Guardians of the Galaxy (4th series) #17

Issue Date: 
April 2017
Story Title: 

Brian Michael Bendis (writer), Valerio Schiti (artist), Richard Isanove (colorists), Virtual Calligraphy's Cory Petit (letterer), Arthur Adams & Jason Keith (cover artists), Stephanie Hans; Francesco Francavilla; Joe Jusko (variant cover artists), Kathleen Wisneski (assistant editor), Darren Shan (associate editor), Jordan D White (editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

Gamora is on Earth with the inention of getting to her father, Thanos, whom she understands is at the Triskelion. She is confronted by Aurora, Sasquatch, Spectrum and America Chavez who battle her on some rooftops, but Gamora is a skilled fighter and is able to evade them all. She sneaks through a window into a boy's bedroom and then through the apartment, where America is waiting for her, and knocks her out. America and Spectrum both feel bad for Gamora, thinking they would be doing the same thing if they were in her shoes. Shortly, Captain Marvel interrogates Gamora, who is held in a stasis device, unable to speak. Captain Marvel tells Gamora that she is sorry for everything she has been through, and informs her that Thanos is no longer on Earth, that he escaped from custody, and she doesn't know who helped him. Carol tells Gamora that she has pulled every string in the galaxy to get her off Earth – she can go anywhere she wants – except Earth, the other option is she is held on Earth for crimes against the US government. Carol encourages Gamora to free herself from this pain. Abigail Brand greets Gladiator and his Imperial Guard members who have come to take Gamora. Gladiator is puzzled when Gamora is brought before him – it isn't Gamora. Brand is surprised to discover that one of the AFSS crew has been held in Gamora's place. They realize that Gamora doesn't believe Thanos isn't on Earth. At the Triskelion, SHIELD agents are patroling when an explosion is set off. One of the agents moves into the Triskelion and passes through a high security clearance area. Gamora removes her disguise and enters a cell where she understands Thanos to be – but she discovers it empty. The door slams shut behind her, and a hologram of Captain Marvel appears, reminding Gamora that she told her Thanos was gone. Gamora demands to be released, but Captain Marvel refuses. Gamora starts pounding on the door, but it's no use. Captain Marvel, Spectrum and America all stand on the other side of the door, then walk away in silence, all of the women not particularly happy about this situation, while Gamora continues to pound against the door, demanding to be freed.

Full Summary: 

The moon shines down over the reddish night that covers the city. The intergalactic warrior known as Gamora closes her eyes as she stands on a rooftop. She looks over to the Triskelion, then goes wide-eyed as a voice calls out 'What's the plan, Gamora?' Gamora looks up to see Monica Rambeau a.k.a. Specturm of the Ultimates and Jeanne-Marie Beaubier a.k.a. Aurora and Walter Langkowski a.k.a. Sasquatch of Alpha Flight hovering over her. 'You're doing recon to get into the most secure building in the world?' Spectrum asks as she uses her powers to keep America and Sasquatch aloft on energy platforms. America points out that the Triskelion is already on lockdown, thanks to Gamora, while Aurora tells Gamora that she must know that Captain Marvel put together a taskforce to find her after her last little outburst. 'Actually, looking at her face right now, I'm not entirely sure she did know' Sasquatch tells his former girlfriend. 'Earth soldiers, I beg you... do not force my hand' Gamora replies.

Aurora tells Gamora that she is forcing their hand by being here. 'You know that' Sasquatch tells her, while America points out that Gamora shouldn't even be on this planet. 'We didn't sucker punch you just now. We could have' Spectrum tells Gamora. 'We should have' America mutters. Spectrum asks Gamora to surrender, but the deadly warrior responds by rushing forward across the rooftop and leaping up towards Spectrum, staff at the ready, Spectrum fires a blast of energy which Gamora deflects into Sasquatch, striking him in his chest and causing him to fall from the energy platform onto a rooftop below. Gamora then pushes Spectrum aside and kicks Aurora in the face, but this enables America to leap forward and slam her fist into Gamora's face, causing Gamora to spit up green blood.

America hover over Gamora as she slams into the rooftop, while Spectrum, Aurora and Sasquatch gather themselves, and Spectrum unleashes a powerful blast of energy that slams into Gamora, knocking her back into some equipment. Shocked, America turns to Monica and asks her if she killed Gamora. 'I hope not. I'm actually a fan of hers' Monica replies. 'That really hurt' Sasquatch remarks as he rubs his chest, and Monica smiles as she tells him that he just got smacked around by the most dangerous woman in the galaxy. 'Don't make fun. What this woman has been though...' America begins as she leans in close over Gamora, who suddenly opens her eyes and leaps to her feet, pushing America aside. Aurora tries to stop Gamora with a flash of light, but Gamora dodges the flash, which strikes Sasquatch as Gamora flips over the top of him, and lands in front of Spectrum. Gamora then spins around and rakes her staff across Sasquatch's back, before leaping across the rooftop.

Monica watches Gamora, and appears to hesitate, before she grits her teeth and unleashes another powerful blast of energy, some of which appears to slam into Gamora, while the rest of the blast is re-directed to Aurora, striking her in her shoulder. America looks over to Aurora, as does Sasquatch, who clutches his own wound. Gamora falls backwards through the air, but by the time Spectrum and America rush to the edge of the rooftop, Gamora has vaished. 'Does she fly?' America asks Spectrum, who announces that, according to the intel, she doesn't. 'Does she turn invisible?' America enquires. 'Do you think I run her fan page?' Monica retorts. Aurora walks towards Sasquatch who has his back turned to her, and after she tells him that she is sorry, he declares that he is not talking to her for the rest of the day.

At that moment, Gamora is clinging to the fire escape on the outside of the building. She swings into a bedroom and looks down at a child, sleeping in his bed. Suddenly, the child wakes and wipes his eyes. He looks up at Gamora, who holds a finger to her lips, indicating she wants him to stay quiet. He looks at her, wide-eyed as she walks past his bed. She turns in the doorway and glares at the boy, who pulls the bed sheets up over his frightened face. Gamora makes her way through the apartment, when suddenly, from the shadows, America appears and slams her fist into Gamora's face for the second time, sending her crashing into the room of the boy's parents, who sit up in fright. 'I feel bad' America announces as she walks over to Gamora. Spectrum climbs into the bedroom through a window and agrees. 'Yeah, that wasn't fun'. America reveals that if she was in Gamora's shoes, she'd be doing the same thing. 'Yeah' Monica replies, before instructing America to grab Gamora.

Gamora opens her eyes a short time later and finds that she is being held in a large clamp-like device, with a mask over her mouth. Wide-eyed, she sees Carol Danvers a.k.a. Captain Marvel standing before her. 'Sorry, Gamora' Captain Marvel remarks, suggesting that one day she might think back on this and realize that she gave her no choice. 'The Earth cannot have you running around breaking into government installations, pounding on good men and women, looking for Thanos' Carol points out. Carol sits close to Gamora, 'Having a monster like Thanos as your father...I can't even imagine if this ewas me and how I would handle it' Carol tells her, adding that she meant what she said – she is sorry she did not tell her Thanos was on Earth, but that she knew this, right here, is all that would have come of it. 'And I was desperate to spare you that. But... I have an update... Thanos is no longer on Earth' Carol informs Gamora.

Gamora is in the brig on the Alpha Flight Space Station as Carol reveals to her that Thanos escaped from custody during the bedlam of the super hero civil war, and she doesn't know how, or who helped him. Carol tells Gamora that if she knows anything that could help them with the investigation, she would sure appreciate it. 'But beyond that – you can relax. He's not here' Carol assures Gamora, adding that as far as the two of them are concerned, she has a solution. Carol announces that she pulled every string in the galaxy and that Shi'ar transport is going to dock with the Alpha Flight Space Station and will take her wherever she wants to go – just not here. 'The other solution is you get held on Earth for crimes against the United States government' Carol warns Gamora. Gamora looks at Carol as she tells her that in the trial, they will discover that they know each other and that she was being easy on her.

Carol stands up as she tells Gamora that this is for the best, and suggests she goes and finds Thanos and stops him, to free herself of this pain. 'And if we ever do see each other again, I hope it's as friends' Carol remarks. Carol then salutes Gamora, before she flies out of the AFSS back into space. Gamora narrows her eyes.

Shortly, an announcement sounds over the AFSS communications system, reporting that the Shi'ar convoy have arrived and that all hands are to report to battle stations. Lieutenant Commander Abigail Brand meets with Gladiator, who introduces himself to her. Brand does the same, and informs him that Captain Marvel sends her regards and apologizes for not being here to greet him in person. Imperial Guard members Oracle, Warstar, Manta, Titan, Astra and Impulse can be seen standing back from Gladiator. 'You have the Lady Gamora?' Gladiator asks. 'Oh, no small talk' Brand remarks, before motioning to the bound Gamora. 'Here she is. All yours' Brand declares, while Aurora and Sasquatch stand behind Gamora. Gladiator tells Brand that there was talk of other Guardians, but Brand explains that Captain Marvel was hoping to take him up on his offer of getting them all off-planet, but that she couldn't make it happen.

Gladiator announces that he is confused. 'It is no big deal. At the time, she thought she could convince the -' Brand starts to explain, but Gladiator motions at Gamora and  tells Brand 'No. This'. 'What?' Brand asks, puzzled. 'This is not Gamora. Gamora's skin is a completely different hue'. Brand removes the mask over “Gamora's” mouth and, wide-eyed, curses. The green-skinned woman exclaims 'Oh my God! Thank God, finally!' before Brand addresses her as Crewman Berman and asks her where Gamora is. 'She figured out how to -' Berman begins, before Brand connects to the communications system and orders all hands to stations once again, and announces that the AFSS is in hard lockdown. 'I repeat, this satellite is in hard lockdown. No ships in or out. Gamora has escaped! Do not engage her! Do not attempt to recapture her!' Brand instructs the crew. Sasquatch and Aurora look around the chamber, while Gladiator flies outside. Brand reports that Gamora is a lethal warrior and a serious threat to everyone on the AFSS.

Brand then turns back to Berman and asks her how long she has been trapped in their instead of Gamora. 'I'm so sorry! I tried to warn you. I couldn't speak in that -' Berman begins. 'How long?' Brand asks, but Berman tells her that she doesn't know. The Imperial Guard members look around at each other, while Impulse reports that he is confused. 'If Thanos is no longer on Earth, why would -' he begins, but Berman explains that Gamora doesn't believe it.

At the Triskelion, night has settled over the city, and several SHIELD agents are on patrol around the building. 'I mean, God forbid we get overtime. I just don't understand how this building is a safe place to work after everything that has gone down here' one of them tells the others. 'They pulled this crap at Project Pegasus once' another reveals, adding that is why they are in full battle gear, not in case of emergency, in case the ceiling falls on them. 'Well, then I want battle pay' a third remarks. 'Is there such a thing as battle pay?' another asks. 'No, I made it up' the other explains. 'Well, I think it's a good idea'. Suddenly, there is an explosion behind the SHIELD agents. One of them walks in towards the fire, while the others rush about. 'Emergency stations! Put the building on lockdown. Again!' one of the agents reports.

The soldier passes through the flames and enters the Triskelion, stopping under a large warning sign that indicates high security and no entrance. The soldier holds up a strange device which shorts the circuitry and the door to the high security area opens. The soldier walks past what appear to be several heavily-sealed cells, and comes to a stop at the door to one of them. The soldier removes their helmet and protective gear – it's Gamora! She uses that device again on the panel that controls the cell door. It opens and Gamora goes wide-eyed, as she finds the cell empty. The door suddenly slams shut behind Gamora. 'No!' Gamora exclaims, rushing over to the door, she bangs her fists against it. 'No, no, no...' she calls out. 'I told you' a voice announces, as a holographic image of Captain Marvel appears. 'Thanos escaped. I told you the truth. And I told you to leave. In fact, I got you a ride' Carol reminds Gamora, who scowls. Captain Marvel asks Gamora how she cracked their system to find out what cell Thanos was in without them noticing. 'Seriously, that was impressive'.

Gamora grits her teeth and tells Danvers that she made her point. 'I can't let you go, Gamora. You know that' Carol replies. 'LET ME GO!' Gamora shouts, slamming her fist through the hologram of Carol and into the door. 'Open this door!' Gamora screams, continuing to thump on the cell door, while Carol, Monica and America stand on the outside. 'I can't do that' Carol tells her, hanging her head. Monica and America don't look very happy about the situation, either. 'LET ME GO!' an enraged Gamora shrieks inside the cell, continuing to punch the door until her fists bleed. Solemnly, Carol, Monica and America turn and walk away from the cell as Gamora tells them that they can't leave her here. 'YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!' she screams....

Characters Involved: 


Captain Marvel VI
Aurora, Sasquatch (both Alpha Flight)
Lt. Cmdr Abigail Brand
Ms. America Chavez, Spectrum (both Ultimates)

Astra, Impulse, Manta, Oracle, Titan, Warstar (all Imperial Guard)

Crewman Berman
SHIELD officers

Story Notes: 

Puck, the Black Panther and the Blue Marvel appear on the cover to this issue, but not in the issue itself.

Given that Aurora appears this issue, it is  most likely this story takes place between Captain Marvel (8th series) #10 and Mighty Captain Marvel #0, as Aurora has not appeared in Mighty Captain Marvel, the reason being that she is “on loan to NASA”.

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