Guardians of the Galaxy (4th series) #3

Issue Date: 
February 2016
Story Title: 

Brian Michael Bendis (writer), Valerio Schiti (artist), Richard Isanove (colorist), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer), Art Adams & Pete Steigerwald (cover artists), Mahmud Asrar & Dave McCaig, Fred Hembeck & Rachelle Rosenberg, Larry Stroman, Mark Morales & Ed Delgado (variant covers), Kathleen Wisneski (assistant editor), Jake Thomas (associate editor), Nick Lowe (editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

Hala has beaten up the Guardians, stashed Star-Lord in a lifepod in orbit where he is helpless and proceeds to beat up any defenses Spartax throws at her. Kitty Pryde awakes and transports her fellow Guardians to safety. She takes command and they decide to free Star-Lord first. When they capture a ship and head for orbit, Hala follows but Gamora jumps out of the ship to distract her. Hala easily dispatches of her but, by the time she reaches the lifepod, Star-Lord is gone. On Knowhere, the mysterious Yotat threatens an arms dealer to reveal Drax’s whereabouts. When he learns from TV that Drax is on Spartax, he kills the arms seller and is made an offer afterwards by an emissary of the Brood Queen.

Full Summary: 

The edge of the universe:
Located inside the decapitated head of a Celestial:
(The rent is insane)

At the market place, arms seller Frunta is accosted by a muscular, tall, pale yellow being and claims he does not know what he wants. Annoyed, he tells the stranger to leave before he calls the Cosmo Dog on him. Or he is going to give him some demonstrations of his latest weapon systems. He means it!

Drax the Destroyer, the stranger repeats. He is Yotat. The Destroyer of Destroyers. Frunta supplies Drax with weapons, he adds. Frunta denies this. Yota warns him that every lie from now on will mean one limb less for him. Frunta corrects he sells Drax weapons. He doesn’t supply. He sells a lot of weapons to a lot of species.

Yotat repeats he wants Drax. Frunta stammers he wants him not to be here. Yotat asks where Drax and the Guardians are. Frunta offers him a weapon of his choice if he leaves.

Yotat’s lackey interrupts, pointing out that the news shows the planet Spartax is under attack. The Guardians are there.

Yotat decides Frunta has been no help at all and decapitates him. He tells his henchmen to grab all the stuff in the shop. They are headed to Spartax. And, if that tall Kree warrior is the one ripping Spartax apart, he may have found his life mate…

A small, hooded creature stands in the entrance hissing; the queen would have words with him. The henchmen aim their weapons. Yotat demands, whose queen? Queen of the Brood, the Brood reveals. He asks what the Queen wants. The Brood grins.

Peter Quill awakes helplessly in a lifepod in Spartax’s orbit. There are neither controls nor a communication system. Angrily, he shouts his name and situation. Can anyone hear him? He realizes he is talking to himself.

The Kree Accuser Hala is making short work of the royal guards and demands who will officially surrender the planet to her? When a huge ship is about to attack, she literally jumps it and then destroys it with her energy lance. Hala smirks.

More royal guards try their luck with more weapons. She easily takes off into the sky.

Nearby, Kitty Pryde awakes and groans. She sees Hala dancing in the sky as she dodges the many blasts. Kitty turns toward Rocket Raccoon and phases him away through the ground.

Hala dispatches of some guards. She kept her promise, she announces and turns to where the Guardians lie, to find there is nobody there. Where are they? Hala screams.

Kitty, in the meantime, has phased all of them into an underground room. Rocket comes to and announces this hurts. Kitty asks him to give her a moment. Even with her phasing power, Hala messed her up pretty bad. She feels flu-ish. Funny she doesn’t look fluish, Rocket jokes, then apologizes for the bad joke. How can she love and hate him so much at the same time? she sighs. That is the magic of him, he replies.

Kitty insists they need Peter. They don’t need Peter! he snaps. This is his team. He has this. No one has anything, Kitty retorts as she checks Flash’s pulse. Peter is the king of this planet and it’s being ripped apart. Get over this weird ego crap he has going on and let’s get to work! she orders.

She tries to get the Thing to wake up. He’s probably dead, Rocket points out. He’s breathing, Kitty replies. Rocket clarifies; he meant Quill. Logically, Kitty points out, Hala wants him to see his world destroyed, so she has him hidden somewhere. She tries to wake Drax up. Drax automatically goes for her throat, then apologizes. Rocket, in the meantime, has managed to find Quill with his scanner. He’s in orbit.

While Kitty and Rocket banter, Drax remarks that Gamora is in a bad way. He is not great either, Flash mutters, though nobody cares.

Kitty announces they have to get their ship or another ship and get Peter. The others agree, save for Drax, who plans to rejoin the battle. Kitty cuts him off. He’s not going up there to get his ass kicked again. They get Peter, make a plan and bounce this bitch into the sun. Let’s do that exact damn thing, Ben agrees grimly.

A little later, they are back topside. Seeing the broken ships, Rocket is close to crying. Kitty asks if he can get one running. Of course he can! She tells him to go. He points out she seems to be leading here but he is the leader of this team. Okay, he’s the leader, she agrees. Go! As long as they are clear. Rocket tells Groot to follow him. While the rest of them hide in the shadows like cowards, Drax protests.

They storm to one of the ships to get it ready. Kitty orders Venom to cover for them and the others follow.

Inside, Kitty wonders whether that thing is spaceworthy, while Ben muses loudly they need seatbelts. Rocket tells him to grow a pair.

Venom joins them and they take off. Kitty tells Rocket to cloak the ship, to be informed they are not high enough. How high do you have to be to cloak a ship? she wonders, to be told he supposes this ship is not as good as the ones they have on Earth.

Then they notice Hala flying toward their ship. Ben gets up and announces he’s got this. Cloak the ship the second he shows her what time it is and come back for whatever’s left of him.

No! Gamora who is halfway out of the ship announces. She is hers!

She jumps out to meet Hala.

The two meet in the air and soon Gamora falls. The Guardians watch horrified as Hala stands triumphant. She shouts at the Guardians that their cosmic warrior has failed them again. It doesn’t matter how they hide themselves. She knows where they are headed.

She flies toward the capsule, where she has stashed Peter, and breaks it apart… but he is already gone and the Guardians’s ship is flying into space. Hala screams in frustration.

Characters Involved: 

Drax, Groot, Kitty Pryde, Rocket Raccoon, Thing, Venom (Guardians of the Galaxy)
Gamora, Star-Lord (former Guardians)

Hala the Accuser
Yotat the Destroyer
Yotat’s henchmen
Brood emissary


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