Generation X (2nd series) #1

Issue Date: 
July 2017
Story Title: 

Christina Strain (writer), Amilcar Pinna (artist), Felipe Sobreiro (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Clayton Cowles (letterer), Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson (cover artists), Leonard Kirk & Michael Garland; Bryan Hitch & Paul Mounts; John Tyler Christopher; Kevin Wada; Rahzzah; June Brigman & Roy Richardson (variant cover artists), Jay Bowen & Anthony Gambino (graphic designers), Chris Robinson (assistant editor), Daniel Ketchum (editor), X-Men Group Editor (Mark Panicca), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

Jubilee is in Central Park and as she searches for her young son who has run away from her, she contemplates how much her life has changed. Chamber helps her find Shogo, before she rushes off to the Xavier Institute. As she arrives, Broo is giving a tour to a group of civilians, while a young man with silverish hair, Nathaniel Carver, pulls a suitcase behind him. He bumps into Phoebe Cuckoo, and their skin-to-skin contact activates his mutant power, allowing him to see some significant events from her past. Phoebe discovers he is a new arrival and enlists Benjamin Deeds to look after him. Jubilee meets with Kitty Pryde, who sees the disheveled state that Jubilee seems to be in, and ask her if she is up for the job. Jubilee assures Kitty that she wants to teach the students what it takes to be one of the X-Men. Kitty has other ideas however. Benjamin Deeds loses control over his powers while showing Nathaniel Carver around, and they inadvertantly walk into a battle between Quentin Quire and Bling. Quire is blaming Bling for ruining a very expensive pair of shoes. Nature Girl is with them and attacks Quire with some geese that fly around him. Eye-Boy is there, too, cowering for his life. The classroom gets ruined during the battle, and Nathaniel is punched by Quentin. The skin-to-skin contact gives Nathaniel some visions of Quire's past. Kitty and Jubilee arrive and the battle comes to an end. Kitty dismisses the students except for Quentin. She reminds him that she allowed him back to the school on her terms, and tells him that if he wants to prove himself, he can start by cleaning up the mess he made. Quentin looks out the window, unimpressed, and apparently does not see that he is being watched. Nathaniel is planning to leave the school before he even settles in, but Jubilee tries to talk him out of it. Bling, Benjamin, Eye-Boy and Nature Girl are gathered together outside, when suddenly, Eye-Boy sees several Purifiers among the tour group. He calls out to Jubilee in an attempt to warn her, before the Purifiers raise their weapons, vowing to purge the Earth of the mutant plague!

Full Summary: 

Central Park, New York City, where Jubilee walks across a large green field. She remembers that when she was a kid, she thought that at some point in her life she would feel like she knew what she was doing and where her life was going – like as an adult, she would finally have her crap together and things would just click. 'SHOOOOOOOGO!' Jubilee calls out, while deciding that her childhood plans to have everything sorted as an adult never happened. 'Shogo! Where are you, kid?' Jubilee calls out to her son, while thinking that she will probably never have her life sorted. Looking into some shrubs, Jubilee remarks that she think she knows why people buy their kids those cute little animal backpacks with the leashes. 'Not that I'd actually get one – 'cause that'd be awful... right, Jono?' Jubilee remarks  to Jonothan “Chamber” Starsmore, who responds 'Or practical', before asking what he knows about parenting, and telling Jubilee to relax, as Shogo couldn't have gone far.

Jono looks under a park bench, while Jubilee looks at her mismatching shoes and declares that she can't even remember to put on the same shoes, so of course she has lost her kid. 'Why am I so bad at this?' she wonders. Chamber tries to reassure Jubilee and tells her again that he is sure Shogo is around here somewhere, before suggesting to Jubilee that she give herself some credit, as it is hard enough keeping yourself alive, let alone another person. 'You've come a ways since the mall rat I first met' Chamber points out.

'Hahaha' Shogo laughs from behind a tree nearby. 'SHOGO!' Jubilee exclaims as she rushes over to her son and picks him up. 'There you are! Holy cats you had me worried -' Jubilee begins, while Shogo suddenly grabs Chamber's scarf, pulling it away from his face, causing a psionic energy flare. Shogo laughs.

Civilians are standing nearby and watch, while Jubilee tells Shogo that he can't just expose Chamber like that. 'Phrasing, luv. Phrasing' Chamber tells Jubilee as he adjusts his scarf, adding that it is nice to know his personal tragedy may be someone else's comedy. As Shogo pulls on his mother's face, Jubilee declares that she is late, and thanks Jono, telling him that she owes him one. 'You really don't' Chamber replies. Holding Shogo, Jubilee rushes across Central Park and thinks that Jono is right – a lot has happened since they were just students – even if it seems like it hasn't.

Shortly, Jubilee arrives at the Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach. She enters the main foyer, where Broo is acting as a tour guide to some civilians, informing them that the Institute was destroyed in 2008, then rebuilt and renamed the Jean Grey School for Gifted Youngsters, before it was relocated here to Central Park and rechristened the Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach, while acting as an embassy as well as a school. 'All for the purpose of building stronger ties between humans – and the next generation of mutants' Broo adds, while a young man with silverish hair rolls a suitcase behind him and walks away from the tour group. 'Here's to hoping it's changed for the better' Jubilee thinks  to himself.

The young man with the silverish hair walks past a water fountain, where Rockslide, Genesis and Glob Herman are lined up. 'I just couldn't anymore with the contact lenses' Glob explains, adjusting his glasses. Anole is clinging to the ceiling, while Pixie and Sprite fly overhead, and Ernst walks nearby with Martha floating above her. The young man with the silverish hair looks at Glob, who announces that he kept losing track of the contact lenses when they were on his finger. 'Like, completely' he adds, when suddenly the young slams into Phoebe of the Stepford Cuckoos. 'Watch where you're -' Phoebe begins as her hand touches the young man's arm. The young man's eyes glow as he sees visions flash before him – of blonde girls inside capsules, five of them all identical standing in a row, and Emma Frost carrying the lifeless body? Keep up' Phoebe replies, before telling him that in case he missed it, her name is Phoebe Cuckoo. Her eyes glow red and she then states 'You're welcome'.

'For...?' the young man with the silverish hair asks. 'Calling in the cavalry' Phoebe replies. 'And by “cavalry” I mean “sad nerd”. Nathaniel Carver, meet – Benjamin Deeds. Your classmate' Phoebe announces, addressing the young man with silverish hair, as Benjamin “Morph” Deeds approaches them, running a hand through his hair.

Meanwhile, Jubilee smiles as she enters the office of Headmistress Kitty Pryde and apologizes for being late. 'No worries, Jubes' Kitty smiles as she sits at her desk, papers sprawled out across it. Kitty declares that between budgeting, scheduling invite-only test tours, and moderating arguments between Henry and Rachel over whether or not coffee pods in the teachers' lounge will be the actual end of the world, she has lost all sense of time and space. Jubilee puts Shogo down on one of the seats in front of the desk and asks Kitty 'So you've been... well?' Kitty replies that she is not entirely sure what she was thinking taking on team leader and headmaster responsibilities, but that she thinks – hopes – she is starting to get the hang of things. 'And how are you feeling since... yanno...' Jubilee's voice trails off as she rifles through her bag for something. Kitty jokes that she bought some voodoo dolls, burned his photos and asked the universe to give Peter Quill the world's biggest kidney stone. 'I'm great' she adds, before asking Jubilee how she is.

Jubilee has found a drink bottle and hands it to Shogo, assuring Kitty that she is fine, and that Shogo has gotten really good at running away from her, but she is trying not to take that to heart. 'Jubes, is that the right bottle?' Kitty asks. Jubilee looks at the drink bottle filled with blood. '...crap' she mutters, before handing the correct drink bottle to her son. Kitty asks Jubilee if she is sure she is up for this, and tells her that with everything she going on right now, she would understand if it is too much. Jubilee grins and assures Kitty that she is good, just nervous. 'But I'll be a good mentor, I swear. And I'm really excited to show – teach these kids what it takes to be one of the X-Men. It'll be great!' Kitty looks a bit concerned as she begins 'Uh... about that...' Jubilee looks worried.

Back in the foyer, Nathaniel walks alongside Benjamin and asks him if everyone is as intense as that girl back there. 'Who? Phoebe? No' Benjamin replies, before adding that she is probably the most intense Cuckoo sister, pointing out that they were cloned from Emma Frost, so, hard to say. Suddenly, Benjamin's hair becomes silverish, like Nathaniel's and he takes on his facial features, too. 'What the...' Nathaniel exclaims. Benjamin apologizes and explains that he morphs into other people. He adds that he usually has it under control, but that the school uniform is killing him and his focus. Nathaniel smiles and tells Benjamin that it must come in handy when he is touching up photos for dating apps. 'I... hadn't considered that' Benjamin replies as he returns to his true appearance. 'Seriously?' Nathaniel asks.

Suddenly, Nathaniel looks shocked as the wall next to him is blown open as Roxy “Bling” Washington is thrown through it. 'Huh. Guess you really are as durable as advertised, Bling!' Quentin Quire a.k.a Kid Omega calls out. 'Quentin Quire, you -'  the unimpressed Bling snaps, fist clenched. '- magnificent S.O.B? I know' Quentin replies as he walks from the classroom next door, through the gaping hole in the wall towards Bling, adding that he was before Bling scuffed up his bespoke Berlutis, remarking that he had to wait six months to get them. 'I told you it was an accident!' Bling replies. 'Six months, Roxy. Six. Months' Quentin exclaims, when suddenly, he falls over as a gaggle of geese fly into the hallway, honking loudly. Benjamin and Nathaniel crouch down for cover, and a voice calls out 'Holy crap, Lin Li!' to which Benjamin looks out through the classroom to the outer wall, which is also demolished, and exclaims 'Dammit'. 'What?' Nathaniel asks. 'I think Eye-Boy and Nature Girl are in there' Benjamin tells him. Nature Girl a.k.a. Lin Li is commanding the geese, while Eye-Boy a.k.a. Trevor Hawkins crouches and cover his head and tells Nature Girl that they had to supress Quentin, not kill him.

The geese start flapping about and continue to honk loudly under Nature Girl's control. Quentin puts up shields to block some of them that flap around him, and tells Bling once again that she owes him new brogues. 'I don't even know what the hell those are!' Bling retorts. 'His old-man shoes' Eye-Boy remarks, shielding himself amongst the chaos. 'Ten-thousand-dollar old-man shoes' Quentin adds. Firing shards of diamond hard pieces towards Quentin, which he also blocks, Bling shouts 'Bull! No one's stupid enough to pay that much for shoes!'

Suddenly, a light fixture hanging from above snaps and falls towards Quentin. Amongst the honking geese, Nathaniel sees this and leaps at Quentin, pushing him to safety. 'HEY! Get the #$%& off of m-' Quentin begins as he slams a fist into Nathaniel's face. Visions of Quentin at various stages in his life flash before him. 'Nosy son of a -' Quentin begins, shoving Nathaniel aside.

'Hey, Quire' Bling calls out. Quentin looks up and sees Bling standing over him, fist at the ready. 'Sorry, not sorry' Bling tells him as she slams her fist into Quentin's face, knocking him backwards into some honking geese.

Feathers fly everywhere, and as Quentin looks up he sees Kitty Pryde standing over him. Jubilee is holding Shogo and watches as Kitty, her foot phased through him, tells Quentin to get up, and then her foot really will be up his ass. 'All of this -' Jubilee begins as she looks at the destruction. 'Over a pair of stupid loafers?' Kitty asks. 'Brogues. That I've worn once' Quentin mutters. 'How's Eye-Spy the only one who knows anything about shoes?' Quentin asks. 'I told you – it was an accident, Quire' Bling reminds him again. 'So was throwing you through a wall, Roxy' Quentin replies, while Benjamin asks Trevor what he was looking at. As he stares out the window, Eye-Boy replies that it was nothing – he thought he saw something, but it was nothing.

Jubilee sees Nathaniel roll his suitcase behind him and walk towards a door. She asks him where he is going, and Nathaniel replies that he has seen enough and is out. Jubilee suggests to the students that they pick up where they left off tomorrow, and dismisses the class. Jubilee leaves the room and Kitty tells Quentin to hang back.

When the others have departed, Kitty reminds Quentin that she told him he could come back – but that it was on her terms – one being that he doesn't destroy the school. 'You can't be pissed at me – I paid for most of this' Quentin replies. 'Your donation's been spent, Quentin' Kitty explains. 'No need to beg, Ms Pryde. I'll cover the repairs' Quentin assures her, but Kitty tells him that he is going to fix it. 'What?' Quentin asks. 'You came to us this time, Quentin. If you wanna stay, prove it. Start by cleaning this up' Kitty tells him. 'Alone? The whole room? Everything's covered in goose turds!' Quentin complains. As Kitty turns and walks away from him, she tells Quentin that, for an omega-level mutant, he sure does whine a lot. 'Whatever' Quentin mutters. Leaning against a windowstill and folding his arms, he turns around, and is seen by someone watching the school through red-tinted lenses.

Nathaniel is walking out of the school grounds, dragging his suitcase behind him when Jubilee calls out to him, asking him to wait. 'I swear not every day is going to be like -' Jubilee begins, to which Nathaniel tells her that if he wanted to deal with getting punched and watching people shove their feet up other people's asses, he could have stayed in Texas. Jubilee catches up to Nathaniel and tells him that she knows Kitty phasing her foot through Quentin was hardcore, but that she never would have actually gone solid on him – or in him. 'She was just trying to make a point' Jubilee explains. 'So am I. I don't belong here' Nathaniel responds. Nearby, Benjamin, Trevor, Lin and Roxy are standing together and Benjamin wonders what is going on with Jubilee and Nathaniel. Trevor asks if that is really any of their business. Lin doesn't say anything. She has a squirrel sitting on her head. 'New kid's leaving. Obviously' Roxy snaps.

Jubilee realizes she may have no clue about what she is doing or saying, but she has heard this before. She looks over and sees Chamber talking to Graymalkin and Shark Girl and realizes that Chamber would probably disagree, but she is not the only one who has changed around here – because he once said “Nobody wants to be alone. Not even we monsters” - and he isn't. Not anymore, anyway.

Jubilee turns her attention back to Nathaniel and tells him that she gets it, this place is a little – a lot – crazy. 'But aren't you tired of hiding?' she asks. She explains that the whole reason she came to the Institute was because she never belonged out there. 'And I'm guessing the same goes for you' Jubilee points out. Nathaniel hangs his head as Jubilee asks 'Right?'

'All I'm saying is the guy never even unpacked' Bling tells the others. Benjamin points out that he didn't even have time to stop by his room, while Eye-Boy looks out amongst a group of civilians who are gathered nearby. 'Guys...' Eye-Boy calls out, quietly. 'Didn't have time, or didn't want to?' Bling shouts. A group of men move away from the other civilians and start to remove their jackets, revealing black shirts with a white stripe down the front. 'Look, just give us a fair chance before you -' Jubilee begins, when suddenly, 'JUBILEE! LOOK OUT! The tour group!' Eye-Boy shouts. 'What's up with the geriatric boy band?' Nathaniel asks as the group of men approach them. 'Oh, no' Jubilee utters. 'Purifiers!' Jubilee exclaims, as the Purifiers raise theire weapons and aim them towards the mutants, with one of them boasting that they will purge the Earth of the mutant plague!'

Characters Involved: 

Bling, Eye-Boy, Hindsight, Kid Omega, Morph II, Nature Girl (all Generation X)
Anole, Broo, Ernst, Phoebe Cuckoo, Genesis II, Glob Herman, Graymalkin, No-Girl, Pixie, Shark Girl, Sprite III (all X-Men students)

Chamber, Jubilee, Kitty Pryde (X-Men and staff)
Shogo Lee


In Hindsight's visions
Emma Frost
Stepford Cuckoos
Kid Omega
Emma Frost

Story Notes: 

The X-books’ s new status quo started in X-Men Prime (2nd series).

The original Generation X series lasted 75 issues from 1994 – 2001 and was accompanied by five annuals and several specials.

Kid Omega debuted in New X-Men (1st series) #134.

Bling first appeared in X-Men (2nd series) #171.

Eye-Boy first appeared in Wolverine & the X-Men (1st series) #19.

Nature Girl made her first appearance in Wolverine & the X-Men (2nd series) #1

Morph II debuted in All-New X-Men (1st series) #3. This is the first issue he’s been given a codename.

Chamber’s quote about monsters is from Generation X(1st series) #3.

First appearance of Hindsight.

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