Generation X (2nd series) #6

Issue Date: 
November 2017
Story Title: 

Christina Strain (writer), Eric Koda (artist), Felipe Sobreiro (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Clayton Cowles (letterer), Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson (cover artists), Jay Bowen & Anthony Gambino (graphic designers), Chris Robinson (assistant editor), Darren Shan (editor), X-Men Group Editor (Mark Panicca), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

During a class that is taught by Doop, Hindsight notices that Benjamin Deeds has fallen asleep and that both he and Quentin are wearing the same wrist bands. Nathaniel realizes that they have been sneaking out after curfew, and touches Quentin to learn what they have been up to, which doesn't make Quentin happy. After class, Benjamin is feeling sorry for himself for nearly poking an eye out with a pencil while he was sleeping, while Nathaniel observes Quentin making a move on a very uninterested Oya. Quentin tries to make amends with Oya, but she doesn't let him. Quentin goes over to Benjamin and Hindsight and tells Benjamin that he has something special planned for tonight. Hindsight comes to Benjamin's defense, and claims that they have plans, so Quentin decides to let Hindsight join him and Benjamin. Later, Jubilee and Chamber are on patrol in Central Park, searching for M-Plate, and discuss how they will actually handle her when they find her, before they see someone being mugged. They come to the person's aid, and knock the thug out. They decide to carry on searching throughout the night. Benjamin, Quentin and Hindsight meanwhile have arrived at an exclusive club where some interesting characters are enjoying the night. Kade Kilgore is at the club and is apparently running some sort of auction. When he sees Quentin, the reunion is not a pleasant one, and as Benjamin's powers make him suddenly resemble Quentin, Quentin tells Kade that he has left the X-Men and that he and Benjamin are twin-boyfriends, making Kade uncomfortable, so he leaves them, but tells his bodyguards that he wants eyes on Quentin at all times, as he doesn't believe Quentin has left the X-Men. The auction gets underway, and one of the items Kade is selling is a new model of Nano-Sentinels. This worries Benjamin, Quentin and Hindsight – even more so when the bidding is “hits” - whoever gets the most kills will own the Nano-Sentinels. The Fenris Twins make a bid of ten, and are successful, so Quentin, Benjamin and Hindsight plan to steal the Nano-Sentinels.

Full Summary: 

The Xavier Institute, specifically room 204, Advanced Mutant Sexuality, where Doop is instructing a class, among them Lin Li a.k.a. Nature Girl, Trevor Hawkins a.k.a. Eye-Boy, Quentin Quire a.k.a. Kid Omega, Roxy Washington a.k.a. Bling, Benjamin Deeds a.k.a. Morph and Nathaniel Carver a.k.a. Hindsight. Doop smirks as he speaks to them in his native tongue. Quentin leans back in his chair, bored, while Benjamin draws on a piece of paper. Nature Girl and Eye-Boy are both wide-eyed as they listen to Doop, who starts to gesture with his hands. Bling raises her hand and asks 'Yeah, but have you tried Tinder? It's crawling with mutant fetishists'.

Doop has a sad face, and continues speaking to the class. Rockslide, Anole and Graymalkin can be seen sitting at the back of the room. Doop's voice changes, a different infliction and he purses his lips and blushes, before his voice returns to normal. Eye-Boy looks at Nature Girl and tells her that Doop is making him so uncomfortable. 'I know. He's very handsome' the wide-eyed Nature Girl responds.

Quentin yawns and mutters 'Sage advice from a floating potato'. Hindsight looks at the skeleton wristband around Quentin's arm, then to Benjamin, who is now sleeping at his desk and notices he has the same wristband on. Hindsight throws a screwed-up piece of paper at Quentin's head, and Quentin turns around, 'What?' he frowns, speaking telepathically to Hindsight, whose thoughts respond 'Benjamin looks like death. When was the last time he slept?' Quentin looks away and runs a hand through his pink hair responding 'Hell if I know. Do I look like his keeper?' to which Hindsight's thoughts can be heard by Quentin: 'No, just someone who's dragged him out every night after curfew'. Hindsight then adds 'By the way, Quentin, nice wristband'. Hindsight removes one of his gloves and points out that it is almost like Quentin doesn't care if Jubilee catches he and Benjamin. 'Still have no idea what you're talking about, Nathaniel' Quentin smirks, adding that if people are sneaking out, then good on them for fighting this oppressive $%^&#$%$.

Images flash into Hindsight's mind, as he sees Quentin's memories – firstly Quentin and Benjamin spraying graffiti on a wall. 'Did you hear that?' Benjamin asked as Quentin sprayed “Kitty Pryde Wuz Here” on the wall and asked' What? You mess your pants?' then later, Benjamin has been stripped to his underwear as they sang karaoke on a stage, with Quentin enjoying it much more than Benjamin. Later still, the boys are swimming in a pool. 'Whose pool is this?' Benjamin asked, but Quentin just splashed him and told him to shut up and learn to have fun. And still later, inside a bar, a dozen empty shot glasses are strewn before Quentin, who hangs his head and muttered 'She hates me, Benj... I know it' to which Benjamin suggested to Quentin that he just talk to her. 'But talking takes so much effort' Quentin replied.

Hindsight frowns, unimpressed, while Quentin is wide-eyed, then pulls away, and leers at Hindsight, asking him if is supposed to be all anti-mind-reading without consent. 'I asked myself what you'd do and did that' Hindsight replies. Hindsight smirks as he tells Quentin that it is surprisingly liberating not being considerate of others. Suddenly, Benjamin's head falls forward further, and he pokes himself in his eye with pencil. 'Ah! Son of a -!' Benjamin exclaims, leaping to his feet and putting a hand over his eye. 'Ahh, I...' Benjamin remarks, looking around the classroom and seeing that everyone is looking back at him. 'Yeah. We know. We all saw you dive eye-first onto your pencil' Bling tells him.

Soon, out on the Institute grounds, 'God. I'm pathetic. I nearly lost my eye to an eraser. No wonder I'm in this class' Benjamin mutters. Hindsight tells him that he isn't pathetic, but overly exhausted. 'Pathetic is Quentin running after a girl who's clearly out of his league' Hindsight explains as they see Quentin following Oya across the grounds. 'Who is that?' Hindsight enquires. Benjamin tells his teammate that hher name is Idie Onkonkwo, a badass and definite future X-Man. He adds that he thinks she and Quentin used to go out. 'Seriously?' Hindsight asks, surprised.

'It's just sushi, Idie. We all gotta eat' Quentin grins at Idie, who scowls at him, then stops and turns, telling him that, as true as that is, she doesn't see the point of eating uncooked blowfish with him. 'Idie!' a voice calls out. Idie looks over and sees Armor, Dust and Pixie waving at her. Armor tells her to come on, as class starts in five minutes. Quentin looks forlorn, 'Idie, wait – I know I left things...well, I left -' Quentin begins, but Idie tells him to stop. 'Just...don't' she snaps at him. Idie carries on walking away from Quentin and reminds him that he told her that he has always hated having to try to live up to people's expectations, so she is not going to do that to him, or to herself. 'Not again' Idie declares, and Quentin frowns.

'Yeah, that went about how I expected it to' Hindsight tells Benjamin, suggesting he take notes, as Idie could teach him a thing or two about saying “no” to Quentin. 'I know you all think Quentin's a jerk, and that he acts like he's cool with it, but...he's also probably the loneliest person I've ever met' Benjamin reveals. 'Don't tell him I said that, though!' Benjamin is quick to add. Hindsight tells Benjamin that he is too good a roommate for Quentin, when suddenly, Quentin appears: 'Yo, Benji!' he calls out, announcing that he has something extra special planned for tonight. Benjamin tells Quentin that he doesn't know, as he is pretty tired. 'I think I'm gonna -' Benjamin begins, but Quentin interrupts him: 'What? Sleep? That crap's for the dead'. Hindsight tells Quentin that Benjamin is hanging with him tonight, that Benjamin has some pretentious indie flick that he wants him to watch. 'Sounds lame' Quentin responds. 'So what are we doing instead, Quentin?' Hindsight asks. 'Fine. Tag along' Quentin mutters, before telling his teammates that they are both going to need to be better dressed.

Later, night has fallen over Central Park, and Jubilee and Chamber are both walking beside a pond within the park. Jubilee yawns and asks Chamber what the time is. Chamber tells her that it is half past nine, to which Jubilee remarks that she should be in bed, not patrolling for M-Plate. 'Just like Monet to disregard your schedule by remaining hidden, innit?' Chamber jokes. 'Thaaaaat B' Jubilee exclaims. Jubilee smiles and asks Chamber if he thinks they should put some 24K face cream or a diamond studded nail file out on a bench – will Monet bite? 'Entrapment via luxury goods. Clever' Chamber replies. 'And you know she's dying for a pedicure!' Jubilee jokes, before telling Jono that they haven't talked about what they would actually do if they found her.

'What's to discuss? If we find Monet – which I'm starting to doubt – we take her and her mutant-bone-marrow-sucking brother down. No hesitation' Chamber replies, adding that anything less would be underestimating Monet. 'And you know better than to do that, Lee' he points out. Jubilee frowns as she asks Chamber if she lost control of her vampirism, if that is how her would handle her - “no hesitation”? Chamber stops and asks Jubilee where this is coming from. 'You're not Monet' he reminds her. 'Sure, my vampy teeth aren't on my hands like M's are – but if someone as annoyingly strong as Monet can't control her brother's hunger... then what in the hell am I doing?' Jubilee wonders. She looks at the amulet hanging around her neck and tells Chamber that as much as she believes she has this whole vampire “life” under control, the truth is, the only thing keeping her in check is this hubcap-sized sun protection amulet and a thermos full of donor blood. 'So if I lose either, what happens to Shogo? Or my students? What if I'm no better than she is?' Jubilee laments. 'Lee, you can't -' Chamber begins, putting a hand on Jubilee's shoulder, when suddenly, someone calls out 'Somebody! Help!'

Jubilee and Chamber look over and see someone in a hooded sweater with a white bandana covering their face punch a park jogger in the face. The jogger falls backwards, and the assailant appears to have taken their wallet, and runs on through the park, armed with a gun, they come to a stop when Jubilee slides into view. 'Boo' she utters. 'What the -' the surprised assailant calls out, before Chamber appears behind him. 'Of all  the nights you coulda chosen -' Chamber begins '- you had to pick one where I was particularly cranky' Jubilee frowns, arms folded. 'Yet another mistake' Chamber tells the assailant, before releasing a psi-blast, which knocks the gun from the thug's hand, then Jubilee leaps into the air and kicks the thug in the face. 'Might have been a bit heavy on the pass, luv' Chamber suggests as he stands over the thug. 'I'm just gonna assume that's sportsball talk for “amazing”' Jubilee replies as she crushes the gun with her bare hands.

Chamber tells Jubilee that, for someone who would rather be sleeping, she seems quite awake. 'So awake' Jubilee agrees, adding that she totally forgot how much fun patrolling could be. Chamber asks Jubilee how much longer she has Dani Moonstar watching Shogo for, to which Jubilee tells him that she has a few more hours. 'It's probably enough time to kick the piss outta two or three more muggers' Chamber suggests, adding that they can make a night out of it. Jubilee grins and asks Jono if she ever told him that he is one of her favorite people in the whole wide world.

Elsewhere, a fancy part is underway. Guests are dressed strangely, and among them the Fenris Twins can be seen feeding food to each other. Vanisher takes a glass of champagne from a waiter, while Hammerhead stands nearby. Crossfire is wearing a red suit, and Daddy Longlegs can be seen at the rear of the room, while Exterminatrix makes her way through the center, near where Skein and Typhoid Mary are arguing about something. Quentin, Nathaniel and Benjamin stand near a table of food, and Quentin holds a small piece of food up and examines it. 'Geez... caviar and crème fraiche tartlets? What is this, 1994?' he mutters. Benjamin looks nervous, and asks Quentin how he got invited to this auction. 'I'm on a mailing list' Quentin replies, casually, while Exterminatrix eyes up Benjamin. As Typhoid Mary yells something at Skein, Quentin looks at a wine glass and reveals that the memorabilia is mostly sharp and pointy things – God willing.

'And why did you think it was a good idea to bring us here?' Benjamin snaps, while Skein's long red scarf rises up around her, and she uses her telekinetic abilities to lift a nearby tablecloth up off the table, along with the food and plates on it, and hurls it at Typhoid Mary. 'You said you “weren't a fan of karaoke Tuesdays” I'm just trying to give you what you want, Benji' Quentin responds, as Benjamin turns and looks at Skein and Typhoid Mary, who pulls out a blade and uses it to knock the food and plates away from her. 'All I want is not to die today' Benjamin tells Quentin, who screws up a face and tells him not to drink the rose. Suddenly, there is a red beam of energy that blasts past Quentin, Nathaniel and Benjamin and slams into Skein and Typhoid Mary, knocking them aside.

'Ladies, you know the rules. Murder each other as much as you want in the parking lot after the auction. Before, we keep things civil' Kade Kilgore, flanked by two large bodyguards, tells Skein and Mary. Kade holds up a small vial and adds 'Unless you want another demonstration of what Lot Number 3245's plasma ray can do. To you' he grins.

'Why is there a fetus with a pocket plasma gun at this show?' Nathaniel asks. 'Crap. That's Kade Kildore' Benjamin mutters. 'Yeah. That kid's the worst' Quentin agrees. Benjammin's appearance shifts so that he resembles Quentin as he asks 'You knowingly brought us to an auction run by that twelve-year-old psychopath?' to which Quentin asks why it is his fault that Benjamin doesn't like karaoke. 'He's dangerous. He pushed his dad out a flying car' Benjamin remarks. 'To “inherit” his billion dollar arms company, Benji. I doubt he'd push you over your own feet for what you're worth' Quentin mutters. 'No, but he might kill all of us if he knows we're students at -' Benjamin begins, when suddenly 'Quentin! Kade shouts as he walks over to the three mutants. 'S'up, Kade? Sprout any chest hairs yet?' Quentin jokes. 'Several' Kade responds, before asking Quentin what he is doing here. 'The rumors are true. I've ditched the X-ranks and gone all kinds of capitalist pig. Like you' Quentin replies. Kade looks at Nathaniel and Benjamin, whose appearance still looks like Quentin, and remarks 'Interesting entourage...'.

'Who? You mean my stuck-up man servant, Nathaniel, and Benji – my boyfriend?' Quentin smirks as he wraps around the wide-eyed Benjamin. 'I never knew you were -' Kade begins. 'Into people as attractive as me?' Quentin smiles. 'You bet your butt I am' he declares, while Nathaniel looks at him, wide-eyed. Kade turns and remarks 'Oh, look at that. The auction's about to start'. Quentin hugs Benjamin and exclaims 'Boyfriend twins. Look it up!' With Kade now walking away from the others, Quentin lets Benjamin go. 'You okay...?' Nathaniel asks. Benjamin hangs his head and tells him 'Yeah. That wasn't – I mean – I'm fine'. Benjamin replies, while Quentin declares that he had a feeling that little psycho was a homophobe.

Kade tells his bodyguard that other than the part where he'd hook up with himself, he didn't believe a word Quentin said. 'I want eyes on him. At all times' Kade declares, before he takes the stage. 'Sold!' Benjamin exclaims, pointing his gavel at Exterminatrix, who purchased something for two hundred and sixty-thousand dollars. Quentin, Benjamin and Nathaniel are seated in front of Exterminatrix, and White Rabbit is sitting next to them. 'All right, we made it through the over-priced laser-murder-pointer. Can we please leave now?' Nathaniel asks. 'Are your parents as disappointed in you as I am, Nathaniel?' Quentin responds, to which Benjamin asks if they can just go. Quentin looks at him and tells him that if he wanted to leave, he could have just said so. 'He did!' Nathaniel exclaims.

Kade then holds up a canister and announces that inside are Kilgore Industries' newest model of Nano-Sentinels, designed to seek and destroy a mutant from the inside out – all you have to do is deploy them. 'Release them into the wind or dump them into the local water supply. The choice is yours' Kade exclaims, as Quentin, Benjamin and Nathaniel look at him, in shock. Kade reports that once the Nano-Sentinels are inside a mutant's bloodstream, the Nano-Sentinels get to work decimating the immune system, and the infected will be clueless – by the time the flu-like symptoms manifest, it will be too late. 'Quentin – we've gotta -' Benjamin begins. Quentin telepathically tells him that he knows, but that he would rather it cost him less than more. 'So maybe think before you speak' he suggests.

Kade grins as he announces that, to keep things interesting, he will begin the bidding at five hits. 'Please tell me he's talking about cocaine' Nathaniel asks the others. 'No. He's definitely talking murder. I told you, that brat's the worst' Quentin replies telepathically. Guests start raising their hands to place the bids, and suddenly, someone calls out 'TEN!' Kade points at the Fenris Twins and exclaims 'Going once!' 'Of course the twincestuous Nazis would want it...' Quentin remarks, to which Nathaniel asks if they should do something. 'Going twice!' Kade calls out. 'Like what, Narthaniel? Offer to murder eleven people?' Quentin replies. Benjamin suddenly suggests that they let the Fenris Twins win. 'SOLD! To the Fenrish Twins!' Kade declares, and as Andreas picks Andrea up in his arms, grinning, Benjamin looks at Nathaniel and Quentin and thinks 'Because we're gonna steal it!'

Characters Involved: 

Bling, Eye-Boy, Hindsight, Kid Omega, Morph II, Nature Girl (all Generation X)
Anole, Armor, Dust, Graymalkin, Oya, Pixie III, Rockslide (all X-Men students)

Kade Kilgore

Crossfire, Daddy Longlegs, Exterminatrix, Fenris, Hammerhead, Skein, Typhoid Mary, Vanisher, White Rabbit

Party attendees

Story Notes: 

The Fenris Twins returned to life in Illluminati #2.

Page 1, panel 1: Truth is… everyone’s different.
Some of us just can’t help but be more obvious about it.
Doesn’t mean we should stop ourselves from loving because of it.

Panel 2:
Don’t I know it.
People have looked at me like I’m a sex toy for years.

Panel 3:
When people project an image on us... can leave us feeling misunderstood. Even highlight our deepest insecurities.

Panel 4:
Not to say that you shouldn't feel sexy! Because you should! For yourself. [C]ause if you can't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love [s]omeone else?

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