him, or whether none of the ghosts can see them. 'I don't think it's just us...' Nathaniel replies, while Eye-Boy asks what language they are speaking, as several of them talk in a language unfamiliar to him. Nathaniel reports that it is Korean and that they are saying they can't see the school, like it has disappeared. He waves a hand in front of one of them, but gets no reaction.

'Whoa!' Nathaniel gasps as one of the ghosts passes through him. 'Did she just phase through you?' a shocked Benjamin asks. 'Holy donuts... guys. They're not ghosts – and we're not ghosts – but we are invisible to them' Trevor points out, adding that it is because they are not on the same plane as them. 'We've been unsynced from their dimension!' he exclaims. Nature Girl declares that she doesn't understand, to which Trevor explains that it means Monet is here. 'As in, we're trapped inside a weird in-between dimension with Monet -' Nathaniel begins, when suddenly, there is a large explosion in the mansion behind them. 

'What was that?' Bling asks as she and Paige turn to the direction of the explosion. 'Whatever it was, it couldn't have been good' Paige remarks. They go into a corridor and find Chamber. 'Please tell me that was just a Danger Room exercise gone wrong' Paige asks him, to which Chamber tells her that he would – only almost everyone is out on a training mission. There is a scream, and Paige and Bling turn to each other as they follow Chamber down the corridor. There is a loud CRASH, followed by some banging noises, then a SLAM. Chamber rounds a corner, and tells Paige and Bling to wait – as he sees M-Plate crouching on some overturned furniture, tossing Transonic to one side, while Anole lies motionless on the corridor floor. 'How's that, Emplate?' Monet St Croix asks. 'Are you starting to feel more satisfied?' she asks her brother. A strange tongue flickers up from one of M-Plate's hands and Emplate's voice can be heard: 'Hardly, Monet. But it's a start'.

Chamber retreats, and releases a flare of his psionic power. 'Monet? What in the hell is she -' he begins, before Paige pulls him back, telling him that they have to get Roxy out of here. Indeed, Roxy is kneeling on the floor, hands over her ears, 'No, no, no, no...' she utters over and over. Chamber helps her up and tells her to breathe, and when a loud screaming can be heard, Paige asks 'Oh, God, no. Is that -', while M-Plate hears the screaming, too. 'Interesting.  Since when did the school admit toddlers?' she wonders as she approaches the door to the room where the screaming is originating.

Huddled behind a science station, Trevor, Benjamin and Nathaniel try to calm Shogo down. 'It's okay, Shogo, it's gonna be okay...' Benjamin tells the toddler. 'Is it, though?' Nathaniel asks, while Lin peers over the science desk, as a long tongue flickers in from behind the door....

Characters Involved: 

Bling, Eye-Boy, Hindsight, Kid Omega, Morph II, Nature Girl (all Generation X)

Chamber, Husk, Jubilee

Shogo Lee

Anole, Armor, Dust, Glob Herman, Graymalkin, Pixie III, Sprite III, Transonic (all X-Men students)

Krakoa II







Story Notes: 

As part of the “Marvel Legacy” branding, Generation X (2nd series) is re-numbered to Generation X (1st series) #85, which is a total of Generation X (1st series) #1-75 and Generation X (2nd series) #1-9.

Shogo saw Jubilee biting Chamber's arm in Generation X (2nd series) #9.

Quentin and Krakoa II left the Xavier Institute in Generation X (2nd series) #9.

Bling had previous dealings with Emplate in X-Men Legacy Annual #1 and X-Men Legacy (2nd series) #228-230.

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