GeNext United #5

Issue Date: 
December 2009
Story Title: 
Passage to India? Part 5 – shall all come home again?

Scott Gray (writer), David Williams (art), Veronica Gandini (colorist), Blambot’s Nate Piekos (letterer), Roger Cruz (cover), Paul Acerios (production), Michael Horwitz (assistant editor), Nathan Cosby (editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (Exec. Publisher

Brief Description: 

The members of GeNext learn from gambit that Kalima has taken over the Indian city Jaisalmar. They split up and together with Ray maange to free the others and confront Kalima. No-Name uses a bluff to get the evil goddess to leave Sophie’s body and disappear. Shakti calls the gods Lakshimi and Ganesh, who reverses the kids’ transformation into indian youngsters – with one notable exception: No-Name keeps her new body as she was always longing for a new beginning.

Full Summary: 

With Beast, Sati and Skanda prisoners of the evil goddess Kalima and the membes of GeNext changed into Indians, the youngsters now plan their next move against their enemy, now that Gambit and his daughter Ray have found Kalima’s secret headquarters in Jaisalmar.

Megan wonders why Kalima would take her prisoners here. Rico sees sense in the decision. It’s the middle of nowhere. She can see any trouble long before it gets here.

So what are they going to do about it? Becka asks, ready for battle. They’re heroes, Colossus replies simply. Shouldn’t they go to the rescue and save the day? O.F.G.S.! No-Name replies annoyed, they are students, not super heroes! She knows everyone is pissed at her for saying it, but Kali whupped them every time they faced her. Hooray for good intentions, but they are so out of their league. She says they call for help.

With their scanners, they find the Ravarati on the battlements. Megan cannot get much with her telepathy. She has solid links with the five of them, but she can’t read anyone inside the city. That means no contact with Gambit or Ray.

Rico agrees with No-Name. Kalima stomped them. What makes Oli think this time will be different?

What about Dr McCoy? Becka reminds him. All the people in that city are helpless. They can’t wait for reinforcements. Sometimes circumstances don’t allow for an easy choice, Pavel agrees.

How does it help if they get themselves killed, Rico asks. Does he want to be another picture on Meg’s dad’s memorial wall? Can he live with the cost of doing nothing? Oli retorts. Head’s up! he suddenly announces. Something is happening in town! He’s got visual on his dad!

Gambit is on the run, with Ravarati in hot pursuit. Gambit skillfully dances from roof to roof and fights his enemies. He drops between buildings and the Ravarati gang up on him. Meg reads his thoughts, stating he is being very sloppy with his thoughts. He wants her to hear but not to reply. They’ve caught him, she announces a moment later. However, she felt nothing regarding Oli’s sister. Gambit let slip nothing concerning her while being very sloppy about himself.

That’s it then, Rico decides. If Oli’s family is in trouble, they have to help. Is that supposed to make a difference when you are a superhero? No-Name asks. People you know versus people you don’t? He’s not a superhero, she said so herself, Rico reminds her. No-Name sees things differently.

Megan reminds them they can’t call any Indian heroes in, because they don’t know who they can trust. And calling their own people could cause an international incident. Like it or not, this is up to them.

Becka reminds them that the second they use their powers Kalima will know who she is up against. Megan agrees but points out that Kalima doesn’t know their new looks so she and her guys will be looking for the wrong people. Until they reveal that little twist, surprise is on their side.

Oli asks the pensive No-Name if she is ok. Are any of them? she replies glumly. She can’t even remember her other body. Isn’t that weird? She prances around a few steps. This is what feels natural, what feels right. She totally loved Bollywood, dancing on the movie sets was fun. Does she want to go back? Oli asks. She wishes… she sighs. She can’t, she won’t turn her back on the debts she owes or the things she needs to prove. Xavier’s school and especially Dr McCoy gave her a second chance. The believed in her. GeNext risked everything to come after her and help. She won’t turn her back on that. She just wishes… She falls silent.

Wishes what? Oli asks. No-Name admits she doesn’t know. Oli promises they’ll find a way to work things out. Before this is over they could all be dead! he adds with gallow’s humor.

A little later, No-Name and Becka who carries her are up in the air. Becka creates a light show with her lightning to get the enemy’s attention. Even the prisoners notice.

Skanda wonders what they can do, they are just children. So were the X-Men when they began, Hank retorts.

Kalima laughs, assured of her victory. She orders her Ravarati to find them and bring them to her, bloodied and screaming, but alive. Their lives and souls are hers to claim!

Pavel and Rico fight their way through the city, careful not to hurt the possessed people too much. They bring the guards down to steal their clothes for Oli and Megan. Then they split up. Rico turns invisible and flies up on an invisible forcefield, hoping the sensors that sweep the city can lead him to Oli’s sister.

Ray, in the meantime, is busy fighting back Ravarati. Still, she is cornered, until No-Name and Becka find her and Becka fries the Ravarati. Ray informs them that Gambit found out where the captive heroes are being held and passed on that information to her. She warns them that while they are doing great Kalima is a goddess. To win against her they need gods.

Suddenly, they are distracted by a noise. Ray explains that goddesses make their own rules. Beat one of their crew… She’ll simply hit you with a hundred Becka finishes her sentence, seeing the crowd at Ravarati coming at them from above.

Luckily, the cavalry has arrived, as Pavel joins them to help. While Becka and Pavel draw the Ravaratis’ attention No-Name drags Ray aside so that they can find the prisoners.

Elsewhere, Oli flies himself and Megan who informs him how the others are doing. Shame she can’t use her telepathy on Kalima, he sighs. She reminds him she tried twice and got her head handed to her. She’ll happily hit the woman with a brick but as far as TP goes, not a hope.

Oli tells Becka and Pavel this is the third cadre of Ravarati to scramble out of her fortress and tells them to keep it up. The more they fight the better the others’ chances.

Ray, in the meantime, leads No-Name inside the fortress.

Megan and Oli enter as well at another point, and are quickly noticed by Kalima. She fires an energy blast at them which Oli easily dodges to kick her in the face.

Invisible Rico asks he is supposed to finish her but Oli shakes his head. Rico keeps back while Oli is being hit by Kalima.


Oli recalls is mother Rogue teaching him to focus his power and Beast teaching him how to fight.


Angrily, he asks Kalima if that was her best shot. Pretty weak for a goddess!

In the meantime, Ray and No-Name have made their way to the dungeons which are from centuries ago, Ray explains. Not impressed, No-Name replies. A cage is a jail is a cage. That’s what’s important. Ray notices she’s touched a nerve. She tells No-Name to free the others while she handles their foes. Ray takes out the Ravarati while No-Name reunites with Beast.

Elsewhere, Kalima has Oli on the ropes, intending to kill him. Luckily, a moment later, Beast joins the battle, suggesting she fight a grown-up. Or is she only a threat to children? He figures to use the snappy patter to draw her attention and keep her mind on him and off the fight.

Kalima’s face shifts shortly and Oli recognizes Sophie von Doom. Rico warns him it’s only a trick even as Sophie cries to him for help. Kalima regains control and orders her to remember her proper place. The time has come to bring the night’s enjoyment to its end.

Knowing he’s going to regret it, Rico keeps her from teleporting away, by using his stretchable arm to trap her. She covers him with energy, threatening that once he is wholly covered, he is hers. Beast asks Skanda if they can do anything. The Indian god replies if he intervenes she will kill the children. She has done it before.

Then it’s up to them, Oli replies grimly, looking at No-Name who has the same idea.

She threatens Kalima with a syringe, warning her it is full of poison. If she stays in Sophie’s body she is going to die! She cannot do this, Kalima howls. She is a goddess! Does she think gods can’t die, No-Name scoffs. Guess again! She’s seen it.

Kalima lets go of Sophie’s body, but grabs No-Name, figuring to have her revenge on her. Oli uses the power he absorbed from Rico to create an invisible forcefield and drag No-Name out of Kalima’s reach, allowing Skanda to hit her through her teleportation gate.

With the battle done, there is still the transformation to be taken care of. Skanda explains that Sati provided Olivier a conduit to the proper forces. They must turn to them. Sati reaches out with her power to open a portal, allowing access to their world from the domain of the Indian gods. Before them appear Lakshimi and Ganesh. Quickly they begin to work and the mutants return to their original form.

Another day after the heroes rested. Skanda praises the kids’ work, telling Henry he should be proud. Proud and thankful, comes the reply, that they are all coming home intact. He cannot believe it that these children confronted a goddess.

What happens next? Skanda asks. Hank reminds him they are students. They need to finish their studies. As he and his fellow X-Men did? Skanda asks.

Beast notices two of their number missing. Megan asks him to let them deal with matters himself. Henry informs her he is going to have a coffee with Remy, see if he can convince him to stick around this time.

Oli is with No- Name who is still in her Indian body and wondering why. Did she really want to change back? he asks. What’s the classic phrase? she muses. Be careful what you wish for? Except for her memory, except for her soul, there’s nothing about this body that has any connection with who she was.

Wasn’t that her wish? Oli asks. Start anew? Brand new beginning. She supposes, Anna replies wistfully, Takes some getting used to. She and her big mouth. He likes the new her, Oli assures her. But will Pavel? she wonders. Oli suggests she give him a chance. And then? she asks. Her choice, he replies and promises whatever she does her secret is safe with them.

Later, he formally introduces Anne-Marie to everyone. She’s starting over with them. She’s starting fresh. Pavel assures her she looks beautiful.

Scott will not be happy, Henry remarks. Tell him she’s his, Gambit suggests. It’s why she has Rogue’s name.

He looks good, Rico tells Oli. So does he. He’s thinking after this school’s gonna be boring, Rico muses. Yeah, Oli replies, they should be so lucky.

Elsewhere, Sophie von Doom hides her face behind a horned mask, rather reminiscent of her father or of Kalima…?

Characters Involved: 

Pavel Rasputin / Colossus III, Becka Munroe, Megan Frost, Anne-Marie / No-Name, Oli Raven, Rico (all GeNext)



Rebecca “Ray” LeBeau

Sati, Skanda (Indian superheroes)

Lakshimi, Ganesh (Indian gods)

Sophie von Doom



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