Giant-Size Ms. Marvel #1

Issue Date: 
April 2006
Story Title: 
<BR>Moment of Clarity (1st story)

First Story: Brian Reed (writer), Roberto De La Torre (penciler), Jimmy Palmiotti (inker), Dave Sharpe (letterer), Chris Sotomayor (colorist), Lazer & Sitterson (asst. editor), Andy Schmidt (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

First Story: Carol Danvers awakes following the House of M reality shift and finds herself reflecting on her experiences as the House of M’s greatest heroine, Captain Marvel! She recalls the battle against her nemesis Sir Warren Traveler, a spellcaster with a beef against her and a major agenda. She reveled in the celebrity and success she enjoyed in the House of M before Layla Miller, Emma Frost and Cyclops revealed the truth behind this false reality. Now faced with the real world and re-examining her place in it, Carol makes the fateful decision to become the best of the best as Ms. Marvel!

The rest of the issue are reprints of Captain Marvel (1st series) #19 and Ms. Marvel (1st series) #1-2 and #20.

Full Summary: 

First Story:

The Present - M-Day:
Carol Danvers wakes to the sound of her blaring alarm clock. She is disoriented and unsure of her surroundings. She rises and walks out onto the balcony of her apartment. She recognizes it as her apartment but is surprised by the view. Yesterday, the sky had been filled with soaring mutants and the world ruled by the House of Magnus. Now, it had reverted to what passes for normal. Unlike most, Carol remembers the events of the House of M reality and the life that she led within it.
(House of M Flashback)

She recalls what transpired in the final days of her experience in this warped reality. She was called “Captain Marvel” and she was the world’s most popular super-hero. She flashes back to a news broadcast of a tabloid show called “Super Powers”. Following a brief report of the impending House of Magnus gala celebration and some rumor-mongering about the romance of Tony Stark and Mary Jane Watson, the show focuses on the latest exploits of Captain Marvel! The fetching TV host, Lori Griffin, introduces some amateur footage of Carol responding to a fire in Queens. After a daring rescue of some trapped children, Captain Marvel was attacked by her long-time foe, Sir Warren Traveler. Lori explains that Traveler was once the Sorcerer Supreme to the King of England before becoming an adversary of Carol Danvers.
Carol recalls the battle and the long-standing enmity between her and Traveler in the House of M reality. Among Traveler’s most frequently used spells is a time-displacement enchantment that allowed him to move about in a manner resembling teleportation. He could even manifest several temporal duplicates at once. Traveler ambushed Captain Marvel following her rescue efforts. She fought back against his time-warping attacks and he then conjured a mystic dragon to attack her. Traveler revealed to Captain Marvel that he was about to embark on a very important project and wanted her out of the way so that she could pose no threat to his plans. By killing her upfront, he believed his success was assured. The dragon tosses Carol through the walls of the burning building and Traveler follows. He unleashes a mystic bull which charges headlong at Carol, driving her through yet another wall. Carol recalls wishing that her energy-absorbing abilities extended to mystic energies as well. Shaken, Carol sees a stray cat and “enlists” its help. As Traveler approaches gloatingly and casts a death spell, Carol dodges his blast and grabs the cat. She then flings the kitty right into Traveler’s face! Traveler is shocked and in a panic, teleports away.
The fire fighters enter and Carol warns them that Traveler will likely reappear any second. She waits a few moments but nothing happens. The firefighters lead her out of the building and commend her on her performance against Traveler. She’s not so confident that she did well here but they assure her that without her efforts, they would never have gotten everyone out alive. As she emerges from the building, the crowds outside chant her name. She asks the time and realizes she is late for an appointment and soars off with a smile on her face.
She arrives at a benefit for the Sapien Cancer Research Foundation. Carol’s publicist, Sarah Day is busy negotiating on the phone as she waits for her biggest client. She notes that the House of Magnus could crumble and Carol Danvers would still be a star and a major client. Carol apologizes for being late and Sarah notes that you’re never late when the event can’t start without you. Sarah is surprised to see the scratches on Carol’s face and asks what happened. Carol mentions Traveler’s name and Sarah is dismayed that he has attacked Capt. Marvel again. She fetches a mutant healer to fix the damage before Carol appears for her press conference.
Following the event, Captain Marvel graciously signs autographs and poses for pictures. In the crowd are Scott Summers, Emma Frost and the mysterious Layla Miller. Emma calls out to Carol and uses her telepathy to calm her just moments before Layla uses her power to clear Carol’s mind and reveal the truth about the reality shift that has created the House of M. In an instant, she knows this world is a complete lie, a fabrication of the Scarlet Witch’s addled and desperate mind. She also knows that she is not the “best of the best” among the world’s heroes and that in the real world, she is far from being all that she was in this warped reality.
(The Present - M-Day)

As Carol processes these events, she realizes that she can’t go back to being just a competent hero like before. She has now seen the potential she has and realizes there is nothing stopping her from being the best of the best in this reality as well. Rising up into the morning sky, Carol Danvers makes the decision to become all that she can be… the best of the best among this world’s heroes.

Second Story:

This story is a reprint of Captain Marvel(1st series) #18, featuring Carol’s first exposure to the Kree Psyche-Magnitron that gave her her powers.

Third Story:

This story is a reprint of Ms. Marvel (1st series) #1, featuring her debut as Ms. Marvel.

Fourth Story:

This story is a reprint of Ms. Marvel (1st series) #2, detailing the origin of Ms. Marvel.

Fith Story:

This story is a reprint of Ms. Marvel (1st series) #20, featuring the debut of her iconic, lightning motif costume.

Characters Involved: 

First Story:

Carol Danvers AKA Ms. Marvel
House of M Flashback Only:

Carol Danvers AKA Captain Marvel

Sir Warren Traveler
Sarah Day
Emma Frost, Cyclops (both X-Men)
Layla Miller
Unnamed Fire Fighters
Various mutant denizens of the House of M reality
Via Television Broadcast within the flashback:

Lori Griffin
Tony Stark
Mary Jane Watson

Story Notes: 

The lead story of this Giant-Size issue is a brand-new, 16-page lead-in to the upcoming MS. MARVEL ongoing series and is by the regular creative team for that series. This issue also contains reprints of several key issues in Ms. Marvel’s history, as well as the original cover for each of these issues.

The House of M was a world-wide alteration of reality created by the mentally unstable Scarlet Witch at the prompting of her brother, Quicksilver. In this reality, mutants ruled and various heroes were granted a new lease on life in the hopes of placating them. For Carol Danvers, this meant being the world’s premiere heroine: admired, respected and competent. The battle against Traveler occurs just prior to the events depicted in HOUSE OF M #5.
Traveler is identified as the Sorcerer Supreme to the King of England. In the House of M, England is ruled by Brian Braddock AKA Captain Britain.
Carol’s presence at a benefit for cancer research is likely in tribute to her long-time friend and ally, Captain Mar-Vell. The Kree warrior died of cancer in the Death of Captain Marvel Graphic Novel.
Sir Warren Traveler bears some resemblance to the
short-lived Spider-Man foe, Dr. Judas Traveler. Judas
Traveler appeared during the much-reviled Clone Saga.
His first appearance was in Web of Spider-Man #117.
Judas Traveler appeared to have mystical powers that
allowed him to manipulate time and reality. In
actuality, Judas Traveler was a skilled psychologist
and a mutant with low-level psionic abilties that he
used to fake more impressive and god-like abilities.
The connection between these two characters is unclear
but interviews with writer, Brian Reed indicate that
Ms. Marvel will meet up with Traveler once more in the
pages of her ongoing series.

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