Guardians of the Galaxy (3rd series) #25

Issue Date: 
May 2015
Story Title: 
The Black Vortex – chapter 7

Brian Michael Bendis (writer), Valerio Schiti (artist), Jason Keith (colorist), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer), Valerio Schiti & Jason Keith (cover artists) , Andrea Sorrentino (alternate cover),Xander Jarowey (assistant editor) Katie Kubert, (editor), Mike Marts (group editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

On Hala, the Supreme Intelligence refuses even to entertain the notion of using the Black Vortex or giving it to the heroes. Finally, the X-Men and Guardians attack, distracting the Kree, allowing Nova to grab the Vortex and take off. In space, Nova is attacked by Misa but manages to regain the Vortex, though he does lose consciousness. On Hala, Jean uses her new power to level the playing field and take out the Kree attacking them. As J-son attacks Hala with his flying fortress, the Guardians and X-Men save themselves but watch helplessly as Hala is destroyed. On another planet, Hank McCoy has finished his map of space time and realizes that by bringing the original X-Men from the past to the present he has irreversibly broken it. They are joined by Magik and Rocket, who ask for their help. Gamora is angry at first but Illyana explains that she knows what it is like having to wrestle with a dark power inside and can help them. When they sense Hala’s destruction, they agree to help. Cyclops, Iceman and Groot are prisoners of J-son, who tells them he’ll kill them unless their friends return the Black Vortex to him.

Full Summary: 

An unknown planet:
Hank McCoy sinks to the ground in despair. When Gamora asks him what ails him, he explains that he broke the rules of space and time and brought his younger self’s X-Men to the present. He did so because he was convinced it was necessary. To save their people. He knew it was wrong. He knew there would be a punishment. But he also thought there were things he just didn’t know about the universe, things they mere earthly mortals don’t know about time and space and he would find a way to reverse the damage and put everything back the way it was. He thought he would be smart enough to figure out how to make everything all right. But now with the cosmic knowledge in his hands… with total understanding of time and space… he is faced with the knowledge that he will not be able to fix what he has broken. He will not be able to make things right.

On Hala:
The X-Men and Guardians are trying to reason with the Supreme Intelligence. Captain Marvel points out that she is part Kree and has tried to live up to the Kree’s standards.

The Supreme Intelligence cuts her off. The Black Vortex is a curse upon the entire galaxy. It was hidden for thousands of years for a reason. And now they come and ask it to see things from their point of view. There is no point of view! There are only facts. Earthling warriors attacked the Kree home planet. They should be more concerned for the repercussions for Earth!

Drax retorts the Kree were the aggressors, as member of the Accuser Corps stole the Black Vortex. The attack on Hala was retribution. The Supreme Intelligence replies that the Black Vortex revealed Ronan to be a traitor to his people and he will atone. The Black Vortex will be put away, never to be seen again. Carol points out their friends have been changed by it and they will need it to restore them.

The others talk silently via Jean’s telepathy, figuring asking nicely won’t work. They need a plan.

The Supreme Intelligence insists their friends chose the Vortex and will pay.

Star-Lord begins insulting the Supreme Intelligence for its lack of empathy. Now! Storm orders and the heroes attack the Kree, while Nova grabs the Black Vortex and flies off.

Captain Marvel hits the Supreme Intelligence and announces she always wanted to do this.

Indiana Jones music! Nova shouts as he flies off. And now sad Indiana Jones music, he mutters a moment later as a Kree warship hovers above him and he is ordered to hand over the Black Vortex. Nova admits he made a mistake; he’s kind of new to this. One Kree on a flying cycle tries to arrest him, when they are attacked by Misa, who goes for the Vortex.

Inside, the battle rages and the heroes are slightly overwhelmed. Jean concentrates and uses her new power, gathering the ambient psychic energy - especially from the Supreme Intelligence - and releasing them as physical bolts of energy which stun all the Kree. The others are amazed. Let’s get the Vortex and get the hell out of here, Jean orders.

Outside, Nova gives chase to Misa, who has the Vortex. He is about to catch up. She twists aside, then shoots him in the back. He falls, losing the Nova helmet and turning normal.

Misa calls the Slaughter Lords and Mr. Knife’s flying fortress attacks Hala, laying cities to waste. All hail the mighty Kree Empire, J-son remarks cynically.

The Guardians and X-Men run for their ship, believing Nova has the Vortex.

In the air, the falling Sam tries to reach his helmet. He manages it and turns back to Nova. He looks up to see destruction raining from the sky.

Misa gets aboard the flying fortress and J-son wishes he could see the look on the Supreme Intelligence’s smug face.

On Hala, the Intelligence shouts at the Kree to save themselves.

From their ship, the heroes watch horrified. Carol asks what they are doing to the planet. Have they ever seen anything like this before? Once, Star-Lord replies grimly.

Hala breaks apart. Star-Lord screams in rage as he steers the ship away from the destruction.

Shell-shocked, the heroes try to figure out what just happened. Did the Black Vortex do that? And where’s Nova?

Mr. Knife’s fortress still floats nearby the conflagration. Doon suggests they leave but J-son wants to watch the destruction and savor the moment. He has no idea how much crap he had to take from the green-headed monster. Doon nervously points out this changes everything. J-son calmly agrees. The Kree have had a stranglehold on this galaxy as long as there has been one. And they are part of the reason he doesn’t have a planet anymore. “Burn, you blue bastards!” Now bring him the Vortex!

Misa admits she doesn’t have it anymore. She had it but— Who has it? he shouts.

Nova floats in space unconscious, the Black Vortex next to him.

Flarknard! Rocket curses after Magik has teleported the two of them. Magik assumes he is being disgusting. They have teleported near to where the changed heroes are. Beast is still working on his formula.

Gamora greets Rocket happily, which irritates Rocket as she is never nice to him. He decides to talk to Beast. Coldly. Gamora asks Magik why they are here. The need help, is the reply. Gamora points out the hypocrisy of shunning them before but now wanting their help. And if they refuse?

Rocket addresses the dejected Beast. What the hell is wrong with him? He may have singlehandedly destroyed time and space, comes the reply. Sucks to be him then, Rocket remarks helpfully.

She’s not going to fight her, Illyana tells Gamora. What does she have to offer? Gamora asks. Magik explains she spent her entire life carrying around the burden of a dark force within her. Maybe she can help Gamora maintain hers. Gamora calls her presumptuous. She’s seen Hank McCoy crumble under the weight of his own doing before, Magik points out. She knows what that looks like. They are out here instead of using their power to make their dreams come true. They are overwhelmed. Gamora looks down and doesn’t reply.

Suddenly, Beast notices something and shouts to run for cover. Moments later, there is a detonation and a white flash. Beast grimly explains that Hala is no longer. That was a shockwave from across the galaxy. Magik is horrified. Some of their friends were there. Gamora promises their help and suggests they find out if their friends still live then find who did this and end him.

In a cell aboard Mr. Knife’s flying fortress:
“I am Groot,” Groot complains. Iceman orders him to shut up. “I am Groot,” comes the reply. This is his nightmare! Bobby groans. “I am Groot.” He is annoying! Cyclops orders him to leave Groot alone. This isn’t annoying him? Bobby asks. He’s just expressing himself, Scott opines. They’ll be getting out of here soon enough.

How optimistic of him, J-son, standing at the entrance laughs and wonders on what Cyclops bases his optimism. Bobby angrily tells him that their friends are coming for them and they will wipe the smug smirk off his face. J-son replies that is the only reason they are still alive.

Cyclops asks what he wants. He wants the Vortex and their friends have it. Their little baby Nova has it. Their lives for the Vortex. It’s not going to happen, Cyclops replies.

J-son informs them he just blew up the Kree home world. And it was fun. It was cathartic. If their little band of pirates doesn’t hand over the Vortex he will head for Earth. He should have blown up Earth years ago. It would have saved him a lot of trouble. If he does it now, entire planetary systems will throw him a parade. So what will it be?

And somewhere near the remnants of Hala, Nova and the Black Vortex float in space...

Characters Involved: 

Captain Marvel VI, Drax, Gamora, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Star-Lord (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Angel, Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl (original X-Men)
Magik (X-Men based at the New Xavier School)
Beast, Storm (X-Men based at the Jean Grey School)

Ronan the Accuser

Supreme Intelligence

Mr. Knife / J-son
Brother Blood, Czar Doon, Delphinia, Father Diablo, Misa (Slaughter Lords)

Changed by the Black Vortex:
Angel (original)
Brother Blood, Czar Doon, Delphinia, Father Diablo, Misa (Slaughter Lords)
Ronan the Accuser

Story Notes: 

The next chapter is Nova (5th series) 28.

The previous chapter was Guardians Team-Up #3

Beast brought the original X-Men to the present in All-New X-Men #2.

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